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Dyson V6 Handstick $278.40 (C&C) @ Bing Lee eBay


The cheapest this vacuum has ever been I reckon. Don't forget cash rewards. Also, this is the original version, not the slim

Click & collect in NSW stores or + $10 postage (excludes WA/NT & all regional).

Just click on the number sold, then purchase from there.

Original 20% off Bing Lee & Dick Smith on eBay Deal Post

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    Damn, that is cheap. commiserations to the 21 buyers before you who paid an extra $100.

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    I would be pissed off if i was the guy that purchased it for $130 more just an hour before the other guy for $348

    es ( 73Feedback score is 50 to 99) AU $348.00 1 24-Sep-16 01:41:55 AEST
    i ( 121Feedback score is 100 to 499) AU $479.00 1 24-Sep-16 00:05:03 AEST

    • Yeah , I saw this and was preparing to buy on this Thursday.

  • +12

    Buy first, ask questions later!

  • good to pick up hairs off furry blanket??

    • +2

      Not really. You would want the Dyson Animal that contains the motorised tool head that is specific for those scenarios.

    • No. Grab the animal or motorhead. They come with a little head that would be perfect for that kind of stuff, and there are good discounts on them too.

  • 80c cheaper here ($277.60): http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Dyson-209468-01-V6-Handstick/... if you're willing to pick up in store, although delivery is slightly more expensive.

    • +1

      CUT20 applies to TGG ???

      • +1

        Oh my bad, didn't see that. Seems like a few stores have dropped their prices to 350 including Myers. Must be the new v8 making these price drops.

  • When I use the code (CUT20), it says: We removed any vouchers you already applied. You can try using them on a future purchase.

    However I can't use the code on any BINGLEE items, is there any setting?

    • were you using multiple vouchers?

      I used CUT20 as a solo voucher at checkout and was given the $69.60 discount prior to payment.

    • So guessing you haven't already used the code 3 times… i would try flushing cashe and cookies in your browser or even just use a different browsers.

  • +1

    Finally bought my first Dyson. Couldn't resist at this price.

    • FYI, only the Dyson handheld are good. The normal vacuum cleaner is not that good, comparing to Miele and some other brands.

      • +2

        LOL. Your comment matches your name.

  • Thanks for this. Glad I held off buying the DC45!

    • I bought a DC45 to replace our aging DC45….now a couple of days later I buy this…..now we'll have 3 grrr….ozbargain

      • +1

        If your old machine is still under the return window and but you've opened it, you can order another one and return the new one with the old bill.

        Hopefully it works out for you!

  • How much can these hold in comparison to the canister ones?

    • +2

      They don't hold a huge amount, but they don't run for long before the battery needs recharging either, so it's more likely to die long before it fills IME…

      • +1

        Thanks for the help :)

  • resistance is futile … i caved in =p

  • Question. I'm in the market for. New 'quick' vacuum, what does the dyson do that up rights don't do? I was using a mid range upright and it seemed to be better then the dyson and at only 15 minutes running time I was. Little out off by that

    • +1

      If you are comparing a battery stick vac to an upright powered vac, they aren't in the same league. If you are looking for an quick stick vac - I don't think you'd do better for $280 than this.

    • When you say upright do you mean Dyson's actual uprights or this model because this model is a cordless stick vacuum, not an upright? They are designed for spot cleaning/quick cleaning hence the 20 minute run time.

      If you are comparing a corded upright and this V6 then that's obviously two different types of vacuum you are comparing that isn't a direct competition of each other.

      • I was thinking of something like a Bosch Athlet

        • Ahh got you, though both are cordless, they are also marketed and designed differently. Bosch Athlet is designed as a replacement for a corded vacuum whereas Dyson V6 is designed as a spot cleaning vacuum. So it does depend on your main purpose you want it for, though check the reviews of the Bosch as I haven't heard too many good things and I've had few returns at work for them (Bosch in general).

  • Bought one. Thanks for great find.

  • +1

    Bought the v6 for $330 from last deal. Excellent vacuum, at this price it's a bargain.

  • How does this one rate against a DC59 Animale?

    • Same machine, different name and possibly slightly newer generation of V6.

  • The only thing that I can say is "wow"

    Bought it immediately.

  • Been wanting to get one of these for a while when the V6 came out. Just bought one from this deal, can't wait to use it as an easy access bedroom vac. Hopefully this takes away the overhead of using my corded vac(Miele)(fetch, plug in, manoeuvre, change powerpoints, pack away). Cheers for this deal!

    Someone bought 14…

    • Bloody Broden

  • Thanks heaps!


  • Bought. Thanks op

  • No longer listed

  • Does this suck enough?

  • Arghh I was too slow by 5 mins!!

  • Any good deals on the animal version at the moment?

  • +4

    What a bargain, snagged one just in time! That's why I always say to my wife, "wakeup, ozbargain then only breakfast" ;)

    Does anyone know how much and where the animal "mini motorised tool" can be bought ?

    • I'd recommend trying using the normal motorised head you get with this first.

      It can connect directly to the handheld unit, and easy to use on upholstery (although can move around a bit).

    • +1

      My comment from another thread:-

      There are several variations of the mini motorised tool.

      The two mini motorised tools that are currently listed online on the Australian Dyson website (ie. Part Numbers 917096-06 & 924027-04) are not the parts that you want to convert your V6 Standard into a V6 Animal.

      The correct part number is 962748-01 and it currently costs $60.01 delivered. It is the same one used for the DC58 & DC59 Animal versions.


      To order this part you must order it over the telephone via the Dyson AU helpline: 1800 239 766.

      Don't worry as I had no problem purchasing it over the telephone, although I may have just been lucky ie. YMMV.

      • oh … so this Dyson V6 (which is the standard version) can be converted into a V6 Animal just by purchasing the motorised head? New to all these different stuff, nice!

        So I just need to call them up and purchased the part # you mentioned and it will fit this V6?


      • +3


        You can now buy it online via the Australian Dyson Website:-


        • Great tips and thanks for the link too, I might try it out first once it arrives but I suspect with my Jap Spitz, we will need this.

        • I thought that you cant just buy a replacement spare part unless you prove you have the specific model for the spare part eg you need to prove that you have the Animal to buy the motor head (via model number/registration number), which has been how it has worked in the past

        • @Riker88: This is true when calling Dyson for the latest main attachments such as the Direct-drive Cleaner Head, Soft Roller Cleaner Head or even the Aluminium Wands (to convert the handheld models to a handstick), but the Mini-Motorhead is more classified as an Accessory Tool.

          Anyway, that is now irrelevant since you can now just buy it online directly without any scrutiny.

  • Thanks OP! Got one just in time! I did ask JB HiFi and the good guys both couldn't do this price…

    • What was the best price they could offer you?

      • $348..

    • As expected because eBay is the one covering the cost of the coupon.

  • Someone bought 14 wow

    • Pro-broden'ing

    • Seems like its a store since its got over 5000 feedback.

  • Managed to order earlier this morning.

    The one the wife picked up at MYER yesterday is going back for a refund!

    Great find and a real bargain :-)

  • +1
    • Out of stock?

    • It doesn't allow you to purchase.. yet someone just bought one a few mins ago?

      EDIT: And again? Are people cheating the system somehow..

      • +12

        If you press the XX sold link, from there you can add to your cart and buy

        • Thanks buddy!

        • Yep that worked for me, cheers bud.

          Lets I hope I receive it - worse case they refund my money.

        • Thanks, just bought one. Wow, that was impulsive of me haha

        • Hey, what do you mean by press XX? Where do you find XX?

        • @Dealsz: XX being the number next to the Quantity box, for eg. 38 sold (at the time of posting)

  • Thanks op. Bought one and picked up already.
    This will be my third dyson ;)

    • Damn, how did you pick up so quick? Mine says won't be ready until Friday!

  • These are good for cleaning out the car yeah?

  • Whats the difference between DC45 and V6?

    • +1

      At this price, just get the V6

  • Just bought 1, cheers OP!

  • The normal price of $348 is that all ready a good price?

    • +2

      Price dropped?!! $347 even better price lol now I regret buying at $348 -20% ;p

    • Normal price is $599 RRP. Dyson just like Apple don't drop often when they are the latest model.

  • Thanks OP got one :)

  • +3

    Why does it link to the goodguys eBay not Binglee

  • code does not work with the goodguys.

  • CUT20 seems no longer working?

  • Can this be used for both hard floor and carpets?? Sorry if its a stupid question.

    • Yes it can, the head is designed to work on both type of floors without the need to change head or press anything.

  • Use this link guys for bing lee, not sure why OP is linking to good guys the code doesn't work there.


    • the link is a dud.

  • Click and collect only..?? Damn..

  • Tried TGG - they won't price match a promo / ebay store. Worth a shot!

    "We do not Price Beat for advertising errors, prices which include bonuses, limited or group buy offers, clearance products, promo code and finance offers, or cash backs and discounts including where offered directly by a supplier or a third party. Does not apply to items sold on marketplace websites such as eBay, to The Good Guys own pricing or any brand it sells on behalf of a third party supplier under an agency agreement. These terms and conditions are subject to change."

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