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10% off $50+ Spend* @ Woolworths [In-Store Voucher Barcode] [VIC + Maybe NSW/WA/SA/QLD^]


*excludes BWS, Caltex Woolworths co-branded fuel outlets, withdrawal of cash, delivery charges, internet cafes, purchases of smoking/tobacco products and accessories, liquor, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets and Carpet Care

Updated image, thanks O'Sienna

Mod 26/9 12:30PM: Woolworths have informed us that this voucher is for Victoria only, as comments below indicated.

^Update: reported to work in Sydney, WA, SA, QLD, NSW

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  • +1

    now i wonder why the mail man never gave me this catalog :o

    • lol… would of been good to know yesterday before my $250+ shop :(

      • sorry to hear - only discovered today and was surprised that nobody had posted it yet

        • It's all good… I don't receive pamphlets (rural area)…

  • Will be great if it can stack with the $10 OFF over $100 next week

  • Is this confirmed at all Woolworths shops? (nationwide excluding TAS)

  • +8

    "Voucher cannot be redeemed if photocopied"

    Regardless, I'll be trying to scan this at the self-service checkout. Hopefully the self-service person doesn't have their reading glasses with them.

    • I doubt they'll be assigning thousands of unique barcodes to individual flyers.

      • It's obviously a generic voucher, but whether you can just print this picture to get the discount remains a valid question.

        • +25

          If they refused to honour I would just abandon my shopping at the checkout.

        • +3

          That shouldn't be an issue, you can argue that the voucher was "printed" rather than "photocopied" as stated in the fine print. Most of the time, they won't care at self serve checkouts and if they do care, go to another woolies.

          The issue is whether the barcode is generic or not. If it's a one use voucher, there's no point printing it out.

        • @fossilfuel:

          i wouldn't have posted a single-use voucher (and didn't neg you) :)

        • @tonester: Yeah no worries. Just wanted to get some clarification on this matter. Thanks for the voucher, I'll be putting this to good use :)

        • @fossilfuel: I goto use the printed barcode at Marriott waters woolworth without reading comments here. I was stopped at self checkout, refused for using printed or mobile image. The staff not nice, and ask me to read the comments here, i feel bad, should i goto manager.

        • @jjin811: Only if you feel like making a scene over something you're obviously not allowed to do anyway (the semantics of print/photocopy aside, it's incredibly obvious that printing out a copy of the voucher from the internet isn't strictly allowed). Just try somewhere else.

        • @fossilfuel:

          Staff asked you to read ozbaragain lol?? You must be the unluckiest person in Aus or you made it really obvious?? Just use a mobile app, it's much better. I always use my mobile to pay anyway (egift number) so just quickly scan the barcode beforehand. No staff would notice or care.

    • +1

      If you printed it, it's technically not photocopied.

  • Opal?

    • +1

      It says excludes travel cards and tickets in terms and conditions which means it won't work for Opal

      • +2

        I wonder how many trolley loads of baby formula and Swisse vitamins are going to be sold..

        • Woolworths has a 4 tin limit on all baby formula per person, per day.

        • @IndecentExposure:
          Self checkout doesn't recognise me myself and I :)

        • +1


          But the attendants do.

        • @silverrat23: Exactly, I was aggressively targeted at the self checkouts. So aggressively, rudely and with no regard for asking which 4 of the 7 I wanted that that the supervisor on duty offered to apologise to me multiple times and let me buy the extra 3 tins.

    • Necklace, ring, pendant?

  • +1

    Is this a loose flyer or the catalogue itself?

  • -3

    Does this work right now?

    • "Between September 17th and October 4th"

      • +1

        Some people don't read and just ask questions ;)

    • +2

      Sweet.. just swiped my phone on the self serve and got the 10% off.

  • +2

    Can anyone confirm if these are unique or if it is a generic bar-code. Whats to stop me doing multiple shops of $50 and then continuously claim the discount?

    • Jiminy Cricket

    • You are right.Go ahead.

    • +1

      Whether you spend $150 in one transaction or 3 x $50 transactions you'd still receive 10% off the total.

      The discount is a percentage, not a dollar amount.

  • Anyone actually had this work in store for them? (despite photocopy)

    • Yep. My phone never scans well, so printed it and worked as expected.

  • +3

    Just used the code, and saved about $9, I used self checkout as I just used the code on the phone. I am in Victoria.

  • Can someone try and confirm if self serve or maybe Staff will take it for opal purchases even it says it's excluded?

    • +1

      I'd assume the coupon code knows when it's one of the exclusions, staff can not override this.

  • +3

    They were giving these flyers out at the Royal Melbourne Show. Barcodes are generic.

  • +2

    Card Star app. Selfserve. Done.

    Link with egift card and swipe everydayrewards for pointss.

    15% off (ish) for $50spend.

    Not bad at all.

    • Can you explain how the app works please?

      • +1

        I assume similar to keyring app. With Keyring you simply scan the barcode and save it on the app, then you can bring up a computer generated copy of the barcode (not an image copy) when needed. It negates the need for a high quality camera to ensure the scanners can scan an image on your phone screen. The only problem becomes your phone screen, though anything around 720p or above should be completely fine… Even lower may still work.

        Edit: Can't really recommend keyring as it's a little ad-filled, though there's plenty of similar apps out there.

      • +8

        Barcode: 9348593002881
        Download cardstar.
        (I believe it's light… not many ads)

        It creates a barcode… so store it under "Other" and rename it as u wish… ie: woolies 10% 50spend.

        Turn up the brightness on ur phone, and it scans just like u have the piece of paper.

        Hope that helps.

        • Most intriguing

        • +6

          @frewer: I recommend stocard for saving your barcodes and rewards cards. It's free and ad free

        • @Slo20: That's great. Didn't realize Stocard works at the self checkout now. I deleted it a while ago as it wan't working with most POS systems I've used.

        • I noticed last night that Android Pay lets me put in my WW rewards card, and appears to let me put in my egift cards too. I've loaded them but not yet had a chance to test them out; anyone else tried this?

        • @Slo20: I cant find Stocard in the appstore, Im using cardstar now, thank you guys. Nvm found it :)

    • +1

      14.5% off
      (you lose 10% of the 5% due to the 10% coming off first rather than stacking)

      • +1

        Some would probably have 5.5% egift cards.


        0.9 x 0.945 = 14.95% off

        (I did say ish to cover the range of egifts)

  • +1

    Can you use them online? Any current codes for online shoppers?

  • +1

    Anyone tried it with phone recharge? Often it says it doesn't work, but sometimes it does!

    • +1

      (Hrmm I might give it a go at self serve)

    • I'm wondering this too. Has anyone tried it?

  • Doesn't seem to work when buying gift cards.

    • Did you read the fine print?

      • +2

        Just thought I'd mention it to save anyone else the embarrassment of trying it.

        • shame. sometimes it does work. thanks for letting us know

        • cool…. might have been handy in the opening post then ;)

        • @Level380:

          *excludes BWS, Caltex Woolworths co-branded fuel outlets, withdrawal of cash, delivery charges, internet cafes, purchases of smoking/tobacco products and accessories, liquor, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets and Carpet Care

        • @tonester: yes I know…. As I said DID YOU READ THE FINE PRINT…..

  • +1

    would this work if i buy a mixture of gift cards and groceries? anyone tried?

  • Thug life in Tasmania being out of the society.

  • Can i stack this voucher with woolworths 5% off egift card?

  • Won't work in the ACT. Will try Queano

  • Did not work in QLD.
    When I scan the code at self-checkout and they said "Code denied"

    • Same issue in NSW. Code denied.

      • interesting - possibly worked in sydney yesterday

      • West Ryde Monday. Bar Code declined!

        • I got same error msg, but the discount was applied on the docket, regardless. Check your docket, maybe?

        • @oldrocker: Thanks, but I binned it in disgust. Having done my biggest shop for a long time. And to make things worse, I just received an email for 10% off for over $100 transaction :((

        • @peck:

          so try tomorrow to spend $124 then receive 2x 10% off + bonus 2000pts :)

        • @tonester: my dog and I already have enough dog food to last us a life time.

  • +5

    Here's a cleaned-up version of the voucher for those who wish to print it:


    Thanks to OP for the original

    • no worries - thanks :)

  • Did you get this from the melbourne show?

  • +8

    Just scanned it off my phone at the self service checkout. No issues at all. Thanks op!
    (I even scanned my phone for the guy next to me without even saying anything. He almost punched me for a spit second until he realised what it was. The poor bugger was amusingly confused)

    • +1

      In WA?

    • Haha nice! He probably thought you scanned in something to cost him extra!

      So this doesn't work in SA at all?

  • +1

    Thank you - worked tonight in Sydney.

    • thanks - deal updated:

      also seems to work in Sydney

    • -1

      odd, didn't work for me yesterday. although i had them input it manually since it wouldn't scan off my phone.

      i'll try again today. hope you're not trolling ;o)

  • +2

    Thanks OP. I scanned barcode image off my phone in WA. Scored a trolley load of half price Diet Coke cartons, cashed in some 12 month old rain checks for 50% discounted goods and bought a heap of staples and specials. Saved a fortune, paid w discounted e-gift cards

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