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BlitzWolf IP68 Waterproof LED Panasonic 3350mAh Powerbank Emergency Camping Light, USD $14.99 to USD $20.99 Preorder @ Banggood


BlitzWolf is a new brand,which aims to create well designed, well styled and well made technology products that suit your needs and simplify your life.

BlitzWolf® BW-LT5 Preorder Discount Before 500th Orders
1-50th USD $14.99
50-500th USD $17.99
Normal price: USD $20.99

Model BW-LT5 Pro
Input 5V/1A (Max)
Output 5V/1.5A (Max)
Wattage 1W(Max)
Charging Port Micro USB
Battery Li-on Battery 3350mAh/3.7V
Lumen 100LM(Max)
Led Lifetime 36000 hours
Net Weight 130g
Dimension 36 x 143mm (Diameter x Height)

1. With over 36000 hours of light and close to 80% savings in use over traditional incandescent light bulbs,
BlitzWolf’s BW-LT5 Pro survival flashlight combo can provide you with light when you need it the most.
2. Being function as a 3350 mAh power bank, it can squeeze up to 75 hours of continues illumination in “Low White Light”
mode, together with its IP68 water resistance, makes the BW-LT5 Pro the ideal light weight emergency tool, strobe and survival
flashlight for hikers, boaters, campers, hunters, whatever your outdoor or indoor activity is.

Power Bank:
BlitzWolf® BW-LT5 Pro is equipped with a 3350mAh Lithium battery, it can be
used as a power bank to charge your mobile device, or any other USB device.

IP68 water resistance makes the BlitzWolf® BW-LT5 Pro immune to water ingress,
so it can be submerged down to 2 meters without comprising its integrity.

Long Battery Life:
It can squeeze up to 75 hours of continues illumination in “Low White Light” Mode from a 3.7V,
3350mAh internal battery.

Drop and Pressure Resistance:
Resisting drops from up to three meters and pressures of 72kg,
ensure that the BlitzWolf® BW-LT5 Pro will survive in the roughest environments.

Package Included:
1 x BlitzWolf® BW-LT5 Pro Waterproof LED Lamp
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Operation Manual
1 x Lanyards

Available on Pre-Order Stock due to arrive on October 26 2016

The old version review:

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  • Availabile now for AU$22.65 (US$16.99). Is it worth $2 saving to wait an extra month?

    • +1

      different model

      • +1

        Different battery inside

        • +1

          Who is the staff member looking after this account?
          I've made contact with one regarding two issues, and have had no reply for several months now.
          It is stopping me from making orders.

      • Good pickup. The one in this this post has 3350mAh, versus 2600mAh that I linked to, making this post even better value.

  • Will this shine a light while charging?

    • Yes, I have the non pro version which is the same but smaller battery and it can be charged at the same as using the light in any mode.

  • +5

    If only this was 3500k (warm), or even 4500k (neutral). Cool white LED might put out slightly more lumens, but for something like this warm white would be great

    • great suggestion!

      • Thanks! Other than the colour temp they seem like a great product. I wonder how hard it would be to swap the emitter(s)

  • +12

    Looks like a great product. Now, on to quickly forgetting that I've ordered it and then being pleasantly surprise when I get a present in a month or two's time ;-)

    • same idea here

  • I want one just for the waterproof usb end cap, it would be great for a project I'm building, where can I buy separately?

  • Looks useful

  • +1

    Its not really enough light to be useful 100 lumen max! If that was in a torch it would be directional light but when you scatter the light so much 100 lumen is way to dim. I built a 1000 lumen lantern and its still to dim lol.

    • +1

      With activities like camping, you don't want a general light that's too bright. It'll destroy your night vision and annoy other campers.

      • +1

        But the amount of light is relative to the area?
        You may be able to read with this on in a tent but that is it. The lantern i built has advanced optics and the light is still to scattered. I would explain it as using your mobile phone light to read. The amount of light that is usable.
        Any light will ruin your night vision unless its red.

        I may add i would personally chose a headlamp over an lantern.

        • +1

          You may be able to read with this on in a tent but that is it.

          And prepare food, have a shower, light up the tent… I don't think it's being sold as a search light or flood light. :)

      • -4

        tbh i wouldn't go camping without my maglite 3D. couldnt give a rats arse about the other campers. to be able to blind anyone in 200m of me sitting at the camp fire is good fun

  • +1

    Another alternative for outdoor/backyard or camping, but not waterproof, cheaper from eBay, I ordered 2 and received them in 2 weeks, I use them in back yard and they are great,solar charged built in battery on light globe and if there is no sun they can be charged like a mobile and they last 4-5 hours.

    • does it only work when its sunny enough to power the solar panel?
      that seems kind of ironic haha

  • +2

    Why does the price say $23.88?
    Never mind, the post was is USD and I was looking at AUD. Would have paid $17 but not $24. :)

  • +1

    Op i still havent received my blitzwolf from this deal

    • I got my charger from the same deal yesterday 26-09-2016

  • +3

    Rep you shoukd drop the price down to $14.99 usd for all ozbargainers. Buying it at a higher price is against my ethics

    • +2

      Seems I missed the first 50 too, not going to buy it for the higher price.

      • If Wolfy here won't buy his own product. Not sure who will haha

    • +1

      Same here, not going to happen…
      You might as well set the price high from the very beginning…

      • -2

        Why? 50 people would miss out on the lower price then.

  • +1


    Apparently it stays on for 4.1 years or 1500 over 9000 days.

  • +1

    Title should be changed.50 units have been ordered and the price has gone up to 23.84 AUD and will rise again after 500 units are ordered

  • Very tempted to buy a few but the month wait time stopped me. Too long to wait on these kind of impulse buys.

  • What is "Emergency Camping"?

    • +2

      Please see: "Zombie Apocalypse"

    • +4

      When the wife kicks you OFF THE COUCH for buying too many eneloops

  • +2

    Hey Store Rep, can you reduce the price down to USD $14.99 for the first 500 orders? I create a new account and buy 5. I am sure many others would be doing it as well.

  • Apart from having a rechargeable battery can anyone enlighten me what benefits this product has over the similar nitecore LA10?

    • +1

      This has a much higher capacity battery so runtime will be longer.
      It's a power bank.
      It has 5 brightness levels.
      It has a red light to preserve night vision, or red strobe for signaling.
      It is submersible (IP68). The Nitecore is only splash-resistant (IPX6).
      It's a lot cheaper.

  • FYI I finally got my shipping notice today.

    Original date was supposed to be 21/10 so a little bit late but better than never!

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