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iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Silver - $1375.20 Inc Free Postage - AUSLUCK eBay Store


iPhone 7 Plus 128GB cheapest Australian stock available that I can find at $1375.20 from Ausluck eBay store with free delivery using the C20TEC coupon.

They have multiple colours available and 10+ units of each. Also includes tax invoice so you can add Apple care if needed.

Other Plus models available from AUSLUCK:
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Gold - $1495.20
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Silver - $1215.20

Office works is next cheapest at $1399 but most stores don't have stock

Apple RRP $1419 with a 3-4 week wait

Original 20% off Selected Tech Stores on eBay Deal Post

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  • +2

    it's better to get the Plus version, just got one for 1519.20 256GB Black ;)

    • was cheaper with 15% off

      • ran out of stock last time, now got a desired colour too :)

  • +10

    Animals charging such a high premium

    • +10

      People that can afford $6000 carbon fibre bikes I ride $1000 aluminium ….. The carbon is nicer but not in my budget ….. Same with phones some people buy xioami with no band 28 others pay more because they want band 28.

      iPhones are nice if you have the coin …. Wish I got the 7s 32gb from dick Smith :-(

  • no black matte color Plus 128GB so waiting for apple store to re-stock also thinking to order it as takes 3-4 weeks in delivery

  • +4

    I'm happy to wait a month to receive my iPhone 7 plus 32gb from Kogan for $999.

  • +3

    so they jacked up prices ? disgusting

  • +5

    Unfortunately, Ausluck is selling above RRP before discount $1,719.00 otherwise, it would cost only $1135.2 with possibility of getting GST refund.
    I would wait for more sellers selling this phone so they are selling at RRP minus 20% discount.

    • +1

      you will get a refund ammount from the price of $1,719.00 anyway as that is what is shown on the invoice.

    • +1

      Yeah shouldn't ebay remove AUSLUCK from the participating stores list? $44 off RRP$1419 is not 20% off.

      • -4

        Im not finding excuses for anyone but ebay charge most sellers %10 on everything + paypal will charge them another %1-%3. Thats why alot of sellers list there items on eBay a bit higher than there own store eg; PLE-PCCASEGEAR.

        • It is around 4%-6% for seller with store subscribtion

        • +1

          An anchor store only pays 4% final value fee for a technology item that sells for $200+ http://sellercentre.ebay.com.au/ebay-for-business/about-stor...

          It's possible stores which participate in these promotions receive other concessional benefits too.

        • Not true. Many stores list price lower on eBay stores than their own stores. I don't need to tell you which ones but plenty of examples if you search in ozbargain.

  • +2

    I agree. Around $50 off RRP is not really 20% off as prices always get jacked up before 20% kick in. :(

  • +20

    Prices are jacked up and then reduce 20% but actual discount comes around $50 .. what a joke. Neg to the Deal. Nothing again to OP.

  • +6

    Prices more expensive than Apple Store before 20% off.

  • +9

    This company is disgusting regarding the upping of prices before the deal was launched although it costs them no extra.

    • I was reading somewhere for the 20% off that it costs the company 10% and ebay pays the other 10% discount…

  • Just personal experience, Plus is too large for your pocket

  • +3

    Disgusting prices, they should be ashamed. Not a real discoun imho.

  • +11

    Don't support them. They just changed the listing for iPhone 7 128gb to 32gb to hide the price hikes from the sales history. They really need to be reported.

    • +1

      how do we report them?

      • +1

        Login to your ebay account. There is a contact ebay section. You can report seller.

  • +2

    was waiting for a iphone7 deal and bad to see this happening.

  • +6

    Neg neg neg!!!!! Original prices more than apple store's RRP

    • But they have activated and tested it for you, isn't that worth something lol.

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