This was posted 7 years 2 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off Tech - Selected Retailers (Futu Online, PC Byte, Shopping Square, Teds, Wireless1 etc) @ eBay


Another 20% off tech sale! Just noticed in the Sales/Events section on eBay. Maximum $1000 discount per person, up to 3 transactions per person.

To search all participating stores, click on 'go to deal' and scroll down to the blue 'search the sale' searchbox on the eBay site.

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Participating Stores (rearranged in alphabetical order)

  • apusauction
  • apusexpress2
  • au-tonertec
  • ausluck
  • ctd_au
  • custom_hometheatre
  • dell_australia
  • epowermac
  • ezydigital
  • futu_online
  • ingar_au2014
  • lapy_king
  • mastore_sales
  • outlet24seven
  • ozo.estore
  • pc.byte
  • phoneinc_digital
  • shoppingsquare
  • shoppingsquareaustralia
  • sonyaustralia
  • techamania
  • teds_cameras
  • tick_tocks
  • trinityconnect
  • wireless1_eshop

Deal is probably similar to 20% Tech Sale from July

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  • Where are you seeing this sale?

      • Cool thanks. Have updated deal.

        • I don't think it's started yet, maybe tomorrow 10am. The link does not click through, goes back to eBay's landing page.

        • @poisonkiller89: yeah I tried buying an item and said the code wasn't ready yet. So most likely tomorrow

        • +8

          Plenty of time for them to raise the prices :(

        • Mod/OP, where's the usual footnote reminding us to use CR? Can I suggest it be added if the cash back applies to using this coupon?

        • @chyawala:

          There is a cashback button below the Go to Deal button. Both Cashrewards and Pricepal are offering 1.25%.

      • -1

        will target be part of it?

      • +1

        Is the sale cancelled or something? I can't see any information regarding this sale in your link or anywhere on ebay.

    • Good timing. I'm looking for a new wifi router to replace my overloaded generic one. Can anyone talk me out of a TP-Link Archer C9?

      • +8

        No but will ask you to consider the asus rt-ac68u

        • Seems more expensive for very similar specs. Should I expect better performance out of the Asus?

        • +1

          @goatus: Better software/UI, and proper firmware updates over time. Most other brands pretty much cease development/activity once a product launches.

        • Cool. I'll probably lean the asus direction then. Will see what the price difference is tomorrow =)

        • @goatus: The Asus uses a Mediatek chipset and is only good for lines that have a downstream line attenuation of < 35 db or distance < 2.5 Km from the exchange - so check your attenuation / distance from the exchange, I prefer the Asus (better GUI, better wireless coverage) but if your line is bad / too far from the exchange the TP-Link is a better option

        • @bauser99: Neither of those are xDSL Wifi Routers; the DSL variant in Asus is DSL-AC68U.

        • @xrailgun: also do a lot of ongoing development and firmware updates.

        • @bauser99: Pretty sure the Asus DSL-AC68U uses a Broadcom chipset not Mediatek…the 2 I bought were Broadcom anyway. And we are recommending the RT-AC68U not the DSL version as goatus is looking for a router.

        • Correct. Im not looking for a modem, but cheers for the info anyway everyone - will be helpful for someone looking at the DSL versions.

        • in a similar boat, not sure Archer C7, C9 or the Asus RT-AC68U ?


        • @jabbairc: definitely c9 or 68u. I went with Asus cause of the continual upgrades to firmware. And the UI is really good too

        • @sky152:

          Thank you this seems like the way to go, what about parental controls? In difference in this regard?

          I read some stuff on the 68u, also using dd-wrt but not sue about c9

          Finally big difference between c7 and c9 in operation?

        • something about broadcom vs atheros for the modem chips ….. between tplink vs asus.

        • Ended up getting the ASUS RT-AC68U for $191.20 from PCByte. Thanks all for your help.

        • @sky152: Sorry my bad - so indeed any comments about chipset are irrelevant :(

        • I have this. Overheats in hot environments. Google it. The heatsink they use doesn't properly seat on many coming out of the factory.

          Ive had mine replaced but still have the same issue. The ac87 doesn't have the same issues.

      • I got a D9 for my in-laws recently and it seemed a very solid piece of kit. Their ADSL speed increased 4 fold over the previous cruddy modem they had.

        So far so good. I'm pretty sure the C9 is similarly specced.

      • Bought a C9 a couple of months ago. Pretty happy with it. I did have some issues with it running bridged to my adsl modem and frequently dropping the connection but the latest firmware upgrade solved that as well as poor performance of the inbuilt usb3 ports.

        One other small issue is when I first tried to update the firmware for some reason it didn't work successfully and bricked the router! I tried the recovery methods I stumbled across online and managed to get the router to install previous firmware via recovery method but it was still bricked. Luckily I had bought it from officeworks on a pricematch so was easily able to return and swap for a new one. I updated the firmware on the replacement one and had no problems since. Just some food for thought if you do buy from an ebay seller is the ease of return, to them or to Tp-link.


    • Isnt ACCC able to do anything about these FAKE Sales! They jack the prices up and provide you 20% discount. Big Scam! Same Surface Pro 4 which was $1,899, is now $2,199..

  • +60

    Again..Now its affecting 20% of my income :-(

    • +5

      That's not how any of this works!

      • +27

        It's affecting 80% of your income - you are saving 20% :)

        • +13

          Not if he's purchasing something that with 20% discount costs him 100% of his income.

        • @SilentBob: if he spends $100 of his income and saves $20, that is him saving 20% of his income?

        • @faceman54: If he isn't enticed by the 20% off and doesn't buy, he'll save even more ;)

        • @simmomelb:

          It's all in the mind.

        • @faceman54: if he spent 100% of his income on an item 20% off then he spent 100% of his income but saved 25% of his income.

        • +1

          @lolmao: That's an inception moment right there.

        • +3

          Not reading this thread will save me 20% of my brain power.

  • +45

    I am no longer excited for these sales. But I am still grateful.

    • +15

      I'm alert but not alarmed.

    • yep these sales seem to always be accompanied by a 15-20% hike in prices, and even with the discounts more reliable online shops invariably work out better. initially when they started these sales I was always jumping on excitedly to see what bargains I can get, now I won't even bother wasting my time.

      • I was checking out the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear from wireless1_eshop, on their website, the price tag is at $126 vs their ebay store $176. yep, like that 20% off really help.

        • it is just sad, they don't even try to hide the fact they are inflating their prices for the sales.

  • +2

    Another one!

    (This time I'm getting myself a TV, mwahaha)

    • Me too maybe. Looking for a good deal and good unit at an amazing price. Still keep holding off.

      • +1

        I'm personally looking for any deals on the Samsung KS8000 or any other recommended HDR10/4K television. I only upgrade every seven or so years and it's about time for me!

        • I'm thinking around the 60" size. Or larger. The 50" looks tiny in the room.

        • @albanyson:

          Price shoots up too much after 55".

        • @Kleetus:
          I've noticed. Same when I bought the 50. The difference to the 55 was far too extreme….

        • +1

          You will get an amazing deal on the Ks8000 if GG don't raise prices. Last deal it was $3120 which is incredible. I just paid $3696 a few days ago at JB. I am getting a $300 gift card with it and 36,000 velocity points. You will get the points but no gift card. Absolely awesome deal at that price.. kicking myself lol. But didn't have much choice as I returned the TV we bought a few months ago to JB so locked into buying from them.

        • Yeah I'm hoping they don't price them up by the time of the sale. Was that $3120 figure from the Bing Lee sales a week ago?

          I'm still debating about whether to get the 55" or 65" and I'm just being greedy for the latter. And then there's also the Samsung UA55KS9000W. Choices, choices.

          Are there any other comparable HDR10/4K televisions out there other than the 8000KS series from Samsung? Anyone recommend LG or Sony?

        • +2


          Don't get 50" it's small

        • -2

          @Tyrus: dont go LG. Bad dse/banding. The LG 950 is $100 more than Samsung KS8000 and not as good. Sony have higher input lag for gaming and some dse issues too (all LED have this, but Samsung seems the best of them all) Dont bother with Samsung 9 series either, RTINGS said onoy slightly better than 8 and to save money. I think go 65" as 55" looks small to me now - up to you though. If it is $3120 tomorrow i will call JB and ask for a price match and refund of the difference on a gift card or something.

          $3120 figure is based off the last GG and ebay deal.

        • The 55" KS8000 from the good guys store is currently $2495, so ~$2,000 after 20% off. Giddy up! :)

        • Thanks Nubzy for the advice. I'm probably gonna jump on the 65" if the deal is on. Does anyone know if the The Good Guys have liability insurance with their couriers/delivery?

        • -2

          @Tyrus: Too early to buy a TV - wait until Dec/Jan. That's when they're cheapest.

        • @nessjez: You got a past Christmas/Boxing Day TV steal?

    • doesn't appear to include televisions from tgg? only washers and dryers

      • Well it did last time. Let's see. If it does, I will be going back to JB and asking them to credit me the difference on a gift card.

  • +1

    hoping theres a camera retailer amongst them!

    • Yes please.

      • They pulled the page down I was viewing originally.

        There was plenty of cameras and lenses.

        • +6



          Ted's prices are not great even with the 20% off :(.

        • +1

          Actually they're not bad.
          During one sale I got the Nikon d500.
          Ted's price was $100 more than digidirect for example. Minus 20℅ it came in at just over $2400.

          Ryda cameras was another that prices are are reasonable. On par or just above camera stores. Saved a good bit off a 200-500mm off them as well.

        • @bbourizk: 3 months ago, I had 2 lenses in my cart I was about to purchase. Day later they were $50 more each. Not sure how many lens prices were increased, but they haven't gone down since :(

        • I still can't find a decent priced a6000 kit for TRS

        • @Kaiserkid7:
          Lens prices are gettingg out of hand.
          They seem to be more expensive everyday.

          Some good savings can be had on the expensive ones if the mark up on eBay isn't a lot. Don't forget seller have to pay eBay fees and PayPal.

          There's a 58mm f1.4 on qd-au. Currently under 2k. Would land at about $1600 after the sale. Sure it's grey import but that nearly $800 cheaper than local price.

        • @kingmoron:
          I claimed TRS on the d500. Got $280 back so got the camera at under 2200$

        • @bbourizk: So the price on Ted's invoice was before the 20%?

        • @Megeso1246:
          Yes. Same way I got gtx 1070 for undrr 500

        • @Megeso1246: This wasn't even ebay unfortunately. It was Ted's site that got jacked first, Ebay site followed soon after. Unfortunate prices are rising so much but too afraid to buy a grey lens. Are lenses generally safer compared to other grey products? (eg. phones, laptops etc)

        • @Megeso1246:
          Yes full price of $3099.

        • @Kaiserkid7:
          I'd buy an imported lens before a camera.
          A few years ago the difference was substantial and I bought some from DWI and bhphoto.
          The 70-200 still going strong the 24-70 recently developed the zoom ring issue. They are both 5+ years old now.

          A couple of years ago prices started to be on par with imports or a couple of hundred dearer. For a 2k lens it made more sense buying local and you got two years warranty.

          For me it depends on the savings. My last few lenses have all been local through these eBay deals. I did buy a 24-120 from Kogan for under 700. The savings compared to local was good so I have no issues buying imported.

          Lenses are pretty good tend to have less go wrong with them compared to a camera.

          By the way my last three phones have all be imports. Even going through the boot loop issue with the g4.

        • @bbourizk: Thanks for the info. I thought about getting grey import before this deal came up. Even with the 20% off, it is still cheaper to buy from overseas but local warranty is always good. Just wondering those imported lens you got, did you have to pay import tax on arrival? They are all priced more than the AU$1000 tax-free threshold

        • @Megeso1246:
          The DWI ones they under declare the value so all good there.
          The bhphoto one I did pay a fee but was still cheaper then getting it local at the time.

        • @Kaiserkid7:
          If the lens has QC poblems, getbit local.

        • @Kaiserkid7:

          The risk of grey import is the same for all products. No warranty, no support.

    • +20

      Well title does state sale starts 10am 4/10….

    • +2

      r u new to dis?

    • +10

      You're only supposed to move your clocks forward one hour not one day

    • +2

      Damn, I wrote that before the OP edited the original post with the date/time

  • any tech suppliers sell GOOD power tools ?

    • +4

      Do you mean good or "good" or GOOD?

      • +3

        Good guys ?

        • +4

          I clicked a link from Qantas Frequent Flyer Online Mall that would suggest Good Guys is part of it

          I was really confused why I then couldn't get any of the categories to work so I headed here to Ozbargain to get my answers.

        • @garybath: that's a bit reassuring… I hope the TVs are included.

        • @garybath: I think that page is from the CTECH20 sale 18 months ago - Strange they would still be linking to it, unless it is going to be reused?

  • I need a TV…

    • +12

      I need.. I need another SSD I think

    • +1


      • my dad got a 55 inch bauhn for $360 from aldis about a year ago.. bloody beauty bonza bargain, buddy !

    • I need a bath

    • Darn, Good Guys isn't included… I'm really starting to wonder if they have stopped completely, given that JB Hifi is buying them up.

  • +15

    Hope one of the retailers is stocking the DJI Mavic Pro :-)

    • Came here to say this. Fingers crossed on the Mavic :)

      • -1

        1st gen tech though.

        • +4

          Is it really? Seems like the tech from the P4 has just been put into a smaller package. May not be for everyone but I'm pretty keen on early adopting and upgrading in 12 months if necessary.

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