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Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB ITX OC - $348 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Cheapest price yet on this great video card for those who feel that size doesn't matter.

Powered by GeForce® GTX 1060
Integrated with 6GB GDDR5 192bit memory
90mm cooler with 3D active fan
One-click Super Overclocking
17cm Compact Card Size

Core Clock:
Boost: 1771MHz/ Base: 1556 MHz in OC Mode
Boost: 1746 MHz/ Base: 1531 MHz in Gaming Mode

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  • Dam, very cheap for a 6GB GTX 1060!

    Previously $367.20 delivered in this deal.


  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't these half-size cards have less shaders ?

    • Happy to correct you. It does not have fewer pixel shaders:

      • Then this is a very good deal ! I should resist as I need to buy the new Google phone when its released this week.

    • +5

      GPU shaders are enclosed inside the GPU die.

      This is a photo of the GTX 1060 bare board, with no fans or heatsinks on it

      and here it is with the fans and plastic shroud on, all three different variants (MSI, Founder Edition and Zotac Mini.

      Underneath all that fancy exterior is actually the same size board.

      some cards may have some performance differences but that is due to factory overclocking, and not from the differences in the number of Shader units.

      Take note though, the GTX 1060 3GB variant does actually have 10 percent less GPU shader units. Nvidia doesn't mention this and an unsavvy shopper may buy it without knowing it's weaker.

      • +3

        That's a shady practice. I believe AMD doesnt do this although they use slower memory on some of their 4gb models.

        • +1

          Or you could say that it's less shady due to the smaller number of shader units.

      • That makes sense. The only half size cards I have seen were the 3gb 1060s.

    • You might be thinking of how the 3GB 1060 has slightly lower specs than the 6GB 1060, despite both being a "1060"?

  • I've gotta measure the space in my Shuttle SP35P2 to see if this baby will fit, so I can prepare for Battlefield 1.

    • +1

      Damn!! Won't fit in the SP35v2.

      I'll need the EVGA GTX 1060 SC gaming 6GB. Not one of those cards available in this sale.

      • I too want an EVGA but only mainly because of their great warranty.

        Does anyone know if Gigabyte will stuff you around with warranty concerns?

        • +1

          I've bought GPU from AMAZON Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 1.5 year ago. A month ago Gigabyte didn't want to deal with me. They just ping ponged me to Amazon to deal with the issues within the warranty. Amazon offered refund $70 less than the card's cost. I'd say 2 years Gigabyte's manufacture warranty is a fake. 1st it isn't international. 2nd it's crap : they advised me to reinstall the operating system to test GPU ^-^ . IMHO their GPUs are great by specs, performance and I'd say even the quality. I like their G1 and Xtreme gaming GTX 1070, but because of my recent experience with their support team I bought another brand.

        • @compugrid:

          Your's is another bad experience I've read about regarding Gigabyte warranty woes. Really making me leery of buying them - even though all my mobos in the last 10 years were gigabyte. I've never actually had a problem with any of their products, but hearing all these reports of issues and difficulties when claiming warranty support is really raising a huge a reg flag for me.

  • are there any downsides to one of these over the larger versions?

    • +1

      You will have more aggressive fan profiles because the heatsink is smaller. Of course, If you're slapping a waterblock on it, this limitation is going to be irrelevant to you.

      • Performance wise though?

        I've got a corsair 750 case with plenty of air flow and currently running a gtx670.

        • Only the founders 1070 and 1080 are known to downclock when they overheat commonly, what a scam they were. 1060 is pretty good heat wide.

    • Consider 1070 versions.

  • +1

    arghh. This is the card and size I want…..just have to hold out until December until I build the rest of my new rig. Hopefully with more time and availability the prices will drop further.
    Plus these 20% off ebay things seem to be happening every 3 weeks :P

  • Got it last time - love it!

    Is there any way to hide 1060 deals ?? :-)

  • This? or go for amd 480x for my freesynce screen?

    • Freesync and DirectX 12.

    • 480 > 1060 - DirectX 12 and Freesync

      • Quantum Break steam edition direct x 11 rings any bell?

      • 1060 > 480 for everything else.

        • yep basically if you want to play older stuff then 1060, future proof/Dx12 etc then 480.

        • @gromit:
          Nailed it

  • Have been pondering pulling the trigger on the EVGA SC card from Amazon/NewEgg - about the same price as this.

    How would they compare? Hard to find any warranty info for the Gigabyte card.

    • Gigabyte usually give 3yrs on their cards

    • +1

      gigabyte warranty is terrible i've heard evga warranty is best in the biz

      • EVGA is awesome but I had to send my broken GTX 660 to the US for repair.

        The shipping was free back to the continental US only.

        Unless you are prepared to pay for all that shipping or live in the US, EVGA might not be the best option.

        • how much was shipping

        • +1


          $30 ish for the cheapest possible way, but I never had it shipped back. I had my relatives in the US sell it.

    • I'd say get SC 1070. Wondering how can u get it for 348AUD , when most GTX 1070 SC are at least 400 USD? GTX 1070 is 50% better performance than previous generation. I'd suggest 1070 over any 1060 if you plan 1080p-1440p gaming. Or even 4k with some average settings. If you plan on 4K gaming with ultra settings then 1080 is more suitable, which is almost twice as expensive than 1070 is (isn't really the ozbargain way)

      • Was a 1060, not 1070.

        • thanx for the clarification. I've pulled the trigger on the cheapest 1070 SC without a back plate. For the warranty on Gigabyte read about my recent experience above.

  • Any advice on which of these 2 micro ATX motherboards I should pair up with this 1060?

    Gigabyte Z170M-D3H $175.20 delivered from PC Byte vs Asrock A170M Pro4 $159 from MSY

    • If you're in a rush to build your PC I wouldn't buy from PC Byte. During the last sale I bought my mobo from them only to find out it wasn't actually in stock despite their listing showing plenty in stock.

      Edit: Or just ask them before waiting too long.

    • Go with Futu if you can, PC Byte screwed me over too, they may be lovely people but can't handle eBay deal volumes.

      Just like Peco, had 2 items 'in stock' when I purchased only to find out 1.5 weeks later after following up with them that it was out of stock.

  • Thanks for posting this! Been waiting for a deal on a 6gb 1060

  • Very good price,only matter is the fan noise,or them say…

  • Kids play ARK: Survival Evolved would this card be good bang for buck?

    • +1

      yes this should do a great job at 1080 if you have a good cpu to back it up.

    • +1

      Apparently the game is so badly optimised you need all the grunt you can get. This may be fixed in future updates as the game is still Pre-Release.
      Hard to tell as they have not even released the recommended specs.
      However, this is an excellent cool, low power draw, but powerful card that should be up to the task.
      the Radeon RX 480 is the equivalent (in price + ~performance) from AMD and is worth looking into also

      • +1

        load of crap

        I have gtx560 ti and 2500k and get 60min fps and mostly above 80fps

        game 12 months ago was like you said but not anymore

  • +1

    Crazy price still not enough performance increase to make it worth upgrading my 970 though.

    • correct. 970-> 1070 - makes sense . 970-> 1060 not really IMHO.

    • No I wouldn't go from 970 to 1060 unless your 970 died and you were strapped for cash and couldn't afford the extra for a 1070

  • +1

    just upgraded to this card from the last sale, awesome card :)

  • +1

    Been waiting a while to upgrade my Radeon 7850. This tips it over the edge

    • Haha I have a AMD 6950 - I am contemplating a upgrade

    • Great upgrade!

    • I run a Radeon 6850…. so itching to get this or an EVGA from Amazon

  • +4

    I bought this card last deal, it's phenomenal. No heat issues and quiet as a mouse too. Even overclocks well too. Just amazing no reason to go full size.

    • Just what I want to hear :)

  • thanks! Was sorely tempted to get the full sized cards, thinking they'd have better cooling or less noise. But the $60 saving on the same card is just too good to go past!
    Upgrading from a 6970 !

  • smaller cards and PCB's have the psychological factor that they aren't as good. Surely they won't OC as well?

    • That was true for almost all gen before this. This time around nvidia decided to voltage lock it fairly early on, as a result the limiting factor is voltage rather than thermals. So you end up with this situation where a lot of these pascal cards oc about the same regardless of cooler because there is plenty of thermal headroom.

      Soooo much oc potential wasted, nvidia probably did that to prevent lower tier cards from cannabalising higher tier cards and their 'foundation' cards.

  • I have the GTX 960 2GB (used with my i5 4440 3.1GHz) which honestly seems great to me except that it runs out of video ram easily on some games. I must have paid about 280 for it late last year. Should I get the 1060 and try and sell my 960 for $150 on Gumtree?

    • +1

      You'll be lucky to get 150 but yeah it's a good upgrade if the games you play would like a nice performance kick

      • Cheers. I think I'll buy it. I use a 1080p projector so it'll be great for that, and also a 144hz monitor so for some mid graphics or older games I might even hit 144fps with the 1060. Never spent that much money on a GPU before. When I was young I used to think people were crazy to send like $400 on a GPU.

  • Nice find OP!

    Remember if you want to connect 10 monitors do not buy this card not enough outputs lol! Can not fit as many ports on a smaller card!
    2 x Dual-link DVI-D 1 x HDMI 2.0b 1 x DisplayPort 1.4

  • Just looking for a straight out answer - is there any difference in performance with getting this card over the full size varient?

  • would it game ok @ 5760x1080 using Surround?

    • The card is meant to be perfect for even demanding 1920x1080p games, with 1440p starting to push it. So I guess it'd need to work nearly 3 times as hard to render for 5760x1080. It might run okay if you don't want max or even high settings, if it even supports it at all.

  • Can anyone comment on whether this runs louder or hotter than normal sized cards? Im building a low noise pc on a budget and this would be perfect if it's quiet

  • How does warranty work with this Ebay purchase? About to push the button but wanted to make sure.