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3 Months Free Presto Subscription (New and Existing Accounts)


Get 3 Months Presto on us for both new and existing Presto customers.

Existing customers in their final free month can add this by doing the following.

  1. Pause subscription

  2. Enter the code in the promo box, do not contact Presto Support as they will not add it without proof of eligibility.

" Note: Presto will no longer be available as of 31 January 2017 and will be removed from all platforms past this date." It appears this promo/free accounts will not be transitioned to Foxtel Play.

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  • +34

    You know it was announced today that Presto is being wound up in January? Apparently subscribers are being rolled over to Foxtel Play.

      • +84

        Is it just me, or do others also take delight in watching Murdoch owned businesses shrivel and die?

        • +6

          Ding dong the witch is dead

        • +14

          'News Corporation bought MySpace for $580m'



        • +2

          It's wonderful having no print journalists at those terrible Murdoch owned newspapers, it's not like internet news is just made up, paraphrased press releases and repeating what every other website says or anything.

          Just delightful!

        • +2


          100%, at least Murdoch was a devil you know.

          Luckily, despite all efforts by conservatives and interests, we still have ABC and SBS, else there would be nothing to watch on TV.

        • +2


          Broadcast TV can only survive in the long run with sport. Once the government gets rid of anti siphoning laws their days will be numbered.

        • +3

          Not only his businesses I want to see shrivel and die.

          A few more years and the world will be rid of this odious man.

        • Not just you

      • +5

        wow new episodes of Home and Away! QUICK SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • +1

      you know thats about 3 months away right!?

      Now till end of Jan 2017 when it dies, is 3 months. So FREE presto till then!

      • +6

        "Must redeem 3 months offer by 28/02/17"

        • Likely no longer a thing by that date
        • haha well yeah that could be a problem, but redeem today and get free presto till it closes!

        • +1

          Was quoting the page in which the offer was posted, probably will be updated soon.

        • +1

          @JordanM: All good OP, I knew it was from the page. Just funny how they're offering free subs past their used by date!

    • +8

      As someone who uses Foxtel play, I can't wait to see how much anger and hate they're going to get for that. Haven't seen a joke of a service since in a long time.

      Now just need to get me some popcorn.

    • +8

      I have a solid ROFL every time one of these fantastic 'free' offers comes up.
      Presto is like an anti-business. No customers. No content. And, no future.

  • +1

    I thought Presto is on its way out of the market:

  • +1

    Yeah we will give you 3 months free, but you can only use it for 2. lol

  • +18

    Still no subtitles in 2016

    • +3

      One of many reasons it failed, judging by these comments

  • +42

    Yeah how can I get my money back after 1.5 years of not paying

  • +36

    has anyone ever paid for Presto? I've been on rolling free account fro 18 months now, still never watched anything on it

    • +4

      No wonder Presto is leaving the market if no one is actually paying for it.

    • +6

      I've had the 18 months free and watched a couple of things but never finished them because the interface is awful.

      The product is awful, so nobody paid for it. Because nobody paid for it, it never improved.

    • I got halfway through Speed. Only thing I nearly watched.

  • +3

    My free trial runs out on the 7th of Oct, but I can't enter to code anywhere =/

    • +2

      Wonder if they put a stop to coupon stacking. They wouldn't have wanted people getting years of free account like some have been getting. If no one pays, they go broke.

      • +1

        I wouldn't blame them. I've had Presto for almost two years and never payed a single month!

        • Me either polly. I have a feeling last time I extended it I had to cancel the subscription then add new code.

        • @Slo20: Yeah, I tried pausing it and I thought I'd have the option to enter the code when I un-paused it, but no luck. I'll wait a couple of days until it expires and see if I can enter it in then.

        • @Pollywaffle: I might enter the code later in the year. If they rolling over customers to Foxtel play I might actually watch something on there. So far presto had been good for about 4 shows over 2 years.

    • +1

      Same question - where does the coupon go?

    • A third for not seeing where coupon code goes - I think Hollykryten must be right, I looked for quite a while (and have previously successfully added codes).

    • Try pausing your current subscription, in the past that has made the box for entering a code re-appear.

    • +1

      If you contact [email protected] with your account email and coupon they will manually apply it. They cant apply it to paused subscriptions.

  • Will this definitely work even after it merges into Foxtel Play?

    • i guess time will tell

  • +13

    Although most of their apps are munted (Telstra TV and Fetch TV were the main exceptions that work well), and their HD can be a little fuzzy, they actually have some decent content worth watching before they are killed off:

    • Mad Men
    • The Walking Dead
    • The Sopranos
    • Homeland
    • Wentworth
    • American Horror Story
    • Mr. Robot
    • Everybody Loves Raymond
    • The Office
    • The X Files
    • Sons of Anarchy
    • Packed to the Rafters
    • Gavin and Stacey
    • The Americans
    • Weeds
    • Parks and Rec


    • +2

      They have good content, but using their app is so frustrating that I would never pay for Presto. And now with their demise hopefully the content migrates to netflix so I can watch it on a platform I would pay for.

      • I thought Foxtel would get those licences?

    • +1

      Been meaning to watch Mr. Robot so guess it's finally time to sign up to Presto. Thanks!

    • awesome. anyone else know of any other good tv shows on Presto?

      • +1

        Hap & Leonard premiers on the 10th could be a good watch.

      • +1

        Ray Donovan is a great show.

      • +2

        Definitely give Flight of the Conchords a watch if you haven't already

      • +2

        The Newsroom was fantastic. That gets my nod.

    • Don't forget True Crime, best show in ages

      • Finished the first season of this recently, Really liked it!

    • Only
      The Walking Dead
      The Sopranos
      Mr. Robot
      Everybody Loves Raymond
      The X Files
      Packed to the Rafters
      Gavin and Stacey
      The Americans
      Parks and Rec

      are relevant from your list because the others are on Netflix

      • You have to pay for Netflix

        • I have this thing where, when I sit down to watch something I actually want to watch it

        • @snook:

          That has no relevance to your previous comment "only xyz are relevant from your list because the others are on Netflix"

        • @smashed: No, and that would be because I answered you and not myself

  • The promo code looks like it worked, the next subscription payment date is still the same as it was before though.

  • -2

    So that's what Foxtel is doing with all that money they saved from losing the EPL rights. Looks like they're going to try and rival Netflix now with their Foxtel Play by buying out the competition.

    • +6

      Presto is a joint venture between Foxtel and Channel 7. Foxtel has bought out Channel 7's stake and announced that they're closing it down. Not exactly buying out the competition when it's their own service.

      • +5

        More like amputating a gangrenous limb…

        (Too far?)

        • Then why is Rupert still on the board?

  • Worked for me thanks on an account that has had multiple codes in the past but had been paused for a while now

  • Worked fine on an account that had a paused subscription :-)

    • +1

      where did you enter the code?

      • If you go to 'Settings' you see the different packages they offer. Underneath each one it has a link to enter a promo code.

        That is for paused accounts. Not sure you can enter it on an active account.

  • I forgot to jot down when my last coupon expires - how do I find that?

    • log in and go to settings, then pause your current subscription. It will replace the "active" subscription to the date when it will shut off :)

  • Any suggestions on getting a free or cheap prepaid visa card? I can't be bothered giving them my credit card and then remember to cancel subscription in 3 months.

  • Was able to extend my account with the code.

    • where did you enter the code?

      • +1

        A little tab was there called 'Enter code'. Heard it doesn't appear for everyone the first time though.

  • +1

    Dead Man Walking. Presto, and a great film.

  • I pity all the people (5 of them) who paid for this horrible-horrible service. One should not even wish this plague to their worst enemy.

  • +6

    Every time I tried watching something on presto I'd get so frustrated with their shitty stream that I always ended up stopping it and grabbing a torrent/ddl instead.

    • Yup, I had to do this with Mr.Robot

  • When will Presto roll over to Foxtel Play?

  • +3

    Is everything still in SD?

  • +1

    Perfect! My 6 month free trial ends at the beginning of December. I'll use this code then and that'll see me out. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Still no PayPal option.

    Don't like giving credit card info to places that do auto subscriptions

    • I used that Coles prepaid mastercard from one of the deals on ozbargain. Its got nothing on it.

  • Posting so I can more easily find this in 4 weeks time when my free sub runs out. Be interesting to see how the merge into Fox Play or whatever it is called, goes. I have next to zero interest in paying Fox any money for anything, but we've really enjoyed our Presto account (given it has cost us nothing), it sits pretty well with Netflix and Stan.

  • Foxtel Play is expensive so why close down Presto. Also why would anyone want Foxtel Play instead of Presto.

  • awesome!

  • So I signed up for this, it says I'm subscribed in my settings, but if I actually try to play a video, it says I'm not subscribed.


    • L0g0ut. L0gin again. It will w0rk.

      • Thanks.

        Ahahaha holy (profanity), it requires Flash to play. I'm not installing Flash, get (profanity) Presto. I'll pirate the show instead.

  • forgot to bloody delete my details after my free sub expired then i was charged $15

  • +3

    And hey presto it's gone!

  • forgot to bloody delete my details after my free sub expired then i was charged $15

    • +3


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