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60 Days FREE Unlimited Google Play Music + YouTube Red (New Subscribers)


The offer's back for new subscribers, and includes YouTube Red.

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  • Every time. I see an ad , I make a mental note never to buy that product again.

    • Why?

      • When I am trying to go on Youtube and I see an ad it makes me hate that company especially when it is an ad I can't skip. Also when I am scrolling and I accidently touch an ad and it opens up, or blocks my view etc etc.. I hate all ads even if they serve a purpose I don't care. Ads need to be non intrusive otherwise I blacklist them as much as possible.

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          Sounds like you need YouTube Red then.

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          or ublock origin

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          True, servers and bandwidth grow on trees /s

        • @DrStinge: as if, it would have been free if it grew on trees /s

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          @BlueElephant: True. I can think of lots of things that grow on trees that aren't free. Fruit, nuts, paper, timber etc. None of which is free

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          Those ads pay the people that produce the content you watch. Without the ads the content providers / "YouTube Partners" wouldn't be able to produce the content and there would effectively be no YouTube.

          It's not free to produce the content you love watching and I'm sure you don't pay to watch either.

        • @Yakuza85:

          Without the ads the content providers / "YouTube Partners" wouldn't be able to produce the content

          They can, without ads we're just not subsidising their stay at home wake up at 3pm lifestyle.
          Fair enough they have production costs to account for, but monetisation paid the high earning youtubers far more than just a normal day job. If anything, monetisation turned some creators into utter arrogant twats e.g. TotalBiscuit. I unsubbed after hearing him urging his thousands of followers to attack a travel company he had issues with.

          Recognise these signs? :

          • "if you like my video, be sure to like, comment, subscribe and share!" at the start of the clip. Repeat again at the end
          • video screen filled with caption boxes urging the above
          • same again on the description, please please like, comment, subscribe!

          there would effectively be no YouTube.

          Lots of people upload without monetising their content.

          30 second unskippable ads are cancer. Especially when it plays loud baby noises for 30 seconds and the same ad plays multiple times within the hour.

          The ones I can skip after 5 seconds, fine .. give the user a compromise.

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          Fair enough, i do think the long ads are annoying and skippable ads are better. You can actually set what ad types you want to display.

          Yes there are people who upload without monetising videos, however without the popular YouTube channels it would get less traffic therefore less revenue for YouTube and as its still a business, if its not making money they will pull the plug.

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          YouTube Red.

          I personally do not want people to work for free, even in entertainment, neither do I expect to work for free and I don't.

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      This solves all of your problems then.

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    Great deal, even just for the redtube

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      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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      Wait redtube, what ?

      Never mind as you were..

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        You googled it, didn't you.

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        Don't forget to delete your history 😀

        • Be Proud.

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          Be Married :(

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          incognito window

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          Or work colleague's computer when he is at lunch

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          @tith: Don't do that.

        • @tith:
          Sounds like something people at my old work used to do.

        • @Lukian:


        • @tith: Companies actually check for such access in a workplace.

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          well the work colleague should not frequent those sites

    • What's a red tube asking for a friend?

      Is it the same as this youhub I have been hearing a lot of my friends talk about?

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    If you cancel the subscription, will you still get to use the service for 60 days? Just don't want to be billed in December.

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      Last time I cancelled a few days early, but I could still use it until the end of the billing period.
      Should be fine to cancel straight after signing up.

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    • Interesting. Never heard of this before. So is this similar to most music streaming services? Can't seem to find much info on it but it appears not to have ads. What's their revenue source?

      • Yes, though I've only ever dabbled in paid streaming services. It's most likely illegal and based in Russia (since it launched with a vk.com log-in option) but it's somewhat unusual in that it doesn't seem to have any advertising or, more surprisingly, even use affiliate links (despite listing plenty of purchase options for every song).

        • might be a spiritual successor to grooveshark then.

  • My favourite aspect of this is being able to stream music from Youtube, audio only, with the Youtube Music app. (Just remember to switch the app setting to audio only first… ouch @ my first month.)

    • What I don't like though is you can't customise the offline mixtape. You can choose how many songs can be stored but can't determine which songs are downloaded.

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        The work around for this is to make a playlist and set the playlist to download.

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    Says code invalid. I have a new account and wondering if there's any trick to it?

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      I also have never subscribed to either service but it told me the code was invalid. I'm able to use a 30day trial but not the 60day.

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    Take that, Wix ads! (for 60 days)

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    Great value with YouTubeRed thrown in. Ad free YouTube is a real joy and Google Music is excellent. And not to forget, if you use an Optus pre-paid sim streaming Google Music doesn't count towards your data quota.

  • Does anyone know of a way to subscribe cheaply? I enjoy the benefits of Youtube Red and the occasional use of Play Music and I am happy to pay for it however I think the $11.99 they charge is too much.

    • I pay $9.99/pm but that was a special YouTube Red launch deal. $11.99 is as good as it gets now. Just keep an eye out for these 2 or 3 month free deals and sign up with different gmail accounts when they come along.

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        Does that include adding a . period or + to your base gmail account?

        • Do you have to use a different credit card as well? Would they actually use that to check if you are a new customer or not?

    • You could always apply for the "family" specials. I'm not too sure about youtube red but google play music is 17.99 for 6 people, if you sign up with friends it's essentially $3 a month pp

  • -3

    and includes YouTube Red.

    It's not going to last…

  • i just clicked your link and didnt have to input the code to get 2 months free trial. Cheers op!

  • I used one of my fake Gmail accounts a week or so ago to get 3 months free without punching in any codes thru Google play app. How is this any better given new subscribers only??

  • Do you have to add your payment option first?

  • +1

    I wanted this to be good because of YouTube red but Spotify is just to good to give up.

  • ProTube is a once off $4.99 purchase on iOS and lets you play videos in the background and has no Youtube ads just like Youtube Red.

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      Against Google's terms and could be blocked/removed at any point.

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      Does it also give you access to one of the biggest music libraries on earth?

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    Nearly forgot cash rewards then released it free

  • Personally I think Google's 'I'm feeling lucky' radio is better than Spotify's 'Discover' great way to find music. Wish Spotify had something similiar :(

    • I've found Spotifys discover weekly play list to be great. Based on what you play, I've found heaps of good new music, and it plays a lot of stuff I'd forgotten about. I listen to pretty specific obscure trip hop stuff though, so ymmv.

      • Care to give me a listen? What kind of obscure trip hop are you into? Nujabes? J Dilla?

        • Yeah exactly. Dilla saved my life. Boards of Canada, Clutchy Hopkins, S. Marharba and on and on.
          Take a listen https://open.spotify.com/user/spotifydiscover/playlist/3G47D…

        • @Aids:

          Cheers thanks mate/man always looking for new cool jazzy styled ish trip hop or chill hop or jazz hop ad infinitum etc.

          BTW Nujabes saved mine.

        • @Aids:

          Anything similar to the luv sic compilation by nujabes?

  • Firefox on chrome let's you play YouTube with the screen off aswell. Can't watch offline though

  • I got 90 days without the code

  • Optus perks things is still on… So you can get 3 months for free if you see it. I do.

    • Yeah, I'm on a plan with an Optus reseller only but when I went to sign up it gave me 3 months free with one click thru Optus perks. Didn't even ask if I was an Optus customer!

      • yup - it does not - even on google music home page - it says optus perks gets you 3 free months.

  • Can anyone confirm if that after the 60 days, Google will Direct Debit/Google Play credit $11.99 after the promo has ended and you have to manually cancel?

    • +1

      Yes, but you can cancel the subscription as soon as you start the 60 day trial.

    • I signed up, cancelled, and everything is still working.
      Received confirmation email stating my subscription was cancelled however it will be active till Dec 18.
      Fantastic !

      • haha gold, keep us updated and be sure you check for unexpected charges!!

  • I subscribed the 60days free service yesterday and just found out google play charged me $2 on my credit card. Anyone else had the same issue?

    • I wouldnt worry about it. Ages ago I did a 30day trial and had a $1 pending charge on the CC from google but it was reversed later on. Guess they're just testing the validity of your CC details?

      • Yeah thanks I contacted them and the operator said it was a pre-authorization to verify my credit card, however he did say that normally it would be $0-$1 instead of $2, maybe it's just depending on the card. He's sure it would drop off in a few days.

  • Just FYI, Youtube Red is always free if you have active Google Music subscription

  • Just a warning, Google Play Music on Android eats data like crazy. I have no idea how but even with low quality streaming on and Download only on Wifi on it still uses around 20 MB per song.

    I really wanted to use Play Music but it eats my entire 4Gb cap in days where Pandora wouldn't even use 500 MB for the same usage.

  • +1

    So wherr do I enter the code?

    • That's what i'd like to know too. If i put it in the redeem your code box it says that it's invalid.

  • Can confirm, TRYALIFETIME does not work.

  • Thank you OP

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