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9x Harvey Norman Deals: Microsoft Band 2 $199, Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Headphones - iOS $242 (after $100 Cashback)

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Wow, Senheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear for $242! 😍

    • yeah …. it's the apple version so just means inline volume control, they sell the plain cables as accessories , even on ebay, and they plug in to the ear pieces, i have the first version of momentum over ear and they are great sound, much better than the on ear version hence price difference.

      hit the button upgrade to momentum 2 , some HN stores already no stock, it's just stock clearance …. my son gets the old ones i get the new ones, and he gets the ios cable for his ipad.

      • It's sound like a pricing error, as commented by AtomC.

        Went to buy the Momentum 2.0s and they've gone up to $328 (including the $100 cash back). Boo!

        Hooray, professionals finally beats Hardly Normal. 😁

  • For iPad Air 2 64GB — Price match with Officeworks for another 5% off.

    Officeworks is currently selling the same model for $697

  • Tempted to get the iPod shuffle. But considering I already have iPod touch 5th and 6th gen - probably a waste of money.

  • I have a band 2 and it's great, however, if you're interested in keeping your exercise info I wouldnt get one as Microsoft have abandoned the line.

    But of a shame.

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      They've halted Band 2 production but there's nothing to say Band 3 would be ruled out from a release next year. The Band 2 isn't running a variant of w10 IOT so it doesn't really mesh with their product lineup and it's hard ask for developers to embrace a new health platform when this isn't addressed.

      I've owned a Band since release thanks to import from the US but do find sweat will mess with heart rate detection, which most current wearables still suffer from. Is the Band 2 improved in that regard?

    • According to the register MS has killed not only the line, but the division that makes the band. IMHO it is dead in the water.


  • I just paid $47 last night - ipod (haven't picked it up from the store yet) going to buy again then get a refund for the first transaction.

    • Hardly normal has very restrictive change of mind policy so better go with good excuse.

      • Whenever I said that my wife or my son/daughter or my parent didn`t like it, they always process the refund on the spot. But, this was like 3 years ago, never spend my money on HN / The Goodguys anymore since then.

  • You get extra 2GB


    if you activate the starter pack before November 6. The starter credit counts as a "recharge".

  • sennheiser overear headphone is a true bargain

  • Stock anywhere for the iPod? I cannot find any… delivery charge kills the deal :S

    Also, would any store pricematch even if not available in the local HN?

  • Purple color available in most of the stores. None silver.

  • the ipad, 2 gb and it doesn't use lightning cable, so if the cable goes you cant use your current lightning cable, but i guess it's cheap and you get head phones.

  • OfficeWorks is price beating on a iPod Shuffle and Chromecast -
    Great deals… Thanks OP.

  • anyone know how long it takes for click and collect? going to get the momentum over ear, its in stock at the store.

  • Grabbed the Band 2, cheers Trent!

  • Officeworks is refusing to price match on the blue ipod shuffle, only the silver.

    I wonder if i could exchange it for a blue at another store? seems like a lot of effort, though.

  • Office works is refusing to price match any ipod shuffle, they say its on sale.
    Can someone help with this.

    • Yeah I can help. Just buy from HN or don't buy at all. OW is famous of their BS price beat policy.

  • Got a Shuffle, great price seeing the Mrs has a IPhone 6 Plus, makes it hard to go running etc with

  • Cheers OP, grabbed the sennheiser over ears. Looks a ripper price hope I don't regret it

  • Thanks for the post OP, managed to snag the last pair of Sennheiser Over-Ear 2.0's from my local HN! Been looking for a discount on these for a while now :)

  • Thanks, bought the momentum over ears. Beautiful sound at a beautiful price. Plenty of stock at HN Preston Vic.

  • Im using the ios momentum on my Samsung, the volume control doesn't work, I expected that. But the volume on my phone needs to be at a much higher level than my xiaomi pistons, anyone else notice this? The sound is fantastic

    • The reason your 'sound level' needs to be higher is that headphones require more power to operate (much larger speakers (called drivers)). Most audiophile headphones won't even work well when running from an unamped source.

      • I understand that, but momentum aren't considered audiophile headphones, they are aimed at mainstream listeners and are meant to be easy to drive using phones. I tuned the sound setting in the s6 using the adapt sound feature and it's noticeably louder now. It was previously tuned for the pistons which are obviously easier to drive. The sound quality on these are much better than the momentum on ears and the ATH M50

  • any of the sign up bonus $$$ anymore?

  • Why it is expired, Band 2 is still on their website for $199

  • Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear Headphones - expired

  • Went to buy the Momentum 2.0s and they've gone up to $328 (including the $100 cash back). Boo!