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NEW $30 Boost Mobile 28 Day Prepaid Plan: 3GB Data, Unlimited National Calls & Texts (Plus an Extra 1GB Every Weekend)


Boost is introducing 2x new mobile plans tomorrow (Oct 25). The first is a $30 plan with unlimited national calls and texts, plus up to 7GB data over 28 days. The second is a $10 plan with unlimited national calls and texts, but with a 7 day expiry. Boost uses Telstra's 4G network. Enjoy :)

Note: thanks to aroryo & Maxx Power in the comments for pointing out that setting up auto-recharge gives you a full month of service, irrespective of number of days in that month.

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  • How are they different to the old plans? Did the $30 plan used to be $40?


      From 25 October 2016
      •Our $25 ULTRA+™ recharge will no longer be available for purchase and we’re launching a new $30 UNLTD+™ recharge which includes Unlimited calls & text to standard Australian numbers, 3GB anytime data plus 1GB every weekend, 28 day expiry.
      •Our $10 Bolt-On will no longer be available for purchase and we’re launching a new $15 Bolt-On which gives $15 Credit for use on international calls & text international roaming calls, text and data, premium services and content, 28 day expiry.
      •A new $10 UNLTD+™ recharge will be introduced which includes unlimited calls & text to standard Australian numbers, 1GB anytime data, 7 day expiry.

      Note: There will be no changes to existing $40 or $50 recharge amounts.

      • Some of us Ozbargainers bought the Boost $20 prepaid sim starter kits a while back. When we activated them we were put on the $25 plan. So what's gonna happen with these when we activate tomorrow? Will we be put on the new $30 plan?

        • Is it too difficult to read on boost site ? I'm a normal ozbargainer like you and can see it clearly .

          From 25 October 2016 the new recharges will be offered and you will no longer be able to purchase the $25 ULTRA+™ recharge or $10 Bolt-On.

        • @abhayks: Not at all. What you've said does not answer my query.

          I'm not purchasing now, I already have the sim but it's the older $20 ones which were discountinued a few months ago, and which they put you on their $25 plan on activation. My query if one were to activate these $20 sims what plan will it be on? $30? Perhaps this is clearer? cheers

        • If the sim is $20, it will activate at that rate I would think, but first recharge will cost you $30

        • The activation page says that the $20 prepaid SIM will activate as a $30 plan

    • Would there be any problems switching from the $40 plan to this new $30 plan?

  • Remember a 28day prepaid plan will be paid 13 times in a 12month period!

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      that's sneeky

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      if you set auto-recharge on Telstra or boost, your recharges will last a whole month no matter how many days in that month.

      • such good news! how do you set up? couldnt find the option on boost…

      • Just go ALDI mobile (telstra 4G network)
        $35 per month unlimited calls SMS - MMS - 6GB DATA and 30 day Prepaid plan and there IOS APP very nice!!

        • Data roll over as well, the only potential down side is Aldi MAY not be as good as Boost network coverage wise

        • @TheMatrix: It isnt as good. Depends where you live an travel if that matters. Aldi is Telstra Wholesale, about as good as Optus etc. Boost is Telstra proper (minus 4GX), much wider coverage.

        • Where I live in a rural location, Aldi's data is useless and just doesn't work. Boost has been excellent for 3 years now.

        • @Tuba: ive been from Newcastle, Bathurst all over Sydney and ive had the same coverage ive had the last 2 years with telstra .. 4GX band 28 all the way home baby :D

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          @MADBONE89: But its still not full Telstra coverage. Check coverage maps, its significantly different. Boost kills the non Telstra proper networks outside the built up areas. Boost is band 28 too, just not 4GX. Its the only one that is full telstra tower access. Just not the latest and fastest data. Its still 4G though.

          As I said, depends where you travel if it matters or not. I 4wd a lot, so it matters.

    • If you setup auto-top-up it will be monthly (same date every month)..
      (doh, too late).. :)

    • If only we could all band together and boycott these companies selling 28 day plans hopefully by our group action we can get them back to at least 30 day recharge periods ;)

    • I have 28 day plans too. Bring back 1 Month plans. its not for us, it for the greedy Telco's retailers making more money out of Us.

  • Im the old plan $20 100 mins calls and i think unlimited txt data if i remember 1gb. So for $10 more im very tempted

    • I am also on the $20 grandfathered plan. What worries me is that they went from $20 to $25 and now $30 minimum monthly plans… I guess there is no profit in the cheaper plans…

    • The old $20 plan was 1GB + 500MB every weekend (I think). So total 3GB?

      • Yep that's the one I. Still on this and cheap and very rarely use up my mins but there has been once or twice when call mins has run out or data but very rarely.
        Think I stick to this old plan for now just may find it handy for unlimited calls.
        Only time I have run out of data was when my home internet was down and I never noticed my phone was not connected to wifi.

        I thought the took out a new $25 plan not long ago is this $39 plan better value?

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      Thats exactly when they're supposed to hand out cheap/free data. Network capacity is unused at that time.. better give it out cheaply then let it go to waste. At least people who don't have access to fixed broadband can do their patching/downloads at that time.

      • No one is supposed to do anything according to your wishes.

        And no for me it would be better if they added data to a time period in which I use it so for me the 3GB on offer looks pretty crap. The other 4GB is at a time I don't use my device.

        God help anyone using their mobile data instead of broadbband.

    • Works out great for me. Go out for a meal on the weekend, throw the phone at the kid and don't need to worry about data.

    • Yea. I actually turn my phone off all weekend /sarcasm

    • Perfect for my kids.

      Low data use while at school, but hours of Pokémon Go at the weekend…

  • Lycamobile which I've just transferred to gives you 7GB to use any day of the week for $30, unlimited calls and texts.
    Internet speed is pretty good, over 50Mbps download in Brisbane. Bit high ping tho (70ms)
    I'm not sure this offer is permanent or just for a promotional period

    • Optus network vs Telstra network. Boost, being a fully owned subsidiary of Telstra, gets access to the full Telstra network - not just the wholesaled network that the other MVNO's get.

      • Good to know

      • I thought so too for a long time now, but read somewhere recently they do not anymore ( maybe since switching over to 4G ). Would love to know correct up to date info on rural coverage and potential speed limiting compared to Telstras Official Network.

        • I've just looked around and can't find anything to say that they don't get the full coverage anymore. Got a source?

        • Last I heard is that Boost have the same full retail coverage as the official Telstra network, but the 4G speeds are more limited.

          Other resellers like Aldi only have access to the Telstra wholesale network which has more limited coverage.

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          @macrocephalic: if you trust Whirlpool nerds it says full Telstra Network coverage..


          The service is provided over Telstra's full 2G, 3G & 4G networks. Boost Mobile have full, unrestricted access to the Telstra network in terms of coverage. Boost customers however do not have access to Telstra's full 4GX data speeds.

          AMR-WB (HD-Voice) is available on compatible handsets.

      • Boost, being a fully owned subsidiary of Telstra

        According to Boost's website Telstra does not own Boost.

        • Looks like you're right. Boost is still a independent [non ASX listed?] company which Telstra may own a stake of - but I can't see if declared anywhere.

        • Don't know if it's changed (this is from 2014) https://community.boost.com.au/t5/Setup-Device-Support-KB/Wh...

          What’s the difference between Boost and Telstra?
          by MattD ‎13-06-2014 12:46 PM - edited ‎23-06-2014 11:17 AM


          There’s often questions asked in the community around Boost and Telstra including what the difference is, are they the same, does Telstra own Boost and so on. This should clarify it for everyone.

          Firstly, Telstra does not own Boost. Boost owns Boost. Telstra and Boost have an agreement wherein Boost re-sell their NextG (3G network) whilst utilising some of Telstra’s back end systems. This in no way means Telstra owns Boost.

          Telstra as a company offer a suite of products and services across multiple platforms where as Boost focuses on bring value to its customers in the pre-paid mobile market. Whilst Telstra offers mobile services on both its Next G and 4G networks, Boost only provides services on Telstra Next G (3G) network.

          As the Boost uses Telstra Next G network, in some circumstances a Boost SIM will work in a handset locked to the Telstra network however if you’re ever unsure it’s best to check by calling Boost on 1258881. This doesn’t mean you can use a Telstra SIM to activate a Boost service or use a Telstra recharge voucher on a Boost service.

        • @whodidthat:

          Funny though how when you call Boost support and it's actually Telstra support. They told me to go to one of their stores, because they couldn't help me over the phone. To my knowledge Boost don't have stores, when I told them this the support guys (2 different people) told me to go into a Telstra store… Also when the conservation finished the Telstra survey came up. So I think they use just a tiny bit more than Telstra's back end systems. They are probably just trying really hard to differentiate themselves for marketing, considering there are a lot of people that don't want anything to do with Telstra. Anyway, Boost still provide a reasonable service, so all good.

        • @biganthony10: It is possible, I don't know as I've never used them.

        • Just paid Boost. Invoice comes from Telstra Corporation. Go figure.

  • @tightarse when will scoopon be back on cashrewards. sorry to derail thread could not private message yet,

  • im currently paying $40 p month for unlimited / 5gb data 28 day cycle with Boost

    this is much better $30 p month unlimited / 3gb data

    I generally only use 1.5-2gb data per month and this plan slots right in the middle of the other current ones.

  • Thanks, I normally do the $40 Boost plan but don't need that much data, will change to this $30 plan which will suit me better.

  • Over 12 months, this is approx $391. Previously was $40/m, so $480.
    Seems better, but Coles Mobile $20/28 days still better.

  • does Aldi has full access to Telstra network as Boost or Boost is better , network quality wise?

    • See my comment six comments above, waiting for a solid response myself.

      • Thanks. Need Aldi or Boost rep to confirm this.

        • Yep, correct. Lot's of mixed and possibly old info going around without official source(s).

          One thing I do know for certain is that Aldi do Not have full Telstra network coverage and limited speeds, not 100% certain with current Boost service.

    • Boost utilises the full Telstra network. Aldi mobile utilises only part of the network, but yet has access to more towers than woolworths. This may not make a big difference in metropolitan areas but in remote areas I have experienced first hand the effects.

      I will try and link sources with exact coverage information

  • Better value to be had on the Woolworths Mobile Prepaid plans:

    • $25.65 per month ($30 with 10% Woolies Rewards discount, plus 5% Cashrewards Wish Card discount)
    • 30 day expiry
    • Unlimited national calls and SMS
    • 6GB data on activation
    • 3GB on every recharge
    • Data rollover up to 15GB
    • $100 international call credit
    • Telstra Network (not the full network, but you won't notice unless you really go outback - I went on a solid bushwalk down the South Coast of NSW and still managed to get 4G whilst being a few KMs inland surrounded by bush. Optus network got nothing).

    And if you bump up to the $45 option ($38.50 with discounts), you get 16GB data to start with, then 8GB per recharge, plus unlimited national calls to 10 countries.

    • Would still prefer full network - good deal though!

      • You seriously wont notice unless you're spending a lot of time away from major cities and regional areas.

        The $45 dollar plan is also exceptional value when it goes on sale for use as mobile broadband (I got a bunch at 1/2 price). I use my old Nexus 5 as a wifi tethered modem and use these SIMs for high-speed uploads for work (my ADSL2+ is too damn slow).

    • what's the process to get those discounts on every recharge?

      • Scan/enter your Woolies Rewards card/number for a 10% discount. Buy a Woolies Wish Card with Cashrewards at a 5% discount and use it to pay (note: I haven't tried paying with the Wish Card online, but you can definitely do it in store).

    • And if you bump up to the $45 option ($38.50 with discounts), you get 16GB data to start with

      There's a secret about this actually. The rep on whirlpool confirmed. https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2230479&...

      At the moment you can buy the $45 starter pack for $30, AND, if you THEN after a month recharge with a $30 recharge ($27 with rewards card) then up to 15GB of the 16GB will rollover and NOT be dumped.

      Apparently when you recharge with a lower value than the previous amount, your "rollover bucket is dumped" but your remaining real data still rolls over. Since there is 0GB in the rollover bucket when you activate, that's the amount that gets dumped once you recharge with $30 for the first time :).


      Buy a "$45 starter pack" for $30, get 16GB of data. From then on, recharge a "$30 recharge" for $27 every 30 days. Your data will perpetually rollover up to 15GB (I assume separately from your new recharge). Rollover is handy for sporadic use, which is how I assume most people use their data. In an example 12 month period, with a person using 2GB, 3.5GB, 2GB, 1.5GB, 6GB, 3GB, 8GB, 3GB, 4GB, 7GB, 4GB, 2GB of data usage = 46GB over 12 months (3.83GB avg), $327 over 12 months ($27.25 per month). You would save $98 by going with woolworths mobile over the $35 aldi mobile. and $205 going with woolworths mobile over the $40 coles mobile. It all depends on what your usage is like though, That rollover feature of woolworths really makes the data stretch so it almost never gets wasted.

      Let's look at boost though:

      Weekends make up around 28.5% of a month. So if you used 3GB on the other days, that's 137MB a day average, then on the 8.66 weekend days with the same avg usage you would be getting an extra avg 1.19GB a month, or 4.19GB per month total.

      If you're the kind that uses their mobile data 3x as much on the weekends. then 137MB * 3 * 8.66 = extra avg 3.56GB a month, (6.56GB total)
      The maximum value, would be using 1GB+1GB+1GB+1GB+0.66GB = 4.66GB, but that's a 538MB per day which is 3.92x more than the other days. (7.66GB total).

      I struggle to see where weekend data really comes into play though. If you're at home on weekends, you have wifi. If you're out on weekends, you would probably be doing things, or using your mobile about the same way you would on other days. I guess if you had a specific thing you did every weekend that involved you being shit bored, then it could come in handy, but in that case I feel a vodafone mobile hotspot (or old 2nd phone to tether to), + $10 365 recharge + $2 for 2GB data add-on for 2 calendar days would provide better freedom if the vodafone reception is okay. $9.50 a month for 2GB of data every weekend is pretty good, but the best part is you could recharge for 2 days whenever and not just weekends.

  • Quick question folks. I had a short term SIM from Telstra. Can I do a number port to Boost considering it is also part of the Telstra network.

  • I'm still happy to stay on Telstra $40 prepaid, getting $22 cash back through Rebatr each month. Can't see ANYTHING beating $18 a month for what I get (inc only month-month commitment)

  • OvO deals much better. I hardly use my data on weekends

  • aldi still better