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10% off JB Hi-Fi/Dymocks/ToysRUs/BabiesRUs/Rebel/Amart Sports/BCF/Freedom/Best Restaurants/Best Spas/CottonOn Gift Cards @ Coles


10% OFF Selected Giftcards at Coles next week

  • Ultimate Kids (can be use in JB Hifi, Dymocks, Rebel Sport, Amart Sports, ToyRus, BabiesRus, Cotton On Kids)
  • BCF
  • Best Restaurants
  • Best Spas
  • Freedom

Limit of 5 Giftcards per transaction.

Giftcards only come with value of $30 and $50


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  • +1

    That's actually pretty good

  • +1

    nice find OP!!

  • +14

    Wow, 10% off for Jb is huge. I will get some for PS4 games next month

    • +6

      Hah and here I was thinking that you were thinking of a 75" LCD or something..lol.

    • sa e here job cards and ps4 games so christmas sorted for junior …. limit 5 cards ….. what is the biggest value ?…… or just buy twice ?

    • 10% iphone 7

    • +1

      10% off games still not cheaper than buying elsewhere,i think when it comes to games jb and eb are sometimes the highest.

      • JB is mostly the cheapest idk what games you been buying.

      • big w and target catalogue prices are often better than jb hifi but when the catalogues are not running jb is worth a look. eb will match jb and others on games but not consoles.

      • they do price match so is there a problem?

  • +4

    If you was to buy e gift card for Coles at 5% off can you then get the ultimate kids card on offer here? Would that not mean I save 15%?

    • +1

      Technically speaking it's 14.5% off
      EDIT: And there's increasing reports of Coles updating self-serve softwares to prevent GCs being bought with another GC.

    • Where do you get 5% off co Coles gift card. You save only around 14%

    • Would you plz share the way to get 5% off coles gift card? Thanks

      • +3

        My electricity supplier provide 5% discount for Coles/Myer gift cards. You could check yours too

      • +1

        TGG concierge service has Coles only and cole Myers 5% and 7% discount gift cards.

    • +1

      Based on coles gift card T&C, gift cards can not be used to purchase gift cards.

      • You 100% correct. I tried to buy PSN cards with Coles gift cards and got turned away by a Manager that took her job a little bit to seriously at one of the registers. I literally took the cards to the self-serve registers, checked them through myself, the young girl working there through her pin in and approved them and I was on my way. I'm not saying it will work for you but it can work.

        • +1

          what about this idea? Buying $50 JB giftcard along with one item, say chocolate box or a bottle of juice as long as the total payment has the higher value than your Coles giftcard. Use combination payment method (Cash/credit card together with Coles giftcard). Never try this before but i think it probably works.

        • @ltvo3:

          Confirm it works. I had 3 coles giftcards from Cokereward, i bought PSN card. When i paid, i split the payment half in giftcard and half on card. I worked. I will try again this time.

        • @kendo: thanks for that. it would not make sense if it does not. :)

  • +2

    What's the max value you can get on those Ultimate Kids cards?

    • +1

      I want to buy a $550 item on the card. I'd like to know too.

      • +7

        That sounds like a ps4 pro if I didn't know any better.

        • Or a Playstation VR.

        • @JajaMinx: Husband come home with a VR from JB last night. Sigh…..(he DID NOT use gift cards).

    • +1

      Was just in Coles Jindalee (QLD) and the only two card racks they had were $30 and $50. Not sure if there are higher cards than that.

  • -1

    Is there any ways to get cheap coles gift cards like you could woolworths ones from cash rewards

  • Been waiting for Kathmandu gift cards to go on sale to combine with their camping sale.. Any ideas anyone?

  • +1

    This is excellent makes iPhone 7 plus for $1286 from JB hifi !

    • was thinking abt the same
      unfortunately, no 7 plus on their website

      • Was in JB store today. iPhone 7 Plus was signed "coming soon".

        • I got myself a 7Plus 128GB Matte Black from JB Hifi, they have stock, just not a lot.

          Just need to call them in advance to see if they get stock. They mentioned they get some stock Tues-Thurs, but you can backorder and they'll get you one when they have stock

      • +6

        Side note
        Jb hi-fi website there is a limit of 5 gift cards per transaction
        No limit in store, they will just photocopy your ID

        Planing on buying the iPhone 7 myself before overseas holiday claiming TRS

        Win win

        • Good to know. I didn't think about gift card limits

    • How do you get $1286?

    • If they don't have iPhone 7 plus in stock which is the most likely case you can just go lay-by or wait till December when they do have stock it's not like the gift card will expire so soon

  • +1

    Can be bought with Flybuys points?

  • 2 years expiry on the Ultimate kids cards?

  • -1

    Can anyone confirm that Ultimate Kids cards work at JB Hifi? I haven't purchased one before and want to buy a card for $550 for a PS4 VR headset. I don't fancy forking out that much money without being 100% sure it can be used.

    • +1

      I can confirm it works

  • +1

    Can someone please clarify what "Ultimate kids cards" are and can we use it in JB HiFi to buy anything, for example a laptop? Thanks :)

    • -1

      The 'go to deal' image has a tiny JB Hifi logo on the Ultimate Kids card. It will work. Hopefully grimace3 doesn't down vote you :-)

  • +1

    Just wondering if I can get this for Jb to use online?

    • +1

      Someone mentioned there is a limit of 5 gift cards in one purchase. So check out those t&c first


      Can I use multiple gift cards for my online purchase?

      The website will only allow up to 5 gift cards to be redeemed per order.

    • +1

      I think others have misunderstood your question. You're asking whether these cards can be used in JB Hifi Online.

      The answer is no. This is not a JB Hifi gift card, it's an Ultimate Kids gift card which can only be redeemed at JB Hifi physical stores. The JB Hifi website only accepts JB Hifi gift cards.

      • +1

        May I know we can use the gift card for all JB Hifi stores, or just the participating stores? Since I checked the ultimate Kids website, it just mentioned some of the JB stores. thanks

        • From Ultimate Kids Faq:

          Where can The Ultimate Kids Gift Card be used?

          The Gift Card can be used to make purchases at any Toys “R” Us, Babies “R” Us”, Rebel Sport, Amart Sports, Dymocks, JB Hi FI or Cotton On Kids store. The Gift Card cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATM or EFTPOS facilities.

  • Oh wow. I'm gonna go crazy with the Ultimate Kids cards for use at JB.

  • +1

    The ultimate kids card for a big kid like me to use for a PS4 Pro and a Samsung 4k TV

  • Do we buy this online or in store at coles??

  • +1

    That feeling where I debate whether or not to return things I recently bought from JB only to re-buy them with the discount. I don't think I can do that in good conscience. I'd only be saving about 8 bucks anyway.

    • Depends whether the thrill and saving is worth your time and effort. For me, it's marginal. Here, have an upvote to balance out the neg.

    • +2

      Seriously, for $8 don't bother. Apply to the next one. Reminds me of that guy that created 150 coles accounts to save delivery fee / $10 off each time (coles mc does the same thing). So much time / effort for so little gain.

    • +1


      how much do you get paid per hour/how much is your free time worth to you?

      if the figure is less then $8, then go nuts :)

      • +2

        I live super close to my local JB, so from a time perspective, it would be worth it. But I'm not actually going to do it.

        • +5

          lol ok

          for $8 personally I wouldn't bother either :)

        • +1

          I support your decision :P

    • The ozbargainer heart inside hurts a little, but I agree the time and effort is not worth it for $8.

    • +13

      Please don't, because it affects people like me. In the past 6 months I have purchased a brand new iPad Pro and a business laptop which I discovered were returns, being sold as brand new. It's people like me whose lives are so hectic that's not going to bother returning the item back to the store for a brand new item. In the end I figure someone else is going to end up getting a used, repackaged as new item, so I accepted it, but it really annoys me that stores are legally allowed todo this and two, people are doing this so often because they are butthurt over a few dollars. WHEN DID our society become so rich to become such a tightass?? Did you ever calculate how much your meager savings would cost in lost productivity for the masses? e.g. how many trees, carbon burned or ants squished traveling back to the store in your car/moped, how many lost minutes for the staffer and yourself to process your return item and then for them to repackage the item as new, then to flog it off to another "unsuspecting" customer in the hope they don't have time to return that item? Yes it hurts receiving a used item which you paid thousands of dollars for, but I think the people who do this to save a few dollars is a real prick.

      • +2

        Not sure why you're being downvoted. Returning items for marginal profits (if any) doesn't take into account the additional marginal costs related to environment and company resources (ultimately passed on to consumers).

        • I'm sorry for my ignorance, but could you please explain how returning a product affects the environment?

        • @tranqme:
          "Clear Returns estimates that returns cost UK retailers £60bn a year, £20bn of which is generated by items bought over the internet. As the proportion of online purchases increases, so will the cost of returns." - https://www.ft.com/content/52d26de8-c0e6-11e5-846f-79b0e3d20...

          The cost ultimately needs to be recouped. Extra packaging, thousands of extra staff to process refunds. Hundreds of thousands of people needing to go back to the store to return the item. How many millions of KMs does that add in extra fuel burn?

        • @overshopper:

          I'm pretty sure JB Hi-Fi just re-use the existing packaging as a prerequisite for returning a product is that it's in the original packaging.

      • +1

        Steve90 doesn't say if they've used or even opened the item?
        "lost productivity for the mass" lol

      • +1

        Your life is so hectic yet you seem to be able to spare the time to browse OzBargain and inform others that their money-saving abilities are causing you personal anguish.

        • +4

          I knew this would come up. My post took all of 2 minutes to write. The JB where I bought the item is about an hours drive away. So a roundtrip to return a used item that was sold as brand new would take 2 hours. It's an inconvenience you should not expect from buying a brand new item.

        • @overshopper:

          I highly doubt that you were sold a used item that was labelled as brand new, as I know for a fact JB Hi-Fi label all items that were returned and put back on the shelf.

  • -3

    And if you use your Coles team member card you get another 5% off 😉

    • +1

      Does it work on gift cards?

    • +1

      It does not work on giftcards.

    • Does not work on gifts cards

  • whats the highest that the JB ones go to? I've been looking at getting an imac. OW has them for $1600 and was going to get JB to pricematch then use the gift cards to get another 10% off. :)

    • Also would like to know how are JB on price matching or beating?

      • no price beat but they will match down to 0 % margin, just not at a loss. they are good….. can't expect matching at a loss as they don't have an official policy for matches….. more to protect their reputation as being cheapest.

    • +3

      I believe it's $500. So you can just buy a few.

      JB are quite good with price matching. Usual stipulations apply (must be Australian stock, usually gotta be in stock). Also depends on the salesperson you get, so if they give you grief try someone else. Provided you're not being unreasonable ;)

  • Time to whip out the Platinum Edge for those sweet triple rewards points

    • +1

      Become the local champion first by doing 5-10 small transactions. (Obviously 1/2 price specials you need) Then it's 4 points per dollar. Win win

      • +1

        Also don't forget to link your fly buys card to your velocity card to earn velocity status credits. 1/$100

        • Wait don't mind me, status credits invalid for gift cards.

          But for future reference and purposes.

  • silly question (never brought these giftcards at a discount before)

    is it 10% off as in:

    • pay $90 for a $100 card?
    • pay $100 and get $110 value? ie cashrewards Woolies giftcard

    thx :)

    • +1

      It's the first one (90% sure).

      • thx, I will check it out in store as well once the deal starts

        might be a good excuse to buy the PS4 Pro :)

    • That's not how Woolworths gift cards work o_o

  • +3

    Coles team member cards do not entitle 5% off- I have tried it b4.

  • Tempting to buy a few JB-Hi-Fi GC's enough for a PS4 deal but I have a feeling that there will be a better deal elsewhere come Christmas time.

  • few days ago I saw Itunes giftcard being 20% off as well in Coles

    • I would buy it if i could use it to buy devices from apple store.

      • i dont think you can use to buy devices..

        • I don't think so too. I think Itunes card can only be used for downloading music, movies and stuff.

  • Anyone know the Max value you can buy with the gift cards for jb?

    • Good question I want to but a rx100iv but they are massively overpriced there so would need some serious negotiating as well.

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