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Google Chromecast Audio £21.94 (~AU $35.17) Delivered @ MyMemory UK


Bargain of the night is here .. as theearth would say.

Cheapest price ever posted on ozbargain for the Google Chromecast Audio.

£21.94 = ~AU $35.17 using current MasterCard exchange rates.


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  • I'm up to six… surely I don't need any more.


  • Are these any good and what do they cost here?

  • We have 3 chrome casts v2s

    We cast audio via plex to them for audio, what would the benefit to this situation to consider a cromecast audio?

  • there's a new one coming fyi.

    • That's a new video one - already announced with details. Just not for sale just yet. Retail $99ish. So not really the same thing.

  • got one thanks,

  • I'm not sure what these can do that this $14 item can't. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bluetooth-Wireless-Audio-AUX-3-5m.... I have one by the way and it works very well.

    Am I missing something?

    • Once you hand off to the Chromecast it can keep playing on its own. Anything bluetooth still requires your smart phone to play and decode. It does require the app to support Chromecast though.

      Quite different really and they work quite well. The experience is pretty polished too particularly for what is a very low cost device.

      • Does your phone connect to the Chromecast Audio via wifi?

        I suppose at least I can connect my Android phone to my Fidelio Airplay speakers without the usual issues!

        • +2 votes

          Your phone doesn't connect to the Chromecast.

          Your phone tells other things to stream to Chromecast - google music, Spotify (with premium), youtube music (with premium, again), your home server (via plex or other apps), Pandora, Tidal, that podcast app I can never remember, whatever.

        • @jjcf:

          Ahh, I see. That's pretty neat!

          But, can you play music stored on your phone directly to a speaker that has the CCA attached?

        • @gasman70: Not without a third party app. I have some thing called Localcast that seems to work (iOS), but I've only used it like twice.

        • @jjcf:

          No problem. I was hoping it would solve my issues with streaming to my Airplay speakers. I haven't found a single app that works well - either too much lag, poor sound or just doesn't work!

    • Am I missing something?

      Unless you can do multiroom bluetooth streaming flac directly from plex without tying my phone up or using garbage quality bluetooth audio, then yes.

  • Great price, very tempting

  • What happened to theearth

  • When it says use mastercard is this better than using your paypal? Does your bank not charge you for buying overseas? I have found paypal gives crap exchange.

  • Does it matter if paying with paypal or card banks charge free for overseas purchases and paypal rates are normally crap?

  • I used Paypal & ended up paying $36.65.

  • I wish Airport Express could be this cheap.

    • airport express is what came or my. mind, but the airport express plugs into the power point and also acts as a wireless repeater so it streams music and boosts the wireless signal to the areas where signal might be weak.

      i've been buying the little android media players, also about $35 each and they do TV and audio streaming, so it has resulted in a remote in each room.

  • Thanks OP! Bought 1

  • Thanks for sharing this deal. Been looking at these for a while. Easily the best price since I started looking.

  • Nicely done. Just in time. I was on a lookout for while as well. Prompltly ordered a couple. Thanks OP.

    • Even Lyl was hesitant pointing that deal out here. You have some guts son.

      • +1 vote

        Not hesistant, just didn't see the point since my deal made the front page quickly, so people would've seen my deal frist. Though looking at the comments in this post, maybe I should've commented.

  • Just got an email my order got cancelled. Apparently out of stock.

    The force is strong with Ozbargain.

    • Ugh same. Ordered a powerbank to pair with it and everything.

    • Did you pay with PayPal or credit card? I paid with PayPal and have not received a cancelation email yet. Maybe because they may not have my email?

      • I used paypal. The charge hadn't gone through by the time they issued the refund though, so I think they have to wait for the funds to be transferred to them so they can transfer them back to me. Convoluted.

  • Can they do that after taking funds? It was available to buy not out of stock so they should source stock and send what's ordered?
    And I ordered early too.

    This is what was said:

    Dear Customer,

    Unfortunately we had to cancel your order, due to an unexpected inventory defect.

    A refund has now been issued and should be visible on your account within the next 2-3 business days.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

    Best regards,

    • Mine is the same except the greeting was "Dear ,". How rude of them British!

      Anyway technically the sale was "an invitation to treat" and in this case they were probably ozbargained and do not have enough stock to fulfill an unexpected surge in orders.

    • Huh, mine is slightly different.
      "Unfortunately due to a lack of stock we have had to cancel your order."
      Can't be bothered investigating British consumer law when I'm meant to be studying for exams so guess I'll let it go.

  • Has anyone received their order yet?
    Just wondering because I was expecting to be here already & there is no tracking number.

  • Order still hasn't arrived as well. Sent an inquiry over at their Help section of their website.

    Can anyone confirm if any has arrived?

    • So it's not just me then.
      It says to wait 28 days before contacting them about item not received, so I will wait 'til Monday.
      Let us know what happens.

      • Just emailed them now to say nothing has arrived.

        I'll probably get a refund just like everyone else.

  • For those who haven't received their order.
    I sent MyMemory a message over the weekend & got an email asking to confirmed delivery address.
    We'll see what happens.

    • Got an email from MyMemory They said "under normal circumstances we would now file a claim with Royal Mail and arrange for a replacement to be dispatched." but they are out of stock (probably ozbargained?), so they refunded me.

  • What the sh!T!

    They're communication is like a circle that keeps repeating the same questions. (The person I'm speaking to is the same, or have the same name?!?!)

    "What is your delivery address, if we have it on stock would you be willing to wait so and so"

    I tell them I'll wait, but nothing arrives. So I let them know and their reply is:

    "What is your delivery address, if we have it on stock would you be willing to wait so and so".

    Are they a bunch of robots there at MyMemory.co.uk?