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GTX 1070 Gigabyte & Leadtek Founders Editions $552 Futu & PC Byte eBay


Long time lurker first time poster.
Finally have Aussie stock of GTX 1070s under $600 with this deal.

With the latest 20% off certain stores on Ebay GTX 1070s are back down to under $600 or less.

Founders editions are $552 from Futu and PcByte
ROG Strix and MSI Gaming are $572 from Futu
EVGA ACX 3.0 is $588 from Futu

If people are interested it looks like EVGA is the only card company to be supplying
Codes for Gears of war 4 promotion directly from there site.

Original 20% off at Participating eBay Stores Deal Post

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    GTX 1070s are back down to under $600 or less.

    Plenty of non reference 1070s at MSY well under $600 with the 10% discount.
    ASUS are also giving out Gears of War 4 codes.

    • +1

      MSY's website was down at the time of posting.

      Not to mention the fact a lot of people don't have a MSY close or have to drive a hour or more to get to one.
      I'm lucky that i'm only 8-9KM from one but even still i'l go with the Ebay Deal.

    • +1

      I bought a Gigabyte 1070 G1 Gaming for $593 at Msy on Monday. Great purchase! Love the backplate, the LEDs look great and the silent fan mode sounds like a great feature. Good speeds too. Solid card I reckon. Shame they didn't have any of the other parts I want for my complete build, have to go between CPL and PCCG for the rest.

      • I ended up purchasing Gainward 1070 for $560. Great value considering it's Australian stock. Enjoying it at the moment and I'll be excited for the weekend, just bought Battlefield 1.

        EB games was willing to price match OzBargain's deal from Target which was $60. Having a really good week.

  • Stahppp. My wallet has cost me enough lately :(

  • damn this is cheap. makes me want to build a gaming pc again
    my first pc had a Leadtek 8800 GTX.. it's been a while haha.

    • +1

      Lol, same for me. Except mine had the Ultra.

      • +1

        My first had a voodoo 2…
        And either a P3 or P4 866mhz

        • The name rings a bell… I'm thinking mine was a '3dfx'card…. Probably before that!

        • +1


          3DFX made the voodoo 2 so it should ring a bell haha.

        • +2

          @Beerforkids: those were the days.

          TNT2 32mb was a good card at the time.

        • +1

          @insular: I had one of those too, first graphics card, sniff brings back memories

        • I had a Voodoo 3 3000 AGP. Back in the day that was a ballin' card. Playing need for speed on that thing was super slick

  • +2

    Whoever thought of that name "Founders Edition" is a marketing genius, so many people have probably been conned thinking it's a special edition or something lol

    • +2

      You see they released this founder's edition card earlier than any other version and added a price premium onto it.
      So if you're an early adopter and you have to have the brand new card as soon as possible they catch you for the higher price.

  • I bought the MSY GTX 970 last year for about $530 and I attest it is a beast of a card. If the reviews for this new lineup of 10XX GTX's are anything to go by, the $550 price is really good value for money.

    • I got the GTX1060 for $369 in July which has performance on par with the GTX980, amazing value for money this gen especially 1060 and 1070.

  • Gigabyte N1070IXOC-8GD 8G GTX $553 with the 10% MSY deal.

    • Their website is down, is that sale even on anymore? I thought it finished early this week

      • +1

        Extended. I got that price off staticice that links to MSY.

  • I'm looking at the Asus Strix 1070 OC Edition for $607.20 from Futu.

  • Here I am waiting for my 550ish amazon Evga one to arrive like a chump.

    • I almost jumped on that but decided on a little more patience haha.
      Feels bad man.

    • Trust me, pcbyte would leave you waiting even longer

  • +3

    Took them a month (ordered 5th Oct) to send my USB adaptor from the last ebay sale, 2 weeks after the ebay est delivery date.

    PC byte can ead, don't bother sending me PMs or any sort of compo. I recommended the store to a friend and he received the same delivery times. Never again

    • Yep. I stay well clear of pcbyte after my 1st and only purchase from them. Got stuck waiting for my gtx 1070 being fed the same sentence from them that they were waiting to hear back from their supplier.
      Then there is the wait for the refund

  • +1

    PC Byte are great during normal trading conditions, but they really screw things up during these 10-20% off sales…

    2 bad experiences, never again. They delayed my rig building by a month due to postage issues.

  • Anyone know if any of these have 2 x Dual DVI-D ? my monitors are older (still work great) but only support Dual Link DVI-D. A quick check and most of the cards seem to have a single DUAL-DVI only :(

    I am running a GTX680 (2 x Dual Link DVI) and time for an upgrade.

    • The Gigabyte 1060 cards have dual DVI-D (just not the G1 gaming). Haven't seen them on the 1070s, though i admit i haven't been looking.

  • Why is the EVGA ACX 3.0 more expensive than the rest when it's been literally flamed all over the webs…?

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