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20% off 105 Participating Stores @ eBay


The offer entitles you to a 20% discount off the purchase price (excluding postage) at Participating Stores on eBay.com.au during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $1000.

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Participating stores:

  • official2xu
  • all_things_lady_like
  • amcalonline
  • apusauction
  • aussiebum
  • bargainsonline-australia
  • bit_deals
  • ctd_au
  • cincottachemist
  • citybeachaustralia
  • clearanceoutletaustralia
  • culturekings
  • dell_australia
  • fabritastic
  • floralivings
  • fresh-cosmetics
  • futu_online
  • oz.buy
  • graysonline-australia
  • hardtofind_australia
  • iceonlineau
  • icollected
  • innovations.direct
  • jagtradingonline
  • jeanswest_australia
  • lornajaneactive
  • luvyourphone
  • mastore_sales
  • milandirect
  • mybigbrandsstore
  • outbaxcamping
  • ozplaza.living
  • pc.byte
  • petersofkensington
  • princesspollyau
  • rebelsport
  • saba_online
  • shavershopau
  • shoeboxshoes_au
  • shoppingsquare
  • apusexpress2
  • sonyaustralia
  • sportscraft
  • styletread2014
  • tarocash_official
  • templeandwebster
  • the_nile
  • toysrus_australia
  • wireless1_eshop
  • yourhomedepot
  • zanui

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CMAS20 (Small Aussie Sellers)

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Participating stores:

  • amigosdehoy
  • apieceofclothstore
  • aristeia.furniture
  • aussie_birthday_banners
  • batteryaus
  • beachlifedistribution
  • beginning_boutique
  • brandhaus_au
  • brisbaneluggagestafford
  • cchandeliers
  • cetnaj-online
  • coral_colours_corp
  • creativecruisers
  • dknight68
  • dugg-online
  • endurink
  • epowermac
  • fabritastic
  • fitnessjunky_online
  • floralivings
  • foxybabes
  • freddyaustralia
  • goodshoesandhats
  • gymglovesaustralia
  • itglobalsale
  • juiceepeachau
  • justbeanbags
  • kickassactive
  • kidshopaustralia
  • konceptsshop2016
  • lacespace
  • Linus_Bike_Australia
  • mexicoliving
  • motherandbabyshopaustralia
  • online-bathroomware
  • originalcustomdesigns
  • partydoctor_oz
  • payne-skateboards
  • peacocksandpaisleysau
  • prosoccerstore
  • providenceclothingcoau
  • rainbowsandcloverau
  • reecye_0
  • rugideas
  • scattermats
  • scienceinsport123
  • selwise.aus
  • techprofile
  • Toplockonline
  • theboweryhomedecor040
  • thechristmascart
  • undiewarehouse
  • unitclothing
  • wowmoviescomau
  • wowsightandsoundcomau
  • zubiru

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closed Comments

  • +2

    Great find OP! :)

  • +13

    oh man oh man…not again

    at this rate these participating stores should just permanently discount their stuff by 20% and stop playing around

    • +97

      You mean permanently raise their prices by 20%, only to then discount them 20% as usual :P

      • true :P

      • +6

        That's not as usual. It would be 4% off instead.

        • +2

          I never said it wasn't a discount… just generally not the headline 20% as they claim.

        • +8


          fortunately there is this internet thing where you can compare prices and decide whether its worth buying or not

        • +9

          Ohhh so they have the internet on computers now

        • Nice work on the quick maths there - many readers out there are probably reaching for the calculator function on their phone to check what you are talking about right now… !

        • +1

          @31mop: Yup, Malcolm Turnbull invented it! ;)

      • +5

        I think there is a permanent echo with that comment at Ozbargain.

        • +11

          I think there is a permanent echo with that comment at Ozbargain.

        • +2

          @ilikeit: I think there is a permanent echo with that comment at Ozbargain.

        • +2

          @slimdavy5: @ilikeit: I think there is a permanent echo with that comment at Ozbargain.

        • +1

          I think there is a permanent echo with that comment at Ozbargain.

        • +3

          @franco cozzo: argain argain argain

        • Hi.

      • This is typical, but the true ozbargainers will find good deals out of it :)

    • -3

      That's not quite how this works. It's ebay that forks out the difference, not the seller.

      • +3

        implying the participating stores don't pay a big cut to eBay

        • +1

          I don't know about these 20% off deals, but when they do a sitewide 10% or 15% off, the seller definitely doesn't fork over anything. I sold stuff during this period and didn't pay an extra cut to ebay.

      • +6

        Seller backed this time. Code will be up tomorrow morning.

      • +4

        Even if eBay pays the difference many sellers inflate their prices for these types of sales. Ludicrous!

    • +4

      eBay sales going back to back

  • What to buy???

    • +8

      What not to buy?

    • Buy some technologies.

  • +17

    OMG come on man I'm so broke from these eBay sales my wife is going to kick me out of the house VERY soon :/

    • +45

      Buy her a pair of boots so her feet won't hurt when the time comes.

    • +9

      Just don't forget to take your eneloops with you!

    • +1

      Might have 20% on those portable tends, can be your ozb man cave.

    • Buy yourself a blow up doll, save you a lot of money

    • Get a tent for when she does… 20% off !!! :-)
      Think of the savings !!!

    • Note to self : Keep the credit card away, it will make my wife happy. :p

  • my wallet is ready

    • "Reggie" — actually short for cash register

  • My wallet already feels lighter.

  • +6

    Front page in under 5 minutes!

  • +3

    Awaiting comments saying the prices are being jacked up

    • +70

      The prices will be jacked up

      • +11

        Did you just reply to your own co… oh. Okay.

        • +1

          Did you just reply to your own

          Own what?

        • +1



          I guess my comment didn't rise to the occasion.

    • +1

      Call ACCCC!

      • +6

        A-Quadruple C just doesn't have the same ring to it.

    • -1

      The prices are being jacked up!!!

  • +7

    I'll never again pay full-price for something on eBay - there's always a sale around the corner

  • Hopefully it will work in conjunction with the eBay click and collect from a couple of weeks ago…

    • nah, can only use one coupon per transaction.

      • My understanding is that the prior deal is an account credit, and not a voucher code.

        EDIT: It wont

        The $100 eBay voucher entitles you up to $100 off the total purchase price for one transaction on eBay.com.au.


    • It wont

    • +4

      You mean click and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and collect

      • +2

        Picked up my items within 3 working days…

        Need to pick the right seller.

        • I had two items item, both arrived, Australia Post tracking says it was delivered, I got confirmation of one item being raedy the other one isnt. Those Slack arse people.!!

        • Delivery time has nothing to do with sellers, only dispatch/handling time.

        • A seller with 1000+ feedback at 100% and posted it last Monday Melb to Bris. Still no update from Big W to collect it.

        • @jimbler: yep I have had terrible experiences with BIG W Click and collect. They rejected the delivery and the seller had to post again.

        • Same here very good service indeed. The only concern was that they did not ask for id to verify the rightful owner of the item. :(

        • +10

          (Disclaimer: Big W Staff)

          If it's sent as a "large letter" then it may take a while to filter through as click and collect (mail can and does sit around for up to a week before being sorted/opened - most communication with suppliers/head office is electronic so we don't have a need to open our mail), if it even makes it (if the postman leaves it on the counter at the front, it can be stolen by a passerby).

          If Australia Post card an actual parcel instead of actually trying to deliver it (this happens a lot even though the dock is manned from 6am to past business hours M-F at most stores), we're not going to walk down to the post office and pick up the parcel - we don't get paid for C&C and we have better things to do on company time. It also doesn't help that we can't pick up most parcels anyway because our names aren't on the parcel/card.

          I'd avoid it where I can - the staff hate it (because you get some people who think that C&C comes out of our stock when they ordered a grey import iPhone 5S and proceed to abuse the staff when their parcel hasn't come in and we won't give them one of ours), and you'll wait longer for your parcel if you even get it at all.

        • @tomski182: Same! worked the second time for me.

        • @mmcs: you dont need id because only you get an sms/email with the code you need to collect it. Which is good in my opinion as if you were busy you can get a family member to pick it up for you.

        • @dennis.s.s: Appreciate the transparency. Definitely will be avoiding it from now on.

    • +1

      I was worried about a good sale coming along in November and being stuck with the c&c voucher (since it doesn't stack). Glad I held off..

  • +6

    Thanks OP got one

    • Good to have you back!

      • +1


    • +1

      I got the last 7, thanks OP

      • are you broden?

  • Need a good graphics card deal on 480 or 1060, hoping there is one :) Not sure it will be worth waiting for Cyber Monday.

    • +1

      $355 from Shopping Express with no postage fees, which I think is a pretty good deal.

      If assuming that Futu_online is going to sell the GB Mini GTX 1060 for (430 - 20% = $344), $355 is not a bad price for a factory OC Gigabyte model (full size card)

      • Thanks for that, I did see that earlier and passed it on to my friend who is dreaming of a 1060. I'm holding out for a 480 deal as I'm wanting to dive into BF1 where it outperforms the 1060.

    • +11

      This is not Facebook.

  • -7

    Any ipads on sale?

    • +6

      Crystal ball says maybe.

      • +3

        Hoping crystal balls are on sale too.

  • Playstation VR anyone? :)

  • PS4 Pro would be good (I just put a pre order in from EB games so would need to cancel that)

  • -1

    here we go again

  • So is there a list of stores that has 20% off?

    • Wait until 10:00am tommorow.

  • +6

    hopefully a decent s7 edge deal from someone who isn't eglobal

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