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Genuine AU Stock Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank Pro for $49.45 | 2x Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank for $48.56 Delivered @ Mushtato eBay


Mushtato have kindly reduced their prices on two of their most popular power banks for the current eBay 10% promotion :)

Guaranteed 100% genuine products. Units will be shipped via AusPost eParcel with online tracking & signature on arrival. Please leave a note with your order if you require a GST invoice.

Cheers for description TA

Kudos to xkp for code

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  • Shame that the eBay fees affect the discount so much :/
    Prices direct from their site are $49.94 / $24.53 ($49.06 for 2) delivered. Works out to about a 1% discount

    • Yeah 15% seller fees make it difficult for Aussie sellers to remain competitive.

      You can get a further 1.25% cashback which is main incentive of using eBay

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        If? You act as if it's coming over on a rickety boat that is likely to sink. Had many things come from o/s with SS, never had an issue with them.

        • Yes if, many couriers have stopped transporting power banks

          You act as if this is affecting you personally. The price you've quoted finishes before the end of the day, and is from overseas. Could've just scrolled past and let people decide if they want to pay more for local stock.

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          This is a site for discussing bargains… I'm discussing a bargain. You seem happy to discuss it in the post above (and every other bargain you comment in rather than just scrolling past), but all of a sudden if it's against the bargain you don't want discussion? Are you affiliated with the seller at all?

          In reply to your comments, yes, the price finishes before the end of the day, but it's still active now, and is still therefore a valid comparison when taking into account that it's overseas. I've had power banks shipped from SS within the last couple of weeks, as have people I know, with no issues. The information was given for discussion.

          The neg was given as I don't think a 50c discount from their normal price is a bargain!

        • @MynyMouqe:

          The neg was given as I don't think a 50c discount from their normal price is a bargain!

          That's not a valid reason for a neg vote, so I really hope that's not what your argument rests on.

        • @MynyMouqe: Is your rant over yet? How about your post a deal rather than critiquing others all the time.

          Mushtato is an Australian run family business and unfortunately they have to pay upto 15% in eBay fees so yes this discount is small but it is reasonable and deal worthy for a popular power bank.

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          50c discount is not "really" a bargain but that $10 cheaper option? hell yea that is

          That $10 cheaper option has now expired and this is the cheapest price for local Australia stock.

          Thanks for negging my deal a day after it has been posted up Living Social rep…

          I've purchased my 20000 mAh powerbank (also xiaomi) on ozbargain and yes it was overseas stock as well and it was $30

          lol so you never buy local stock anyway yet find the time to come and critique me.

          How about you post a deal that actually front pages this year rather than going after a regular poster and active member of this community?

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          Negging after the SS deal has expired?

          Well done

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          @ShamelessBargains: Don't worry SB, some people are here just to gain some attention. I will be back to neg the neg in a few mins cause I've reached the max limit ;)

          Edit: Done :)

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          @Ninjabredman: Too many cowboys on this site. Here, have a neg.

        • @tightarse: Thanks for the support TA :)

        • @stuhtb: Thanks, I am getting tired of all these cowboys going after me :)

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          haha cant take criticism at all, how did i know you were going to go through my profile to try to find something witty to say?

          Yes i do work in the bargain industry, yes i do purchase locally (it is the industry i work in after all) and yes your "cheapest" local is still a terrible price

          To point out your current "cheap" offer isnt cheap and be labeled cowboy? what a toxic community, i liked the offers you've posted before tightarse, they were actually ones worth buying so thanks for the disrespect back

          This is still a poor offer end of the day especially when better prices can be sourced elsewhere, local or not

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          Fast charger type C version

          Estimated delivery 3-4weeks, ebay so dont need to worry about it not coming and arriving on rickety boats too much, protected by paypal purchase

          better "bargain" save $10 wait abit longer, or get it now and pay the premium for AU stock

          I thought the point of ozbargain was to find the cheapest price stock available, is it not?

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      A saving is still a saving for most people and ShoppingSquare is not a good store to deal with.

      You seem to have a habit of negative voting deals old friend. Out of the last 20 deals you have voted on, 5 have been negative votes! That's 25%…

      • Wow, way to warp statistics… simply because I don't spam the + button as much as others?

        You guys are protesting this way too much to not have any connection…

        • +2

          You guys are protesting this way too much to not have any connection…

          Mods know our affiliations (comes with the amount we've contributed to the site…), but nice sockpuppeting report there. Funny, considering OP has previously posted for GearDo, a competitor to SS… Explain that one then :)

        • +2

          Wow calm down, I have no affiliations with Mushtato. Oh and if I did why I would post Geardo deals which you enjoy upvoting?

        • @ShamelessBargains: I had no affiliation with TinyDeal. Still I was accused and banned from posting TinyDeal bargains. I have also posted deals for JD, Banggood etc but nothing was considered.

        • @nisarg: That's strange, not good to have false accusations made.

          Does seem a little be odd if you were associated and posted competitors deals too.

  • So does this powerbank allow for quick recharges, when charging the powerbank itself?

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      Check out stuhtb's new post on everything about Xiaomi power banks and answer to your question :)

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      Yes, it supports up to Quick Charge 2.0, in addition to this, you can also Quick Charge the Power Bank itself.

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        Thanks Shameless for the clarification! :)

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    What use do I have of the Type-C, and also can I fast charge my Type-C devices using this Power Bank?

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      It supports up to Quick Charge 2.0, in addition to this, you can also Quick Charge the Power Bank itself.
      USB Type-C devices are somewhat rare as of this time and you are more likely to see a standard Micro USB 2.0 port on your device, so you most likely won't have any use of the Type-C functionality if you don't own the specific device.
      However, to the ones who own a Type-C device such as the Nexus 6P or the new Macbook, you can use this Power Bank to charge your device as it's compatible, but only through a USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable. The Type-C port on the Power Bank can only be used to charge the Power Bank itself such as with a USB Type-C to Type-C cable. This means that you won't be able to charge your Type-C device through the Type-C port on the Power Bank. Have a further read here.

      Hope this answers your queries, credit to Stuhtb

  • Anyone have an English manual for the 10000 Power Bank Pro?

    I found this http://files.xiaomi-mi.com/files/powerbank_10000pro/powerban...
    but it is clearly incomplete/incorrect as it doesn't mention the quick charge voltages (9V and 12V) which I can see in the Chinese manual that came with it. Also there is no mention of the low current mode. It looks like another manual which has been modified to show a USB Type C input port.

    Translating with Android Google Translate App (photo mode) is a bit laborious and difficult.

    Yes I suppose I don't really need the manual but I like to have them in case there is something inobvious.

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