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Optus SIM Only $35/Month (12 Month Contract) 10GB Data, Unlimited Calls and Texts


Click Frenzy Optus Mobile Deal

$35 Per month
Min. total cost 12 months $420

10GB data, Unlimited Calls and Texts, Music streaming (Stream Music without using your plans data), Data Pool

All for use within Australia. Fair Go policy applies. New Services Only. N/A with other discounts. Offer ends 7pm AEDT 16th November 2016.

Also Mobile Broadband Deal: $45 Per month (No lock in) 25GB

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2016

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    • +9

      This one has calls and texts included, the other is data only

      • +5

        Cheers, my bad :)

  • oh dude this is insane

  • +1

    Damn. My previous 12 month contract is due to expire. Would have been great to get it again at $5 less per month.

  • +6

    Kogan still cheaper. Minus the music streaming

    • telstra provide their network correct? is it the same performance as a telstra customer would get?

      • +3

        Thought it was voda now.

        • +3

          Correct, Voda

        • +1

          damn it

        • @rogr: the resellers that use Telstra network don't always get access to all the towers and bands. Some may only have access to the 3G towers so it's always best to check the fine print

      • +1


        "Kogan Mobile uses the Vodafone Hutchinson Australia Pty Ltd (Vodafone) 4G network which provides coverage to over 96% of the Australian population, and has mobile data speeds of up to 16Mbps. To view our network coverage map, please click here."

        • up to 16Mbps

          Lel …

        • @Diji1: It's not speed limited, if that's what you're getting at… just tested at 48/9 on Kogan. I don't always get that as my phone is an NA model missing some LTE bands but there are no artificial limitations in place so it's down to your region and phone as always.

    • 2gb extra data for $12. Yeah, Kogan wins.

      • -1

        up to 16Mbps

        Yeah. Winning.

        • Optus 4G doesn't really go over 16mbps for me tbh… I've found that 3G is often faster. (I'm in Sydney cbd, the same can be said for syd airport too…, I remember last time I was at the airport, 4G was below 1mbps and 3G was 22mbps.)

        • @clse945111: I'm with Optus on a similar plan to the one in the deal and my 4G is insanely fast. I often get >35mbps+
          (In Sydney)

          With Ookla Speedtest on 4G:

          Max is 73
          Min is 2

          Average is somewhere between 15-25mbps

        • @clse945111: I personally get 25-50+ mbps on Optus 4G locally, compared to 30-40mbps on Telstra.. All depends on where you are.

    • +2

      Kogan doesn't include 300 minutes international calls

      • +1

        Also no free texts to international numbers of selected countries.

    • Is that ongoing price? Cos they had offers for a few months now which is first month $X and then normal price lol

  • +1

    Can we get a student discount on top of this?

    • $35 Per month
      Min. total cost 12 months $420

      10GB data, Unlimited Calls and Texts, Music streaming (Stream Music without using your plans data), Data Pool

      All for use within Australia. Fair Go policy applies. New Services Only. N/A with other discounts. Offer ends 7pm AEDT 16th November 2016.

      I'm gonna say no, but I'd be happy if someone can prove me wrong?

      • +4

        I tried, no luck.

        • +1

          Thanks for letting me know.
          I'm still signing up. $35 is still a great deal.

        • +2

          @cam +vote to cancel the neg

        • Should still be able to apply a bundle discount if you have a broadband with Optus as well, so an extra $10 off!

        • @iTzMilzy: Is that confirmed?

        • +1


          Actually it's $20 off the broadband price.

        • +2


          How do we get this discount? Trying to get on live chat but no response yet.

          update: Was on live chat. But didn't get any result. I am on the $90 old broadband bundle and told to bundle the new service I need to go the new plan which I need to pay more for what I have currently. have to pay $110 plus another $15 for the speedpack then entitle for the $20 discount. What a joke. No deal for me.

        • @giantbike: thanks for your update. I think I'm on a similar plan. Getting $10 off my $40/10gb plan and paying $90/month for broadband. So, new plans are a lot more expensive, now?

        • @giantbike: I was also told on chat that I had to change from my $90 broadband bundle to apply the discount.

        • @giantbike:
          I'm on the same broadband bundle as you, I got a $10 discount so it may be the rep who may be short tempered. Contact live chat again

        • @gooseberry:
          It depends on what plan you're on, I'm on the $90 24M Unlimited Bundle so I get a $10 discount

        • @iTzMilzy:

          Hi all. I am on the $90 24M Unlimited Bundle with fetch tv and speedpack included. I assume we are on the same plan. I just hope they won't shut this plan down and make us go to the newer plan which will cost $110 and not include the speedpack. And no free international calls for the home phone.

          Hi iTzMilzy, you may be right it may depends on the reps. I will give the chat another go. One thing may be slightly different is that, I am after the $45 mobile data plan which has the 25GB allowance. May be with sim plan with calls they are able to give discount. Anyhow I will try my luck one more time.

          Update. Was on chat within minutes but no luck.The rep just plainly refuse to give any more discount for it is already a promotion. blah blah blah… I think you may get it lucky iTzMilzy. Anyone else got lucky too?

    • +1

      Click Frenzy Offer is not available in conjunction with the 10% Student Discount.

      Sadly no :(

  • I'm on that crappy $30 per month/1.5gb sim plan just to get the EPL. I assume I'm not able to switch over to this?

    • +1

      EPL is an add-on for this, an extra $5/mo.

      • its $15 per month

  • Got this plan for $40 a month not long ago, just tried to swap to this via online chat but was told it's for new customers only.

    • So it is; and includes $300 of international calls to selected countries.

    • God I hate beinga current optus customer right now. Am trying to remind myself its only $5 more with 2G of less data…but I really want this plan!

      • +2

        I'd say just $5 more. The $40/10GB deal seems to come around every other month, alternating with the $50/15GB.

        • Thanks. I can wait for the $40 plan to come around…

        • For students out there, the $40/10GB deal that pops up can be had for $36 a month. That's what I'm on.

      • You can just port in/port out can't you?

        • +1

          I can't right now, still stuck on stupid phone plan to pay off iPhone 6 (yes, I am a noob) until December

        • @Faithgrrl:

          find out what your early termination fees are, i left Telstra a couple of weeks off my contract, got my bill today, and rather than paying anything, I'm credited $11 which i need to call to refund lol. I moved to Virgin Mobile though, the $40 deal, this one is tempting since I moved to a month to month but i may hold out on the $5 saving for now see what else is on offer later, hopefully same plan that will accept the 10% student discount.

          I called up Telstra to find out how much it would be to terminate early, they said i may not even pay anything or no more than i think it was $180 (i had 2 numbers on handset contract).

        • @kunfushun:

          Yeah, but my contract is with Optus!! But you are right, there is no harm in just trying to hassle them via online chat now…I will do it! Wish me luck

        • @kunfushun: Grrrrrrrrr they said no. If I am an existing optus customer, I'd need a new mobile number (not worth the hassle).

          Or I'd need to port in a number from another provider.

          I complained and gave them a LARGE piece of my mind.

        • +1

          @Faithgrrl: sometimes the people at optus aren't that bright. They would need a LARGE piece of your mind, hahahah.

  • +6

    New Service Only!…No appreciation for existing customers!!

    • -1

      If you're locked into a contract why would they?

      • +2

        Uh…..I am not!!

        • Then Port out and back in?

        • +4

          @mrwillc: you'd have to check there is no minimum duration you have to be ported away for. I tried doing same with Telstra and was told I had to port away for 6 months (no logic but oh well)

  • +2

    man i just signed up for the $50/15gb a month contract https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/273375

    • +1

      me too. i dont even need 15gb

    • +1

      The difference is that the 15gb for $50 plan existing customers could sign up onto it.

      • thanks I feel better now as I was an existing customer.

  • +2

    Lets see…. dealing with Optus off-shore staff; dealing with Optus confusing statements; dealing with Optus dropouts; dealing with Optus full stop…..

    Honestly - it's better these days just to subscribe to one of the many month by month plans - you'll find that they are slightly less in data (unless you truly truly need that much) - they'll be better deals within the 12months that you have to sign up for !

    • it's better these days just to subscribe to one of the many month by month plans - you'll find that they are slightly less in data

      Can you suggest any?

      I'm currently paying $28 for an unlimited month-by-month Vaya plan with only 3GB data. Would LOVE to have 10GB with free music streaming bout would settle "slightly less".

      • Why not go with the Kogan deal that Regie69 linked above: https://www.kogan.com/au/koganmobile/?gclid=CjwKEAiAgavBBRCA...

        *edit oh I realized this is only good if you pre-pay for an entire year, which is pretty much the same as being on a 12 month contract plan. Still cheaper than what you're currently paying though, and you get significantly more data!

        • You're right it's like a 3rd cheaper than the Optus plan but I'm a music streaming service subscriber, so see the additional benefit. Another factor is that while my main phone is unlocked, my backup phone is locked to Optus.

          Ended up signing up on-line yesterday…

    • +5

      I hear you, have tried signing up to the the last 2x $40/m virtually identical plans, but dealing with their online staff and procedures to subscribe is amazingly painful.
      In contrast my @Home cable was installed virtually the next day but that is a 'different department'.

      This one is a direct website sign up, so will see how it goes.

      • Seems that not having to talk to a CS Rep @ Optus means that my Order was processed successfully, now the issue will be getting the SIM delivered.

    • +4

      Agreed, Talking to there offshore staff is like pulling teeth. I left because They had not idea.

  • +2

    Still doesn't beat my Jeene $35 plan with 8GB data and $300 worth of international call valid for any country

    • -1

      Mine has 300 and 11gb data for 50 bucks from optus… so yes better.

      • -1

        Mine is $1 for 6Gb Woolworth's mobile
        (TELSTRA 4G)😋

    • Is that on the Telstra network?

  • +1

    is the data share with one-off $5 sim still available? need to share across my ipad. cant find on the site anymore.

    • unfortunately its not available anymore. missus tried to sign up (one off $5) and was told by Optus their no longer doing that.. apparently they were losing money on it - according to the rep.

      • +1

        I've got two data share sims tied to my account, I don't know why they would be losing money on it, ultimately the same amount of data linked to the same account.

        Unless of course, they were losing money because they got it wrong in so many ways when I was trying to sign up for it, i.e.

        • wrong sized sim sent out
        • provisioning the wrong service on the sims (they moved my mobile service on to the sim)
        • trying to fix the multiple mistakes
        • number of contacts required to solve the problems
        • they gave me one month free for all the inconvenience
  • Would you guys recommend this over Aldi XL pack? (6 gb with rollover 35/month (30 days))

    • +1

      I have an aldi sim and was going to switch to it, but the kogan 12GB 1 year plan is too tempting. 30.49 per month is crazy cheap for 12GB. A 12 month commit is fine by me in this case (and get ~800 qantas points too).

      • How's the Vodafone network these days? Also those plans don't last got ever as per the t t&c the pricing goes back to normal after a year

        • No issues for me in Melbourne.

        • Voda is great in any metro areas. Of late for me, Sydney and Melbourne had no issues whatsoever.

          Head away from the cities and that changes dramatically. South coast NSW, mid-north coast NSW are horrible for Vodafone unless you only hangout in the dead centre of town.

      • I've decided to stick with Aldi XL pack based on my use.

        I do use 4G for general internet browsing during downtime at work and at lunch I use it to watch NBA. But I recharged this weekend and have a bit over 10GB including data from rollover. So personally for me, I don't think the switch is worth it as I figured I'd get similar data through the rollovers and also not being locked into a contract helps.

    • If you're rolling over data that's a sign you're paying too to Aldi.

  • Should I make the move from a month to month with spintel? Currently paying $30 for $500 calls and txt 4gb worth of data.. I understand this Optus deal is $5 more per month and I'm tied up for 12 months.. decisions!! I use roughly 3gb per month… I think this $35 10gb of data is tempting! But do I need it?!

    $5 extra per month is $60 extra per year that could of been spent on other ozb deals!

    Someone help me haha

    • +3

      Jumped ship from Spintel once they started charging for allowance changes. The sole reason they had my business was because of the plan flexibility to change based on usage.

      • Yeah I saw that you should see how crap the plans on offer are these days.. less data more $$ I think I've still got a good deal as I rarely go up or down for plan changes

    • $30 for $500 calls

      You realise that's completely meaningless unless we know how much the calls cost right? Don't bother telling us though because no one wants to work it out.

  • Kogan is damm cheap! Last time Optus had a deal, Vodafone matched it! I wonder if they'd match Kogan? Only because I like the fact I can do $5 overseas roaming!

    The music streaming sounds good with Optus, but Kogan is just cheap! Can't beat that!

    • +1

      I'm in NZ at the moment and Optus' roaming charges suck. $10/day for all calls & sms, but only 50mb of data. To make it worse, the guy I was travelling with is with Voda and when he turned his phone on he was told that he could use his normal plan calls/sms/data for free- not even the normal $5/day fee that they normally have.


  • Signed up! Thanks OP.

  • +21

    Tried "price-matching" with Vodafone because of their $5 Roaming… I got completely owned.
    Vodafone Guy: "Looks like Optus has a better offer, go with Optus"


    • +3

      try again. and again. and again.

    • +1

      I asked to speak to someone in Melbourne, after about 3 times they transferred me over to someone.

      • +1

        Did you manage to get them matched the deal?

    • +3

      At least he's honest

  • Do they still offer the $10 discount if you have broadband or optus tv?

  • Can you sign up in-store?

    Edit: I know 'click frenzy' is all about online deals…. but maybe we can do it in-store?

    • I would also like to know if this is possible - I doubt it, but has anyone tried yet?

      • Prob a late reply and people prob have answered it, but answer is no.

  • +1

    This might be a dumb question… Can I put the data only SIM inside my iPhone and use it just to surf the net?

    Thanks in advance!

    • +5

      Yes, yes you can. You just need to change the APN setting in your phone. My mate did it and I did it for my mum who just wanted an 'internet phone'.

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