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FREE: Windscribe VPN 50GB Per Month Subscription @ Windows Deal


Some companies offer cheap 'lifetime' membership packages for VPNs, then 6-12 months down the road they decide to shut down and your money goes to waste.

This deal offers a lifetime licence key, so if they happen to shut down anytime soon it wouldn't matter as its totally free of charge. Good reviews on it here

No DNS leak with this one :D


Software download page, use code 50GBFREE

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Both referrer and referee get extra 1GB/month. Referrer gets Pro upgrade after referee upgrades.

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  • +8

    Windscribe VPN (100% Discount)

    Follow these steps in order to claim your VPN:

    Download the client for Windows here:

    Select "No" when asked if you have an account, create a new account instead.

    Select "use for Free" and then "have a voucher"

    the voucher is: 50GBFREE
    activate this voucher before Nov 28th

    Now you can enjoy 50GB of free VPN traffic

    • It's a lifetime licence with this one, the txt file just says 50GB

    • +1

      Thanks OP,

      FYI - Code is generic, I got the same "50GBFREE" voucher.

      PS - Code also works for the Mac OS version.

  • Anyone know about logs etc?

    • According to their FAQ

      Can you see what I do online when I use Windscribe?

      In theory, if we took extreme measures, we could, however the same could be said about any other service. We strongly believe in people's right to privacy, especially online, so our system is built from scratch, with that in mind. We do not store any permanent access logs or monitor what our users do. You can sign up without an email address, and pay with Bitcoin, so we would have no idea who you are. For more details, see our Privacy Policy.

      • +11

        IMO the wording there is left deliberately ambiguous. From the wording they put there they could keep it for 10+ years and still claim they don't keep 'permanent logs'

        I read through their privacy policy and I would be uneasy about using their service because Windscribe Ltd. is based in Ontario, Canada and as far as I know they have data retention laws and it would be illegal for them to operate in canada and NOT keep logs.

        • +4

          VPN is an inherently unsecure and non-private by it's nature because the server can do what it wants with your traffic and knows your IP and payment details.

          What someone did or did not write on an internet page is irrelevant to that so I have no idea why it's making you uneasy, you've already compromised any security you had because you connected to the VPN service.

        • +1

          Is there any VPN service you know of or recommend that offers a high level of security?

        • @Diji1: I have NordVPN subscription which is Panema based and although as you point out they can do as they like, under panema law they have absolutely NO obligation to keep ANYTHING, unlike a canadian company that is OBLIGATED to keep records (i believe) for six months time, so anything saying they dont keep connection records etc seems like a complete lie to me, hence why I would be uneasy using them.. Not because it is insecure or something.. Soley because the 'privacy' company is lying to you about their obligations in regards to your privacy.. Correct me if im wrong.

          EDIT; Just want to add a few things which I think you are confused about.

          1. VPN is inherently SECURE and PRIVATE by its very nature and unless your dealing with a company required to keep detailed logs the only way anyone can track you down is if 'they' have alternative way to track you.
            FACT; they simply WONT be able to get ANY connection records from a VPN company that keeps NO logs! The opposite is obviously true of a company that is OBLIGATED under law to keep logs!!… Get it?

          2. I am not taking about what 'someone' wrote on the internet 'somewhere', I am talking about the Canadian data retention laws and what I believe this company's obligations are under said laws, which they seem to be VERY ambiguous and (IMO) LESS THAN HONEST ABOUT! - Uneasy!!

          "you've already compromised any security you had because you connected to the VPN service."

          Exactly how does this sentence work in your head because it seems you have the opposite idea about what a VPN actually is??

        • +2

          That's false. The law you mentioned only applies to ISPs, not VPNs. We do not keep any logs.

        • @windscribe: ok if thats the case fair enough I had just read 'all service providers' must keep the logs from what you say it seems a VPN provider is not considered a service provider.

          It makes me wonder though, are the companies that you rent your VPN servers from considered service providers themselves?

  • anyone has a full list of the VPN server these comes with? thanks!

    • +4

      These ones show up for me (Mac OS):

      Free Locations

      • US Central (No P2P)
      • US East (No P2P)
      • US West (No P2P)
      • Canada East
      • Canada West
      • France
      • Germany
      • Luxemboug
      • Netherlands
      • United Kingdom
      • Hong Kong

      Premium Locations (Pay to access)

      • Austria
      • Belgium
      • Bulgaria
      • Czech Republic
      • Denmark
      • Finland
      • Hungary
      • Ireland
      • Italy
      • Latvia
      • Norway
      • Poland
      • Romania
      • Spain
      • Sweden
      • Switzerland
      • Egypt
      • India
      • Russia
      • South Africa
      • Turkey
      • Australia (Haha)
      • New Zealand
      • Japan
      • Singapore
      • South Korea
      • Taiwan
      • Brazil
      • Mexico
      • +1

        I know you added that in but, how dare they mock our country!

      • Wait just to confirm, are we gonna have to pay to get access to the premium locations?

        • Yes, because this deal is only a data upgrade over the existing free plan. See my comment below.

        • yes. This deal is the same as the normal , always free version. Only difference is you get 50gig per month instead of 10gig.

      • Canada has some good TV shows (doco's, etc.

        Still… It never says "Lifetime" (as where as we've seen).

      • i can only connect to Hong Kong server, it shows 4 other locations (South Africa, Turkey, Australia and NZ) but they are all premium. Am i missing something here? I am using windows 10.

        • Scroll up!

        • found other free locations now…thanks

    • US (3 server), CA (2 server), FR, DE, LUX, NL, UK, HK.

  • +23

    This is Windscribe's free 2GB/month VPN plan with a special upgrade to 50GB (I do hope it is 50GB/month forever, but I don't see it written in B&W). Don't be deceived by the "Pro" (unlimited) graphics on WindowsDeal's page because you aren't getting it with this deal.

    To bypass WindowsDeal's BS, and to get more than 50GB/month:

    1. Sign up here
    2. Select the free plan.
    3. If you don't want to verify your email address you need to choose the 2GB option. You can add an email later if you wish.
    4. Fill in your username/password and apply voucher 50GBFREE.
    5. Create account. Log out and repeat (username1, username2, etc.) to get more data.
    6. Download software, install, log in and use. Switch username if and when you have used up 50GB.
    • OK - thanks for the clear instructions. Now I have several accounts with data.
      How do you recommend I use it (as a VPN newbie) ?

      • +4

        Start the VPN client, select Yes, sign in, press the big On/Off toggle to control your connection. Optionally select your server locale. There is a data counter and when that becomes low, go to hamburger menu, sign out, and sign in with another ID.

    • 50GB sounds like it'd be enough for most things, except torrenting/streaming I'd imagine?

    • You need multiple accounts or can you stack the 50GB onto one account?

      • No stacking. The data counter in the client helps to manage.

    • +5

      Windscribe dev here. Creating multiple accounts is prohibited and will result in all of them getting banned in 24hrs.

      • +2

        What if I use another VPN to connect to your VPN on a second account? Will you know it's me?

        Oops. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you that..

      • so you are keeping some logs to be able to track users creating accounts?

  • Can anyone get this working for bbc iplayer?

    • I haven't tried with this service. I have had difficulty with a few others. Part of the issue on Android is that the app requires access to your phone (to get location). So I can only get it working on my Wifi tablet & using VPN Unlimited (which is slow, but I did sign up to their 3yrs/$us20 deal last year).

    • works fine for me with iplayer (i've got a paid pro account but i doubt that makes a difference).

    • +1

      nope. not working for me.

      • Yep, that's the same for me

      • i just watched todays episode of planet earth II on iplayer using windscribe… they must use a different server for pro accounts than the free ones…

        • Hmmm perhaps. I'm not exactly keen on paying extra to try it though. Thanks

  • +1

    is PPTP access available or do you need the app?

    • +1

      you need the app but the app is great. i came across from PIA and this app is 100x better.

  • How does this compare to services like PureVPN and PIA? In terms of speed…

    • +1

      I find some of the overseas servers can get a little slow at times but the Australian, Kiwi, UK & USA ones are on par, if not a little quicker than what I used to get with PIA.

      I use a seedbox for torrenting & a nas for Usenet so I can't really comment on p2p speeds.

    • +1

      I have this free windscribe plan, a paid lifetime purevpn plan, and a paid 1yr cyber ghost plan.

      In terms of speed nothing comes close to purevpn. I can only comment on using Australian servers, and also using the closest P2P supported servers.

      My vote is 100% for purevpn. That being said their software is the worst of the lot. Dont use their 'new' app, use the old one thats still available on their site. Pretty problem free.

      For $62usd for a liftime subscription, i highly recommend it.

      Some speed comparisons between cyberghost and purevpn. Sorry not at home atm, cant test out windscribe (I just remember installing it, testing it, and never using it again because of how slow all the servers were)


      P2P Supported Servers:



      Tested from same internode Perth server

      Australian Servers:



  • Do I have to download the client and use the software to access the VPN?

    • yes.

  • What about Opera?

    • -2

      Opera uses it's VPN to track users and serve advertising because free vpns cost money to run.

      Can't think how Windscribe might be making money given that it's normal business model is a Ponzi scheme (lifetime access for 1 payment) and they're just giving it away here.

      • It is a "Pay As You Go" VPN. It includes 50GB of traffic (which doesn't expire). Windscribe makes money by selling you more traffic, or by upselling you to a premium account to connect to a majority of nodes (as mentioned above)

        • first time vpn'er here so go easy, but when you say the 50gb doesnt expire, to clarify, if i download over 50gb of data, my windscribe vpn account will still work? thanks.

        • @DiscoJango:
          50GB per month.

      • +1

        it's normal business model is a Ponzi scheme (lifetime access for 1 payment)

        How does this, in any way, describe a Ponzi scheme?

  • Can I use this in China?

    • I want to know too, or does anyone have VPN recommendations for iPhone/Mac?

      • +1

        I used f secure freedome in China before. It works but takes a really long time to connect. They gave out free yearly licences but rescinded them during new years. Probably not worth it.

        I used zero VPN (android app) and it works well most of the time. Issue is there's a scarce amount of servers that can be connected to in China, but service is pretty good.

    • +1

      Try ExpressVPN

  • +2

    sweet, just extended my license from here :)

  • damn no australia server in free account :(

  • also you can upgrade to 15gb data per month just by tweeting

    • says you cant with a promo account.

      • i just did. what i did was, went to downloads page, installed it on windows, then it asks you to login, i selected new account, then went back to site, signed up and then got 15gb with twitter tweet

        • Received "Sorry, but your account is not eligible to get extra free data. This could be because you don't have a confirmed email address or are already on a promo plan."

  • +1

    Cheers op

  • I signed up for this a while back, seems good.
    This deal is the same as the normal , always free version. Only difference is you get 50gig per month instead of 10gig.(well thats what it was for me)

    • +1

      You can apply the voucher to your normal account and get it upgraded to 50GB.

  • +4

    If you are not paying for the product, then you are the product.

    • Captain Bill is no product.

  • +1

    Is it over? It only links straight to the download. You can't "purchase" it anymore.

    The download is a text file with a code for 50GB free per month. The lifetime license is normally unlimited, not 50GB. The plan is called "50GB Free Promo".

    That's not a lifetime license. I think this can be marked as expired.

    • Follow the instruction in the text file, which is quoted verbatim in this comment, or follow the alternative method outlined in my comment.

      • +1

        This morning it worked differently to how it works now.

        It asked me to "purchase" the lifetime subscription for $0.00, the same way it was outlined in OP's instructions. But I wasn't able to sign in to Windowsdeal because I forgot my password and had an appointment to go to so I left it in my cart. When I came back, I remembered the password and logged in, then it said that it's no longer available for purchase and was removed from my cart.

        The "download" link turned into a text file with the 50GB voucher.

        I think this morning they were giving away lifetime Pro accounts and then it got ozbargained so they removed it and replaced it with the standard 50GB plan.

  • Opera vpn is pretty good and free.

  • +3

    Doesn't work for unblocking netflix or hulu in case anyone was wondering.

    • +1

      thank you. This is all i'd want it for

  • Absolute newbee here. Can someone explain how to use VPN and common uses?

    • +1

      Basically, a VPN means your device connects to another computer before it connects to the internet. This way there are two separate connections - you to the VPN server and the VPN server to wherever you're connected to. They were previously used for Netflix but that's not an option anymore. Now they're used for accessing some overseas on demand TV services and for downloading torrents.

      • Thanks. Any good on demand TV service in English language that you recommend? Want to kick off the usage. :)

  • Is it unsafe to put email address (with names) while creating an account?

  • Website must be getting hammered, won't even download.

  • shouldnt this deal be marked expired if everyone is just getting the txt file that says 50gb limit, not the lifetime pro?

    • its not the pro, just the 50gig thats offered a=every month or so.

  • is it 50gb per month? or back to 2gb per month when 50gb runs out?

    • +1

      This morning it was still giving lifetime subscriptions. By afternoon they changed it to a 50GB a month plan, with no mention of 'lifetime' anywhere. I would assume the 50GB a month is for 1 or 2 years then it goes back to 2GB a month, the free plan.

  • +2

    Ran a speed test at
    Installed VPN and connected to their Canadian server.
    DL speed halved, UL speed almost halved and ping response went from 21 ms to 508ms.

    • +3

      What did you expect?

      • hahahaha…. he's wondering why his ping increased 1/2 a second by bouncing from Australia to Canada and back again :).

        Come on oscar, get real.

  • I just got it free, nowhere did I input my credit card details so they can't start charging for it.
    IP tests look good, haven't speed tested but will do that tomorrow.
    So far so good, it says 50GB free and I can't see an end date on my Account details page?

  • IP and DNS are fine but it's leaking webRTC requests.

  • The location is not correct neither,

    Connect to US(Central), use whatismyipaddress, it is showing in Canada, Manitoba, 51 states?

    HK server, showing Kuuching, Malaysia.

    Bottom line, it's free.

  • Website has been down since 9pm.

  • +1

    Thanks again or this deal.

    I've bene using it since signing up, it seems quite slow, connecting via HK.
    Is this normal for this provider?
    Otherwise, perhaps they are being hammered due to the influx of new members.


  • +1

    Is it really expired? I've applied the "50GBFREE" code as recent as this morning and it still worked…

  • Free snake oil!

  • I confirm code still working

  • +1

    i just joined, the code still still working

  • Still working….. :)

  • Just signed up, thanks OP

  • I am trying to watch UK TV on demand the speed is so slowwwwwww not worth the effort ….

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