This was posted 2 years 4 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired OzBargain 10 Year Birthday Deals @ PickPals - Intro Padlock Bundle $35, or $10 off Storewide


Happy Birthday OZBargain!

NOTE: TO ALL THAT HAVE ORDERED: Thank you! You would have now recieved a tracking number for your order, if you didn't check your spam folder.

What a great chance to pick up some early Christmas presents or some additions you've always wanted for your picks.


PickPals Intro Padlock Bundle - Limited time only

This is our OZ Bargain special valid for 48 hours only!

NOTE: Express shipping is applied at packing. Simply select free shipping, express will be applied automatically.

PickPals Intro Padlock Bundle

Over $70 of Value

ONLY $35 for Ozbargain hunters! Use code: Happybirthdaybundle

Curious about how locks work? Want to know how to pick a lock? Love puzzles, or maybe you just like to tinker. Then lock picking is for you.

This Lock Pick Bundle has everything you need to learn how to lock pick. Our very popular Intro Lock Pick Set and clear padlock.

EXPRESS Shipping, straight to your door. All bundled up so you save $$$!


Want something else? $10 off storewide!

COUPON ozbargain10

Includes specials and bundles.


Our Business & Products
A common question asked is why purchase our picks over the $5 sets manufactured in China. The reason quite simply is quality. Our picks are made of premium US steel and are shaped for optimal feedback & efficiency.

PickPals was founded once we realised the difficulty and delays in getting good quality lockpicks for a reasonable price in Australia, we stand by the quality of all products we sell and will never provide a product that we wouldn't be happy using.
Remember… stay safe stay legal and enjoy the sport of lock picking @ PickPals

Offer ends 23/11/16. Express shipping for AUSTRALIA only.

Getting Started
Not sure how to use these tools? That's ok! We have a getting started guide which should explain the basics. Click here( for some info. You can also check out youtube for lots of info and demonstrations.
Check out our FAQs:

We ship daily. See our website for details. A tracking number will also be provided so you can track the status of your order.

PickPals No. 1 for Lock Picks Lock picking Lock picks Locksmiths Lock sport Supplies Australia.

************* WARNING BELOW PLEASE READ *************


Please read the warnings about buying lock picks in Australia. It appears that it is not illegal to buy them in Australia (although you might have problem importing from overseas shops). Owning them is okay as well. However as with carrying them, you need to be either a lock smith, or be able to produce reasonable explanation, i.e. try not to carry them around.
Our note:

We provide these items legally, but you need to be aware of the law governing possession of such items. Our guide ( links to a document by the Sentencing Council of Victoria which outlines it very well, read from page 17 onwards.

We recommend using these for hobbyist/locksport purposes within your own home only and on locks you legally own but are not in use. Additionally picking your front door lock is not a smart idea as you may damage or break the lock causing extreme inconvenience.

************* WARNING ABOVE PLEASE READ *************
Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer expires 23/11/2016

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    Gave it a shot, but the total I get is $56…?


    Includes Gift Cards! (If you want to buy something in future or gift a friend).

    Can't use gift cards at checkout with coupons =) (No giftcardception!)

    • +1 vote

      Hi Ben!

      Thats correct, the discount does apply to gift cards. But you can't double dip :)

      It's already a great deal!


    Grabbed a set when I read about it might be for someone who enjoys learning how things work or puzzles.

    Something different to muck about with $35.00 shipped isn't bad.

    I don't want to muddy the waters but i did see ali express has many plastic locks for a fraction of the cost but just didn't have the time to bother researching what was what. I trust that you guys have put the time into reselling good products.



      Hi BR.

      These picks are American steel, very strong locksmith quality tools.

      Our stock is held in Australia and this bundle includes express shipping. :)


        I think bogrolls was more asking about the quality of the clear plastic practise lock? :)

        We already know your picks are good quality =)


          These locks are great and are what we use for all our demos. They are a large size so its easy to see the pins and fit nicely in your hand.

          The mechanism is brass and nice and strong.

          These locks are a great place to start and our easiest lock to open. Start with raking and once you have mastered and understand the concept try single picking these locks (much harder).

          If you want the real experience grab some electrical tape and wrap the lock so you can't see the pins.


    Is the express shipping automatically added? I don't think I had mine selected when I placed my order as it was showing as $9.95.


      Hi Spectator

      Yes it's applied at processing. You won't see it on the order but you will receive a nice tracking email from us. The code will be express. :)



    So this is where the Mentalist gets his stuff.


    Code not applying for me :(
    I have wanted a kit like this for ages but always sat on my hands for a good deal, finally!

  • +1 vote

    Thanks. Already have this set, but will make a great gift… after I have a few goes of the practice padlock :)

  • +1 vote

    Got the pick set with the handles……been keen to try this.

  • +1 vote

    I've ordered quite a bit from these guys before, and they're a great company to deal with. This looks like a good deal!


    I am getting "This coupon has expired" when attempting to place an order using ozbargain10. I'm currently logged into my account too.

    Update: Placed an order anyway.


    out of stock, right when i find something in this sale I liked.


    Arrived by post today…..pleasantly surprised. I'm still waiting for postage delivery from Sydney for items ordered last week Sunday 13th.

    Quick postage made the difference. Imitisl respinse is that at $35 (+$4.50 fpr handles) it's OK,I'd be a bit disappointed if I paid full asking price for the basic kit.

    Maybe I'm just having a bad day and a bit grumpy today……

    I did however crack the see through lock very quickly a few times….. Once I saw how it all works inside, I moved onto the lock i lost the key to sometime back.

    'BosnianBill' on YouTube has some great lock picking videos to watch…..worth checking his vids out

    Edit, thanks pikpals, just cracked the lock I lost the key to. Happy days!!

    Well worth the $. I neg my own comment above.


    Hey guys,

    For some reason I thought this bundle included a little guide book?

    No book arrived. No big deal just being lazy I guess, wanted to take it away camping and not worry about interwebs access.



      Hi BR


      Our PickPals exclusive Intro Lock Pick Set including leather case.
      Clear Practice Padlock
      FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING!* Only valid on Australian Orders

      The book was on offer but was an extra $6 :)


    I got the intro set plus expansion set and rubber handles. Great set! That clear padlock is top quality.

    The only negative is that they don't fit in the leather pouch anymore after you put the handles on…

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