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Samsung 70" 4K UHD Smart TV $2496 (Save $1200), Panasonic 55" UHD TV $998, Samsung 40" 4K TV $698 + More @ JB Hi-Fi

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    Link for the Samsung 70 Inch Link
    Any one know of any reviews? EDIT: Might be this one Link
    I'm just not sure seeing this on Reddit Link

    • Dont think the rting link is correct. This is a 8 bit panel, the review is for a 10 bit set.

  • Want this tv…

  • This or the Hisense M7000UWG ?

  • Does anyone have the Samsung UA70KU6000WXXY? Comments?

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      I dont have one but i've been looking at 70inch TV's for a while and a few comments were that its an older series 6 model (i believe) and that it is one the average side in terms of pic quality, the other thing that has kept me from considering it has been the 3 HDMI's i have a lot of consoles so id like at least 4.

      • Thanks mate. In no rush so happy to wait closer to xmas and see what comes about

    • I have the 55inch size. My comments are:
      1. It has Wifi 5Ghz smoothly enough to stream 4K netflix
      2. Colours are great and 4K experience is great too
      3. Easy to use and you can download Samsung app to have wireless keyboard.

      DOWNSIDE = I also bought a Samsung Soundbar. This 6000 series TVs can't connect wirelessly with Samsung SoundConnect.
      So I have to use Digital In (Optical Cable). AND I have a huge problem in adjusting the volume, I have to use the soundbar remote to adjust the volume and TV remote to change channels.

      If there's a SoundConnect function, I only need to use 1 remote (TV remote).

      • Do you know what the refresh rate is when using 4K (HDMI)?

        I managed to find via BingLee that the refresh rate is 100Hz, but doesn't specify at which resolution, and I'm assuming it's at 1080p, and hoping that it's 60Hz at 4K at least. I can see from the Samsung manual that it does digital TV at 4K 60Hz, just want to be sure it does it over HDMI too. :)

        Thank you in advance!

        • I want to help but could you show me how can I test this?

        • @kokita: If you're able to plug a HDMI cable into a PC/laptop you might have around, then try to set the resolution/refresh rate of the TV, it should show you. Unfortunately 4K via HDMI requires HDMI 2.0, which is a little newer and probably less common than the normal HDMI 1.4.

          No problem if it's too much effort!

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          Unfortunately its not a 100Hz set, Samsung Motion Rate 100 = 50Hz :(

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        If you connect your bar to the tv using hdmi then you can use the one remote

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    Only 8 bit HDR….fail

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      What's the difference between HDR options?

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      Do you also buy the top model with everything? If not, then you fail.

    • Got a deal for something better?

  • Tempted by the lg 70 or 75" but no real reviews on them (653t and 656t) anyone know what these are like? Also, do they have interest free terms on these?

  • Yep the 6000 series is 8 bit HDR, if you put on HDR blu ray 4k can you tell the difference with no HDR? With the 8 bit panel. How about xbox one S/ps4 pro HDR gaming on this TV can you tell the difference with HDR on?

    When does this sale end?

    Should I wait until boxing day sales?

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      From what i have read yes. Certainly when i was looking at Hisense which i believe to be 8bit HDR was very obvious and looked fantastic. Most content i believe is in 8bit anyway, but those things slowly change. Where content is 10bit (especially some games) there will be times some colours might be a bit wacky. I read a few observations on whirlpool for in game menu's etc on ps4/xbox but nothing that would make you pull your hair out. I suggest you google but for me i'd have no problems taking an 8bit HDR when it comes to scoring a bargain.

      • Ok thanks.

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    This 70 Samsung was $2996 on sale at jb in September

  • How does a 70" Samsung UHD compare with a benq 1080p projector? At $2-3K would it be more worthwhile to just go all out on the projector/cinema experience? I haven't kept up to date with new tv technology hence the question.

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      Got a lot of UHD content?
      If not, stick with the projector. I'm still using my Full HD 1080P Epson projector on a 110" screen. Wouldn't even bother with UHD/4K until there is sufficient content.

    • Dupe.

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        Wouldn't even bother with UHD/4K until there is sufficient content.

        ++ 100 !! It will be a long long time before there is content locally (gee.. how many FTA stations output in full 1080p ??) .. and 4K Blu is bit of a fail.

        My Epson 3D projector will be plenty for me for many more years….. plus the Samsung 50 / 64" plasmas……

  • The reviews on this suggest it's a P.O.S. Any owners here?

    • Yeah would like to hear from owners :)

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    Apparently samsung might be rolling out firmware updates that inject ads into your tv, so you might want to disable auto update if you get a samsung tv.


    Of course we don't know for sure yet if it's coming to australian customers, but maybe keep your eyes peeled on the possibility.

    • wow really?! that's a sure fire way to piss off your customers! lol

  • Friend of mine bought the 70" samsung day before yesterday from JB for $3k. Is there a chance to claim the difference somehow? Paid in cash so no credit card price guarantee option… Good timing :)

    • Yes you can, go back into the store and asks the manager nicely with your receipt of course and they shouldn't give him a problem

      • Cheers,friend of mine did that, worked out ok. Actually he returned the whole tv eventually and bought series 9 Samsung instead…:)

  • check the reviews on the 6000 series Sammy, anything but glowing. I've been researching heavily of the last three weeks and have been considering the (60-70") Samsung's in ranges 6-8 vs the hisense7000

    the 6000 series also drops allot of features from previous years model (panna/lg did the same) - like apps, dual band wifi, Bluetooth etc. To get that back you need to move to an 8 series.

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    I have the 40" model for 4K Gaming. Very good budget 4K gaming TV with excellent input lag results. It ticks all 4K boxes on the Xbox One S as well.

    Check the Rtings review for this series. The KU6300 is the American model number for the same series, we fall under the UK model name which is noted in the review.


    • Does it do 1080p @ 120hz? :o

  • Thanks grabbed the Samsung UA50KU6000 50" for an outside Telly.

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    When does the sale end?

    Is 40" too small for xbox one S gaming or good enough? sitting 1 meter away

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    Is the LG UH656T worth the price tag? I'm looking for something 75'

    • I too would like to know, but don't know what model these are overseas so can't really see any reviews. Anyone know how to tell what USA model is the Aus equivalent?

  • So what's best for a gaming and PC monitor?
    I think the LG 43UH610T looks the go.
    4K HDR and IPS!!!
    Is it 8 bit or 10 bit color?

  • does anyone know if this is the catalogue'd price? i purchased the 50 inch ku6000 last month and would love to make a claim against my citibank credit card price protection, PDS clearly states needs to be a store catalogue'd price though.

  • waiting for that sony xd9300 sale

  • I'm looking at the LG 43" as a monitor as well (https://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-home-entertainment/hd-televisio...)
    Specs on JB's site say its 10-bit hdr, can't find anything on the input lag however?

    Anyone using this as a monitor at the moment?

    • Can't see anything that says HDMI 2.0 60Hz either.. anyone?

  • Edit. HN have tbe 100mhz model in the 43 LG for $887 which might be more attractive to amex holders.

  • damn I got the 40 inch Samsung for like a $1000 a couple of weeks ago should have waited and i could have got the 50-inch version

  • Wow good deals Thanks OP

  • +1

    Bought the Samsung UA40KU6000 40" 4K UHD Smart LED LCD TV $698 and PS Slim for 299. Can't believe that these two came for under 1k$.
    Never bought a PS and smart TV before this. All my TV's were 200$ DSE lol

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    My local Costco (Moorabbin VIC) had the Samsung UA70KU6000WXXY 70" 4K UHD Smart LED LCD TV for $2449.99. Good price if you're a member already

  • Would The Good Guys price beat these prices?

    • Actually ignore that comment. Just checked the price for the ua40ku6000 on the good guys website and it's actually $1 cheaper.

      • …and $1 cheaper again at Harvey Norman!

        UA40KU6000 $695

  • Hmm Panasonic Viera TH-55DX600U 55" still says $1398

  • Is the deal over? The TH-55DX600U 55 says $1298

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