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Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones Black from QFF Store Delivered for 58,040 Points (~ AUD $367)


Got email from QFF Store regarding their current promotion (20% off on QANTAS store and 10% off on giftcards). The original deal has been posted here by gavt already. This deal beats recent MS deal by $12 (Considering 78885 points for $500 Wish Gift Card with 10% discount. This boils down to 157.77 points for $1 = $367.78 for 58040 points).

Note: I am not sure whether you can claim TRS as the mode of payment would be QFF Points. So this deal is probably better for people who are not going to claim TRS.

Product available in following options
1 Black - 58040 Points
1 Sliver - 58040 Points
2 Pack (Black) - 114,936 points
2 Pack (Silver) - 114,936 points
2 Pack (Black + Silver) - 114,936 points


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    Redeeming QFF points into gift cards is not usually the best usage for points. (The going rate in classifieds is 100 points = $1.) So this probably isn't the best deal for most.

    • What is the best usage of these points in your opinion? I have got around 90K on my account and I find their flights overpriced.

      • make sure you are using "Search Classic Reward Flights"
        I have the same amount of points
        You can split the trip up from Aus -> Dubai then Dubai -> Europe for good value

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        One way first class to Singapore fliying emirates A380. Exactly 90k points and $320 in fees and taxes.

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    I just used 66000 pts to buy the Xbox one S 1TB bundle on Qantas Store. While I agree upgrade is the best use of QFFs, I found the chance of scoring an upgrade on international Qantas flight (SYD to Europe or USA) is pretty slim unless you are platinum flyer. So I figure I might as well use up some points

    • Thanks to you I got one myself too. Have been hesitating to pull the trigger on those awesome deals as I couldn't justify spending $300 for gaming when I don't even have my own house. Happy that I got this with the free points I earned over years. Flight upgrades are not much value for me as I am not a drinker and am a vegetarian too.

  • There are a few other headphone options at a similar cost available in the QF Mall as well worth considering. E.g. B&W P5 (Both wireless at corded)

  • I have no points..

  • sorry, when I first clicked the link it said sold out, then I reported. But now the deal is on again.

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    These points are worth at least $2k if booking a classic flight reward. I say pay cash for the headphones elsewhere and use them on your business class airfare to Asia you booked with the points you saved.

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    Didn't quite have enough points so had to pay $15.42. Thanks OP.

  • How does the two pack make sense?

    1 Black - 58040 Points
    2 Pack (Black) - 143,670 points

    58040*2= 116080

    I suppose I should buy two one packs!

    • Sorry my mistake. After discount it comes down to 114,936 for a 2pack. Updated the post as well.

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        No apologies needed! I have been looking for a pair of these for ages, I have just bought a pair with points plus pay. Thanks for posting the deal!!