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AmEx Statement Credit: Qantas Online (Spend $700+ Get $150)


Qantas Online

Spend $700 or more, get $150 back

Save the offer to your Card and spend $700 or more, in one or more transactions, on flights only at qantas.com by 20/12/2016 to receive one $150 credit. Limited to the first 20,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

Manual Link: https://offerenroll.americanexpress.com/enroll/EnrollmentSitePage?offer=69133QantasOnline Maximum enrollments reached

Terms & Conditions:
  • Offer valid for flights within or departing Australia and paid for in Australian dollars only.
  • Excludes bookings made through Airport locations, call centers, ticket offices, and/or online aggregators such as Expedia, or other Travel Agents.
  • Excludes Gift Card purchases, Hotels bookings, Car Rental, Packages, Activities, Insurance, Qantas store, Qantas epiQure and Frequent Flyer Membership.
  • Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $700 or more on that Card, in one or more transactions, on flights only at qantas.com by 20/12/2016 to receive one $150 credit. Limited to the first 20,000 Cards to save the offer.
  • Offer is limited to one credit per registered Card. Only spend on the Card number you register counts towards the Offer.
  • Please note that card payment fees apply to each flight booking made on qantas.com using a credit/charge card. These charges are eligible spend and included towards the offer threshold. These charges are: 1.3% for Australian Domestic and Australian Trans-Tasman flight bookings per ticket, per card, with charges capped at a maximum per passenger of $11 OR 1.3% for Australian international flight bookings per ticket, per card, with charges capped at a maximum per passenger of $70.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from offer end date.
  • Credit will not be applied to your Account if it has been suspended or cancelled.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.
  • Full Offer Terms available here.

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closed Comments

  • +5

    Keep in mind that flights bought with giftcards might not be covered by any credit card travel insurance (if you rely on that usually)… worth checking with your card's insurer.

    • If any travel insurance is costing you more than $150, you're probably paying too much ;)

      • he didn't say or imply he's paying 150 for insurance. u can book flights and still receiving 150

        • I'm saying that you're saving $150, so it's not worth paying for a $700+ flight on a credit card because 'stand alone' insurance is cheaper than that..

        • +4

          @Lukian:but u saving 150 either way, paying for flights straight from ur cc give u free insurance

    • +2

      not sure about other cards but recently saw with the CommBank Gold, Platinum or Diamond credit cards, you no longer have to make travel relates purchases on the card in order to trigger travel insurance. Just needs to be activated by the link below:


  • What about gift cards from the frequent flyer store - say a JB HiFi gift card - or does that trigger a different merchant ID than buying a qantas gift card or flights

    • +1

      No, different merchant and business name. Won't work.

  • can i use the giftcard in their qantas hotel?

  • Can confirm I purchase 500/200 gift card as the above comment and receive the email instantly.

  • Best to wait for the 20th to maximise the expiry date of the gift card purchase or do it ASAP before they close the loophole?

    • This flight gift voucher loop hole has been discussed every time this deal comes up, which is about 4 times now. I could be wrong, but I don't think they're likely to close it anytime soon.

      • Guilty 🙋‍♂️

  • thanks! flights booked

  • Aren't Gift Cards excluded? Am I missing something?

    Excludes Gift Card purchases, Hotels bookings, Car Rental, Packages, Activities, Insurance, Qantas store, Qantas epiQure and Frequent Flyer Membership.

    • Yes, the fact that Qantas Vouchers are NOT Gift Cards….

      • Great - thanks for the clarification!

  • The annoying thing with the GC $500 + $200 approach is that you can only use it for at least TWO flights. You can't use it on say a single return Asian trip. $200 GC in particular is so low value that its not much of a discount for an Asian/Europe/US flight that you'd only want it if you were going to book a QF flight anyway.

    • Didn't know the problem. Always think we spend two GC in one flight.
      However $150 for GC1000 is not much better isn't it?
      From the math the threshold is $714 for discount wise, which means if the flight you are gonna to buy later is over $714 you would better purchase the $1000 GC.

  • How long is the expiry on the gift cards.

    • 12 months

      • Thanks Follow up question :) can they be spent on anything else useful other than flights? generally I only go east once a yr and the flight cost usually doesn't hit $700 so I'm going to have a small balance left over on the card

  • Anyone recommend a good first credit card with Amex? Preferably $0 annual fee. Thinking of going with CBA to get the $250 cashback but all these Amex deals look pretty good.

  • has anyone sold QF vouchers before? Is there a market for them? I'm not 100% sure I'd use the credit within a year but I'd be sure to find someone to buy them for at least what I paid (net of cashback), right?

    • +1

      Not unless you're selling for a significant discount.

      • +1

        Even if I sell my $700 of vouchers for 600, I'd make a profit and keep the points. That's a pretty significant discount.

  • Anyone know how long it takes to receive QF vouchers? Thanks

    • +1

      We buy a lot of vouchers … in peak period can take 2 working days. If you don't get in within 2 or 3 days and you especially need to make a booking, then call them and they can have the voucher issued quicker.

      • +1


  • Very tempted to get the Amex Qantas Ultimate with this promotion. Spend $700 get $150. Not only that get 5600 Qantas pts (3500 + 2100).

    • Can you elaborate what you mean? I have an Ultimate card…. are you saying you get 5 x $700 3500 points… whats the 2100?

      • Earn 3 Qantas Points per $1 spent at restaurants in Australia and selected Qantas products and services in Australia.

        This is what it's state on the Amex Ultimate website.


        Selected Qantas products and services are Qantas passenger flights (with a QF flight number) purchased on the Qantas merchant account i.e. directly from Qantas and Qantas Frequent Flyer and Qantas Club membership joining and annual fees. Excludes Jetstar, Qantas Holidays and Qantas branded non-airfare products. Subject to the Qantas American Express Cards Points

  • oh man I need a break!

  • +1

    Can someone explain how do we redeem a GC for new flights? From the webpage it says to click on "manage booking" but nowhere do I see how you can book a new flight and apply the GC balance?

  • Just confirming, that if I bought the gift cards 500/200 split, and had a flight costing $600 the vouchers would be non redeemable?

    • +1

      you'd be only able to redeem the $500 or $200
      2 rules
      - use it all up in 1 go
      - only 1 voucher per booking

      • +1

        I think you don't need to use it all up in one go? On the site it says they give you new voucher for the amount you don't use up.

        • +1

          Confirmed, you dont need to use the voucher all in one go.
          Any remaining balance will be reissued as a new voucher but with the same expiry date as the original.

      • You can split equally into 2 times $350.

  • I'm trying to get my flight up to $700 but I'm short about $5.
    Would the carbon offset count? It doesn't appear to be excluded in the T&Cs.

    • CC fees brought mine up from $691 to $700 exactly. Was winning.

    • I have the same question! I was $3 short and added a $20ish carbon offset to get over the line. Have I just wasted my money - I did not receive the amex confirmation email.

      What's more, I've received two receipts from Qantas, one for the flights ($697ish) and one for the carbon offset. Uh oh.

  • Anyone know how many regos so far?

    • Unless someone here works for AMEX/hacks the system I'm not sure how anyone here would be able to give you that information?

      Even if we had an AMEX employee here I wonder whether they'd be allowed to share this info lol

  • +2

    If Flights are $1400 and you use a $700 gift card to pay for for half of it and then pay the extra $700 at the time of booking, is it true that you would then get $300 off???

    • +2

      Guess in theory if you spent $700 in getting Qantas vouchers with one Amex card. Then used one of the vouchers in conjunction with a different Amex card to pay an extra $700 for your flight on the Qantas website then I can't see why you wouldn't get $300 back. Maybe someone smarter can see a problem with this but it seems ok.

      • +2

        Yes that would work. You need two Amexes both enrolled for the cash back.

    • Are you buying flights for 1 person or more? If you mean to buy flights for two people you have to buy your gift voucher as 2 x $350. Otherwise you have to do two separate bookings with the one gift voucher.

      • For 1 person, but there are 2 of us, it would be $1,400 each so we'd save $600 altogether with 4 amex cards and booking separately

        • +2

          You can't buy a $700 gift card. It goes from $500 to $1000 and you can't use two gift cards per booking.

        • @bluedufflecoat: ah yes i see now. thanks!

  • Anyone know if you can use the gift cards to book a Jetstar flight on the Qantas website ? In the normal Qantas booking website, if you try to make a booking with Jetstar only flights, it redirects to the Jetstar website. Is it the same when doing gift voucher redemptions ?

  • Is it possible to split the payment across multiple cards (other than through gift vouchers)?

    I have 2 one-way flights that are each over $1400, so would be good to charge each one on 2 different cards.

    • +2

      you only need to spend $700 to trigger the $150 back. So if each one way flight is $1400, buy each flight with different credit cards on two separate bookings.

      But buying gift vouchers will allow you to get away with not paying credit card fees, which can be quite considerable, if they are international flights.
      And… they have a promo with gift vouchers where you earn 5x per $1 gift voucher bought.

      • Thanks bluedufflecoat! A couple of issues with this strategy: this is an international flight, so if I book the return flight as a separate one-way, I wouldn't be able to use a gift voucher, since the itinerary would depart overseas… right? So that means that in order to use a gift voucher at all, I have to book the whole thing as 1 booking, which means I can only get 1 voucher. I guess what I'll do is buy a $1000 voucher on 1 card, then put the rest of the cost on a different card, and that way the voucher and the remainder will each trigger the $150 credit, and I won't have to pay credit card fees at all on the whole cost… right?

        • why won't you be able to buy a one-way ticket from a different departure point? Would they not charge you in AUD?

          Edit: OK - so they don't charge in AUD (if booking say LAX-MEL). I'm not sure… maybe someone else on here would know more.

          Edit 2: Vouchers are redeemable for one-way or return Qantas domestic or international flights departing Australia.

        • That is the approach you should take because, as you correctly said, gift vouchers don't work for flights originating outside of Australia.

        • do you have 4 cards or 2 cards?

  • I didn't see it in the terms, but does anyone know when the beginning of this offer started at?
    I recently booked flights over $700 but may have done it slightly too soon.

    Between xx to 20/12/2016?

    • +2

      The beginning is the date you registered your card for the offer. The deal was posted on 02/12/2016.

      • Crap can't believe I didn't sign up to this on time - thnks for info!

  • +1

    I got my cash back from purchasing $500/$200 gift cards! It came through today, less than a week after purchase.

  • Will there be a second round of enrollments after some people don't use the deal or do they not care if the 20,000 get used up in enrolling rather than actual usage?

    • They do reopen for extra renewals sometimes but no one here will really know for sure. It doesn't happen often, but I can definitely say that I have seen it happen before.

  • Does anyone have a Platinum Charge Card, bought $700 in Qantas Gift Vouchers and successfully got the statement credit?
    I'm a little concerned because in the past, I've noticed when I booked flights that the Platinum Charge Card successfully retrieves my booking reference, carrier, departure city and arrival city when I go to "View Transactions".

    • Answered my own question. I still got the qualifying email, however I did notice through Apple Pay transactions that my flight purchases were made through QANTAS AIRWAYS (E) and the gift vouchers were processed by QANTAS AIRWAYS (M).

      I'm surprised that I still got the email!

  • Is this still valid on the 20th or does it expire at midnight on the 19th?

    • +1

      Still valid on 20th

  • Got an email for a transaction I made after midnight (i.e. technically supposed to have expired).

    We'll see whether I actually get the credit or not though..

  • Bought the gift voucher on 17 Dec; received $150 statement credit on 19 Dec.

  • Darn I completely forgotten about this. Was waiting till the 20th to buy vouchers as I wanted to extend the expiry as late as possible but I totally forgotten the deadline at the end. How stupid of me

  • Hi guys, I bought flights on the 19/12 but the transaction is still appearing as pending although I got the Amex confirmation email of the $150 cashback straight away. Do you know why it might be taking this long to move out of pending status? I haven't receive an itinerary from Qantas either but I did get the ref code when I completed the booking and it's still working….Who should I contact about this? Qantas or Amex? Or do you think it will resolve itself???

    • +1

      I find that my CBA account shows it as pending for about 5 days while my NAB and ANZ seem to just leave it as is. Funnily enough I do notice that the NAB amount can change to another amount if it was an overseas transaction.

      What bank are you with or was it pure Amex?

      • Ah it's CBA…So it should resolve itself??? I don't normally book Qantas so not sure why it didn't go through immediately like other airlines. As long as I get it eventually and my flights are booked! :)

        • It will resolve itself. It is normal.

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