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New Model ThinkPad E470 / Gen7 i7-7500U / 256GB SSD / 16GB RAM / 2GB Nvidia / FHD / $959 Shipped @ Lenovo


Awesome specs for a laptop at this price point. Here it is previously with half the RAM and no SSD. Apply coupon TA-E470-959 at checkout to get the discount. Feel free to call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 with questions during business hours. Ends 11:59pm AEDT Sunday. Enjoy :)

  • Intel Gen7 i7-7500U CPU
  • 14" FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS
  • 16GB DDR4 2400MHz SODIMM
  • NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB
  • 256GB OPAL2.0 SSD
  • Dual Band Wireless

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    Maybe the 940MX fares better than the ATI I have in my E460. With latest drivers, screen does not wake up from sleep. Super annoying!

  • any good for gaming and video/photo editing?

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      Not good for gaming at all. Unless you want to play Peggle, which is after all a fair point to make.

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        Hmm that is a shame. Having a hard time finding a decent laptop, not sure I can really justify the XPS. I thought by now there would be good laptops with high spec for around 1.5k at the most. I don't game much anymore but I like to have the power there regardless. I paid 2k for my Samsung laptop 8 years ago and it has been great, was very powerful but starting to show its age now.

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          ur original question is really objective. if you dont play much game on a laptop. this graphic card is good enough (depending on what games you would play). I played dota2 with the hd5500 on my xps (with a lame i7). the graphic is certainly set to low, but i still had good fun. if i want to play some more "serious" games, i have xb1 and ps4.

          the comments from two guys below are fair!

        • I've seen metabox laptops with the GTX 1060 in them for under $2k
          I believe it was around $1800
          That's if you want the i7 and the 1060, etc

        • Gigabyte P15F R5 has a 950M for $1399.


          Acer Aspire V Nitro has a 960M 4GB for $1499.

          Newer Pascal GPU's are finding their way into laptops which will hopefully offer great performance for $1500-$2000.

          Also don't know why my original comment got downvoted. Is this laptop 'any good for gaming', the answer depends on what games, and in most cases is likely to be an easy 'No'.

        • @Rail Rider95: Difference is half the thickness. This Lenovo is realistically an Ultrabook whilst the Metabox is almost desktop replacement thickness. Not to mention the Metabox at $1300-1400 is usually lacking OS and storage (these are optionally added to most of their configurations). By the time you add those, would come out to be $1600-1800 realistically.

        • This was an awesome deal and would have been good… Depending on where you live as it says in store only


        • @Rail Rider95: do they do 1070s? And how does this compare to the Aldi PC machine?

      • I have the yoga 460 with the I7-6500 8GB ram Nvidia 940M and it plays GTA 5 smoothly at high settings. Thats a worse graphics card than this one. And 8GB less ram and a worse CPU.

      • What about older games like wow or dota2 on lower settings?

      • Honestly the GF940 isnt that bad in 720p type gaming. I use it to play games when I am traveling on my Asus UX303. Can play modern stuff like GTA5 and FO4 at 720p resolutions quite reasonably (30-60 FPS). Just dont expect to run it as 4K with 120FPS and you'll be fine.

    • +1

      Its fine for CS:GO. Not best for AAA+ Titles though.

    • I got an E470 myself, i can play WOW and Heroes of the Storm quite well, consistend 60fps.

      • It runs Heroes of the Storm at 60fps? That's pretty impressive.

        • Yeah it's not the prettiest, but it runs well enough.

          I got the I5 model using the Intel HD 620 so i assume the 940MX is more capable.

    • This will run most games. The graphics card is low end but it will keep up on low to medium settings of most games from 2014-2016. Just don't play for more than 2 hours at a time IMO and make sure it's plugged in with some ventilation.

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    don't forget to swap 2x8GB RAM for 1x16G…. $0 cost
    might give you more headroom later

    • +8

      You'll miss a small amount of performance for RAM-heavy tasks (compressing/decompressing zip files, video encoding, other compute-heavy tasks), so only do this if you think there's a good chance you'll be adding more RAM down the line. If you don't expect to ever add more, just stick with 2x8GB.

      • -2

        Yep, plus you won't be needing more than 16gb for a long time yet. 8gb is the usual higher spec with 4gb still very common on midrange devices.

        Plus having 2x8gb gives you a failsafe if one stick stops working.

        • Plus having 2x8gb gives you a failsafe if one stick stops working.

          Kind of, but not really. If on fails you still have to diagnose the problem, pull it apart and remove one at a time to see which has failed.

  • +2

    Wow that's ridiculously cheap. I purcahsed the DELL XPS 13 (256gb SSD, i7 7500 processor, 8gb ram) from the CTEC20 eBay dfeal for $1680 and I thought that was a steal. Lucky for me, they stuffed up my order, resulting in me waiting an extra 3 weeks for the laptop. They compensated by giving me a free upgrade to the QHD+ Touch Screen version.

    I'd like to think the DELL XPS deal I snagged, with the free extra upgrade, is still the better option, though a part of me is bu**-hurt that this Lenovo is potentially slightly better value for money. Awesome deal!

    • beware of the wiring coil sound tho

    • +1

      This is the edge series though, it's not made to be the thinnest laptop.
      Outstanding specs for the price.
      You got a great deal on the XPS 13!

  • +4

    Thight arse is the best arse :p

  • How well do you guys reckon this would do for AutoCAD?

    • +2

      Depends on the complexity of your model I guess. These ulv 2 core cpus are a fair bit slower than the full voltage quad cores. Check notebookcheck for a review and comparison.

      • yep, you shouldn't have any issues with that unless you are going to render some really complex 3D, but that is the same for a desktop as well.
        looks like a little beauty!

  • Still looking for daughter starting Arts & Game design this year (heavier on art): Photoshop & light gaming? Any 3D modeling on this?

    If not this one- recommendations? Out of my depths…..


    • +2

      I'd imagine this machine would be perfectly capable at Photoshop & light gaming, unsure about 3D modeling. I've been using an old Samsung RF511 for the past 4 years, and use Photoshop frequently, and do some light gaming, and it performs just fine. It's specs are pretty outdated in comparison.. NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M 1GB,8GB DDR3, Intel Core i7-2630QM 2.3Ghz. So this Lenovo should be more than enough.

      Anyone else can chime in?

      • +1

        Going by this course outline, (of course, it'll depend on what she ends up taking within the degree (but assume the easiest, knowing her- lol):


        It's very difficult to find a "surprise" grad/Xmas gift when you don't quite grasp what's actually necessary!

        Thanks for your input- helpful!


    • This is more powerful than my work machine and all the adobe stuff runs fine.
      as long as she has a handy external drive for all the backups, should be rocking.

  • Good deal, but I don't need it.

    • +6

      Let me suggest your new-year resolution -"I'll spend hard on things i don't need and restore by ozbargain spirit".

      • +6

        Mate, I already have 3 laptops and 2 tablet PCs.

        • +4

          The lonely laptop is screaming for a new tablet PC to keep it company.

  • +1

    Anyone have any experience using Lightroom and Photoshop on Lenovo Laptops? How's the screen and colour accuracy?
    The specs seem really good!

    • +2

      Any serious work and you should be calibrating anyway to get colour accuracy. No laptop screen is going to be amazing, but calibrated, most will be adequate.

  • Daaamn - if this had thunderbolt 3 (or even 1 x USB 3.1 - C Interface) I'd be all over this!

  • -2

    good CPU, but I like 15.6 in screen……

  • what kind of battery could i be looking at with something like this?

  • Anyone know if the hdd can be upgraded easily? Might get one of those Samsung evos if it fits.

    • @Vislian If you go into the previous deal link TA provided, someone mentions it was easy (30 minutes); but another poster mentions it voids the Lenovo warranty.

    • Video showing how to replace hdd.


  • Debating about selling my late 2013 Macbook Pro for something like this, tough decision..

    • +1

      I wouldn't - and I have a failing 2011 model

      • +1

        New ssd and increased ram bought my 2011 back to life in a big way.

        • exactly right (I did the same - Samsung 840 evo 500g and 16gb ram). except now my logic board is failing but is somehow still functioning. just cant do more than the basic tasks before it crashes on me… might eventually have to get a new laptop as it is simply way too expensive to fix :/

        • @radie1230:
          Can probably sell the screen as parts if its still working, probably the chassis too.

    • +1

      Wouldn't. This's just 2 core i7 processor. I tried ThinkPad E560 15.6', i7 6500U, 16GB RAM and quite disappointed with the performance.
      You could consider this Dell Inspiron 15 i5 HQ or MSI i7 HQ

  • is it better to get a deal at boxing day or get before xmas? i can hold out if there are better deals post xmas

    • Boxing day is cheaper of the year. Some people have bought a 3K fridge/TV for $1.

      • looks like i will try and hold out till boxing day then. thanks

      • +2

        Huh? $1?

  • +1

    Nice deal. Any Carbon X1 deals coming up?

  • Thanks OP, great deal indeed !
    I'm very close to buy this laptop but realize no fingerprint. So no go for me :(

    • How many laptops have fingerprint access??

      • Lots. I've never used it, but it's been on a lot of laptops I've had (for work).

    • Finger print is so last decade. Use face recognition.

      • Retina scan or just dont bother.


        • +1

          Cheek swab or go home.

        • +3


          stool sample or… oh wait… too far.

  • +1

    Doh. Just purchased the 888 deal :(

  • Newbie question: If I add this internal DVD burner to my cart, will they install it in the laptop before shipping?


    • +1

      Even if they don't, it should be easy enough to do it yourself - looks like a straight forward pull to remove and push to insert mechanism.

    • +1

      No dont even try. There is no room for a cd drive. The sides if the laptop are filled with ports

      • Thanks just in time, ok just rang & confirmed that I need an external drive so got that instead.

  • +2

    Cashrewards for additional 7%? Or is it not valid in this case?

    • Would like to know also @Tightarse

    • The code is on the CR website so presume that's a yes.

      • +4

        Can confirm - bought one yesterday. Cashrewards picked up the sale this morning.

        Cashback is $79.11.

  • +8

    I've been keeping my eyes on a good laptop deal for weeks now but all that pop out are lenovo's. Great specs and price but do people not know Lenovo has been caught 3 TIMES sending users' data back to China without permission? Or does this only concern me?


  • What's the deal with "U" CPU's these days? Are they still only dual core?

    • Yep, this model is 2 core 4 thread.

    • U = ultra-low voltage

      • Which translates to roughly what sort of % performance lost over full desktop i7's?

        • For like-to-like chips with the same inventory number, the number of cores and threads are halved. Therefore performance is halved.

        • @yojabbajabba:
          OK thanks. So it's quite a significant difference.

        • +1


          Not only that, but it has much lower clock speed and power usage as well.

          To demonstrate the difference, the i7-7500u is weaker than even a desktop i3-6100 (both being 2 core 4 thread). Compared to say, a desktop i7-6700 it is probably about 1/2 to 2/3 of the single core performance and much much less for multi-core performance (like factors of 3).

        • @jeefbeef:
          Would you like to endorse your point of view with some online reference, pls and also is there any other i7 laptop available can match i7 desktop in performance

        • +6


          Here are some userbenchmark scores for the skylake i7-6500u (the i7-7500u is just a slightly updated kaby lake version) vs the desktop skylake i7-6700. The differences here should reflect the differences you should expect to see between kaby lake i7-7500u and i7-7700.


          As you can see, the desktop CPU has much strong single core performance. The multi-core performance is even more pronounced since the desktop has twice the number of cores and threads.

          Even against the desktop i3-6100 (a "fairer" comparison, since it also has 2 cores and 4 threads), the i7-6500u doesn't really stand a chance.


          If you want a laptop CPU with closer performance with their desktop equivalents, you'll have to look at the i7s which actually have quad cores. These are designated with "HQ" after the numbers. For example, the most basic version is the i7-6700hq (which is what you find in most proper gaming laptops) and here is how it performs against the desktop i7-6700:


          As you can see, it's getting close but it still falls quite a bit behind. The more powerful i7-6820hq (which you might find in more expensive laptops, $3k+ or so) gets closer still but still falls behind the i7-6700:


          This is ignoring the fact that most people who get i7s in their desktops will go for the "K" unlocked version which can be easily overclocked. Even at stock clocks, you can see how much it just blows away one of the strongest laptop CPUs (i7-6920hq, which you find in $7k+ laptops):


          In conclusion, no you can't really get a laptop CPU which can match its desktop equivalent. This is not surprising as laptops are much more constrained in terms of power usage and cooling. You should get the laptop performance that suits your needs, but be aware that due to form factor restrictions, it will not match its desktop versions.

          If you're looking for a laptop for gaming and moderate workloads, an i7-6700hq will do.

        • @jeefbeef:
          WOW, definitely you are knowledgeable person. Thanks for sharing you knowledge with all of us.
          I don't need a gaming laptop , I just want something where i can run virtual machine, web designing softwares and adobe applications including photoshop running AT A SAME TIME without compromising performance, sitting there waiting for CPU to respond.

        • +1



          The above laptop may be more to your taste if you're going for strong multitasking performance. That laptop has the proper 4 core / 8 thread i7-6700hq CPU.

          Just wait to see if there is another 20% off eBay sale.

  • +1

    WOW Great spec

    Intel Gen7 i7-7500U CPU
    14" FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS
    16GB DDR4 2400MHz SODIMM
    NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB
    256GB OPAL2.0 SSD.

    What about battery life? I think battery life is only 5 hours with light workload , keep in mind this is business model and with heavy apps running like photoshop, web designing software battery will runout in 2 hours or even less.
    3 Cell Li-Polymer Battery 45WH is half of the 6 cell battery


  • This would have been the perfect laptop for me except for the graphics. It's not powerful enough for tasks you would require a discrete GPU for and adds unnecessary complexity for Linux users. Any chance of getting a Lenovo with similar specs for similar price but with Intel CPU integrated graphics?

    • Hey dude can you clarify a little more on the issues that would arise for a Linux user? I'm thinking of making this laptop my dedicated Ubuntu laptop, and would also like to run some GPU-dedicated code. Do you think that installing the drivers for this GPU would just be annoying, or that it's just not powerful enough? Cheers.

  • Good one tightarse. Just a couple of silly questions, can a second HDD be added to this machine to get some capacity or would I have to swap out the original? Or would it be more realistic to lug around a portable HDD to get extra drive capacity? If going for the 16GB stick and wanting to add another, would any generic 16GB DDR4 2400MHz SODIMM do the job or should it be a particular brand (any recommendations)? Thanks, & please excuse my dumbness.

    • add a second storage? negative. only one slot for hdd/ssd.

      the biggest ssd you can afford is advisable.

  • I can't seem to find any reviews on the battery life of this thing. That would be the only deal breaker.

    Also it seems like there is no backlit keyboard which is a bit of a bummer. Everything else seems great.

      • +2

        Go to the Lenovo forums if you want a Lenovo guru.

    • +2

      Got the e470 with i5 in the previous deal. Battery life is anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on usage.

      • Is that normal?

        • Its ok considering the price. But not 'normal' if comparing it to a lappy like the xps 13 which will give over 5hrs easy.

  • I just bought Lenovo E470 with i7 7200U and 3 cell battery last to last week and paid $140 extra? Should I contact Lenovo and ask for some Refund/Compensation?

    Found this under their terms of Sale?
    3.5) If the price of a Lenovo Product or Service (excluding items on clearance) is reduced after purchase, you may contact Lenovo on 1300 557 073 (option 2) to request for a refund of the reduction within 7 days of delivery of the Product or Service.

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