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$45 Rush Tickets to Aladdin Musical @ Capitol Theatre - 2 Hours before Every Future Performance (Sydney)


Same as here but now for every performance, with a min. of 40 tickets set aside for the rush tickets.

Due to an overwhelming response to the rush ticket offer last week, we have extended $45 rush tickets to ALL future performances of Aladdin - The Musical at the Capitol Theatre!

Tickets available* 2 hours prior to every performance from our Box Office only.
*Subject to availability with a minimum of 40 rush tickets set aside per show. Limit 2 per transaction.

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  • Great price, wanted to go from the last rush tickets.
    I've never been to a musical before, can someone tell me if non English speakers will be able to enjoy and understand the show? Thanks.

  • hmm i believe if the show runs till march there wont be much interest at full price.
    so sad this is great show just a tad less than lion king, should have more advertising and marketing put into.

    • I think there was plenty of hype, advertising and marketing put into it. I recall seeing "limited availability" when it started showing and thought they closed somewhere at the end of this year. For it to run all through March is a bit extreme as a large majority of people interested in this sort of thing would have seen it by then.

      • agree. too long.
        but if im not wrongly remember, lion king was even run longer but always or almost always full?
        but yeah this one is still under lion kings' level.

        • Interesting. Lion King must have been damn good. I thought Aladdin was great. Maybe it was the $45 tickets giving the effect.

        • @mafmouf: years ago I saw busses and busses full with people who comes just to watch lion King, parked in front of capitol theater. Probably from outside Sydney.

  • well worth the coin imo. took the wife. was a great musical.

  • Took the wife too last Sunday. Worth the $45 and the line up.

    • i was there last sunday but I booked in advance

      Paid $135 each

      IMO i hated it
      but only because in Disneyland California Adventure Park in USA
      they have a free Aladdin musical (included in the park ticket)

      so so so much better

      for example, he actually comes in on a large paper mache elephant and walks through the crown

  • Adding 'Sydney'to the title would be nice.

  • Great show!

  • WHERE? Different states often have places with the same name

  • So how would the seat allocation work on these rushed tickets? Would the first people in the line get the best seats or would the last people in the line get the best seats? I would have thought that the last people get the best seats because they would be waiting to sell the more expensive seats online until the last minute - so only give those away at the last minute.

    • Based on my experience last week the better tickets are available at the start of the rush period. The person serving us could see all the available tickets and asked us what we preferred. Also our friends who were in the line behind us had tickets a few rows back.

    • I find that if I go alone I get better seats than in a group.

    • You can't choose specific seats they will only let you choose upstairs or downstairs. Up or down. Down or up..

  • Great show not as good as the lion king

  • How many bearded fat guys got excited thinking this was tickets to Rush?

  • Now all we need is cheap flights to Sydney!

    • They never seem to go that cheap for us in Melbourne :-(
      Les Mis was the same. They offered real cheap tix to Sydney audiences at the end, but in Melb, I never saw them. (Unless I missed it completely, which I don't think so).

      Hope for this show, they will do this for Melb at the end of run.

      • Yeah not for that show. But $50 rush tix for Ballroom/Boots. Also $30 Arts Centre tix - includes mso, ballet, opera and all.

  • Does anyone have any idea what the lines would be like?

    If I want to go for the 2pm show, would I have to start lining up at like 11am? Or woould I be right if I line up at 12 noon (2 hours before)?


    • Would there be a separate rush ticket queue? If someone comes earlier (ie. 3 hours in advance) where should he queue for the rush tickets?

    • Read the whole post and based on my Sunday afternoon experience, just queu up 2.5 hours before show should be enough. Make it 3 if you really paranoid.

    • went last Sunday, show starts at 1pm, RUSH tickets sales started at 11pm (on the dot), we got there around 10:15 (so 45min wait outside the box office standing) had around 10 people in front of us, so probably purchased say around 15 tickets before us. We still managed to get 4 great tickets in Row E downstairs (which is the 8th row), was very close to the action.

  • If anyone goes tonight or Thursday night it'd be great to hear how the line situation was, I'm planning to go Friday night.

  • Interested in knowing what the lines are like as I've never done theatre rush tix.

    • I went last Saturday. Line of about 50 people. Got a nice seat near the front of the second level. Plenty of tickets available. One of the ushers walked down the line to let everyone know they'd get a seat :)

  • Thanks OP. Went last night. Got there 5:20pm and was about 15th in line. Seated in the last row of the stalls so pretty good seats.

    Show was better than expected too!

  • Went last Sunday for the 1pm session, pretty good show, managed to great seats in Row E !!! Worth it for $45

  • +1 vote

    Great job OP. I went yesterday [Sunday 1pm session]. I lined up at 10:45am, and was about 8th in line. Got row F right in the middle (about 9 rows from the front of the stage). Awesome tickets.
    I wouldn't have paid full price for the show, but well worth it for $45. For anyone that has seen Lion King, Aladdin isn't anywhere as good in my opinion.

  • We tried our luck and rocked up at 7.50pm for the Saturday 8pm show yesterday. Managed to get two Row G tix in the stalls which was great for appreciating all their expressions and costumes - granted the seats were at the side, but we didn't have any issues with obstructed views whatsoever as there were plenty of empty seats in front of us.

    The guy at the Box Office told us there usually there's still plenty of Rush tickets available and they're allowed to sell them all the way till 10 minutes into the start time. The best thing about turning up at 7.50pm was that there wasn't a queue at all.