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First Choice Liquor: Buy One Get One Free, $10 off $50+, $10 off $80+, 1000/2000 Bonus Flybuys, AmEx $30 Back from $150+


could effectively buy an $80 wine for $16.50 (79% off) by combining all offers :)

whilst BOGOF is meant to be in-store only with stock selection varying between stores, it is possible to order online and receive a refund or free bottle at collection:






photos of BOGOF price-tags available upon request for price-matching elsewhere :)

28 Wines @ Cellarmasters eg. 42% off Halliday Reds 6pk $99 ($16.50/bt) + $1.20 Click&Collect [Less with 25%/$50/$100 off Codes]
Free 6 Month Subscription to Gourmet Traveller Wine

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First Choice Liquor
First Choice Liquor

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  • +31

    Full marks for the work OP has put into this.

  • Do you have the tag for the Bollinger? Is the BOGOF available in all stores? I see no mention of BOGOF.

    • sorry i have all the sparklings bar bollinger :(

      BOGOF in all stores afaik but stock selection varies

  • -2

    BOGOF for what? the wines?

  • Is this possibly the most stacked deal ever? Well done OP.

      • +4

        I missed out on the TP but stocked up on the Coke. Good times. I miss EDR stacked deals, bring those coupon books back.

        • Same for me too mate. I do regret not ordering anything with the TP, because if I did, my order mightn't have been cancelled. That coke deal was phenomenal, they lasted us quite a while.

          I didn't realise before, but tonester posted all of those epic deals, bravo mate. Keep up the good work.

          As for this deal, not into wine unfortunately, but +1 for the effort by the OP and the deal itself.

      • +4

        Ah, the good old days. Woolies were so sloppy with coupons.

  • +4

    Oh come on… I just got back from picking up my

    Thanks op, but I'm done for today!

    • well hey, it's going to be a very festive couple of weeks coming up

    • +1

      how about tomorrow?

      150 Lashes

      i prefer coopers sparkling :)

      • Are you my bargain conscience? I prefer pintale

  • +1

    whilst BOGOF is meant to be in-store only with stock selection varying between stores, it is possible to order online and receive a refund or free bottle at collection

    I feel like I've got the dumb at the moment, is there any chance you can explain this further, tonester?

    • +1


      1. order two wines that are BOGOF at the click+collect store and ask for one to be refunded at collection, or
      2. order one BOGOF wine and ask for a free BOGOF wine at collection
      • Ok that makes some sense (i think), thank you. Do you know if every store is abiding by the bogof wines you've listed above if they have them in stock? I've noticed a couple of them that were on sale at Ashfield nsw store but were not ticketed as such.

        • sorry i don't know but if not then try to price-match :)

      • So there's the claim many of these vouchers stack to get $80 bottle for $16.50? How about for bottles of your choosing outside the BOGOF selection? Meaning, what discounts stack if you mix up whisky, wines, beers in a transaction?

  • No whiskey? You could save hmmm -$6 if you buy two scotch https://www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/Spirits/dimple-12yo-sco...

  • I have both 1000 flybuys with $40 spend and 2000 flybuys with $50 spend. Would i get 3000 flybuys if i spend $50+???

    • yes :)

      • Where do you get flybuy offers? in flybuy.com.au under account? nothing there for me. I guess because the other day I used a couple of offers to bring down their Aberlour 12 from $55 (already discounted) to $35.

        • How did u get ot down to $35?

        • @Aemit: I think it was an introductory flybuys offer (now expired: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/272432) stacked with the usual $10 off $50+ (worked)…

    • I haven't got shit. Just Coles. Is it store specific?

  • I'm confused will the checkout person scan both discount vouchers in store?

    • yes :)

      • +2

        Not for long, the moment First Liquor's corporate hears about this, it will go from two vouchers to no vouchers very quickly.,

        • They're making more money from the spike in ozbargain customers due to those vouchers. They're still well above breaking even on each discounted sale i'd imagine.

        • @johndemonik:
          Not really, they're a discount chain so its all about high turnover with low margins.

  • can i get the pic of the Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier 750mL please?

  • Just went into the store and the mollydooker enchanted shiraz is not 2 for 1

    • did you ask them to verify it?

      • Yeah. He scanned it at the counter and it didnt discount

        • I wanted to try it so bad lol. $84 a bottle is a bit out of my price range though

        • @haggertm:

          maybe we need a picture then you can print it and show them…just a maybe
          1/2 price clonakiller shiraz…i'd back the truck up

        • @unfunkable: if theres something I can print out I will definantly head back in.

    • whilst BOGOF is meant to be in-store only with stock selection varying between stores

      • ohh, so you mean
        try ordering it online for pickup, and when you pick it up and it isn't BOGOF, then ask for a full refund instead?

      • They have it in stock its just not on sale. I called another store to verify but not on sale :(

  • -1

    Waiting for Soluble to blame everyone not reading the t&cs

    • -1

      Just add water and Soluble should dissolve.

      • -1

        Like a wet blanket

  • tonester - I have a code of DCE55M3Y for $10 off a $50 spend until 31/12/16. Haven't tried it yet so I don't know if it works, but that's what's in my email….

  • Tempting as I have both points offers… but I still haven't received points from 2 October purchases :(

  • I placed a couple of orders online with $10 discount for each, but after coming to the shop to pick it up they only gave me a single order. :(

    Looks like this is my first, and last time, going to 1st choice.

    • You were the lucky ones, some got all their orders cancelled :(

      • Can confirm that both my orders were cancelled even after they sent a confirmation SMS, Luckily I did not waste time going to the store.

        Looks like you lost more than $20 today First Choice with the loss of customer.

        • They didn't even bother to tell me before arriving in the shop. Just gave me a single order, and told me to call the 1st choice contact center, so I haven't even gotten my money back yet until I manage to reach a call center employee.

  • Just ozBargained hard in store. Cheers OP.

    If anyone in Adl wants I now have 4x of these $10 off $80 wine coupons that I won't use…

    • Im in adelaide. What store did you get the shopper docket from?

      • all stores should have the docket deal :)

      • +1

        I got them at the bottom of all my receipts from each round of purchases at first choice. They are not "shop a docket" supermarket coupons, they are First Choice receipt coupons/barcodes

  • Is champagne/sparkling considered wine with the spend $80, get $10 off receipt?

    Anyone have a pic of the Veuve Ponsardin being BOGOF?

  • How do you get the flybuys bonus points? Sorry, new to Ozbargaining

    • via email from flybuys (though some are direct)

      • I can confirm none of the bonus points for flybuys were granted when using the $10 off $50 voucher / code. Purchased in stores and online . Only standard points were given

  • Missing the point offers :( Any first choice offers if I signed up for a new flybuys?(current one is in partners name)

  • ok im a bit confused,
    im trying to buy say 8x veuve (buy 4 get 4 free)
    so $202 dollars
    ive activated amex $30 for $150 spend offer

    does that mean I can also get 1000+2000 flybuys points


    $10 off $80+ Spend Docket Deal Offer [In-Store] Expires 31/1/2017

    2000 Bonus Flybuys Points with $50+ Spend [Click & Collect] - Targeted(files.ozbargain.com.au)

    1000 Bonus Flybuys Points with $40+ Spend [In-Store/Online] - Targeted(files.oz

    im so confused….. flybuys offer 1 says click and collect,
    while offer 2 says instore/online?

    does teh click and collect BOGOF apply?

    • veuve is $101/bt

      there are currently no online codes so to click+collect 8x veuve you would have to pay the full $808 and at collection ask for a refund of $404 - assuming your store has bogof veuve
      your online order would receive 3000 bonus flybuys - assuming you have both those offers
      and paying by amex would give you $30 credit back

      if you bought 8 in-store you could pay ($101 -$10 -$10) x4 = $324 using both vouchers and get $30 back with amex
      you would also receive 1000 bonus flybuys if you have that offer

      • thank you tonestar

        I was hoping to get two bottles of veuve rose for $101 according to this


        and hopefully pick up 8 of them for a party

        edit: i assume you would have to physically go in to see whats on the list of BOGOF and then do click and collect

        however knowing my luck, Ill collect it and when asking for a refund, they will probaly decline it

  • +1

    Went to my local First Choice yesterday. Praga Premium Czech Pilsner was BOGOF so $55 for 2 cartons of beer.

    • Kalik Crisp $50 is also BOGOF but i didn't think it was worth mentioning given reviews :)

    • Do you have a photo or a receipt?

  • +1

    A Bollinger Grande Anne for BOGOF? Are these guys serious? haha

  • would anyone have any inof on teh BOGOF for Pommery Louise. should i call my local store to see if it is on their specials list?

  • +1

    You're the best tonester! I literally drove all around my city picking up every single Clonakilla :-)

    • thanks - how many did you find?

      • 7! Where there was an odd amount, i was allowed to get a Veuvre Cliquot Ponsardin as the freebie. Apparently the buy one get one free does not have to be the same item as long as it is on the sale list

        • +1

          nice - be sure to store them well to drink them better :)

          Buy One Get One Free - Mix & Match [In-Store] Ends 28/2/2017

        • Was it the Veuve Clicquot 2008 that you got realpotatoguy, or was it a different Veuve Clicquot? On closer inspection of tonester's photo I think it is the 2004 in the bottle server pack that is part of the offer, not the 2008. I've been to a number of stores in Brisbane where they've all had plenty of stock of the 2008, but no luck with the BOGOF offer :-(

        • @Becsavers:

          I cannot remember, I'll check at home later. However I have since returned to the same stores to get more Veuve. They have the exact same bottles available, however this time their current stock is not BOGOF. Not sure why.

        • @Becsavers:
          It was the 2004! You're right!

    • Would you share your receipt please? I'm going in for pricematch. TIA

    • any chance of posting or sending me a copy of the receipt?
      Maybe other states will price match

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