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25% off All Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards @ Premium Marine (Pick Up Available in Sydney Before Christmas)


Hi all,

Christmas discount for OzBargainers again this year.
25% of al the iSup's I have in stock. Pick up available in Sydney prior to Christmas.

Race 4.27m long, supports 160kg, normal price $999, OzBargain price $750
SPK4 3.65m long, supports 160kg, normal price $999, OzBargain price $750
SPK2 3.3m long, supports 115kg, normal price $799, OzBargain price $600
SPK1 3.0m long, supports 95kg, normal price $749, OzBargain price $560
Vibrant 2.66m long, supports 70kg, normal price $799, OzBargain price $450

Spk2 and 3 also support a seat, so that they can be used as a kayak. This is a $50 option.
All iSup's come with a high-pressure pump and standard paddle.
Can upgrade to a Carbon Fibre composite paddle for extra $100.
Can add an electric (12v) high volume, high-pressure pump for $100.

To get this deal, please contact me directly on [email protected]


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  • Anyone else find blow up paddle boards are not as good use as solid ones? I personally like the rigility….

  • I agree the rigid ones are slightly better for the more experienced riders as they have no flex at all, however storing and transporting rigid ones is much more difficult, where as inflatables you can transport a few of them in the back of a small mini, or even carry one on a train or bus. When you get home, you can store them under your bed or behind the couch. So for people that do not live on the beach, or do not have plenty of storage area, inflatables are a good option. Recently a family took 2 of them as luggage when they went on a cruise ship, which you would not be able to do with a rigid one. The better quality inflatables such as the aqua marina brand are higher pressure so are very close to having characteristics to rigid boards.

  • Hmmmmm, anyone else thinking an inflatable paddle board is a bit risky considering the likely hood of being nibbled on by a shark these days is pretty good it seems… Inflatable…… i think not.

  • +2

    Heya guys. I picked up the SPK-4 last time these guys did the OZBARGAIN deal

    I can attest that the board is quite good. I'm 95kg and it supports me. Even chucked the seat attachment on it as well and it's quite sturdy.

    Highly recommend getting an electric pump though, can be a nightmare to hand pump inflate

  • Doesn't seem like much of a bargain compared to these it seems:

    Apart from the ridiculous original price, seems like the final price is pretty good for what you get.
    Even comes with the seat at no extra cost!

    • The ones you found are bestway brand which is not comparable. Compare to aqua marina brand.

  • Been looking at one of these for the Gf. Got to admit I was almost lured in by the eBay deals (with the extra 10% off that).

    What are the differences/ features between the 2 above mentioned brands? Any reviews around?

    Also, she is 45kg, 152cm. What board would you recommend?


    • The cheaper ones, use much thinner material. Some do not have internal webbing, and some have not as much internal webbing, so the rigidity of the board will not be very good. For your gf, if she is 45kg, I would suggest the spk1. This would be easy to handle for her as its one of the smaller boards, yet still be easy to balance on.

      If you also wanted to use it, assuming you would weight more, then go for the spk2, which is about 30cm longer but supports riders up to 115kg.

      The closer you get to the rider weight limit of the board, the better balance you need to have. The bigger the board, the more weight it supports and hence easier to balance. The smaller the board, the more nimble they are to handle.

      hope that helps.

      • Cheers mate, I'm around 80kg so would go spk2 (on holidays we hire/ paddle together, her sitting on the nose and me paddling..and sometimes vice versa!).

        Will an inflatable allow this?

  • Hi, if you want to use both together, I would look at the spk4, or race model, which are bigger and more stable for combined 125kg. You may be able to do it on the spk2, however you would need to have very good balance. It's not about if its an inflatable or rigid board to do this, it's more about having a board big enough to have the flotation needed to make it stable for that weight of passengers. The typical boards you hire are very large so that suit the larger riders as well as the smaller riders. They would not be as nimble for the smaller riders, but more of a one size fits all.

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