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Woolworths 21/12: Cashews $9.90, 30x Coke $17.22, Frozen Peas $2.14, Ferrero $6.30, Doritos $1.50, Optus $30 Kit $10, Cruise $9


Woolworths catalogue on sale from Wednesday Dec 21. Enjoy :)

Half Price or Better:

  • Lindt Lindor Balls 154g $6.00
  • Ferrero Rocher 16pk $6.30
  • Mars Celebrations 300g $5.00
  • Lipton Ice Tea 1.5L $1.89
  • Kirks Soft Drink 10x 375ml $4.45
  • Pepsi, Solo, Sunkist, Schweppes 24x 375ml $9.90
  • Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta 1.25L $1.42
  • Cheetos, Twisties, Burger Rings 90g $0.92
  • Peckish Rice Crackers 100g $1.00
  • Golden Circle Drink Varieties 1L $1.07
  • Gloria Jeans Single Indulgence 10pk $3.00
  • Ocean Spray Craisins 170g $1.99
  • Golden Fields Vegetable Oil 4L $9.00
  • Praise Traditional Mayonnaise 555g $2.10
  • Fountain Tomato or BBQ Sauce 500ml $1.25
  • Always Fresh Baby Cucumbers 350g $1.75
  • Praise Dressings Varieties 330ml $1.74
  • Always Fresh Kalamata Olives 670g $3.80
  • Ho Mai Entertainment Packs 1kg $7.00
  • McCain Frozen Peas 1kg $2.14
  • Mars Frozen Bars or Teasers 4pk $3.99
  • Olay Total Effects Day Cream 50g $16.70
  • Schick Hydro Silk Razor $7.50
  • Energizer Max AA 16pk $9.75
  • 50% off Skype & Adrenaline Gift Cards (thanks nocure)
  • 50% off All Dickies Towels
  • Tontine Anti Bacterial Pillow 2pk $12.00
  • Inspire Memory Foam Pillow $14.00
  • Inspire Memory Foam Bath Mat $8.50
  • Jackson Surge Protected Powerboard $7.50
  • Sistema Coloured Home Storage 60L $12.50
  • Decor Thermoglass Realseal 3L $12.49
  • Doritos Corn Chips 170g $1.50
  • Coca-Cola Soft Drink Varieties 30x 375ml $17.22
  • Cadbury Favourites 540g $9.50


  • Vodafone Huawei Y6 Elite + $50 EFTPOS Card $129.00
  • Vodafone Samsung J1 Mini $79.00
  • Telstra Cruise $9.00
  • Telstra 4GX Smart $39.00
  • Woolworths Mobile $45 Recharge $31.50
  • Telstra Slim Plus $49.00
  • Telstra 4GX Plus $79.00
  • $30 Optus Starter Kit $10.00
  • At Least 20% off All Optus SIMs & Handsets

Other Notables:

  • Roasted or Salted Cashews 750g $9.90
  • Ocean Spray Varieties 1.5L $3.40
  • Heat Beads 4kg $6.50
  • Bega Cheese Block 1kg $9.00
  • 10% off Google, Sportscraft, Saba Gift Cards
  • Akai 32” HD LED LCD TV $198.00 (available Boxing Day)

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  • Excellent work. Ta TA

  • +10 votes

    Thanks Tightarse, you're always the tightest.

  • All those specials are already on now though? Maybe most of?

    • Same with Coles deals for the upcoming week. They'll probably keep items from last week that are popular for the Christmas period on special

    • Yeah Doritos are $1.50 currently at my Woolworths

      • Doritos are still on special from last week's discounts, some other items may also be rolling over again to this week.

  • Yo that was tight

  • cashew time thank god

  • I just went to my local Woolworths and a staff told me that there is a new policy I cannot use an eWish card to buy the plastic wish card anymore, could you please confirm the information? Or I just met a dumb staff? Thanks.

    • Pretty sure this has always been the case, you just need to go through self serve and make sure the staff person isn't watching.

      • I never want to bother any staff at Woolworths, just want to do that by myself. However, the problem is you need a staff to set the amount on the gift card, you can't do that by yourself.

  • Are this week's specials almost the same as last week's or is it just me?

    • Yep and a few of the ones that are new were already active. The mods actually extended my post but now this is posted any way. The only two new grocery specials I can see is the Pepsi x 24 and Lipton

  • Clicked to buy the $9 cruise but left disappointed D:

  • Thanks again 😊

  • Hi TA, you might want to add to the Akai TV that it's available on Boxing Day.

  • Thanks for posting. Does anyone know anything about Optus starter kit activation date? On the sim it says it needs to be activated within 28 days of purchase, which means I can not stock it? Thanks.

    • I have the same question. Looks it has the same condition with ebay offer some time ago.

      • Bought one today from WW, and mine says activate within 30 days, yet expiry is Feb 2018. Receipt says card activation could take up to 24 hours.

        Previously, I have bought same cards from Coles, and there is no sticker that mentions "activate within 30 days", and have been able to activate it more than 30 days later and still get 6GB data that expires 30 days after I manually activate it.
        If you are worried, then buy the same deal at Coles.
        Quoted text:
        "I went to coles and asked the question. Staff seems to think they are pre-activated. Optus sales rep in the Optus shop says otherwise. I think I trust the sales rep more"
        "<stuff removed> Due to legislation, nobody can activate a SIM in Australia without a verified name and address, which Woolworths wouldn't be able to do. Even if you bought a SIM online, there's nothing to stop you from having one sent to a fake name/address. This wouldn't be sufficient to satisfy the legislative requirement. I'd say more likely is that the SIM has a built-in expiry date which doesn't take effect until it's activated, ie. you don't know the credit's all gone until you try to use it."

        • Yeah, some of us have been having this discussion here.

          I reckon it will expire in 30 days like you surmise, and is a new, separate expiry from the SIM expiry printed on the package, which is to flush old stock and sometimes to recycle the number, if one has been allocated. That's what would happen if they did capture the control number at the checkout and it's sent to Optus.

        • looks still a mystery. would you want to try to activate after 30 days?

        • @hongd: I didn't buy this deal, but just wait a few more days and the 30 days will be up for some purchases, then we see if there are any reports.

          I'm a bit leery of Optus these days after these kiasu tactics. At the least hang on to your receipt and maybe you can get the SIM exchanged.

        • @greenpossum:
          hehe, was going to post that discussion link, but you beat me to it.
          I bought two, so will activate one in a couple of weeks time, and see when the credit expires (28 days from purchase=auto-activation, or from date of my manual activation). Then decided when to activate the second one based on what I discover.

          "still get 6GB data that expires 30 days after I manually activate it." Correction => "expires 28 days after" not 30 days.

          Optus lost my long term prepaid business recently due to their customer churn business model. Now with Vodafone.
          They will probably loose the $10 sim business as well :P

        • @metiuse5: Well you might not be able to draw any conclusions from the first attempt because I think what it means is you have to activate it before 30 days since the purchase or it just dies. But once activated you get the full credit period.

  • Does anyone know if the Samsung J1 able to be unlocked to another carrier? Thanks