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Myrtle Creek Caged Eggs 700g $1/Dozen @ Coles Southland VIC


Just came across 700g cage eggs going for a dollar a dozen at Coles Southland (Victoria). Plenty available as of 10 minutes ago, at least 30 dozens.

Not sure if this applies to any other Coles stores so YMMV.

For your clarification, this is not a platform for users to argue for or against cage eggs or any associated issues. If you feel obliged to express your opinions against the availability of cage eggs you are most welcome to start your own thread to voice your opinions.

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    We're free to discuss the deal and the product…

    • +14 votes

      No we're not, apparently

    • -16 votes

      I despise cage egg buyers more than I despise the usual murderous carnivore. There are so many other viable alternatives on the holistic/natural market eg Ener-G egg, flax seed etc.

      I can't wait until someone gets the courage to poison all of you murderers. F**king barbaric lame excuses for life, your bodies would serve better as fertiliser.

      Murderous carnivores>Nazis>cis scum

      Antifa is coming

      • +4 votes

        +++ for obvious sarcasm that the rest didn't get

        • -1 vote

          Look guys, it's a bigot! I knew it wouldn't be long till they showed up with their racist frog memes. Please tell me you're being ironic? #whitemalefragility

  • +5 votes

    Can someone please tell me the pros/ cons of caged eggs vs free range? Cheers

  • +2 votes

    username checks out

    Waiting for the heated debate about eggs


    whats the expiry?

  • +2 votes

    OP do you remember the use by date?

  • +41 votes

    cage eggs… no thanks…

  • +1 vote

    Way to go! At this price its mayonnaise season for days, bros. Mayonnaise for days…

  • +8 votes

    Don't mention the way the hens are treated. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.

    • +4 votes

      Wouldn't touch these eggs. (Oops sorry didn't mean to reply to you.. was just a general comnent)

      • +12 votes

        I actually saw a woman once swapping out Cage Eggs for Free Range in the supermarket. An ethical tight#$%^.

        • +5 votes

          I actually saw a woman once swapping out Cage Eggs for Free Range in the supermarket.

          You should have posted in on YouTube and made a fortune…

        • +2 votes

          An ethical tight#$%^.

          No, just a common thief…


          Stock will drop for Cage, and another shopper believes Fresh Range tastes no different to Cage.

          To top it off, didn't even share this trick on Ozbargain. The worst kind.


          @StewBalls: To be fair, there is nothing common about that theft :)


          xmas eve I watched a woman open 2 boxes of croissants, fill one box from the other to fill hers, she got busted. This same woman cut in front of me and decided it was a good time to walk at a snails pace whilst checking her phone. I dont tolerate grazers at the best of times and since it was the xmas rush and promptly told her off

          She was asian

      • +4 votes

        Wouldn't touch these eggs.

        Egg allergy?

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    For your clarification, this is not a platform for users to argue for or against cage eggs or any associated issues. If you feel obliged to express your opinions against the availability of cage eggs you are most welcome to start your own thread to voice your opinions.

    Thats BS OP, with every product that is listed here (Electronics, food, perfumes, whatever) people often voice their pros and cons, why's and whynot or any associated matters regarding the product, That often influences why we buy, or dont buy the product.

    • +7 votes

      Second part as well because if everyone started their own thread they would be marked as dupes

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    I just buy whatever's the cheapest, tastes and looks nice (the eggs) after CHOICE did shed some light on misleading free range.


    "Many consumers are paying extra assuming hens are staying in the equivalent of a comfortable bed and breakfast, but instead they're stuck in a crowded backpacker hostel."

    A good find OP but I don't really wanna taste these $1 eggs after buying $1 avocados from Coles the other day…

    • +26 votes

      Why are you getting negged? It's the truth that the term "free-range" is misleading

      • +7 votes

        Ppl think eating ethical eggs are important or at least they feel better, so they can't stand the truth!
        To me, you should be a vegan if you really care. Do eat living things at all otherwise they're killed for your pleasure or needs!
        Plants are living things too…
        So get starved or stuffed!

      • +11 votes

        True, but that's why you buy eggs that are certified by a reputable organisation, such as Australian Certified Organic, and not just labeled 'free range' on the box. Different organisations have different standards though, and therefore aren't actually equal. A handy table can be found on Sustainable Table and also on Animals Australia. Choice has also named some brands, but the presentation is a bit all over the shop and can be difficult to navigate, but it's a good (although not comprehensive) list.

        I understand the hypocrisy between caring about free range eggs but not about other things, such as pork, or other types of meat, or consuming fast food which obtain their meat from non-free range sources, but hey, small steps. At least people have started caring about one small aspect.

        • +4 votes

          That's why I installed CluckAR, it tells you how many chickens they have so you can make an informed choice on how to purchased based on the quality of life provided for the chickens.

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    I really dislike caged eggs, as they are unethical. Almost as much as I dislike being told what to do by a post on Ozbargain. I'm curious to see some discussion as to how everyone else feels on these matters, however.

  • +1 vote

    I like eggs


    Caged eggs… Don't buy… Ozbargain or not, learn to have a soul.

    • +24 votes

      Sweat shop goods… Don't buy…

      Said no Ozbargainer ever.

    • -1 vote

      Here's their whole range:


    • +3 votes

      look..wasting $1 on useless plastic create pollution too!

      you think people have soul when they buy those $1 useless/wasted plastic posted here?

      • -2 votes

        We are currently talking about a bargain on caged eggs, not plastic. Just sayin'

        • -2 votes

          it felt the same…..eating meat, eating egg (caged or free range), and also to create pollution!

          I am talking about $1 ozbargain deal here, and whether people have soul(responsibility) to what they are doing?

          so here come your guess…..
          do people have soul when they just blindly buy things when it is cheap(says $1) but useless?

          answer: equally none! (like……who cares?? it's cheap!)


      If you really consider yourself "having a soul" then you wouldn't buy eggs at all. Even free range chickens are cramped and live a crappy life.


        No, it depends from whom you buy.

        • +1 vote

          Any eggs from the supermarket are most likely mass-produced and not from a local farm with 20 chickens free to roam around.


          @username1: I certainly wouldn't expect the supermarket to be stocking eggs from a farm with 20 chickens. There are however good free range eggs to buy at the supermarket, you just need to do some research.


      So it's not okay to provide the chicken a shitty environment but it's okay to slaughter them?


        Says who? We're talking about caged eggs, not chicken meat?


          We're talking about something bigger than just chicken and eggs. Animal welfare. As long as you're eating meat or using animal products, it's no better.

        • +1 vote

          @ronnknee: If you say so. So by your logic, if you'll do one bad thing, you might as well do two bad things, just because. Interesting.

        • +1 vote

          @DrDollar: exactly. Everyone is getting all high and mighty and think they are so superior when they do equally bad things but turn a blind eye to it.


          @username1: So you feel we should all just decide to be psychopaths? … O.O

        • +1 vote

          @DrDollar: it's fine, just don't make out you're better than others because you do one slightly different thing when in the bigger picture your efforts makes little to no difference to the world.

        • -1 vote

          @username1: You realize that the industry is moving away from caged eggs, because we as consumers are driving that change with how we buy, right?

          Let the status quo control you, rather than question the status quo. You're boring me.


          @DrDollar: yes that's great, but don't make out you're some god when you're still happy to keep animals imprisoned so they can breed and be killed when you can easily live on a plant based diet.

          It's fine to disagree with caged eggs, but don't make out that you're so much better than people who don't care about caged eggs, because you still support animal cruelty.


          @username1: You're constantly making this strange assumption that I eat animals. I don't know why.


          @DrDollar: it doesn't matter, my point is for 95% of people who still eat meat or eggs and claim they are so much better than everyone because they buy free range eggs.

          You're completely missing my point


          @username1: Your point is boring. You're stagnant in this world. You might as well be a robot.

  • +15 votes

    Should be off the market. So should sow stall pork.

      • +20 votes

        Someone expresses a different view to you about a product and you say 'cry me a river' and "keep your views to yourself" - seems you're being emotional about someone having a different view to you.

    • -1 vote

      I disagree with your vote.

      • +8 votes

        You've commented that on every neg, yet you haven't gave the deal a plus any way?

    • +2 votes

      invalid neg vote though.
      not agreeing with caged eggs or pork isnt a valid neg. $1 is a bargain compared to other egg prices.

      have a great new years.

  • +7 votes

    Can we get some negative votes on apparently so many people deciding that keeping animals in a confined prison is OK? I love Ozbargain, but, really?

    • +8 votes


      See negative voting and 'no vote', your negs should be removed.

      • -7 votes

        No, there are obviously major issues with the retailer, and the product is also defective.


          Those are just opinions.

        • +10 votes

          @chipstss: The egg is produced by an animal confined in a small space for it's lifetime. Perhaps we should experiment with humans and see how great their productivity is in the same situation?

          The industry is generally moving away from caged eggs, because they are of lower quality and are also simply immoral.

          If the moderators or Scotty wish to remove my comments or negative votes, then so be it. In this day and age however, in true Ozbargain spirit, I hope they instead embrace what is clearly just a product noone should be buying, no matter the price, and condone my comments and negative vote (along with others).

          Why not be part of positive change, rather than stagnate the ages…

        • +13 votes


          Where is your source for lower quality of caged eggs?
          There's even a study showing no nutritional difference across the range.
          If it was more prevalent I.e more studies etc that caged eggs were lower quality I would assume that would always be in our faces instead of the moral stance.
          You're free to have your moral stance but for quality at least back it up with facts.

        • -6 votes

          @KBZ: The egg broke in my sink. Damn. Defective. Oh well. Buyer beware. Buy free range instead, they haven't broken yet.


        • +4 votes



        • +7 votes


          Free range eggs have higher levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (the good fats) and omega-3 fatty acids compared to caged eggs. There doesn't appear to be any other nutritional differences, although free range egg shells also contain lower levels of certain pathogenic bacteria.

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