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FastTech 15% off Site Wide


No minimum and free postage to Australia! Happy New Year OzB!

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    Any bargains?

  • Are they reliable?

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      Certainly not for my last order.
      Order total: USD $31.21 paid immediately using their Paypal portal on 2/12.
      I logged back into my account on 23/12 and found order status was "awaiting payment". Apparently their (notoriously buggy) system reckoned only USD 0.21c had been paid!
      Hmm, Paypal shows payment made.

      I start a PP dispute with all that info plus a screen capture of order status page. Out of embarrassment they didn't respond to the PP dispute, instead emailing me directly with this ultimatum:

      "Your order awaiting shipment. Please cancel the Paypal dispute or the order can never be sent."

      So they were happy to keep it in limbo indefinitely until getting queried from PP. I wasn't going to cancel it, as they could just screw me. So I escalated to claim and was refunded.

      Now for vaping it's Gearbest, Heaven Gifts and eBay. I'd rather pay a little more for reliable service.

      • So you start a paypal dispute before ever contacting the vendor??

        Ya, I'm with the vendor. That's a (profanity) move.

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          Yeah, good for you buddy.

          If you had any experience with the FT query system, you'd retract that BS.

          The initial PP dispute is a query that forces the vendor to respond quickly. I'd already been waiting three weeks since payment, so I wasn't really interested waiting another 2-4 weeks in a best case scenario.

          An acceptable course of action from FT should have been:
          1. Apologise.
          2. Acknowledge their stuff-up.
          3. Offer immediate dispatch or refund.

          Instead they basically emailed that it was my fault order hadn't been sent because I started a PP dispute three weeks after payment, when it was their staff or system that was to blame.
          I call that dishonest. Not interested in doing business with such parties.

        • @USB-V:

          You gave the vendor absolutely no (profanity) opportunity to correct the mistake. If I were the vendor I wouldn't ship a thing if there was a chance my payment processor would reverse the payment.

          That acceptable course of action would have been reasonable had you actually contacted the vendor. Not their payment processor. Once you did that, game over as far as I am concerned. Contacting the payment processor is the last action you take, not the very first (profanity) one.

        • @geoffellis:

          The important point from USB-V comment is that their payment system may be somewhat buggy, and the way the vendor reacted suggests that they don't care.

          How USB-V dealt with the situation is irrelevant. Although it is quite twisted that you seem to be blaming the customer for reacting quite normally to such a situation…

        • +1


          and the way the vendor reacted suggests that they don't care.

          They don't care about what? the guy that didn't report a problem with his order or payment, and went straight to filing a complaint with the payment processor? Ya I wouldn't either.

          Although it is quite twisted that you seem to be blaming the customer for reacting quite normally to such a situation…

          How is this a normal reaction?? I have dinner at mcdonalds, and my food has a hair in it. I don't call up mastercard and dispute the charge. I call up the restaurant first. See if they can rectify the situation. If we come to an impasse, then maybe I call mastercard.

          If i buy a new Macbook, and it stops booting 2 days later, I don't call up mastercard and dispute the charge. I take it back to apple. I don't call mastercard.

          If i buy something on online, and it hasn't shipped in a reasonable time, i contact the seller to find out why and cancel the order if the delay is longer than I can manage. I don't (profanity) call up mastercard and dispute the charge. or paypal. or visa. UNLESS the vendor is being unreasonable when seeking a solution.

          Going straight to mastercard/visa/paypal/whoever before trying to resolve the problem with the vendor, is not a normal or reasonable reaction.

        • @geoffellis:

          Love how you use McD's — a physical B&M you could revisit — in an online shopping dispute.
          Guess what? They differ. It's enough of an issue that our Govt will be addressing the GST threshold, competing B&Ms are dead/dying/hurting and there's scams galore online.

          I did my bit: paid for items that were listed in stock. Their system failed to acknowledge the payment despite having a Paypal portal embedding in the checkout process.

          As already stated, if you had any experience with the FT query system, (as I have) you wouldn't dare raise a ticket in their Kafkaesque nightmare of a system. Best case scenario, they'd have taken a week to sort out a very simple bug at their end, then I'd have to wait another four weeks for delivery.

          So two months from original order, for something that wasn't my fault? Twice bitten — goodbye!

        • @USB-V:

          It doesn't (profanity) matter if you could revisit. Either (profanity) way, the first step to resolve an issue is never contacting the payment processor.

          As for wait times, ask for a (profanity) refund if you're not happy with the wait. You still don't need to go to the payment processor. Maybe it will take a week to get a response. Starting a paypal dispute isn't necessarily any (profanity) faster. They get 20 days to respond, and if after that 20 days you haven't come to a resolution, you can escalate to a claim, which then gives them another 10 days to respond.

          So starting a potentially month long process because you didn't want to wait a week whereby they could probably resolve the issue?? And all they have to do is ship it, show it was shipped, and then you lose the dispute. (profanity) genius! You just waited 3 months.

        • +1

          You just waited 3 months.

          After I noticed their bug, 3 days actually.

          You've shown no understanding of the FT query system or Paypal dispute system. Just because a PP dispute is raised, doesn't mean the order is dead. They could have responded at Paypal (you know, their preferred payment agent?) with a reason for it showing unpaid.
          But no, that would invite scrutiny of a bug (more work for them) and embarrassment at such a fail.

          Instead they chose to email me directly in response with an ultimatum for their mistake?
          That's grade-A cuntery right there.

        • -1


          After I noticed their bug, 3 days actually.

          Ya, because they decided not to be assholes. If you opened a dispute like that with me, it would have been 3 months.

          Just because a PP dispute is raised, doesn't mean the order is dead. They could have responded at Paypal (you know, their preferred payment agent?) with a reason for it showing unpaid. But no, that would invite scrutiny of a bug (more work for them) and embarrassment at such a fail.

          Didn't say it was dead. But I wouldn't ship a (profanity) thing if there was an active dispute. Clearly they won't either. Which you can choose between cancelling the dispute, or the order. And paypal doesn't (profanity) scrutinise bugs. They don't give a shit. All they care about is getting the issue resolved. I can guarantee you there is no one at paypal right now discussing bugs in the payment system for FT because of your dispute. Hell they don't even need to tell Paypal what happened. All they need to do is refund you or ship you the item.

          Instead they chose to email me directly in response with an ultimatum for their mistake?

          No, they chose to respond to you with an ultimatum due to your unreasonable action(s). At least this way they gave you the option of maintaining the relationship. A reasonable person might be okay with going through with the order. Their mistake was thinking you might be reasonable. Otherwise they would have just given you a refund due to the dispute, if they won't ship your item with an active dispute. That might be what you wanted, but that might not be what everyone wants. Hence your "ultimatum".

        • @geoffellis: Even though you may be right about contacting the vendor, there's no need to be hostile.

        • Not too bright, are you? Okay, I'll summarise it very succinctly.

          1. Order complete and paid via Fasttech-Paypal portal.
          2. I return a few weeks later and order status showing "Partial payment".
          3. I recall (because I have a brain and learn from experience) my last FT problem — again their fault — and what a PITA it was.
          4. Paypal dispute: Order not received selected. Additional information supplied about their site bug, including a screen capture of same.
          5. Vendor has a few days to respond via Paypal. Chooses not to.
          6. Refund issued and order cancelled by FT.

          Three days: result!

          I don't have time to stuff around with vaping stuff. Know why? I need a reliable supplier, not some flaky bunch whose only virtue is lowest prices. Their own forums and Reddit has enough cautionary tales with similar experiences to mine. Until three orders ago, I counted myself lucky.

          It's done and dusted. If any other vendor screws up, I'll do the same. Don't like it Geoff? Don't screw up my order!

        • @USB-V: all sounds entirely reasonable. Having problems with my Fast Tech order early this month and based on this one experience I'd advise prospective customers to give them/him/her a very wide berth.

        • @Possumbly: Yeah, and it's a shame. I just sense with several overseas vendors that the honeymoon is over. It's like they don't need us any more.

          Only waiting on Gearbest at the moment, as PostNL can be slow. Part of my reorder is with them because of the recent dashcam deal. I went for tracked/insured anyway so let's try some cheap juice.

          The Heaven gifts order arrived 9 Jan and eBay order 12 Jan. Their systems all managed to acknowledge payment correctly and dispatch the correct items (genuine Kanger btw, numbers authenticated).

  • How much is Site Wide normally?

  • Even without coupon, they're 7% cheaper than competitors.

    • Won't ship lithium batteries here any more though.

      • Not just them, all other China stores refused to ship to Australia due to safety reason.

        • Yea gearbest will but it cost a bit.

        • +1

          Yeh it sucks. Aus vendors are double the price.

        • @aussieprepper:

          They don't sell AG13 Alkaline Button Batteries (10 PCS) for US$2.50.

          Local store sells for 10x as much.

        • @Al Kider:

          They're pretty stupid. Electronic product comes with a cell battery and they can ship via NL post. A standalone cell battery is refused to ship via NL post. I did request them to send by boat, but they declined.

        • Banggood would ship. But take weeks to get here

  • I always buy my vaping supplies from them. Very reliable.

    • +1

      I want to start my old man on e-cigs. He is not great with technology though. Just wondering if you are able to suggest any starter kits or any guides that may be helpful to a newbie?

      • +1

        get your juices from vapesters.com.au

        • +1

          these guys have Decent sale thanks dude !

        • +1

          @PhatJz: Yeah, I got 50% back in store credit they always have deals and promotions on their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/VapestersAustralia/

        • @PhatJz: vapoureyes.com.au also has a sale.

          They will double the volume of whatever you order from their own line of liquids and free shipping for orders over $50. Also, you get 500 "karma" for registering an account which you can straight away use to generate a 10% off code which stacks with the sale.

          My personal favourites:

          • Momo's Milk
          • Roasted Strawberry
          • Admiral V
          • All Day Breakfast
          • Heisenberg
        • @kamoi:

          Thanks for that!

        • :)

      • Joyetech AIO. Easiest ecig to use and an awesome performer,and only about $20. Youtube it and you'll see how easy and popular it is

        • Thanks would you know best which is the best place to get Nictone based ejuice.

        • +1

          You have to get it from overseas sellers. There are many of them, but a couple of reputable ones are HiLiq and Mt Baker Vapor.

        • @kahn:
          I find most ejuices sold oversea, namely mtbaker, are quite expensive + shipping. Any overseas seller you can recommend?

        • +1

          @soyea: Legally, merchants can't sell liquids containing nicotine. However, that doesn't mean they don't. Having a friendly chat to a tobacconist will open doors ;) Also, often find people at markets selling liquids.

          That being said, I generally buy my nicotine from the states (nicvape.com) and mix with locally produced flavours (vapeking.com.au does an awesome double apple shisha flavour)

        • @notewar:
          As quarkgun mentioned, it's illegal to sell nicotine from Australia. Your only realistic option is to buy from overseas. If you think they are too expensive, then buy a larger bottle (nicotine has a shelf life) instead of many smaller bottles. Otherwise, find a discount coupon. I think HiLiq had free shipping recently, could be wrong. Mt Baker Vapor has at least 10% off coupons floating around. Another option is to buy the nicotine overseas and buy the flavour concentrate locally and mix it yourself.

          If you're comparing the cost of smoking cigarettes to vaping, then I think it's pretty clear which one is cheaper in the medium and especially long-term.

  • +1

    Thanks a lot

  • Reliable

  • Similar to comment above - looking for mother in law to move from cigarettes, any suggestions about what to start with when it comes to vaping?

    • +1

      IMO best starting device kit would be the Innokin endura t18 or t22. No problems leaking, easy to refill, draws like a cigarette great device. I use the tanks from the endura on a high end device and it's perfect.

    • +1

      You want to improve your mother-in-law's health?

      • +1

        Leyton might just wanna decrease the stank…

  • I ordered Nitecore CR123 battery and somehow shipping have to be with Emirates Post. At the end of the day still get shipped by Aus Post once arrived in the country.

  • Anyone bought a Pi from these guys before?

  • Been getting my E-cig supplies from them over 2 years now. Very reliable, but boy they are s-l-o-w, 4 weeks plus. But they do arrive. Very cheap and good quality e-liquids and hardware. Jumping on now to order more gear for 4 weeks later.

    Happy new year to fellow Oz-Bargainers.

    • Any good flavor you can recommend without the nic?

      • Currently using Fasttech's 16mg Cappuccino and 16mg Caramel mocha about 50/50 mix. Good daily vape. Would think they have zero nic as well.

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    Discount code does not seem to work. Anyone else tried ??

  • Code works, you need to add items to cart then click on "Have a coupon code?" and enter in.
    Although, it might not work if big quantity discount applied first, like if you added 3 items and it shows savings.

    I'd love to buy this flashlight: https://www.fasttech.com/products/1398602 @ $84.47 (save $14.73)
    And charger: https://www.fasttech.com/products/1429000 @ $24.11 (save $4.26)
    But they do not ship the TF32650 batteries to Australia. (like these https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10005376/1429201-trustfi...)

    Where do you guys get your 32650 batteries from?

    Happy New Year!

    • Havent been active in this game for a while now, but I would suggest the 32650 is not worth the hassle. Pound for pound, a 26650 or 18650 returns better performance. Sony, Samsung LG etc that make these batteries for laptops and power tools etc dont put much R&D into the odd sizes, but 18650 is common, and 26650 is probably second. These get the R&D for better runtimes, more sustained current delivery because there is a large market for those sizes.

      I could be wrong.

      • Thank you for your reply.
        I know cheap batteries might have issues with Voltage and Current but what do you think comparing these two:

        1. 2x26650 ($68.85 for 6) - looks like good quality with high price. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-MNKE-IMR-26650-High-Current-Rec...
        2. 6x26650 ($31.99 for 6) - cheap with no specs http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/6-x-26650-3-7v-Ultrafire-Recharge...
        • Dont touch the yellow ones. Im not a vaper, and know sweet bugger all about it really, except sub ohm can be harsh on a battery.

          That aside, if the MNKE are genuine, and if MNKE still do good stuff (like I said, I havent been buying or reading much lately) then they should be good. Seems from the below review and test, this one is good… but is it genuine…


          depends what you want to run it in. 3500ma storage, and 20 amps constant current is not to shapbby. But at lower currents, there are higher storage capacity 18650s.

          EDIT: Im blind. I now see what you want to run it in.

        • All the numbers, 18650, 26650 etc mean is
          18 is diameter
          65 is length, this varies depending on protection circuits and manufacturers so its often not accurate.
          0 is shape, cylinder.

    • Thanks for that. Was ordering with quantity discount. May do what OzBargainers do. Order single items forgo the little discount and the claim the 15%.

  • Bought 2 items to test how fast they ship via HKP.

  • Looking to buy the OnePlus 3T 64Gb from this sale (419.86 USD = ~582.85 AUD)

    Would anyone know which version to buy? The frequency bands appear to be exactly the same on the specs for each phone.

    EU: https://www.fasttech.com/products/6376800
    US: https://www.fasttech.com/products/1101/10011799/6376801-onep...

    On the official website, the EU/Asia version should have different bands to the US version.


    • Very good Q I'd like to know the same pls guys?

      • Looks like it is the China version of the phone - comparing the LTE bands.

        From Whirlpool forum the EU/Asia and China model are almost equivalent for use in Australia.

        You can also check how important Band 28 is in your area using https://oztowers.com.au/Home/Query

        • Thanks triplezzb!

  • Just bought a new mouse for desktop PC. Worked out cheaper here in auz with US>AU conversion using coupon + free shipping. Thanks for headsup! :)

  • Thanks for this, needed more e-liquid so great timing! Always had no issues with these guys and any problems have been resolved quickly, had a faulty Kangertech tank, they just shipped the replacement without wanting it returned. Been using them for about three years.

    Someone asked about batteries, I've been using an eBay store gbd-globalbatterydealer, not sure if they're actually based in Australia despite what it says, most likely coming from HK or China but again they've been good to rectify anything when messaged which thankfully has only happened once which was just a cracked case from poor packaging.

    • +1

      You buy ejuice from fasttech? That dirt cheap one lol?

      If yes what's it like?

      • REALLY good and dirt cheap compared to other places. Was sourcing e-liquid from American years ago when first started vaping. They tasted like cat's p!ss … and very expensive. Later found out that they were importing from China anyway and then flavor their own..crap. Currently using Fasttech's 16mg Cappuccino and 16mg Caramel mocha about 50/50 mix. Good daily vape.

        • Hmm interesting. I would've thought the opposite. I just started vaping and got my 1st order a few weeks ago and out of 8 flavours only 2 were bad.

          What shop did you buy from originally? I might give the fasttech ones a go considering how cheap it is.

        • @Al Kider: wasn't there a big outcry about chinese liquid products containing carcinogenic materials? My first batch I bought from China (which tasted terrible BTW), but after hearing all the hoohah, switched to local products…

        • @quarkgun:

          Well American PR (Bull Sh!t) is the best in the world..and YOU pay for that. When I was researching it years ago, found some utube video on Chinese eLiquid manufacturing plants. They looked like HUGE clinical manufacturing labs. Sorry too lazy to search for the links now. From what I can remember they supply the rest of the world, including most of US and Europe.

          After vaping Hangda and Dekang products from Fasttech, I throw all the ones I got from England and the US which I paid hundreds of $ for. Those guys were retailers selling Chinese sourced products, written up in fancy marketing hypes. Why not buy from the source and save a bundle ?

          Beware of paid spruikers on a lot of e-cig forums .. probably ex Cigarette Co. emplyees, haha.

          Hope that helps.

        • @newby2010:Agree that there's an element of FUD around the whole ecig world. Will do some reading on those products you mentioned :)

      • I pretty much only get the Dekang Vanilla at 18mg, it's reliably good and I love it, can't get enough of it :). Went through a lot of different ones to try what I liked and have stuck with that one for years now.

  • Anyone tried the 2in1 micro USB cables? Or even the magnetic USB cables?

  • thanks. bought a nitecore tube UV light, just to complete my tube collection :)

  • I use them all the time for my vape supplies (tanks, atomizers, spare parts) Out of 10 deliveries, i've had a problem on my last one as one of the items was "out of stock" and I was not notified until 8 days later.
    they contacted me and asked if i wanted a refund or credit, i took the credit and they shipped shortly after.

  • anyone else get stiffed for extra freight charges? I paid for airfreight and its taken them a week to tell me that I need to pay them more money.

  • First order delivered after 11 working days via AusPost eparcel with a tracking number. I added a hard box with extra bubble wrap. The smartphone came in a sealed box. I'm very happy with their service and will place more orders in the future. This company is better than DX because they have options to choose which postal services.

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