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Free Optus $2 SIM @ 7-Eleven [App Required]


It's back on for another month.

There's also free regular coffee (targeted) and cheap snacks.

While you can't do much with a $2 SIM, maybe port in and out between another provider's starter packs, it will give you access to Optus Perks for cheap Hoyts tickets and Cricket Live access.

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Android App

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    No free coffee showing up for me. But always good to claim another spare sim. Thanks OP

  • If you activate the sim just for the perks do you have to top it up at any point to keep it active?

    • No I believe you can just forget it, as long as the number is still with Optus, I don't think they do anything to check whether it's alive or not.

      • Thanks! I'll get one and put it in an old phone then. :)

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        Optus will deactivate your number if you don't top it up and keep it in credit within a certain time.
        The length of time varies depending on which plan you get.

    • Once you get an account for Optus Perks I don't think it matters if you have an active service or not.

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        Nah, my Perks account was inactivated after 3 months or so of doin' nothin'. Though I never topped up.

        • Ahh okay.

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    It's probably not free, 7-Eleven make the staff pay for it.

  • Is it limited to one per customer?

    • Yes. Well once per app installation.

      Note: you can redownload the app, make a new account, and redeem the offers again.

      via previous deal

      • That's interesting. I'll try that next time.

        Simply clearing the app data on Android didn't bring back the SIM card promotion last month. But that was without ever creating an account. I was under the impression they recognised the android device id, Google advertising ID or installed extraneous data.

      • +1

        On Android I just cleared the Cache & activated new account. Got fresh offers. That also works with other apps with freebies­čś»

      • Tried the bar code straight from downloading the app - it didn't work.

        Do I have to have created an account (and signed in) in order for the offer to work?

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    Get one for Optus Perks if you want, but keep in mind it will deactivate 6 months after the last recharge.

    • Yeah and the SIM says you must activate within 30 days of purchase.

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        But I don't think that caveat is implemented.

        • OK, thanks. I might keep one for 6 months to test :)

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    No free coffee for me either. Plus I saw an offer for a free donut (on condition i registered the app) which has now disappeared after registering.

    • It says the free donut will arrive within 24 hours. I'll wait 23 more hours and then send off a hangry complaint.

    • Mine is a registered account, it has free Optus sim, coffee and donut.

      I regularly use the "fuel price lock" but when ever I have tried to redeem the sim it fails. Not sure why…

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    Free coffee appears once a month in my experience (post registration)

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    it doesn't work says redeemed previously, I think the app keeps record of last time redemption of the same $2 sim, this time it said that it has been redeemed the 7/11 woman tried a lot didn't work so had to leave.

    • Note: you can redownload the app, make a new account, and redeem the offers again.

      via previous deal

    • When does it say redeemed previously? After pressing the new promotion?

      My barcode appears but I haven't tried redeeming again. I cleared the app's data though and registered an account.

      • +1

        on 7/11 system it says redeemed the lady said, and I told her this valid from today, so she checked again and the system was not allowing to let it go thru the free voucher in the app, I didn't stress much as the store owners would later on force her to pay from her account which is normal practice so I just said thanks and left the sim to her.

    • +1

      Same issue here

  • I thought you needed an active balance for Cricket Live access, along with Optus Sport if it was this years deal.

  • I looked at Optus Perks at Eastgardens which only has recliner seats and there was an option for a $15 ticket + no booking fee or a $13 ticket but with a $1.20 booking fee ($14.20)???

    • Lol, looking at that cinema too!

  • something wrong with app - cannot even login. No error received but it just loops and comes back on same login screen.

  • OMG! Cannot run on the rooted device?!

    • +1

      Su hide or magisk hide.

      • Many Thanks!

  • These have always been free around hotels, Telstra and Vodafone $2 sims also.

  • RACV members (in VIC) can get discounted movie tickets at any time online or at RACV Shops, no need to go into the trouble of Telstra Thanks/Optus Perks etc.

    • What price and for which cinemas?

  • First time registered but when they scanned they said it didn't work

  • How long does the Optus Perks valid for, do you have to continually top up in order to continue getting the perks?

      • Thanks, activated and created Optus account online and says have to top up by 8 Jan otherwise will expire…will I still have access to Perks?

        • Yes

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