expired Uber - $20 off Your First Ride and $10 Donated to Mcgrath Foundation


Share the promo code MCGRATHPINK and for every new rider who takes their first trip using the code, Uber will donate $10 to the McGrath Foundation. Plus, they’ll get $20 off their first ride.

Not as good as the current and long running $25 off deals, but perhaps that $10 donation makes it better.

New users only.

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Referral:  crayner or random (2292)

$10 off towards referee's first ride and $10 off towards referrer's next ride after referee's first ride. Free rides expire after 90 days. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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    upvote for donation.


    • +7 votes

      Would have preferred this to support prostate cancer… breast cancer already gets enough funding.



      • +4 votes

        More men die from prostate cancer than females from breast cancer.

        • +1 vote

          Men do die from breast cancer, but no women die from prostate cancer😯


          @Infidel: don't you get it? women now rule the world.


          You've just realised that?

          Women have driven purchasing decisions for a fair while now, being far more powerful consumers than men according to Forbes. So marketers aren't dumb in focusing promotions (like this) primarily towards women & those who value women.

          Boobs are big in marketing. Everyone loves boobs - they're very noticeable & they're fun. Marketers have used them for a long time.

          A doctor, the snap of a rubber glove, a hairy anus being inserted digitally… not the image most companies want to be associated with. Do you want that image when you book or get in an Uber?

          Men value their own health rather lowly - unfortunately. Probably why the prostate doesn't get the attention it should & lower the rates of illness. That's up to men to change.

          Everyone knows where boobs are. Many people think of them frequently.
          Who knows where the prostate exactly is - men often don't want their doctor to check it & I've never heard of a nice easy self-examination👍 unlike with breasts. (It's possible but definity not advisable.)

          The prostate is certainly not sexy like boobs, in an advertising sense😯

          There's always Movember - raising funds & awareness of men's health. Uber has partnered with Movember in the past, providing free credit to supporters.


          @Infidel: nope, known for a while now. don't get me started on feminists….

          you needed forbes to tell you that?

          fyi, PSA test is a reasonable non-invasive start (esp. if younger), and a finger in the bum isn't a big deal. self exams are doable, but over time you might not notice enlargement. and there's plenty of conditions that don't mean cancer.

          women have their boobs squashed in a mammogram and that's not advertised so i dont think that is the issue here.

          i didnt even know movember was for prostate cancer. yet i know the pink ribbons are breast cancer.

          there needs to be more awareness for prostate cancer, but of course, women seem to be more pro-active in their cause and considerably less so in general for men.

          when there's money involved……


          Years ago many women campaigned for more funding for breast cancer research with the cry of there'd be more funding if it was a male disease. I used to point out males had breast tissue too. I was not appreciated😢

          PSA as a predictor of Prostate Cancer is being debated as not very good - especially for mass screenings. Only 1 in 3 elevated PSA results show actual Prostate Cancer, & normal result does not rule out cancer! Digital examination is recommended for males over 50 (used to be 40 from memory). Best discussed with your doctor🚑

          All screening programs are aimed at the population rather than decreasing individual illness.

          Movember is for male health, with Prostate & Testicular health being very important.

          Breasts are such defining features for most women, that the possible treatment of surgically removing them is terrifying. Some men wouldn't even know they had a prostate & many don't want to know about it. Such different mindsets contribute to very different approaches to campaigning for limited resources.

          My Mother died from secondary cancers from her Breast Cancer - an agonising 10 years of pain. Other females in the family have had it. No male I've known has died of Prostate Cancer, but my Father is always worried about it - mainly for its side effects on the bladder & possible impotence if treated with surgery.


          SORRY apptrack - cut & pasted wrong death rates (much higher incident rates rather than 20 per 100,000 females) for Breast Cancer. Asked to be removed as incorrect😢

          Ignore above stats comment!
          Prostate deaths ARE higher than breast cancer.



          I used to point out males had breast tissue too. I was not appreciated😢

          ffs i know what you mean. men with boobs ("man boobs") also need to be careful. but of course, when it's primarily a female problem even though it can be a male problem - you're still shot down.

          PSA is better than nothing, because if it's elevated, it's elevated for a reason. and that COULD be cancer, but it could also be benign prostate enlargement etc. it's also higher after riding a bike and ejaculation, and naturally increases with age. but if you're young and have no issues with urination and can't feel your prostate enlarged, and have no pain. i dont think you don't need a finger in the bum.

          biopsy is the only way to know for sure.


    When will the code expire?

    • +1 vote

      20/01/17, I had to check on the Facebook page.


        Hi crayner,
        Do I need to catch a ride by 20/1/17 or download the app by 20/1/17…. I am planning on using uber on 15/2/17 for the first time.


          I'm not sure when the redeemed credit will expire, but in order to use this promo code and have $20 of credit added it must be entered before the 20th.

          You could contact Uber for a response or otherwise use another code, such as one of the long living $25 off codes found in the links at the top of this deal page.

  • +1 vote

    Good cause!

  • +6 votes

    Note that $2.50 of this $10 goes to administration aka someone is making a lot of money rather than giving it to the worthy cause.


    Can you put in promo code in Uber apps?

  • +1 vote

    This is what sets Uber apart form cabs. That and the fact that Uber drivers typically wear deodorant


    I'm surprised this isn't getting Ozbargained? It's for a good cause and also it's free!!?

  • +3 votes

    Why not using the $25 off deals, then give a >$5 https://www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au/Donate.aspx, which is tax deductible, every one wins and which is a better bargain. :)

  • +1 vote

    Sounds like an obvious scam to me.


    Is Uber a thing in Sydney yet?

    Is Ubereats a thing in Sydney yet?

    If so, still small in number, or getting to be pretty viable?

  • +1 vote

    Glen Mgarth would be on 5mil for sure


    How do you get $25? I can't see that anywhere in this forum.


    I've used UberEats previously, but not Uber. I've tried to enter the code but it says not valid as I'm not a new user - has using UberEats voided the possibility of an Uber discount?

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