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Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Laptop (Pentium N3710 Quad-Core + 128GB SSD) - $319.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Back again for the same price. See previous deal for discussion. A solid and great value laptop.
Available in blue, white & red


Windows 10 Home 64-bit English
Pentium ® Processor N3710 (2M Cache, up to 2.56 GHz)
4GB DDR3L 1600MHz RAM (4GBx1)
11.6-inch HD (1366 x 768) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display
Ports 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI v1.4a
Integrated Widescreen HD (720p) Webcam with Digital Microphone
Battery up to 10 hours 15 mins
Starting at weight: 1.18 Kg

Original CSUNNY20 deal

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  • Comments are closed on previous discussion so hope it's ok to post here. I'm looking for something like this with a backlit keyboard. Anyone have ideas on where I can look.. and if there is a brand that always has backlit keyboards. Other criteria is a matt screen. (my eyes are an issue, so need to find ways to alleviate eye strain ) . Any help with this is appreciated.

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      To get back-lit keyboard, you need to spend a lot more than this, maybe even double or more. Most brands make them higher up in their ranges.

      On the other hand, a matt screen should be easier to find on some lower priced models with various brands, just getting all the required features and specs to line up in one machine for the price you want will be your challenge. Happy hunting.

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        Thanks ozhunter68

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      Maybe you should do a two partner purchase a all in one pc/screen or tablet with your requirements /matt screen and a specialty keyboard. luck on this. Can you get special glasses with colour lenses to protect your eyes,

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        I need it to be a laptop as I do a lot of travel… Good idea on the special glasses..Im going to look into it… Thank you Kevan2

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      Could you get a matt screen protector? Even if it's not quite the right size, get a larger one and cut it down?

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        Use the waste cut off for phone 📱 screen.

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    Upgrades on Ram & SSD are possible, here are some pictures

    • probably the most useful post regarding this notebook!

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      Would upgrading to 8GB RAM make much difference?

      Anyone who's done this from the previous deals or know if it would help for this CPU?

      Edit: My question was answered in this post:

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        FWIW, I just put an 8GB stick in mine for one reason, to disable the pagefile, (which is enabled by default).

        4GB RAM + ~1.2GB pagefile or 8GB RAM + no pagefile … easy choice, disabling the pagefile saves some space/wear on the SSD, and makes it a little faster by not having to page data out to a slow SSD.

        I disabled the pagefile when it had 4GB RAM, was running out of memory after opening 3 or so tabs in Chromodo, now with 8GB, no problem.

        Can always re-enable the pagefile if necessary but I haven't seen usage go above 3.5GB yet.

        Also, can now run an ImDisk dynamic RAM drive of around 2GB - brings back that good old Amiga feeling :)

        I use a 6GB RAM drive on my desktop, great for system temporary files/ephemeral data.

        • Awesome thank you for the update mate!

          I have noticed it runs a little slow after a few tabs are open so I'll most likely upgrade to 8GB Ram

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          @humanpiranha: Hopefully improve it a little more when I get around to disabling everything that doesn't need to run.

          Great little machine, vast improvement over my old Acer Aspire One with 1.5GB RAM and N270 Atom CPU … and just in time for a multi-month overseas vacation :D

  • is 11.6 inch screen decent. Seems like tablet.

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      Correct. Most people would use a tablet for email/content consumption and light portable duties with extended battery life compared to more powerful laptops. You would use this unit for similar use, except this would appeal more for word processing and data entry with it's useful keyboard.

      Heavier than tablet, but running Windows 10 and more powerful than a tablet in this price range.

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    Starting at weight: 1.18 Kg not bad.

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      It's a great little laptop for travelling, good battery life too.

  • 1.60GHz bit of a killer for me

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      But not a battery killer. Some core M and i5's run on same/lower GHz than this, it's all in the cores and architecture design.

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    Got this last time. Haven't upgraded anything yet, just did a clean windows 10 install to get rid of any bloatware etc and it runs like a dream.

    Only annoyance is that two finger scrolling in chrome sometimes plays up on the touchpad (touchpad feel and performance is actually rather nice)

    I was also impressed with the battery, 5-6 hrs use/ watching movies etc. At this price I throw it in my backback/ and take it on the road without worrying about it, micro SD card reader is super useful for moving gopro footage across and watching.

    • Is there a windows key on the unit anywhere for the fresh install?

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        You don't need it, download the windows 10 image from Microsoft on to bootable USB and it will detect current license during install. You'll just have to go to Dell website after that and install the req'd drivers but it's easy peasy.

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          Hows the laptop with handling multiple programs at once?

          Say opening multiple tabs in Chrome with Microsoft Word open etc. Want to get this but need to make sure it can handle this alright, will only be using for writing, emails, excel/word, dropbox etc.

          Edit: This post answered my question and sold me on getting it… Damn OzB..

        • +1


          Thanks for doing all my research for me and coming back and sharing the info!!

        • @humanpiranha: to be honest chrome for some reason can be a bit twitchy sometimes but I don't know if it's to do with the touchpad driver or what but because I am using the laptop more than I thought I did take advantage of current sale to get memory upgrade @$55 after discount.

        • Hey TommyGun, I finally got around to doing the clean install and was just wondering what drivers are actually required because the laptop is working perfectly fine on the clean install (plays videos with sound and touchpad responsive, although I havent tried plugging in any usbs or mouses etc)

          All of the drivers listed on the website ( are 'Recommended' with one being urgent for SSD firmware.

          I'm taking a punt and guessing would need to download audio, SD card, some Chipsets, SD card, possibly Network, Video? And there's 4 different SSD firmware updates!

          Any pointer otherwise I might just keep it as is for now and as I use it over time download whatever I'd need when I want to use it


    • What's the playback of raw GoPro footage like on this thing? Smooth/acceptable? If you could include GoPro model and footage resolution/framerate details, that'd be great.. cheers!

      • Surprisingly well, albeit I'm not doing 4k.
        My gopro is 4 black [email protected] frames and plays perfectly on the bloody windows 10 player. I though I'd need vlc but wasn't the case.

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    Even JB is selling it for $329 ..Whats wrong with this product !!

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      Jb hifi one seems to be 32GB eMMC Storage instead of 128GB

      • Yeah my bad.. you are right. Its 32GB which you have to replace anyway :)

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          The models with the 32GB eMMC "hard drives" cannot be upgraded. They use a different motherboard with the RAM and HDD soldered directly to the mobo.

        • @woosydiver: Thanks mate. I wont even think of buying and replace that "eMMC" drive anyway, just saying.

  • I don't really know how to read the specs on these. I currently have a tired HP that has the following:

    i5 M 460 @ 2.53 GHz
    4 Gig Ram

    My current one is windows 7 and does everything I need. It performs well (browsing, downloading movies and playing movies from the TV) except it gets incredibly hot after about 30 mins and the hinges are about done.

    How would this compare? I don't need my current one to be quicker just the same if that makes sense?

    Any thoughts?

    • +1

      This benchmark might give you some idea of the relative performance:

      I would say they would perform similarly for light duties and slower for heavier workloads that benefit from faster CPU. Keep in mind they are two separate categories altogether and one uses significantly less power and heat (a concern for you at them moment).

      Plus the 128GB SSD would be a lot faster than any spinning disk you have which is possible in a laptop of your age. This means it may actually feel faster e.g. turn on faster, open applications quicker than the old one.

      For browsing, downloading, content consumption - it's perfectly adequate.

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    Thanks OP. Wifey gets a replacement for the ageing Mac. Definitely saved some time and money !!

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    Upgraded my old mans eMachines/eeePC whatever netbook with this and it's pretty fantastic. Great price for what you get. Seems snappy enough to use for basic stuff :)

    • Is the screen on this shiny or matt?

      • +1

        Anti-glare = matt

        • Thanks firefly2k3

    • Same here. Replaced mum's eeepc.

  • It's weird to think Pentium 4 cpu's from 15 years ago can still get faster single-threaded scores than processors like this.

    • That was back in the days when clock speed was all that mattered, these things are all about efficiency. Those old CPUs might be faster, but they chew 10x more power than the one in this laptop.

  • where do I enter the csunny 20 code please?

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      You go to the checkout and then it should show you price and payment method before finishing the order. AT the very bottom of that page will be an "Apply Voucher" section where you type in the code

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        Thanks HumanPiranha, got one. FYI—- status said almost gone

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    Haven't heard "Pentium" for a long time

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    Can you guys hurry up and buy these so it shows out of stock for me?

    I'm about to cave in!!

    • +1

      Dooo iiiittt!!!;

    • +2

      1,381 sold
      More than 93% sold

      Still about 100 left sorry to say :p

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    Can run Windows 7 as well for those interested.

  • No White anymore

  • Will they restock the White colour before the promo ends? Any thoughts?

    • +3

      White is back in stock now — I just bought one!

      • +1

        Thanks mate! Got one as well :)

  • Anyone have any experience with postage times?

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      Last time it took about a week for Sydney metro area.

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    I bought this from the previous sale here's my mini review. I didn't do a clean install but I removed everything 'Dell' related and have NOD Smart Security installed.

    IMO the 8GB ram upgrade isn't worth it as it didn't give me any significant performance boost. Occasionally I hit around 3.8GB of ram, but the laptop is fairly slow by then. Not to mention the plastic gets scratched even when you use proper prying tools during the upgrade(Around the HDMI connector and the 'lip' of the rear housing).

    Video playback is average on some codecs, so don't expect perfect playback on .mkv files(I did some tuning on VLC but still choppy at times).

    Firefox/chrome/IE browsing is slow after 3 tabs. Maybe I'm used to it on my desktop, but I expect switching between tabs to be almost instant, over 5 tabs there's about 2-3 second delay(For those SSD users it feels like going back to normal HDD).

    One important tip, if you switch to 'High Performance' in power options(only recommended if you're plugged in) settings it full throttles to 2.56Ghz more often making it significantly quicker.

    Overall there's nothing much else to say, its a very good laptop for its $320 price; the build quality is excellent, startup is quick, the keyboard has a very nice solid feel. My final advice is that its a perfect 'spare' laptop on the go. It handles word/excel/powerpoint with ease, but seems to struggle a bit on web browsing.

  • Slightly off topic for a second - I was just about to jump on this sale but I have a friend selling their old Dell Latitude 6430u Ultrabook (with intel i7, 8GB ram, 256 SSD). Its in excellent condition. I am looking to just have a back up PC laptop to play some old school games that are PC only on steam (think old sierra games - like Kings quest 1,2 etc).

    Any comments on which one might be more appropriate for me?

    • Same price? I'd go the Dell Ultrabook.

      Significantly more expensive? I'd go the Inspiron. Kings quest would probably struggle on this tbh.

  • I can confirm it boots up <10 seconds with McAfee/Office360 and the DellApps suite. I think it's extremely fast all-round, it can handle multiple apps in a go without slowing down (doesn't need the 8GB upgrade imo). the SSD makes it super fast, portable and silent (I can't tell it's on if I put an ear to it).

  • Has anyone's laptop shipped yet?

    • Ordered mine on 9th, got ETA 29th today (Sydney metro)

  • Now not sure I was going to get

    with 14 inch screen vr 11.6 inch

    2gb/500gb vrs 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz RAM (4GBx1)
    128GB SSD

    much slower.

  • -1

    Decided and bought one - a blue one - also for she who must be obeyed - not a red one Thanks op.

    tried to stack 2 vouchers for the extra 20 but did not work. As to be expected.

  • +1

    Got one of these during the decemeber special for uni next year. I can tell this will work perfectly for my needs. Also perfect for watching netflix at nightin bed. Also got a cheap midi keyboard recently and was surprised the included daw ran so flawlessly (at the same time i was in a video chat). Though it did worry me how warm the laptop was getting, since no fans

  • Caved. :|

    Just too good for the price and seems to be perfect for what I want it for i.e. lounging around in bed and can take it with me when I travel overseas to catch up with the family.

  • Anyone put Linux on this??? Easy? I use Debian on a daily basis. Thinking of upgrading my current 4 year old laptop with this one. Any input would be appreciated.

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