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Logitec X-530 speakers for $66 @ Centrecom - Clayton


Hey Guys,

I was just at Centrecom in Clayton. Saw these awesome speakers for a great price.

Bit out of date, I know… but i've had mine for 5 years now. Still perfect sound.

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    MSY sells it for $62

    • And I picked them up 6 months ago for $65, and considering there is also a MSY in Clayton, i'd be more inclined to head down the road and buy it there instead.

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        I'd rather pay the extra $4 and get them at CentreCom rather than queue up for an hour and get bad service from MSY

        • Could I recommend the North Melbourne MSY. That store is always dead. I'll always just walk in and out.

          • @tomsco: Yeah i get great service at MSY here in Adelaide in the city and Holden hill MSY always just walk in, get service and walk out. Brisbane was horrible when I was there last year always flat out sounds like MSY Clayton

  • Seems like there's better prices then, but still these are awesome speakers, I got mine ages ago and well worth the 100 I payed then. Definitely worth 66…

  • I got the X-540 for $80 in 2007. Decent speakers for a decent price. Although Logitech just launch the new 5.1 Z506 for US99 (~AUD130).

    • Whoa! Thanks for the news!!
      Finally they have released it. I can't believe the low price tag though.
      I will wait for the reviews to see whether it beats the z5500 in terms of value.

      I don't need house party speakers nor do I want to pay 300 when I can pay less than half that to do the same thing b
      In this sense, the new speakers may just be what I've been waiting for. :D

      • I got the x-540's for $50 in 2008 :S how can $66 for the 530's be a good deal.

        Though I have to admit, they have good staying power. But these days I'd rather invest in a wireless setup if I was going to get new speakers

  • It's in their catalogue, so it's not just Clayton…


  • Yes good speakers, I can't even remember when I got them (2005?) it was that damn long ago!

  • I remember getting these in 2004 or so, they have stood the test of time better than most pieces of technology i own.

  • Not really a bargain, MSY for $62 BigW for $88.