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10% off Tech @ eBay (Mobiles, Cameras, Gaming, TVs, PCs + More)


Targeted offer. Min spend $75, max discount $100. Excludes gift cards & postage. Ends 11:59pm Jan 20.

Selected categories:

  • Electronics (293)
  • Cameras (9625)
  • Video Games & Consoles (1,249)
  • Phones & Accessories (15,032)
  • Home Appliances (20,710)
  • Computers/Tablets & Networking (58,058)
  • Home Entertainment (172,176)
  • Home, Personal Security (41,968)
  • Fitness Technology (44,075)

Mod: This is a targeted deal. To hide targeted deals in the future, click the hide link below and then check targeted deals. See this thread for more information.

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  • Literally just noticed this appear in my ebay. Didn't see it yesterday! Just as I was looking for a mobile phone too!

  • +39

    I hate eBay

    • Interest in EBay ≤10%… Not targeted.

  • +9

    Seems targeted as i get a "This code can't be applied. It's linked to a different account." when I try to apply the code.

    • I get the same message

    • +1

      Agreed, and from the T&Cs….

      To redeem this offer, enter the redemption code sent to your My eBay account into the redemption code box during the checkout process. You must be an eBay.com.au registered member.

    • -1

      Someone actually downvoted you for saying this? The heck?

    • -1

      me too. whats the targeting based on?

    • Who are the targets? Always buy on ebay yet every targeted offer posted on ozbargain I always get invalid coupon etc.

      • Its probably for those who dont purchase from eBay on a regular basis. If they've already got you by the balls as a customer, they're unlikely to offer you any specific enticements. I remember a few years ago they gave me a $10 voucher because I hadn't bought anything from them for a while (probably a year or so) to entice me back as a customer.

        • Maybe I'm not spending enough, my balls still tight

        • @bti_jet: They've got my nuts pretty tight.

  • +3

    and im poor again

    • +1

      It worked for you?

      • +32

        nope was just expressing my current financial position

  • -2

    Any deals?

  • +1

    If only oz stock nexus 5x (black) were cheaper…

    EDIT: yep, targeted

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    not working for me… must be targeted. damn

  • +1

    Not working for me either…

  • +1

    Targeted :(

    "This code can't be applied. It's linked to a different account."

    Now, Let me try my other accounts…..

    Edit: No Luck.

    Has anyone got this working? If not, I wonder if it just hasn't been formally activated yet, thus not targeted?

    • +1

      Has anyone got this working?

      Working for me…

      • +2

        Ok…. It looks like this is an "infrequent shopper promo code" . I have checked both my ebay accounts, lots of transactions over the last year = no coupon. I've checked a family members account, one transaction in the last 6 months = 10% Coupon.

        As people have suggested before, its worth opening multiple accounts, and just buying 1 item each year on it to be eligible for these promos.

  • +1

    This code can't be applied. It's linked to a different account


    Edit: Looks like it is.

  • This code can't be applied. It's linked to a different account.50006

  • +1

    Yup, not working for me either.

  • This code can't be applied. It's linked to a different account.

  • Not working for me "linked to a different account" message displayed when attempting to redeem the code.

  • Very much targeted, tried 4 family member accounts not applicable on any.

  • +1

    Stupid eBay. Give me a code

    • +18

      The best way in life to get what you want is to first throw an insult and then follow up by commanding the bearer to give it to you without any manners. Works 100% of the time with pleasant results.

      • +1


      • +22

        Stupid faceman54, give me an upvote!

        • -5

          Stupid railspider, give me an up yours!

        • Well you got more up votes than me, so the theory must work?

  • Noo… doesn't work for me… and I needed a new phone too… why eBay ??? why !!!

  • Not on my account either :(

  • This code can't be applied. It's linked to a different account.

  • Didn't work for me.

    "The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state of New South Wales."

    Could be targeted for only NSW members?

  • 10%, 20%… make up your mind eBay.

  • Targeted !!!!

    "This code can't be applied. It's linked to a different account."

  • +2

    Is there a quick way to see if you have this offer?

  • +7

    Don't forget CAU10 is still active and may be applicable to you https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/281934

  • This code can't be applied. It's linked to a different account.

  • -1

    Great find again!

  • Getting real tired of your sh…

    I either spend too much or not enough, I don't think I've ever picked up a targeted offer!

  • Code not working, and no eBay messages in my inbox from eBay …

  • +1

    I'm glad it didn't work for me, cos I just paid $375 this morning! Would have been pretty pissed, especially after looking around to see if I'd missed any codes.

  • What the hell, I didn't get the $20 off $100 nor this one. Seriously ebay

  • tightarse posted this and seems to be the only one so far to confirm that it worked.

      • +4

        Yet people still upvote the deal!

        • +11

          Yes now that I have been reading a few past targeted deals it seems a bit strange that the ebay code deals are up voted even with few commenting members. I personally have not received any targeted ebay coupons since October but that is okay saves me money.

          Putting my tin foil hat on it would be basically free advertising for ebay on ozbargain with keeping the deals on the top deals or front page all the time. Maybe the mods can cross check who voted +1 to only ebay deals (targeted or not) with no comments and see if there is something strange going on.

          Just some numbers of the top 9 to compare:
          Last 30 days most popular deals on this site:

          AmEx Statement Credit: Dan Murphy's Online (5997 clicks) (794+)
          TARGETED eBay $20 off on Minimum Spend of $100 (9050 clicks) (673+)
          20% off 35 Selected Stores @ eBay (14236 clicks) (533+/2-)
          PPSR/REVS Vehicle Check - $3.40 @ PPSR.gov.au (3258 clicks) (485+)
          HiFiMAN HE-1000V2 + AURALiC Gemini 2000 Bundle (8660 clicks) (411+)
          All Previous Ubi30 Titles Free @ Ubisoft (6416 clicks) (388+/1-)
          [Steam] GRID for Free @ Humble Bundle Store (5595 clicks) (384+)
          Free 6 Months Netflix for Telstra (5923 clicks) (380+)
          FREE Calls from Telstra Branded Payphones (643 clicks) (371+)

          Source: Ozbargain
          Unknown variables: "clicks" are unique or not unique?
          Assumptions: Votes are unique per ozbargain account. Data displayed to public is correct.

          You can't directly compare because there are different categories in that list. Also ozbargain will be diverse so not everyone will be interested in things like games or Telstra or alcohol etc.

          A few things to point out, by far the most clicks is ebay. There is "joke" post that has a lot of up votes and clicks. There are a lot of up votes for free things. A lot of people on ozbargain seem to be AmEx card holders too.

          Although most of the traffic could be just ozbargainers clicking on the link to get to ebay so they can check if they received a coupon or not.

          We need to check a vote velocity graph for more data. We should see spikes around people's non-working hours vs working hours. Unless of course a lot of ozbargainers are school kids and it is school holidays right now…

          Inconclusive data I think. I can take off my tin foil hat now.

        • @master phi:

          Clicks aren't unique.

          Clicks include those made by guests, not just members.

          There are more guests that members.

          We have a lot of systems in place to pick up suspicious voting as well as continual manual checking, votes can be viewed by everyone in the vote tab of a deal and on any members profile, if you spot something suspicious feel free to report it. Although 1 or 2 votes out of 100s might not make any difference, it's still important to ban those users and store if it does happen and something we have 0 tolerance for as always (sockpuppeting). Whilst there are a number of companies who have had employees come to OzBargain to vote up deals for their store (and the account and store subsequently banned from rep posted deals), eBay isn't one of them to be fair.

        • @hamza23:

          Thanks moderators for doing such a good job :)

          I checked the first 10 samples of voters and then random ones after that including a cluster of OS votes and it seems clean for ebay deals.

          Well it seems that herd mentality may be reason why people are up voting it. Nothing to see folks.

          Or maybe I need to up vote more deals than just to sit on the fence all the time :)

      • @tightarse

        I saw that comment but didn't read it as a confirmation of successful use of the code. But I notice that there is at least one other that said it has worked now.

      • Yeah I just happened to be logged into an ancient old ebay account that I'd not used in over a year. Turns out there had been several vouchers gone by and not used. So this is clearly targetted at those very infrequently used accounts.

    • I've found a family member's account for which it works….. but must have very low shopping frequency to be eligible.

    • And yet 86+ votes and still counting

      • Yes because it's a good deal. That's what voting is for.

  • Doesn't work for me

  • How about 20% Tech instead of Ebay products minus Ebay Fees

  • +7

    Only 2 out of 2600+ clicks have confirmed this deal is working with many others confirming that it doesn't work for them. No deal.

    • In fairness, 3! I also found a family member who had been sent the code.

    • +1

      Why did my neg get removed?

      • Because it was invalid.

        • +1

          For what reason was it invalid?

        • +1

          @nocure: that's a very small list of reasons why deals can be negged, you would think that they don't want people to down vote bad deals.

        • @onetwothree: you can't neg targeted deals because you are not targeted. It's a good deal but useless to 98% off us here unfortunately :(

        • @tassieeagle: I get deals by email all the time that are targeted to just me, can I start posting those?

          Anyway, I'm going to stop commenting on this thread now.


        • @onetwothree:

          The answer is once again covered in the guidelines, also in the linked thread in the OP.

          Targeted offer guidelines

          Targeted deals are only available to a select group of people and not open to the general public. In general, if there is no possibility of others getting the deal (such as a one-use promo code), moderators will un-publish the deal.

    • Only 2 out of 2600+ clicks have confirmed this deal is working with many others confirming that it doesn't work for them. No deal.

      You do realise that the majority of clicks are not by registered users? Let's look at current stats as I'm typing…

      Online 1,179 users 4,609 guests

      • OK how many users have commented on this post and said the code works for them vs the people who have said it doesn't?

        • -1

          Well it works for me and the Mrs. Besides the majority of clickers are still guests.

        • @Clear:

          Are you an infrequent eBay shopper?

        • +1

          @ash2000: Yeah got it on my older account.

        • @Clear:

          Ok, thx. Just wanted to make sure my 'infrequent shopper' theory held water. It does.

          I thought it unlikely you were in this category given your activity on this site!

        • @ash2000: Surpsignly I'm not a big spender and don't impulse buy.

        • @Clear:

          Oh……I wish I shared your restraint.

          This post alone has cost me $332 :(

  • Sad. Was planning to purchase a dashcam but it doesn't work for me.

    • +1

      10% is peanuts, wait for the next 20% code instead.

      • +1

        2 peanuts..

  • -2

    Those who received a targeted offer, have you wrote a kiss @ss 5 stars review on their site in order to get one?

    I didn't get a voucher from two targeted offers.

    • +5

      Sometimes if you shop too much you don't get the codes, sometimes if you shop too little you don't get the codes. eBay is a cruel mistress at times.

      • So it's more like luck of draw. It's easier to win lotto then get a voucher from them.

  • Not working for me…

    • Not working for 99.99% of members.

      • Then why is there so many up votes?

        • Because it's a good deal? That's the purpose of upvoting here. Majority of us would be broke if we purchased from every deal we upvoted.

  • ebay admin, if you are reading this, could you please provide a 20% discount code on TGG? many thanks, your potential future customer.

    • +1 … been waiting for that a long time now

      • +1

        C20TGG code only expired on 4 December 2016. Not that long ago.

        • Yeh unfortunately I was away and missed that one .. ☹️

        • There will be one coming in March 2017.

  • +2

    Good deal since it's not seller funded.

    BUT eBay are raising seller fee's by .5% 14th Feb……………………… So they always get us in the end.