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Genuine Apple Lightning to USB Charging Cable - $24 @ Big W ($22.80 @ Officeworks by Price Beat)

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Cheapest I could find. Big W selling for $24. $28 elsewhere. I got Officeworks to price beat & got it for $22.8

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    Seriously? $22.80 and it's a deal?

    Where are the whole bunch of $5 Genuine Apple Lightening to USB Charging Cable I bought over the last few years…..

    • +7

      That's a good price for a genuine cable. For $5, I'm certain you've been buying fakes.

      • You can grab genuine cables for around $10 off eBay. They don't come in a box but have a clear plastic sleeve. I'd guess they're from display devices because they're genuine (serialised, when serial numbers on included with device cables were a thing – might be the case again).

        However, $5 is a bit cheap. I doubt it'd be worth the trouble as a seller.

    • You bought fake lightening cables for that price. Genuine apple cable has a small chip inside the cable but it is still overpriced for just a cable

      • +2

        Genuine apple cable has a small chip inside

        So do lots of others…

        • +2

          Genuine cable has a genuine chip. Fake cables have fake chip.

        • @ms:

          Nope, lots of non-apple cables have the same chip. They pay Apple a licence fee.

          You must have wasted an awful lot of money only buying Apple ones.

        • @jv:

          I am an Android fanboi, so no wasting money on these cables.

      • LOL @ you guys….just surrender your Ozbargain licence!!!




        nothing to look here, move on!

        • -6

          we got a sour grape here voted -NEGATIVE..LOL!

          so it isn't great that I pointed out these Genuine cable can be bought for $5 when it is on sale?

          I wouldn't pay $22 for it, no way this is a bargain on Ozbargain!

        • links you posted are not genuine apple cables. I've tried many cheap options but they never last anywhere as long as genuine ones

        • +1


          omg! Those are MFi and certified by Apple!

          all the cables are still working perfectly fine for me, NONE of them failed on me!

          are you guys working for BigW or Apple? LOL!

        • +3

          @davidl2: The 3 you listed are aftermarket products? Apple don't make these.

          Your confusing the term "Genuine" with "Certified".

          The certified products as you correcty pointed out work just as well as Apples genuine units as they meet Apples performance benchmarks.

        • @tonsta:

          It is a good deal for a genuine cable however MFi certified is good enough.

          Picked up a few for $5 from an old deal… has been flawless

  • -1

    Price matches aren't bargains…

    • This is a Price Beat. Saving of at least $5.20 compared to elsewhere (retails for $28 at OW, $29 at Apple Store, JB, HN, TGG)

      • Read the postiing rules.

        Mod has now changed the title.

  • I bought 5 not too long ago from an ebay seller for $12 each. Definitely genuine boxed Apple cables.

    Same seller also had genuine boxed 30pin cables for $8 each.


    • Could you pls post a link to the eBay seller or item?

    • +1

      no doubt you believe they are genuine, but looking at the printing of the boxes they don't seem to use the same black? apple normally has very strict and stringent QC on these things, any slight colour variation probably wouldn't be accepted by the quality team.

      but good price if they are, try charging an ipad on 2.1amps, thats when you know if they are genuine.

      • How do you actually test "charging an ipad on 2.1amps"?

        • Charge an iPad using an iPad wall charger with the cable you suspect is fake

  • The cables don't lighten anything. They might have something to do with lightning though.

  • -1

    I'm speechless….
    For this money I can get xiaomi power bank or multi charging work qc2..

    • +6

      But you still need a genuine/certified cable with your power bank

  • Is there any advantage to buying genuine cables? The knock offs I bought from Kmart seem to work fine.

  • +1

    Blitzwolf Mfi cables are better value at less than $20 and last longer.


    • +1

      +1 i just got 4 of these to replace all the broken Apple ones and they are fantastic.

      So much stronger and better.

      I will probably do a service call on my broken genuine apple ones and get them replaced and
      then sell them off.

  • Get Ankur they cost less than half and last three times as long

  • -1

    Any Apple products are a ripp off

  • +1

    Obviously down voted by an Apple Zombie with no brain

  • +1

    Bought these not long ago, really happy with the quality, so far (using for 2 weeks) so good. If it lasts a few months without any problems I would use these instead of "genuine" apple cables. Genuine apple cables are too flimsy and prone to breakage.

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    I bought 3x MFI certified lightning cables from ebay for $12 total, works fine so far. My genuine apple one has the rubber wiring thing fraying under the connector so no way would I spend more than $10 for genuine.

  • looks @ all his random micro-usb QC cables from around the world and be like…(⌐■_■)

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