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LG IPS 34" 34UM58-P 2560x1080 (21:9) 5ms Monitor - $299 + Free Delivery (Normally $595) @ MSY Online


LG IPS 34" 34UM58-P 2560x1080 (21:9) 5ms HDMI VESA Dynamic Action Sync Srgb99% $299 (online delivery only).

Start 1PM to 6pm Tuesday 17/01/17. Limit 1 per customer. Available for online delivery only (make sure you choose your state correctly for the cheapest postage, roughly $10 for delivery now free shipping).

Mod 630pm: Store rep has offered new MSYFTW code which includes free shipping, see comment.

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  • +2

    Thanks MSY, took a bit to get due to the site issues but at that price well worth the effort!

  • +2

    Great Deal!!Thanks to MSY and Rep.

  • +4

    Light up our torches time… Anyway thanks OP Rep for giving us the opportunity and I really appreciate your effort in posting a great deal!! We are not all entitled OZB ppl who cry coz we miss out.

    • +1

      Try going to the store, and waiting in line… lol.

      I hit the site for this deal earlier, but got:

      There is 1 error

      This product is no longer available.

      « Back

      Ahhh, what 'experience'!

      • +1

        I actually go to MSY stores from time to time or do online orders with store pick-up and give'em "A" for everyday low price and location convenience.
        Fortunately for me, there's no long waiting in the stores I use to visit.
        Flash sale today is a very different experience. I'd say if you know that your technology choice is not gonna handle the "load", don't do it this way. There's nothing cool about web site going down from a couple of hundreds simultaneous connections. I would be ashamed by providing this level of service. It doesn't demonstrate the sale being too popular, it demonstrates the online store done too bad.

        • +3

          If the website was 100% fast and responsive, everyone would be able to snap one up the moment it goes on sale, and all 150 units will be sold within 30 seconds. People will then complain saying there wasn't enough stock etc.

          People will always find something to complain about. It's a flash sale with a really good price for a very desirable item. What did you expect? It's no different IRL; even if you queued up outside Myer before a big sale, there's still no guarantee that the people in front of you will not grab the only item you're after.

        • @eug:

          LOL: If the site was 100% fast and responsive, it would sell its existing inventory and get on with the job of selling any remaining and future inventory once the existing is sold out. That is its job.

          Instead, it provides shitty errors and bad CX which serves to turn customers away- even making them happier to pay more elsewhere.

          Like many in this game, MSY can't bring themselves to manage its inventory or put up a decent site after all these years. It still buries its prices in pdfs, and expects to get your business whether it is the same price, or 5% cheaper than the nice guys nearer to you when they aren't discounting the special buys available right now.

          Perhaps the 'sold stock' was little more than a few re-packs…

        • @zerovelocity:

          LOL: If the site was 100% fast and responsive, it would sell its existing inventory and get on with the job of selling any remaining and future inventory once the existing is sold out. That is its job.

          …and people would then complain saying there's not enough stock.

          Instead, it provides shitty errors and bad CX which serves to turn customers away- even making them happier to pay more elsewhere.

          Sure, that's what everyone says now. I bet the next time they have a similar sale on a popular item, the same people who complained this time would try again, fail, then complain yet again.

          Life isn't a bed of roses. People miss deals. That's life. No point getting up in arms. If a store is very successful doing things with a shitty website, so be it. Just shop elsewhere if it's so frustrating.

        • @eug: Yep, and I sure do.

          I shop plenty… and such sites miss it all ;-)

  • Now this deal is over - and most of us were gunning for this model purely on price - what is considered the best monitor in this category and size? This, or something else?

    That said,would find it very difficult to purchase this particular one now given what could have been! PayPal was processing sale when MSY's back end collapsed…

    • I'm in need of a monitor so very interested in recommendations. Ultrawide is preferable, but not essential. Use will be mostly Internet, Email, Word and Video (watching).

    • I'd say the 29" of this model would be better as it would have higher pixel density.

    • same boat, I ended up going with the 29um68-p (for higher pixel density and to try out freesync)

    • +5

      Is this the generation of entitlement?

      Why is everyone entitled to have one?

      Some people missed out some got one, be happy for those that got one and move on to something else. I also see more people about to be disappointed as well because they had 150 in stock and sold 200 so either they will source another 50 or have to send sad emails to 50 people.

      This was a great deal and there was reasonable stock as well unlike many other flash deals that have 20 items just to draw you to their site. MSY should be applauded for their efforts on this one and topping it off with free shipping.

      As to why you go to MSY? that is because the prices are always good not because they look after everyone because the service is not the best.

    • +4

      who ever got the confirmation via our website or Paypal will get the stock !

      • +2

        Thanks REP for being so proactive in firstly putting together this deal and answering questions. MSY are to be applauded for honoring more than required as HN would have told us to get lost. I really cant understand the spite from some here and hopefully this has not given a negative effect on ever putting together another deal for OZB. Maybe you should offer computer upgrades next for all the ones with slow PC's that missed out:) and yes I had a little trouble finalising but had the same problem completing my Australian Census also!!

      • +1

        The PayPal circle spun around for half an hour trying to process the order until I pulled the pin on it and closed the window… :(

        Was fun trying! :(


      • +3

        Ok, so, $99 for R7 370 2GB or $49 for Mechanical keyboard + Optical Mice + Mousepad combo ? Which one do you guys prefer ?

        • +1

          I vote mechanical keyboard!

        • +1 for mechanical keyboard!

      • +1

        When can we expect them to be delivered? Especially those in Melbourne.

        • Pretty soon I'm guessing. I just got my tracking number(from Aus post).

          edit: woops clicked wrong tracking number on my auspost app :<
          It just says information received by AusPost ~ oh well, relieved that it's confirmed that i got it haha

        • @FuzzyWolf:
          Plot twist, all Melbourne orders are last in order to lessen the wait times for other states :(

        • @FuzzyWolf:
          No tracking number on my end :(

  • Makes no business sense to have another one lol. Already got the hype. But they could have promised more deals or something long term. But they missed the golden marketing opportunity haha

    • +4

      Deals like this + long term = brankcrupt. Lost heaps of money for this deal already

      • -1



        • *bankrupt :)

      • +1

        missed out on this deal but look forward to this happening again. I'll waste my time again in hope for such a great deal!

      • +2

        Lost heaps of money for this deal already

        As long as you haven't lost your job, keep the deals coming ;)

      • It's a hit and miss really, it's dependant on luck and reputation of a Brand/product.

        You could've sold half and break even but
        "would they have sold at $600?"
        "how long would it take to sell at $600?"
        "competitors are probably taking some of those sales"
        "its value is dropping as better things come out"
        "no room in warehouse to stock the newer models"
        Too many what ifs
        But I can understand why the competition would be pissed off though because if everyone keeps undercutting, it'll be less profit for the market.

        I personally wouldn't have bothered buying a monitor if it wernt for this deal, so you guys got me there :(

        Now I don't know what to do with my $600 Asus monitor… Not interested in a dual setup too…

      • How about setting up a group buy for the OzB community?

        If we can rally interest for 500 units what's the best price and, then, unit cost if we can hit 1000 orders for you?

        Oh, and priory for OzB members who have posted in this thread prior to 18 Jan, of course ;)

        You created quite a stir at $300, question is at what price can you harness demand to secure the numbers and turn a profit…

        • Some ozb users would just take advantage of it and resell it for their own profit… Half the whiners probably arn't even buying for for themselves or half the buyers that got it are probably gonna resell it for their own profit (cause they've gotten something better etc).

          Gotta stop being naive in thinking that the community is a nice and generous place.

        • @Zeral: There's good and bad, honourable and shrewd in every community but I've witnessed a lot of generosity between members over the past five years. Regardless of the opportunistic undertone that may exist it's not what drives this site.

          Suggesting another member is naive when you've barely been kicking around here one year is priceless. Thanks for the laugh.

        • @fookos:
          No worries, glad to make your day if you took that way.
          2 posts in 5 years, thanks for all your contribution throughout the years.

      • Lol, still don't get it… At the least, make newsletter signup mandatory to use this coupon. Other methods I'll leave that to you. Hope you don't go bankrupt haha

  • +4

    @hung861988: Didn't get one, but thanks for the deal!

    Ignore the whiners. You're okay in my book.

    • +1


      You win some, you lose some. People get so bitter when they miss out sometimes lol

  • +1

    too bad, didnt get one :(

    Anyone wants to re-sell please?

    • I'm selling mine brand new in box.

      • can you msg me with your contact? thx a lot

  • any good 1440p deals?

  • +1

    Just got mine today!! Super quick shipping!

  • Wow, got an email saying NSW is running low on stock, and the have ordered new stock from VIC which will arrive in a week, so DELAY!


      • Ha nah, this was going to happen. I guess the VIC store had the most stock, so it'll just take some time. They were nice enough to mention in the email that I could cancel my order for a full refund if I wanted, but I'll live :)

  • Mine arrived today (Tasmania).

    It's BIG.

    Can someone tell me the point of two HDMI ports?

    Google doesn't really give me any help regarding this.

    • Can someone tell me the point of two HDMI ports?

      umm in case you wanted to connect any other device with HDMI out to view it on the monitor…………………

      • +2

        So it just alleviates the need to switch the cables all the time?

        Ok. Kind of feel like an idiot now.


        • lolz yeah.. like a TV, you can switch inputs on the menu system.

  • Dear customer,

    Thank you for shopping with MSY.

    Due to high demand, currently LG IPS 34" 34UM58-P monitor is running out of stock in NSW area .

    We have already arrange stock from VIC, and stock will arrive in about 1 week.

    We are sorry about the inconvenience.

    If you do not wish to proceed this order, we will cancel and fully refund to you.

    Best Regards,

    Patience my friend~

  • +2

    This thing is amazing in World of Warcraft. Prefer it over my 27" 1440p 165Hz for WoW for sure. Haven't tried BF1 or Overwatch (and I don't really want to). My next purchase will be a high end Ultrawide. I think curved will add to it too as my eyes can't really focus properly on the edges.

    • Overwatch is horrible with 21:9. I play mine with 16:9 and black bars lol. It cropped top and bottom and makes it feels like you're walking slower than usual. For me anyways.

    • Change the FOV and think of the edges like periphery.

  • Received this morning, impressed with the monitor so far.

    I'm pairing with an older macboook so limited with max resolution (2560x1600), looking forward to using the extra real estate for multi-tasking work/documents/youtube.

    I tried downloading an ICC profile from http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/icc_profiles.htm#l
    - the results don't sit quite right for me.

    Anyone have calibration settings that they could share?

    Much appreciated -

  • Was looking forward to trying metal gear 5 with ultra wide but phantom pain keeps crashing 10 seconds after, and ground zero resolution is bugged out.
    If I set the resolution as 2560x1080, the picture would be bigger and zoomed in to 1 portion of the screen, can only see 1/4 of the screen.

    It's either the dumb windows 10 auto resolution, drivers or game unsupported… I don't know :(
    Sleepin dogs 2560x1080p worked flawlessly.

  • The monitor is massive. Did anyone manage to install monitor driver on the LG website?

    • I didn't, I don't think for most of us would need it either. Although, I did install the on screen software.

  • Still haven't got mine yet, called MSY.

    Guy is going to get back to me, see if there is any stock in Sydney. My order is stil saying processing, which is weird, but see what he comes back with.

    • My order still says 'payment accepted' with no tracking number although I've had it since last Friday.

      I got a seperate email from auspost with the tracking number last Thursday though.

      • Guessing the status of the order means nothing then, it doesn't get updated when it should perhaps, but I still haven't got mine, so that is a bit of a worry. Oh well, will keep waiting, till next Monday at least.

        Keen to get the monitor, and then will build myself a computer desk to fit it :)

        • Still no sign, hopefully delivered next week fingers crossed (Sydney)

  • Just got mine this morning. (Sydney)

    The screen is big, and looks pretty good. Although the colour reproduction is no where near as impressive as my Dell U2410. Maybe I need to configure it?

    Since the screen is so big, there's no room for my speakers.
    Anyone know if this monitor has a soundbar option?

    • Hi talismasa

      Did you received a tracking number or email notification to the delivery?

      All i received was they were arranging stock to Sydney.

      • I received the "your order will be sent out soon" email from auspost on Friday.
        Then it was delivered at 8:30am Monday morning with no warning.

        Then the tracking number email and package delivered email came at the same time at 10am

        • Thanks, need to send an email to MSY

    • Anyone else from Sydney receive theirs yet?

      • +1

        This is what i got back from MSY 2 days ago

        Dear customer,

        Thank you for shopping with MSY.

        Our online team will take about 2-3 business days to process your order.

        Some order may take longer due to internal stock arrangement, or large demand.

        Once order is sent you will receive an email from Auspost regarding the tracking information.

  • +1

    Just received tracking number for the shipment~ Estimated delivery by Tue 7 Feb * (Sydney)

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