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FREE Installation through Your Local Pool Shop of a GENUINE Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner


Buy online with confidence through Kreepy Krauly and get a real Kreepy Krauly for your pool installed by your local Pool Profession (*Limited Coverage areas).

Offer is valid until 26/1/2016

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Kreepy Krauly
Kreepy Krauly

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  • +4 votes

    What do you usually charge to connect the hose to the cleaner?
    Does putting the cleaner into the pool also incur a separate charge or is this also included?
    Any chance of extending this offer as it is expired - 26/01/2016?

  • Hi Hugh,

    Installation is fine tuning if required is normally $79, which is someone coming out and installing the cleaner and explaining it making sure it is installed right the first time. It is just peace of mind and completely optional, we just wanted to include it for free.


    The team at Kreepy Krauly :)

  • After a while, would it be worthwhile getting a restraining order against the Krauly?

    • +4 votes

      Hi Zinger,

      Who would have thought 40 years ago, when we named our product Kreepy Krauly, it would be as successful or as well known as it is today. To date, we have no record of any restraining order being filed against Kreepy or Krauly. Don't worry, we will still keep on Kreepin' :)

      Let us know if you need a Kreepy in your pool.


      The team at Kreepy Krauly

      P.s. We appreciate your concern :)

      • haha good on you mate. glad to see that some people still have a sense of humour!

        All the best :)

  • Had a Kreepy Crawly in our pool in the 1980s.
    Great product.
    Don't have a pool now :-(