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Kindle Paperwhite $159 @ Big W


Lowest paperwhite price that i have seen in the last 3 months.

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    Price match at Officeworks to get it for $151.05

    Or buy discounted Wish gift cards from Cash Rewards

  • Hey maybe a silly question, but is this the latest version? My wife has one we bought about 2 years ago that is starting to play up (turn off randomly).

    Thanks :)

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    I've found the Kindle to be too small. I bought a Kobo 6.7" H20, but it's just too slow for me.

    Any deals on some bigger ereaders?

    • consider ipad air 2 for reading. works well for me.

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        Please don't read books on an iPad unless you want to ruin your eyes.

        • Source?

        • According to research, it is the "blue" light that ruins your eyes.
          Just get a anti-blue glasses and you will be fine.
          Disclaimer: I own a Kindle, an iPad and an Onyx BOOX N96.
          I found that reading comics on Onyx is really great.

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          @tg: iPads have night shift which gives the light a yellow tint instead of a blue tint.

        • @tg: source?

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          there's no source because there's no such thing as ""blue" light that ruins your eyes". As per blue light .. affecting the body's circadian rhythm, affect is on promotion of sleep.
          On the other hand, LCD's transmission of backlight into the reader's eyes is definitely unnatural compared to traditional reflection of light by paper and e-paper.

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          @AlexF: e paper is a marketing gimmick

        • @tomkun01:

          e paper is a marketing gimmick

          sure it is, that's why there's a longish Wikipedia article on it.

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          @AlexF: there's a Wikipedia article about Kim Kardashian. Therefore it's a great resource

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          Wikipedia article about Kim Kardashian

          you're right. Hence, let's universally dismiss all Wikipedia articles.

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          @AlexF: send me a scientific article about blue light and kindles. I'll change my opinion

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          send me a scientific article about blue light and kindles. I'll change my opinion

          I don't care if you change your opinion - do you own research, start with referenced Wikipedia article.

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      The Kindle Paperweight?

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    • Good luck even finding one that was made in the past couple of years. There's one by Onyx that costs a fortune ($300+ and it's some crappy Chinese company making it) and the inkbook 8 (crappy screen on it), but I went on the same search a few months back and came back with very little.

      Kobo was the best of a sorry bunch, so if that doesn't do it for you there's sadly not much else around. Amazon seems to have eaten the ebook market so it's hard to compete with them or do anything new (pretty much everyone uses the same 6" screens Amazon does)

      • Kindle DX?

        • hasn't been updated since 2010. Granted, that's not as much of an issue with ereaders as it is with any other technology, the Inkbook 8 I mentioned above uses the same Pearl screen as the DX does. But it does mean it's a lot more fragile, not as good to look at, has a lot worse refresh rate and is heavier/thicker than an iPad Air (triple the weight of a Kindle Voyage, double the Inkbook 8). It's not a comfortable thing you want to use to read in bed, it was mostly a textbook replacement device.

          And since the dx is apparently discontinued, it's generally expensive. There's one used one on ebay australia right now for $225 + shipping.

          Edit: So since last time I looked, Kobo released the Aura One. That seems like the device to get, faster than the Aura H20, 7.8" screen. Just a shame it's $350!

    • You can go for the Kindle DX. It has a 9.7" screen. Great for reading technical books and PDFs.

      • eh…the text is VERY small when reading. size 11 font becomes size 8.

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    Thanks Op. just got one at officework for $150.05

  • Love this device, it's awesome!

  • Thanks OP.
    Just wondering if JB-Hifi would price match this?

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      I dont see why not, as long as you can show the webpage/pic of receipt to them.

      • Thanks mate.
        Will do it.

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    Still don't quite understand this thing. I bought one for the wife thinking it would be useful since she loves reading… but she just prefers reading real books or if anything digital she just uses the ipad… this thing is just now just a paper weight.

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      I have a Kobo Glo HD. Can't live without it. I used to think I prefer reading real books but the device is just so much easier to carry around, especially on travels! Tablets are backlit and I find them very hard on the eyes. Also, a lot easier to get distracted by the million apps and emails.

      Books with a lot of footnotes or references definitely work better on a printed version though.

      • Agreed, good battery life on mine and the expandable SD storage is great. I read manga on mine and it just wasnt possible with the storage size on a kindle.

        • Poor storage on books but great battery life.

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      It's much easier on the eyes compared to a tablet, especially reading over an extended period of time.

      • -1

        Maybe it's just the fact you have to find the book and then put it on to the device before you can read it? Abit like how the old iPod works with itunes? She just take one off the shelf from the library… I dunno I'm not too savvy with this thing. Plus she only reads chinese books which make it harder.

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          You only have to do that once.

          If you buy the e-book from Amazon, it's all done for you from a click of the Buy button.

          If you want to upload your own .epub or .mobi file, you can either email it to a specific email address or there's also a Upload to Kindle extension for Windows explorer.

          I've read a few Chinese books on it, it's fine.

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          So you need a laptop to find the book, then tether it to the kindle to upload it, so you can read it on the kindle… Yeah seems fairly tedious.

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          Yes it's once per book. You don't need to connect it to a physical machine, although that is one option. Emailing or using Send to Kindle literally takes less than a minute.

          I don't know how else you expect the book the appear on the Kindle. It's pretty good but it's not magic.

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          Yes for me I definitely regret the purchase. I should have done more research. I always wondered why you would need one if you already have a iPad but since there was so much rave about how good it is as a reading device I just bought it. Didn't think too much about the overhead involve just to start reading.

        • Chinese digital books are so cheap on Amazon Chinese site, unbelievable cheap especially when there is a discount. I ended up buying too much but don't have time to read.

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          Still a bit puzzled by the overhead comment. Isn't there a similar overhead for the iPad? I'm assuming it's the Kindle app for the iPad that you/your wife is using?

        • @dellalu: can you recommend me some? I haven't tried Chinese on my Kindle yet.

        • @Frozensage:

          You can do it from the Kindle over WiFi/3G or buy a book from Amazon using your phone and the kindle wirelessly downloads it. It's quite simple.

        • @Frozensage: Ipads are terrible on the eyes when used to read books. The bonus of the eReaders over paper books is that they are lightweight, can hold multiple books and if you are savvy with torrents, you don't exactly ever have to pay for a book.

        • @dogboy:

          So the pros are battery life, light and good for eyes. Useful if you read alot of books everyday and is good with technology.

          The cons is if you don't want to be paying for books through Amazon, you will have to get the book via another device and then copy it over to your kindle which is more overhead and setup required.

          To me basically it's like having an iPod. If you want to pay to download songs from iTunes, it's very easy and you don't rely on another device. But otherwise there's more overhead, you gotta find the book on your computer, download it, then copy the stuff over, THEN you can read.


          iPad has a browser so you can search and read it all with the same device. iPad also lets you download the kindle app which then you can do everything kindle can do. Minus the pros I mentioned of course but those things only matters for some. Like I read everything on my iphone so ipad is already an improvement.

        • @Frozensage: You can browse and download from the Kindle using wifi, they say it takes less than 60 seconds.
          Frozensage, you can sell off your Kindle if you want. It's true these devices are only for people who prefer the glare free e-ink display. Not everyone who has a Kindle has a tablet anyway.
          OzB Classifieds

        • @dogboy: Or you can download from libary. Or Gutenberg

    • +2

      They are fantastic for travel. They are great when you want to read later than a partner.

      The books are usually cheaper than paper books, especially when shipping is taken to account. They don't take up any space in your house.

      There are also millions of legitimate free ebooks including heaps of classic books that are over 50 years old.

      I find reading books that are not ebooks to be more of a hassle than an ebook now.

      Tablets are not as good as reading them causes eye strain. The way e-ink works is much more comfortable.

      • +1

        Added to which, paper books are pretty disgusting. A friend of mine likes to share his paperbacks with friends. Found out recently he does all his reading on the toilet. Yuck - think how absorbent paper is and how many people have touched books.

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    It's been mentioned before, but get Calibre for your laptop/desktop. If you source a book in epub format, Calibre will convert it to mobi (or other formats) for the Kindle. Also, when the Kindle/Kobo/tablet is plugged into the computer, Calibre will load to or delete books from the device.
    I gave my mother a kindle, I have a kobo but usually carry a tablet for other functions like email, web etc.

    • So basically any epub doc can be converted and loaded onto kindle?
      Can we also add pdf documents on kindle as well? Thanks

      • +1

        Calibre will convert multiple formats including PDF, mobi, apple, etc. I've never explored all the features (the 90% rule) but it does everything I need.
        Get yourself a copy - it's free!

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    Does anyone else find the book store on the kindle to be terrible? I can never find good books there. I can't even find best sellers on there, sorting by popularity only shows obscure books with like 10 reviews. I end up having to use other websites on my computer to find a good book.

    • Yep. Even the app on a tablet isn't very good.

      I don't mind the actual Amazon store on a computer or a tablet though.

    • +1

      Eh? What kind of books are you looking for? I can usually find the books I want very easily in the Kindle store (at the moment I'm heavily into space sci-fi and WWII/military history) — the only problem is that they usually cost a lot, since they're bestsellers. It's the lesser-known ones that tend to get discounted.

      • +1

        Any recommendations for WWII books? I just finished 'The Second World War' by Antony Beever and am looking for my next big read :)

        • These are the books I read the past few weeks — all are excellent:

          "Between Silk and Cyanide" by Leo Marks:
          Autobiographical work about Leo Marks' code-breaking/decoding work in support of SOE agents in occupied countries, and also intersects with a lot of SOE missions. Young cheeky fellow who did everything he could to help agents who were in some cases sent in as mere cannon fodder.

          "The Winter Fortress: The Epic Mission to Sabotage Hitler's Atomic Bomb" by Neal Bascomb
          The extraordinary story of the Allied fight against the Nazis' heavy water program in pursuit of the atomic bomb. Covers some of the missions of the Norwegian resistance fighters and the Norwegian Independent Company 1, aka Kompani Linge.

          "The Forgotten Soldier" by Guy Sajer
          Classic semi-autobiographical work by a French-German Alsatian soldier in the Wehrmacht, so it provides the German POV of the horrors of the war. I'm only mid-way through, but it's a good read and very depressing. Warning: he takes certain liberties with the retelling, so it's pretty obvious that some of the scenes, such as his Captain making a long stirring speech, are heavily made-up. The author is a "poetic" type, so in some cases he can be an unreliable narrator.

          If you're into TV mini-series, I highly recommend:

          The Heavy Water War, aka The Saboteurs:

          Generation War

          (These tie in well with the above books)

        • @44sunsets: awesome, thank you! I'll start looking into these recommendations :)

        • @Mugz:
          You're welcome, enjoy! There's so many amazing stories from WWII out there, it's astounding.

  • It's out of stock online.

  • Thanks OP, I've been waiting on a special to buy my Paperwhite.
    Made a trip to Officeworks as soon as I saw this listing, picking one up for $151.05.

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    I got it for around $120 last year and my method is:

    1. Go to Amazon Japan and add that kindle into cart then leave it there for couple of days
    2. If u r lucky enough or u can wait, they will offer you 10%-20%off after 2-7 days. I got 5% off after 2 days and 10% off after 7 days + price drop
    3. Amazon Japan doesn't offer international shipping so i used Tenso to ship it (cost $20 AUD + insurance and tracking number)

    So i paid around $120 for kindle + shipping

    • +1

      Wait, so it cost you $140+ all up? Doesn't sound worth all that effort when you can just get it here for a little bit more.

      • +1

        No. Only $120+
        Kindle around $100 + $20 shipping

  • Thanks op. Got one from OW for $151.05

  • +3

    I actually saw this in store $129. I have a photo but I don't know to upload it here.

  • Price is back up to 179, but Officeworks still has them listed for $159 (not as good as the price-match, but the best price if you're late to this deal like I was) :)

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