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[WA/QLD] 1/2 Chicken & Regular Side - $10 @ Nando's (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday Only)


Currently $11.95 for just a half chicken by itself!

Mod: Updated information (received from Nando's):

WA and QLD restaurants ONLY - This is NOT a national offer
Offer: 1/2 chicken + Regular side for $10
Available every Wed/Thurs/Fri, 1st Feb to 17th Feb

Full Terms and conditions
*Nando’s WTF offer includes a half chicken and regular side for $10 (inc. GST). Regular side includes chips, PERi-PERi chips, spicy rice, coleslaw, corn on the cob, side salad and garlic bread. Regular sides are $3.95 (inc. GST) per serve. Regular side can be upgraded to a large side, seriously large chips or Fino side if the relative $ premium is paid for the chosen upgrade. Offer valid one per person per day. Offer valid on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only from Wednesday 1st February 2017 to Friday 17th February 2017.

Edit 1/2: For those in other states - Free Large Side (Valued at $5.95) with Any Main Item Purchase @ Nando's (Peri Perks) - Excludes WA/QLD

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  • do you need to be a member for the deal?

    • Will have to wait till tomorrow to confirm that sorry :(

    • They posted recently about making sure you became a member to get "early access" to an upcoming deal. Guessing this is it.

      Edit: My bad, the very link in OP is what I was referring to.

  • About time a good saving a nandos came up! been craving that peri peri and the high prices just makes me go elsewhere

  • Hope this is right, if so ill be racking up those peri points.
    Please tell me you have inside information op and not just going by someone's comment on fb.

  • Not much details, OP… bit of a cock tease :P

  • Lunch sorted for Wed-Fri until this ends I guess…

  • Awesome. Just used 700 of my 1000 points the other week (2nd time I've reached it ^^). Time to farm again.

  • Sweet! Nandos for the week!!

  • Nando's jumping onto the $10 chicken train

  • This is amazing!

  • Unfortunately half a chicken is pretty much one serve these days anyway :/

  • Got all excited. Then remembered my lunch local is an Oporto. Dammit. Looks like more nuggets tomorrow.

  • So whats Nandos like? Never been. Is it like Red Rooster?

    • A spicy smoked chicken flavour. Douse heaps of the sauce. Their peri chips are the best

      • Sounds nice, will have to give it a go :)

        • Totally different to Red Rooter btw, it's grilled chicken cooked on an open flame (like a BBQ grill) in a spicy marinade, it's not BBQ chicken cooked in an oven like RR. If you like chilli you'll love Nandos. They do have a (profanity) option for those who can't handle the heat though.

        • Lol yeah Im not a huge fan of chilli, but dont mind the mild stuff. Thanks so much, looking forward to trying it :)

    • My observations and opinions about Nandos as compared to Red Rooster
      Is more expensive
      Chicken and chips are cooked to order so are always fresh (RR is a coin flip).
      Has basting choices (hot, mild, lemon/herb etc)
      Has bottles of free sauce, vinegar you can use with your chips/chicken (I like to mix tomato sauce with their hot sauce)
      Has peri salt for their chips (delicious).
      Ambiance is nicer (music, wall art, tables)
      Getting a 1/4 chicken varies in size depending on wing or leg serving. (pro tip: always order the wing because the 'leg' servings are objectively smaller)
      Has basin to wash hands in when finished. Don't have to rely on moist towelette.
      Chips are always fresh. Always. (duplicate point but worth reiterating).

  • Wow, if this is confirmed, then my dinner sorted from wed to Fri for a week :)

  • +4 votes

    Def 100% happening as of tomorrow! ;)

  • Can a member paste the voucher here for us non-members?

    OK, so I've signed up to the app, and registered using my E-mail address. Still no indication of details on this deal. And Lunch is only a few hours away!!!

    SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!

  • I'm not sure if I should support Nando's or not.

    I like Nando's but head office are really screwing with the franchisee with very unreasonable clauses. Some franchisees will close down their store (or be forcible shut down by head office) and lose their life savings.

    However, if I boycott Nando's, it will be the store owner who will be affected, not head office.

    • Support Nandos?


      Do you do research to work out business models for all brands you purchase? Does your favorite toilet paper brand treat their employees well?

      rolls eyes

      • +4 votes

        roll your eyes all you want.

        Let's just hope one day you're not screwed over by someone.

        • Ok. Sorry for roll eyes.
          I just thought you were analyzing a place that sells chicken a little too much. But each to their own.

        • +4 votes


          I'm not forcing my views on others, it's just a decision that I've come to not to support certain things I'm not comfortable with such as caged eggs, tiger petting zoos in Asia or visiting Dubai (due to the way migrant workers are mistreated).

        • @JB1:

          caged eggs, tiger petting zoos in Asia or visiting Dubai (due to the way migrant workers are mistreated)

          All very logical things to boycott.

        • @datzed:

          it's true though.. HO not renewing franchise extensions if they don't renovate :/

        • @CVonC:

          Someways I side with Nandos on this.

          Nanados has always priced themselves has a premium fastfood restaurant. Can hardly have stores becoming rundown and maintaining that image.

        • @PainToad:

          Don't get me wrong I like the renos as a customer. But think of the franchisees having to cough up the ridiculous expense. As some have said, they won't be able to recover that.

          To be fair they always that high prices even before all these renovations came in over the last couple of years.

    • FYI it is standard practise for franchise agreements to include renovation clauses at the franchisee's expense. It is reasonable for a franchisor to require their franchisees to refurbish their stores at regular intervals to keep them looking good and also when the franchisor changes logo/branding/image etc.

      Whether this is right or wrong ethically is up for debate but this is currently standard industry practice, not some hidden backstab clause by Nandos. Most if not all franchise agreements explicitly state that refurbishment can be required by the franchisor when extending your franchise agreement. As a purchaser of a business it is up to you to be aware of what's in your contract and decide whether the business is viable based on the fact you will have to fund regular refits.

      Even if you lease out a space in a shopping centre the lease agreements require the lessee to fund regular refurbishments of the premises to keep the whole shopping centre looking good.

      For disclosure I am not associated with any franchise but my job involves dealing with small and medium businesses, some of whom are franchisees.

      • The thing is, aren't the franchises claiming that it wasn't in the clause?

        Maintenance and refurbishments are reasonable of course. But a complete overhaul seems a bit much to enforce?

        • Refurbishments usually mean large overhauls from my experience. Just in the last month or so I've seen about 5 KFCs around my area undergo huge refurbs where the store is closed for 2 days.Entire exterior of the store is changed and a lot of the interior.

          I have seen with my own eyes that Nandos have refurb clauses in their franchise agreements. Maybe they didn't have them back then but I highly doubt that given it was already standard industry practise.

          Again, I am not saying what they are doing is right or that you shouldn't boycott. Just saying that this is normal in the franchising industry. In business, big guys bully small guys all the time. Doesn't mean it's right. You can vote with your wallet. But then you probably should never shop at Coles/Woolies/Bunnings etc either.

          The other thing is that the refurb clauses don't state the cost of refurbs. It's not an open ticket for the franchisor to request refurbs of any cost they want. It has to be 'reasonable' and 'in good faith'. If what is reported in the article someone linked is true, and they asked for a $800k refurb for a single Nandos store that was purchased for $400k 3 years ago… That is clearly unreasonable in my mind. However, I don't always trust what is reported in the media.

          I work for a large finance company and things that are reported against us in the media are often plainly false just to make it look like we are abusing helpless battlers.

        • @Xastros:

          Thanks for sharing your insight, knowledge and opinion. Really appreciated mate.

  • QUICK SOMEONE CONFIRM THIS DEAL! I haven't received anything in my email or peri perks app and i've run 10km on treadmill + fasted since 6pm last night in anticipation of today's deal!!! HALP ME !

  • Don't forget to create new account for free welcome chips! (no purchase required).

  • Need confirmation ASAP!! want to order for my whole office!

  • I wonder if they are waiting until after lunch to advertise this?

  • No confirmation yet.

  • Looks like I'll be going the Subway 1/2 price offer for lunch. (profanity) Nandos.

  • Starts today. QLD and WA only according to website T&Cs. Jeebus weeps.

  • OMFG. lyf over. how dey do dis. :'(

    :'( tell me it's not true.

  • Mod: Updated information (received from Nando's):

    WA and QLD restaurants ONLY - This is NOT a national offer
    Offer: 1/2 chicken + Regular side for $10
    Available every Wed/Thurs/Fri, 1st Feb to 17th Feb
    Full Terms and conditions

  • Ah, darn it. I was looking forward to chicken today but I am in NSW.

  • Weak offer, cheap Nandos in the 2 states with the least stores….

  • Meh, even cheap nando wouldn't make me envious of living in QLD

  • I ended up doing my usual and just going halves in a Whole Chicken and Large Side of Peri Chips with a mate = $12.50 :)

  • Here's the offer for those in NSW/VIC/SA/ACT/TAS/NT: Free Large Side (Valued at $5.95) with Any Main Item Purchase @ Nando's (Peri Perks) - Excludes WA/QLD. You can get 1/2 chicken and large chips for $11.95 using this, so same as this deal if you upsized the chips.

    • with the peri perks they are usually one time use … once you've scanned the barcode in it doesn't work again

  • Nice. Scanned my membership barcode and got the deal for $10. Now half chicken and the chips are in my tummy. Thanks OP.


    No idea where that centre is…but it showed up on Google.

  • how does one "use" this deal?
    Just say I want the $10 deal?
    Or do we need to scan our Nando app membership?

    • i just had the $10 deal for dinner - didn't have to be a member. They even had a poster of the deal on the counter. Upsized the medium chips for an additional $2.

  • Deal email:

    Mods, feel free to attach to OP.

  • The $10 WTF deal supposedly stacks with the complimentary large side deal for peri peri members. Could be a mistake by whoever is behind the counter.

    I went in today (Friday) planning to get a 1/2 chicken + free large chips (expecting to pay $11.95 for the chicken and 0 for the chips), but the complimentary large side deal subtracts the large side price from the WTF deal subtotal.

    Tl;dr - got 1/2 chicken and large chips for $6.05

  • I just got an email that they throw in a 600ml coke for free for Peri-perks members. Makes this an even better deal. If you don't mind drinking coke…

  • Local store (Mt Lawley WA) getting smashed with this deal tonight. Used it with the 600ml free coke peri-perk deal