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Free 1yr NRL Digital Pass - First 2500 to Create and Fill a 16-Team NRL Fantasy League


Popular deal from 2015 and 2016 is back for 2017.
Sign up for the NRL Fantasy competition and be one of the first 2500 people to create and fill a 16-team league to score a free annual NRL Digital Pass subscription (worth $90). There aren't many details on the NRL site but here it is for reference.

Prize lets you watch every NRL match live on your phone/tablet via the NRL app.

It's a little more hassle than getting the Telstra deal, but great if you aren't with Telstra.

Don't expect a notification if/that you're one of the first 2500 - nothing comes before the prize email in early March.

Feel free to post your league subscription code below for your fellow ozbargainers to fill spots.

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    • Joined.


  • Please Join UPAKWMSS

    • done :) please join mine NULJZHZN

      • Done, join mine please? 3DCZJEDM

        • done :)

    • Joined ! :)

      PF24CU3K thanks

      • Done, join mine please? 3DCZJEDM

    • Done - VCEJUFVD if you could join mine please :)

      • Done, join mine please? 3DCZJEDM

        • Done, thanks mate.

      • Joined, please join my league , thanks E6WEEP49

        • Thanks - I'm getting an error joining yours :S

    • joined! please join mine W23DY32S

      • Hey it says that the league doesn't exist?

        Join mine please? 3DCZJEDM

    • Done. 3DCZJEDM

  • Thanks Op. I'm joining others (post below!)

    My league: 3DCZJEDM

    • Joined. Please join mine W23DY32S

      edit, just saw u have

      • Joined, please join mine E6WEEP49

    • Joined ! :)

      PF24CU3K thanks

      • Joined. Mine is DVRJ5EXN

    • Joined, please join my newly created league, code E6WEEP49

  • Joining, as many as I can right now. Mine is. DVRJ5EXN

    • Joined :). Mine is VCEJUFVD

      • Done.:)

    • ye thanks for joining ! joined urs

    • Joined. Please join mine W23DY32S

      • Can you check that code? getting an error.

        • W23DY32S is definitely right. weird :S

    • Joined.
      Please join


      • First one done, second one got an error.

      • Joined your first one but second is erroring. Could you please join mine? VCEJUFVD

        • Damn my cut and pasting!!


          I wasn't sure if I needed a public league or a private one hence the 2 leagues.

        • Joined, please join mine, thanks E6WEEP49

        • @LittleDon: Hmm I'm getting errors when trying to search for nearly all the codes on here now, can't get to yours.

      • First one worked - not the second.

        Join mine please? 3DCZJEDM

        • +1

          Up up parra!

      • Joined your LLKX292S, other one didn't work, please join mine , code is E6WEEP49

        • Done.
          Second league is WH5SNM6R (I blame my keyboard)


        • Joined yours ericmclee. Please join WST43UYL

        • @ericmclee: Joined yours ericmclee. Please join WST43UYL

        • @claypot: Really sorry I missed this post. Glad to see you're filled up

    • Joined , mine is E6WEEP49

      • Done

      • Joined :) Could you please join VCEJUFVD

        • Joined MrFunSocks. Please join WST43UYL

      • joined. mine is W23DY32S

  • +1

    come on people… if someone joins you, join back!
    I have joined 21 leagues now, and only have 12 in mine!


    • Joined. Mine is DVRJ5EXN

      • I joined yours while you were joining mine!
        Thanks - appreciate it.

      • Joined, mine is: FL5VPLLF

    • Joined :)


    • Done, join mine please? 3DCZJEDM

    • +1

      Yours is FULL now :)

    • +1

      I am now Full..
      but please remember to join others if they join you.. dont be selfish..
      I will join others for the next 10mins…. post below.

    • Join mine is possible mate! Cheers TV5NE2M6

  • I still need nine, I will join yours too 3AJRVARX thanks.

    • I'm getting no results searching for yours. Could you please join mine and I'll keep trying yours?


    • 8/16 now :) join mine please? 3DCZJEDM

      • Just joined yours. Please join WST43UYL

    • no luck finding yours. mine is W23DY32S

    • Joined.

      "Ozbargained" league currently 8/16 - LLKX292S

      "Autopick" league currently 6/16 - WH5SNM6R

    • Done! Mine is - TV5NE2M6

    • Just joined yours, please join E6WEEP49

    • Joined, mine is: FL5VPLLF

  • Starting to think something is broken on the site now - the last 6-7 codes I've tried have all given the no results error.

    • It's getting Ozbargained! (invite code is LLKX292S :) )

      • looks like it lol. No luck with that code either :(

        I'm stuck on 12 people in mine, in 20+ leagues.

      • Joined, mine is: FL5VPLLF

  • Hi Guys, first time Ozbargainer!

    I have joined the comps above, please join mine: 65C62V5N

    Thank you!

    • Joined, please join mine E6WEEP49

    • Joined, mine is: FL5VPLLF

  • Still only have 6/16, please join mine E6WEEP49 and I will return the favour

    • Will do! Mine is - TV5NE2M6

      • +1

        Joined Braden's

        "Ozbargained" league currently 10/16 - LLKX292S

        "Autopick" league currently 6/16 - WH5SNM6R

  • hey guys please join MDX4ZR5L

    will return the favour

    • +1

      V4PYU9VR thanks.

    • +1

      Done! TV5NE2M6 cheers

    • +1

      Joined your AM, Please return favour, mine is E6WEEP49

    • +1

      just joined your league should be full now, join back WVEK7J47

  • Done - please join FL5VPLLF

    • Joined, please join mine :)


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