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FREE Entry to 2017 AFL Womens Matches across Australia


All matches for the 2017 NAB AFL Women's competition are FREE ENTRY with the exception of some Double Header matches. Entry is subject to capacity.

Competition is held over 7 weekends in February and March at venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin. Here are links with details of all the games at each venue…

NSW - Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney
VIC - Ikon Park
VIC - Whitten Oval
VIC - Casey Fields
VIC - Olympic Park Oval
QLD - South Pine Sports Complex
SA - Thebarton Oval
SA - Norwood Oval
WA - Fremantle Oval
ACT - Manuka Oval
NT - TIO Stadium

Selected matches are also being broadcast on free-to-air TV. Check out the broadcast guide here.

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  • +1 vote

    Carn the Crows! Go Erin!

  • +1 vote

    Spectator sports = waste of time and energy.

  • +4 votes

    Jesus. The comments in this thread…

    You know, it's becoming less and less appealing to be a female member of this forum. Just today I've read comments ranging from "who wants to watch women's sports??" to "(t)hey only sell women's crap, right?" to several other remarks of the sexist variety.

    These sorts of opinions are presumptuous and exclusionary. It may be a throwaway comment to you, but to those of us who have to put up with this shit every day, it gets tired, quickly. If you see a post that doesn't interest you, move on to the next.

    I realise some of our members are teenagers who may not yet know better, but for those of you who are grown up, a little consideration wouldn't go astray.



      dealing with opposing views is a part of being a adult :^)

      • +1 vote

        "dealing with opposing views is a part of being a adult :^)"

        So is educating yourself on the effects of casual sexism on half the population. Get to it :^)

    • -2 votes

      This is Ozbargain though. It's a website specifically created for posting economical deals of value. The product on offer in this deal is a third rate product, not even the standard of a school boy level. The only reason it exists as a product, is because it requires the exploitation of women with sexist views and the exploitation of men who want to laugh at a freak show. Evan after that, it's still not been proven to be a commercially viable product.

      No one has an issue with women's football existing or being promoted. It's an amateur level sport that should be funded and promoted as such to increase the health and physical fitness of our population who find it a fun fitness pursuit. But when you turn something into a commercial product, it has to have some actual value, which unfortunately, it currently doesn't. This is why there are comments everywhere questioning why on earth you would consider paying for this product.

    • +2 votes

      Meh, as a male the more I read the comments the less appealing this place gets. Welcome to the internet. Welcome to humanity.


      If you see a post that doesn't interest you, move on to the next.

      Its not hard to filter out the extremist comments, or as some have report it, I rather leave them though to be seen for what they are

      The thread has gone towards a divisive topic, you will always get extreme comments.

      I got called a retard… does that bother me… nope, it just shows how small some people are.

      Very nice.

      vicosads 4 hours ago
      dealing with opposing views is a part of being a adult :^)

    • +1 vote

      Unfortunately the internet is a cesspool, and toxic bubbles rise to the surface everywhere. Good stuff does too, but humans are pretty nasty.
      And as a chick, it is bloody sickening when males tell you 'get over it' or 'it doesn't matter' or 'they don't mean anything' when they have not had the same experience. You need a thick skin but it doesn't make it ok.


        LOL, yeah. I have a pretty thick skin, but the constant sexism in this place (and yes, everywhere) sometimes wears you down.

        "dealing with opposing views is a part of being a adult :^)"

        Was expecting more condescension in reply, and viola. Sigh. I have no issue with "opposing views", but I do take issue with blatant sexism. There's a difference between "I'm not a fan of women's football" and "who wants to watch women's sports?… "Women don't even watch sports".

        Explaining that I don't feel comfortable with the level of sexism displayed on this site and requesting a little bit of consideration is a pretty adult concept to me, but hey, that's just my opposing view, I guess.

        I suppose I'll just shut up, get over it, and move on now. Thanks for explaining how I should feel and behave, though. :^)

        • +2 votes

          Don't despair ladies. This site has it's share of complete nupties. They're displaying their own ignorance and inability to come to terms with the fact that women's sport is rightly expanding, nothing more. They don't represent the thinking or views of most men, and particularly not males capable of rational thought.

  • +4 votes

    What a toxic thread this has become. Sexist and misogynistic. Absolutely disgusting.


    It is surprising to hear it called a 'sellout crowd'. If it is free can it still be called a 'sellout '?
    I hope that they made a motza on the beers, pies and chips.
    Next step, charge a gold coin donation?


    I like the men's AFL because you are watching the 'best' playing (rather like the Federer/Nadal tennis final)


      That's a fair comment. I watched a couple of games on the weekend, and the women's skills are certainly lacking when compared to the men. To be fair, though, the female professional competition is brand new and these women have yet to really play at a high level. I expect with more experience and as the competition goes on, we will have a larger pool of players to choose from and that the skill level will increase. That said, AFLW will obviously never be AFL, since obviously men and bigger and stronger players, but I do think it can find its own place in the professional sports arena.

      Despite the slower pace of the game, and the lower skill level, I still enjoyed watching and am excited to see how the season progresses. :)


    Good grief this competition has no legitimate chance of surviving at all. Absolutely terrible. Round 1 is over now and the losing teams of EVERY match couldn't manage more than 1 goal for the entire game. The standard of the womens AFL is so terrible, they are literally being out-scored by A-leage soccer games.


    Good deal OP!

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