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Xiaomi Mijia Pen - White (Black Ink), with 3 Genuine Replacement Refills - US $5.99 (~AU $7.86) with Free Shipping @ Tinydeal


This is a better deal than the other recently posted one (as long as you don't lose your pen!), as it includes the three genuine refills.

Xiaomi, maker of just about everything, now making awesome pens as well. Smooth writing, Swiss imported cartridges, with Japanese ink. Doesn't blot or smudge, so perfect for lefties.

Other notable deals are two pens for $7.86 including postage, and three genuine ink refills for $4.58 including postage.

Note - this pen does not have Band 28, but that probably won't be too much of an issues as Telstra will most likely be down in eastern states due to a random small fire in Western Australia (or whatever they're going to blame their incompetence on this time…) ;)

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  • +20

    scrolling down and see this.. priceless review

    Imran Khan · Owner at Construction
    realy ice experyence i am first time purchess on tinydeal…

    • +6

      The reviews are unintentionally funnier than many of the famous Amazon ones:

      "Well then you can stand and pass this handle if you're from Xiaomei sect. Quality materials at height, body plastic, filling a metal rod / ink cartridge replacement. Capsule slightly rumpled, but it's not terrible, all the whole, you can see in the video. It is recommended that all good luck. ;) "

      Well said, Doris!

      • Funny, I came here to find comments on the pen, didn't expect comments on another site's comments upfront. LOL

  • +3

    Is there an app for this? /s

    • +1

      Yes and it's mandatory to put it on your BOYD that you provide for your Prep student. It will teach them sweet FA and stunt their gross and fine motor skills.

      Here's a funny story. A group of year 2s were given access to computers and a lot of them couldn't find the A key on the keyboard. One apparently even said, "Mine doesn't have an A key." Oh dear.

  • -2

    No deal
    Bic is way cheaper

    • +3

      Stationary drawer at work is also cheaper

    • +1

      It's laughable that you compare a quality pen with bic

  • -5

    Why would a pen require Band 28?

    • +15

      So that the ink doesn't smudge when using in poor coverage areas.

  • +12

    hhahahaa +1 just for the band 28 note and dig at telstra (Y) :):):)

  • +1

    Are they better than my Papermate Gel? Those things write on any old bit of dirty paper I throw at them. :)

  • +2

    So it's Japanese ink inside a Swiss cartridge?

    • Xiaomi: bringing nations together.

      • +1

        All in a Chinese pen… President Trump won't be happy😀

        • +2

          No Muslim involvement, Trump would be all for it

        • +1

          I don't know about that. I've visited a mosque in China. Extreme vetting needed to find out - i'll interrogate my pen when it arrives😀

          Didn't even consider religion - just it's made in other countries (especially 'Ghina'), not made in USA by good ol' USA workers - all those jobs lost😢

  • +3
  • Nothing beats papermate kilometricos!

    • +2

      I still sing that stupid song every now and then!

  • so is this a smart pen? can it get an ip addr at least?

    • +4

      Sure but only once you get it

  • +1

    The ink does smudge. The pen uses gel ink so it's always going to smudge a little.

  • Will this work when there is no power in WA.

  • Front page has 3 Xiaomi product related deals.

  • +9

    You need to be careful with these pens, while i was able to change the language from Chinese to English without too much of an issue, i think i got stuck with some dodgy firmware that i cannot change.

    • +11

      Be careful as Xiaomi will be able to track what you're writing, this comes with a spyink preinstalled.

  • Can I ask what makes this better than say, the classic old Parker Jotter, for the same price? This pen looks kinda crappy - and what happens after you've used the 3 included refills? Oh right, you either order in advance, or wait 3 months when your refill runs out.

    I personally find Parkers to be a tad scratchy, but this presents as a much better deal to me. People might even think you're a bit of a pen snob.

    • +3

      Don't worry, if you use a Parker, no one will mistake you for a pen snob.

      • Hahaha oh I concur - I did say might :P

  • Don't know what the big deal is, but just bought two pens for $7.86

    • +8

      if you looked at the other submission you could have gotten 2 for $7.82 . RIP your wallet :^)

    • Ouch! Bought 1 pen for au$2.74 after CashRewards.

  • Lol. What's this about Telstra and a fire?

  • -3

    How do these compare to a Mont Blanc 146?

    • The Mont Blanc is ball less

      • Just like the current leadership. Mont Blanc. The preferred choice for our PM.

  • +2

    Repost from the other deal:

    If you're like me and have some left over eb points, then you can get it cheaper from everbuying. It's 3.13USD with a max discount of 46 eb points/0.92USD, total comes to 2.21USD/2.96AUD.

    Edit: Pen only.

  • +2

    Following baldy's good advice above & in other pen deal, bought pen only in white or black for au$2.74 after CashRewards.

    You could buy 3 pens for us$6.59 = $8.58, just a little more than 1 pen + 3 refills in this deal. (Gain 2 pens but lose 1 refill)😯

  • ive got the mi pen, it's actually not bad, perhaps a little thin for me.

    However, it's a pen, so you cant get too excited. :/

    • +3

      that's what she said

      • +1

        Well A pen-is better than no pen.

  • +1

    Swiss cartridge
    Japanese ink

    So what I'm taking away from this is that Xiaomi is making plastic tubes?

  • +15

    I can use this pen to write underwater

    and other words.

    • +6

      Hey dad I didn't know you were on ozbargain

  • Dropped to USD $5.76 now.

    But do they make them in blue ink?

    • Still showing as USD $5.99 to me. I have not seen them in blue.

      • -1

        Nvm, I wasn't logged in, so it was showing US prices. Selected AU and now it is USD $5.99. Seems they do price discrimination.

        So the Japanese couldn't figure out how to make blue ink huh?

  • +2

    I thought lefties could only use crayons or spray cans.

    • LOL! So true

  • I'm confused here… So is this just a Pen [like Bic]? Or is it a pen made for Tablets and Smartphones?

    • A normal writing pen. But with added awesome sauce.

  • +1

    Bought one. Not even sure why.

    • me too. might be useful for picking my nose.

  • I bought one then got an email from Tinydeal a couple days after saying I need to send another $3USD for registered air mail in order to be sent on time. I emailed back saying I don't mind wait.

    They then sent me a reply saying they need me to send them that $3 so it can be sent by registered air mail…or they won't send it to me.

    Sent them back an email saying this is a pen, not a diamond ring and I don't need it to be registered.

    They sent me to same reply asking me to send them $3 or they'll cancel the order and refund me.

    I don't know why they made such a big deal out of it so I just asked for a refund.

  • I still haven't recieved this, anyone else?

    • Nothing either.. I bought 2 of these sets too.. :/

      • Posted on the 9th, landed on our shores on the 14th so hopefully shouldn't be far off.

        • Thanks for the info!! Have you received yours yet?

  • still havent received mine.

    • Not I

  • Have not got mine yet.. tracked via another site (as their tracking link did not work) and it shows it arrived in Australia Feb 11th and that sites shows as registered .. nothing in Auspost tracking.

  • Neither received mine. Tracking shows landed 3 weeks ago… on the 14th of February.

    Has anyone received?

    • Messaged Tinydeal and they got back to me.

      Pretty much hope it shows up in next few days…

      Or they told me to contact them again in [b]25[/b] business days…

      • Same

        • looking like paypal dispute? whats the limit on that timeframe? i give them 25 business days. as long as its within paypal regulations.

          probably wont get through anyway because its been marked as shipped and tracked to AU.

        • @insular: From PayPal website :

          You have 180 days from the payment date to open a dispute. Common reasons for opening a dispute include:

          You paid for an item but haven't received it and the seller is uncooperative or unresponsive

        • @theophilusthistler: lets just say i cant be bothered emailing the seller. can i claim they are uncooperative and unresponsive? i expect them to be telepathic.

  • Still nothing.. ridiculous huh..

  • +5

    I think we all just hooked up Aus Post staff with new nice pens…

  • Still have not received mine yet either. Where are you guys tracking yours?

    • log into tinydeal account, its in the orders. the auto link doesnt work, but copy+paste into the site, or any other malaysian post site (two others worked for me)

  • Also not received

  • +1

    today is the 1 month anniversary that "Item arrived in Australia"

    let's throw a party.

  • Received 1 pen for au$2.74 from Everbuying last week. (Ordered 4/2)

  • +2

    Put mine on dispute few days back, but the pens showed up yesterday. Looks like their shipping is very slow compared to Gearbest and Bangood.

  • Has anyone else received these yet?

    • +1

      Still waiting in Perth.

    • Probably never gonna.

    • Haven't got mine either; I sent an e-mail with them and they simply replied to wait another 25 working days and then contact them again, didn't even answer my question as to where my order is. I opened a PayPal dispute (I see someone else has done the same, hopefully the parcel arrives soon).

    • Damn.. i saw someone mentioned they got theirs and i thought they started arriving, but clearly not. I also opened up a paypal dispute and got the same response. Ridiculous.

  • still nothing for me

  • Nothing here either. In Perth. Ordered deal was posted. Going to open a PayPal dispute as well.

  • Nothing yet in Perth either… Opening a dispute

  • hasnt arrived for me either.. tracking number says it arrived in australia on the 14/02/2017. opened a dispute

  • Tiny deal being a pain in the ass with the Paypal dispute, has anyone had that go through?

  • +2

    Still no pens. lodging a paypal dispute

  • +1

    (profanity) you TinyDeal.

  • -1

    Sorry to keep you waiting.

    We have dispatched the following item to you on 2017/02/07.

    Shipping Address: ……..Australia

    Your concerns about this delivery problem have been duly noted. We will raise a written query to our post office about your item, and urge the post office to deliver the parcel soon.

    Generally it takes 15-20 business days for the post office to finish the investigation. Meanwhile, we will follow up with the Post Office and keep you posted for any updates we are about to have in the next 2~3 weeks. And if you receive your item during this period, please let us know.

    Please contact us 15 business days later if you don't hear from us or receive your parcel.

    Your patience and support in this regard would be highly appreciated.

  • Got my chargeback! screw these guys

    • how? paypal?

      • yep, paypal. Took almost 2 weeks though

        • did they give you the same bs response as i posted above? their "contact us 15 business days later" is beyond the time to escalate to a claim. did you just escalate anyway?

          they dont mention the tracking no. in their response, so i dont want to mention it in case paypal say "oh it was sent too bad, ineligible". like someone else had happen here.

          what did you say in your claim?

        • @insular: hi sorry, didnt see your comment.I escalated to a claim. I told paypal that I ordered the item on 04/02 and the tracking number stated the item arrived in the country on the 14/02 and that ive waited a reasonable amount of time but they keep telling me to contact them again after 15/25 days.

        • @crazy94boy: its funny because that 15-25 days happened to fall right after the date when i could no longer escalate to a claim. dodgy.

  • "Your claim has been resolved and you'll receive a $7.86 AUD refund." finally…

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