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Tokyo Return from $738 from Melbourne, $767 from Sydney with Qantas (15 May - 19 June 2017)


Here is a deal to Tokyo with Qantas. Prices start from $738 with the travel period stretching from 15 May to 19 June 2017.

Sydney to Tokyo – $767 (nonstop with flights landing at Haneda with B744 aircraft)

Melbourne to Tokyo – $738 (nonstop with flights landing at Narita with A333 aircraft)

Tokyo is serviced by 2 International airports – Haneda and Narita. Haneda is much closer to Tokyo CBD at 15km, while Narita is some 65km though accessible by two very fast train links taking about an hour travel time to Tokyo CBD.

To book jump on www.momondo.com

Happy travel :)

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  • Appropriate prices.

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    Username checks out

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      Well… I think mel-tokyo on jetstar on the recent deal was via brisbane or cairns, so add another 4-5 hours transit time in crappy airports. Add jetstar baggage both ways, probably another $100 or so. Then add meals which jetstar charge about $25 each way, so another $50. Then add in narita airport express round trip ticket for about $50. Add in entertainment cost on jetstar (if you don't have your own phablet/tablet) is maybe $15? Then add in the rather high probability your flight out or back is going to be delayed on jetstar 9-24 hours (as happened to me last year and a mate this year)… priceless??

      Then add in that the jetstar dates were mostly july/august I think, and anyone who's been to japan in august will tell you it's pretty awful weather that time of the year. I've been in may the last 2 years and it's great then. Going in may vs going in august = ???

      there's a lot more to cost than the price.

      • Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks!

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        I agree with you on all points except there still was quite a saving with Jetstar. Even with bags, tax etc fare still only came to just over $500 all inc. so a saving of $230+pp is not bad and these are flights in early May. Only thing is the extra transit time but I can suck it up for a few hours. If it is a small saving it's worth just paying for an airline with bags etc inc. but over $200+ pp I'd rather spend that on something else.

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          but over $200+ pp I'd rather spend that on something else.

          e.g. Japanese Happy ending

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          @easternculture: Japan's a first world country, you'd be spending at least that I'd imagine. Although the Japanese are extremely diligent so you may find it money well spent. But that's against the OzBargain spirit - DIY is always cheaper.

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        Thanks for this.
        It's true.
        A bargain can come in many forms. Some choose to live with the caveats Jetstar brings where others are in a position to spend more coin for what's arguably more comfortable. I for one +1 Qantas because the layover and added costs do make up the difference.

        • Yep.. If I wasn't already going with Jetstar I'd find Qantas very tempting. No layover, better food, better seats and a better airport (my flights are to/from Narita).

      • If you play it smart though it's definitely good value.

        No bags either way, no meals on Jetstar, make sure you buy on CC with travel insurance for travel delays.

        Travel dates were during April during Cherry Blossom which was ideal. All up I'll probably pay $400 return… which is fairly ridiculous.

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        I actually want to go to Japan in August.


      • I've flown Gold Coast- Narita return 5+ times with Jetstar and the flights have always been on-time and the general experience excellent. To/from GC there are direct flights at sensible times and I have always flown during the main tourist seasons (cherry blossoms etc). Usually pay about $400 return inc seat allocation and luggage. You can take snacks or even meals on board. The train from Narita is quick, efficient and cheap. Overall can't think of a single thing to complain about. All of my flights were sourced through ozbargain during the Jetstar sales every 6 months or so.

        At this price I can fly twice as often, which works for me.

      • Good points.

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    Sure A333 on SYD-Haneda? It was an ancient 747 a few months ago..

    • You are right. Thanks! I have updated the original post. :)

    • Those 747s are the non refurbished ones. Had the displeasure of flying one LA to Brisbane a few months ago when the regular plane broke down. Recommend to avoid if possible mainly because the TV screens are tiny, laggy and poor resolution

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    Worked out about $600ish for the Jetstar deal for the dates I was looking at including the $260(!!!) for checked baggage etc. Those flights were 15-17 hours. When you work that out you're basically saving half a day each way in time you can be making the most of on your trip. Also taking into account not being exhausted from long flights, extra comfort, service + frequent flyers, I think this is a pretty good deal! Thinking I might pull the trigger as dates line up perfectly

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      Do it. Memories made in those extra hours gained far outweigh money you can make back.

  • Super cheap direct flights to Japan & China. But Korea, nope. Double the price.

    • Qantas don't fly to Korea so they can't decide when to make a sale for those tickets.

      • I was just talking in general. The Korean airlines have the dumbest sales. I saw one the other which had the sale price exactly the same as the regular price. Cathay pacific has deals to HK, SG Airlines to SG, China southern to China etc. But NEVER any sale more than 5% off to Korea.

        • Yeah, that's very true. Not much competition on direct flights to Korea though and Koreans are pretty loyal to their Korean owned airlines. They do have some really good fares to Europe that you can add a Seoul stopover to.

        • @donga100: They are just price gouging dicks. You look at a direct flight to Korea on a date. 1600 dollars. Look at a flight to China via Korea and it is 900. Same flight to Korea.

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    Just like to add sydney to Tokyo with jetstar is also via cairns/coolongatta. Melbourne departures are the same as mentioned above by slknv.

    Additionally if qantas status credits/points are your thing. These cant be earned on the jetstar starter fares. Need to upgrade to starter plus and above.

    Anyway there is pros and cons with either option as outlined above. Just depends on individual preferences.


  • This is pretty good (apart from the ancient 747 to Haneda); my flight from Haneda to Sydney was that price when I came home from Japan last April.

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      When I was living in Sydney, I flew their aged 747 numerous times to Japan. I'm surprised they still have them in service. Personally not a fan of flying on something so old, being a nervous flyer!!

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    Cathay also have good fares to Japan for those who like a 5 star airline and have a bit of extra time to enjoy the stop over in hong kong.

  • has anyone actually booked this deal? cheapest i could see is from "skidoo" and a quick google search and ozb search revealed its pretty unreliable.

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    I don't know what you guys were all doing a couple of weeks ago, but I got return Coolangatta to Narita for two people for $760 with baggage.

  • i missed out on the jetstar sale recently (i.e. return for $0) so considering getting these fares. I've never booked flights via Momondo so does these fares include baggage, meals etc? TIA.

    • hey Momondo is like skyscanner it just find the flights for you from varions booking sites. i did ask a question above if anyone actually booked a flight. All the flight websites they refer to are below average… e.g. skiddoo (which was the cheapest) had some pretty nasty reviews on here and a rough google search also revealed bad reviews

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        Print of the page before you have to enter your credit card details on skidoo that shows the flights selected (or any other site for that matter). Take it into your local flightcentre and they should either match it (worse case scenario) or beat it by $1 (best case scenario).

        Either way you win. This is what i usually do. :)

        • Thanks !! I took a screenshot from BYOJET when I was at the payment stage and Flightcentre indeed price matched it by $1. Paid $1526 for 2 people :)

      • thanks tkboi! i booked this deal by taking a screenshot of my flights from BYOJET and getting Flight Centre to price match (by $1) :)

  • Any chance to get Qantas to match this? I wanna use a voucher I have
    Its showing up as $798 from Melbourne on their website.

  • Is this now expired? Can't find the $738 price.