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Optus Free $2 Prepaid SIM and Free Delivery


Free $2 Prepaid SIM

Free Express Shipping
No Lock-In Contracts
Range of amazing plans
Manage your spend

Optus $2 SIM, free, and free delivery.
Order online.

Will be useful for porting.

Free express delivery

Next day delivery available in metro areas for orders made between midnight and 1pm (AEST) Mon-Fri

Offer ends 31/3/17.
Limited to 1 per customer.
Activate & recharge on chosen plan within 30 days of purchase.

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  • Thanks Got 1! πŸ˜†

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    Hi Guys
    I need to get a sim and put in old phone for my kid to use in emergency only. Don't care about data. So i need a plan with long expiry and cheap. From optus site looks like i can pay only $10 for 186 days…any traps here from experience ? Thanks

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      Aldi Mobile offers a $5 prepaid sim card with 365 days expiry & 12c/min calls if that suits you better - https://www.aldimobile.com.au/starterpack/

      • Lycamobile prepaid

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      You should get the amaysim pay as you go plan and pay as postpaid. If you never use it then you won't be charged anything but the number will stay active. Been doing this for years now.

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        Agree, I have my 3 kids on Amaysim PAYG postpaid in my name (cos kids can only get prepaid). 12c/min for outgoing calls, 12c/SMS, no mobile data, no monthly fee. You get some initial credit $5 and may also get a referral bonus $10 (Might be some links here at OzB or PM if you want one). The way we use them for emergencies the quarterly bill is typically less than a dollar. In fact looking at one of them, we are still 14 dollars in credit after about 6 months. I think the fine print says you have to have some sort of charge/usage every 90 days to keep the account open.

        Although you can use an old handset with Amaysim, I found it best to buy a cheap Optus prepaid Android handset like the supermarkets or post office often have for less than $50. Kids end up using it for games, social media on wifi without incurring mobile charges.

        I recommend ringing up to disable mobile data if you don't want to use or pay for it. On one of the plans we got a new phone and thought we had disabled it on the phone but apparently not and ran up a sizeable bill restoring all the apps.

  • The $30 starter pack is also $10. This gives you $30 credit to activate on a plan of your choice.


  • This seems to be better… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/290259

    • +6

      Not if you want it for just Optus Perks (i.e. cheaper Hoyts tickets)…

      • Ye that's true.

      • -1

        and if there arnt any Hoyts near by ?

    • Sold out now😒

      • +1


    • But there has been sold out.

  • If only Vodafone gave out free $2 prepaid Sims. All Vodafone packs should come with a sim tray removal key which can be pretty handy.

    • A couple days ago I went to All phones and at the front of the store they were giving away free $2 Vodafone Sims. I'm not to sure if it's still there though.

    • +1

      If only Vodafone gave out free $2 prepaid SimsFree $2 Vodafone SIM @ 7-Eleven [App Required] (set up another account on app for another free SIM & other treats)

      There were even effectively free phones with free Vodafone SIM last year😯

      I have so many free Vodafone SIM.

  • It seems like you cannot activate a number without recharging… I guess why they now offer it for free.

    • you should be able to skip the recharge step but maybe they've changed that… I'd try doing a livechat to get help with the activation.

      • It used to be able to skip but not anymore apparently.

        • Maybe that's only the case with the special sims or maybe it's a new Optus feature. Just like the new roaming zones…

    • +1

      I was able to activate today without recharging, but it says my service will expire on 17 Feb 2017 if I dont recharge.

      Not sure if that means that my number will compeletely stop working or it will still remain active? I need to use optus perks.

      • I just tried and there is not other way to skip the 'Recharge' step. It is a $2 prepaid sim that I tried with. I tried with My Prepaid Ultimate, Long Expiry and Prepaid Daily Plus on step 4 and I am asked to recharge at step 5, no other ways around. What kind of sim did you use?

        • I used the free sim which was in this deal, and thats the $2 prepaid sim.

          You can select whichever plan you want but just continue with the activation process. Skip the recharge option. Hope that helps.

        • @sunnyb:

          May I asked when did you do this? This is certainly not the case when I did it yesterday, there's no way to skip the recharge option - step 5.

        • @wildstone: I did this yesterday as well

  • +1

    With all the numbers open under my name (free telstra, optus or vodaphone), the authorities might think I'm some kind of drug dealers XD.

    • Same here, Woolworths mobile, Amaysim, Telstra and lycamobile for porting. LOL.

  • This is good just to get optus perks

    The cheap movie tickets and occasional wet n wild deals

  • +3

    Don't forget about this guys!

    Free $2 Telstra sim
    Gives you access to Telstra air


  • got one, needed to renew my optus perks :)

    • How do you sign up for Optus perks using sim card. I got this for free last time but can't figure out to sign up for optus perks without recharging or putting money into it….am i missing something. DIY sim doesn't have number on that either…

  • For those needed this to port out of Telstra before porting back in, Optus $2 sim is no longer the best as it requires min $10 recharge before you can activate it. Currently I found that aldi $5 is the best value option (for port out and port back in). search telstra prepaid hack on this forum or whirlpool forum if you don't know what i'm talking about.

    • +1

      Can't find what you're referring to. Any links?

    • Or free Vodafone $2 SIM. Have used those a few times for porting.

      Kogan sends out free SIMs - haven't yet tried for porting.

      Optus $10 SIMs are often cheap & have been free. Great for porting as use the $2 days (calls etc & 500MB/d) before porting back.

      I'm still using up $30 Telstra Starter Packs bought for $1 back in 2015 & early 2016, & free $30 Boost Starter Packs last year. So have done a fair bit of port out/back (to retain phone number) with above free SIMs. Porting back from free $10 Optus SIM (ported number in from Telstra) to $1 Telstra SIM in morning.

      Useful info on Telstra Starter Packs in the Telstra PrePaid Wiki

      • +1

        Tried Kogan for porting, all good.

  • Can I just grab this for a family member visiting from overseas for a few weeks and not renew after the 30 days or is there a lock in where you are forced to recharge the account . As in can I just use the $30 credit for $10 outlay and then throw away the sim?

  • Just curious, why must you have no more than 5 prepaid services to get this?

    • +1

      Because of the Telecommunications (Service Provider β€” Identity Checks for Prepaid Mobile Carriage Services) Amendment Determination 2014 (No.1)
      Basically, you need to go through some additional ID checks, if you have 5 or more prepaid services.

      If the purchaser informs the carriage service provider that the activation of the service will result in the purchaser having 5 or more activated prepaid mobile carriage services, the carriage service provider must see:
      (a) 2 category A documents, each of a different kind, identifying the purchaser; or
      (b) 1 category A document and 2 category B documents, each of a different kind, identifying the purchaser.

  • Wow got it today shipping is really fast!

  • There is an option to recharge later when you activate… I wonder if it works

    (Mobile site)

  • Wow…I have to give credit to the people responsible for the Optus free $2 sim mail out.

    I requested on Saturday 11 Feb, and the items arrived in my letter box, 35 Km outside Coffs Harbour, today.

    How could they do any better than that to a regional location?

    Item sent via STARTRACK satchel

    BRAVO OPTUS !!!!!!

  • Anyone experiencing port-in outage? Trying to port in to Optus from Woolworths Mobile since yesterday morning (16/2/17). Still unable to port in today.

  • Cool. I only really want this for the Perks, but having trouble activating without recharging too. Can't seem to skip the "Recharge" section in the activation process - all three recharge options require a credit card.

    Any ideas?

  • Does anyone know whether this can be used to replace a mobile broadband sim?

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