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The Flying Doctors First Aid Booklet - Free [QLD]


After my girlfriend passed out twice out of the blue recently, I've set a reminder to review my first aids while I was waiting in the doctors office.

Seen this Flying Doctors AD for this free First Aid Guide Booklet on TV, saying text our number to receive the booklet, however, missed the phone number so googled it.

This is their page on their website and even though their campaign dates are over I assume it is still going or they wouldn't advertise it on TV.

Every day, lives are lost when people are injured and no one with them knows first aid. Knowing what to do in an emergency could save a loved one's life. We hope you're never in a situation where you need it – but knowing even basic first aid can help you save a loved one's life. The Flying Doctor first aid booklet will show you how to respond to common first aid situations.

You can press the "Register your first aid book" button and put your phone number so they will be in touch.

Soft Copy

You can also download the PDF version from the link below. You would ideally want to print it and stick it somewhere on the sight, to review, and in case of emergency happens and you panic.
Flying Doctor First Aid

Pretty sure this should be the soft copy of the same booklet they would send us, however, I am not sure TBH.

The main link for the hard-copy is under "QLD > Campaigns" so I marked the deal with QLD. Would be nice to know if it's going all around Australia.

Enjoy and be safe.

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    Sorry to hear about your GF's health problem. You may be interest in these first aid deals too.

    1. St. John's online course
    2. Emergency First Aid e-Handbook, 5th Edition: Marked as expired but the handbook is still free. Download PDF to a smartphone and open with a PDF reader. Click the green tab on the right edge that best describes the problem and the relevant section will open. Direct download links: ZIP - 11MB or PDF - 24MB
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    whats the normal price?

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      please don't be another jv, one's already more than enough

  • This is only available to residents in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria

    • How odd, particularly as they operate nationwide.

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    passed out twice out of a blue recently

    In an Aussie context, an unfortunate typo (I hope)

    • Emmmm… True. I assume the right way is out of the blue. Thanks for the heads up.

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    We ordered this a few weeks ago, and unlike other booklets or guides, this is a simple "Z Fold" compact guide. Great to have with our family first aid kit - most importantly can be accessed and used quickly. Thanks OP for posting, didn't even think to do so myself.

  • They had it over here in NSW as well, except it was a hard copy. You had to text some word to some number and they'll contact you "shortly". I texted them last year, took them 2 months to call me back. On the line was some dude from some corporate company (he said he was calling on behalf of the flying doctor service) and he wanted all my personal information (Name, address, phone number, date of birth etc etc).

    I love the work that the flying doctors are doing and I fully support them but I really don't want to be giving out my details to 3rd parties, let alone a company that I've never heard of.

    • Sorry to hear that budd. They have called the day after and the lady talking to me claimed be from Flying doctors not calling on their behalf. She was very nice as well and got my address obviously to send me the booklet to start with. Not sure if they will spam me later though.
      She also loved it when I said I donate to them through my ergon bill and she encouraged me to join their wing members.
      Guess it must be different in different states. Especially the ones with higher population and more demand that they can't staff to do it.

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