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Free Unlimited Wi-Fi with Telstra Air - Extended to 27 March 2018 (Telstra Customers)


Just noticed that Telstra Air free Wifi has been extended till 27 March 2018 (unless offer is extended). Can be used by activating $2 sim from here

From the Website:

Our free Telstra Air data offer has been extended until 27 March 2018. So if you’re an eligible Telstra mobile or home broadband customer, you can continue to enjoy free data at over 750,000 Telstra Air hotspots across Australia, and over 19 million Fon Spots overseas (from 28 March 2017 until 27 March 2018 Telstra Air home broadband members will no longer be required to have data left on their home allowance in order to take advantage of the offer). That way, you can save your mobile data for when you’re on the move.

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      Who else offers it in Australia?

      • I think he means needing wifi is so 2009. Data limits are large enough for 'normal' usage.

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          What's the normal data package with a $2 SIM?

        • @Phoebus:

          As I said below, buying just a $2 sim does not give you access to this. You need credit too.

        • Depends what you consider 'normal'. I watched a few youtube videos the other week (thinking I was on wifi) and bam, 50% of my months data gone just 4 days into the month.

        • @PainToad:

          I've had it for 2 weeks and never topped up and it works fine. I selected the 365 day option. I'm using dual SIM and it works even with the Telstra sin turned off

        • @Gringoesai:

          I selected the 365 day option

          Sounds to me like you purchased a sim that includes credit, ie. not the $2 sim.

        • @PainToad: i use telstra air all the time without a tekstra sim. I signed up initially with a cheapo $30 pack and haven't topped it up for a year and no issues with it

        • @PainToad:

          err do i need to sell my sould ie pair up my home connection to get use out of this ? i dont wnat to sell 10% of my home bandwith back to telstra for nothing !

        • +2
        • @PainToad: I bought a $2 Telstra SIM card from Woolworth, and have been using that with Telstra wifi for months.

        • @PainToad:

          Honestly was just the $2 sim. It has no credit on it

        • @PainToad: Actually I didn't even use a $2 SIM. I used a 50c SIM with a short expiry way back at the end of 2015 to become a Telstra customer and avail myself of this facility. :)

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    Thanks for the post, and the suggestion for activation. My only quibble with Telstra Air is that the range is so small, you have to be close to the phone booth for it to be reliable; however, that is just a quibble. It is a nice value add for my Telstra mobiles.

    For people who don't have Telstra, or can't be arsed logging in, also has free wifi in Melbourne and Ballarat. Worth having a look at. If you are in range it should appear as one of your wifi options.

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      Don't forget all the residential hotspots around the world too.
      Every time I restart my router, my devices all connect to my neighbour's Telstra Air hotspot :-)
      Come to think of it, my neighbours and I should each drop to the smallest Telstra broadband plan and connect to each other's hotspots, since the data is free and unlimited. Or just connect to our own hotspots.

      • I haven't tried it but doesn't it use up your home broadband allowance every time you use another Telstra air hotspot?

        Edit… Have the rules just changed… Maybe I can get free data by connecting to neighbours hotspot without using up my allowance, has anyone tried it?

        • +4

          It's unlimited while this promotion is on-going, and they seem to be extending this promotion for longer and longer periods every time it's about to end. ;)

          Downsides to doing this are:
          - You lose access to a home network and the benefits of that
          - Traffic is throttled and the owner's traffic is prioritised
          - It sucks having to always log in to Telstra Air on a computer

          But I do like that I can connect to a neighbour's Telstra Air hotspot with decent speeds when I have to restart the router, haha.

        • I am constantly connecting to my neighbours Telstra Air. It's even decent enough for streaming sd quality netflix and YouTube.

          It's all about timing and bandwidth. In the middle of the night I can often get 250MB/s. Not super fast. But adequate.

        • +5


          It's all about timing and bandwidth. In the middle of the night I can often get 250MB/s. Not super fast. But adequate.

          250MB/s isn't fast hey? ;-)

        • +2


          Flip….I got 12MB/s just recently and nearly had an orgasm…the joys of country life!!

        • @Porthos: haha whoops! My bad! 25MB/s is what I meant!

        • @gr33nhouse: That's still damn fast though, faster than any ADSL2+ connection anyway!

          I still think you have your units mixed up :P

        • My neighbour has NBN. Defs the right unit. I easily get a game upgrade in a no more than a couple minutes. Same for torrenting TV shows…

          Will have to do a speed test ;)

        • @gr33nhouse: Ah ok, makes more sense.

          But the maximum speed you can get on the NBN (currently) is 100Mbps, so for arguments sake that's about 10MB/s (yes, I know it's slightly more but this is just the easiest to do a straight conversion for this).

          Just when you said the speed you get it just decent enough for SD Netflix, considering you can get HD Netflix on a 6-8Mbps connection, if you were getting 25MB/s you would be easily getting 4K Netflix, let alone just SD Netflix.

        • +1

          @Porthos: fair point. Was only going off what speedtest tells me. Tbh most of the time it is only 100mbps, just at random times in the night when no one is using bandwidth I get crazy speeds.

          I'm just stretching my free Netflix sub for as long as I can, hence the SD. Havent tried 4K Netflix.

          Whatever it takes to get free WiFi and netflix I suppose!

        • @gr33nhouse: Haha nah it's all good mate, was just trying to make sense exactly of what speeds you were getting!

          Kinda wish I had a Telstra Air connection near me, would be leaching so damn hard :P

      • I moved to a new house, and have a Telstra air near me (a residential hotspot). Worst hotspot ever, in the last two weeks, it has only been connected for two days =(

        • +13

          Sorry I'm having problems with my router

        • Same here.

      • It's not exactly blazing fast from residential hotspots…
        So no major benefit unless you only need internet for emails and occasional browsing.
        Plus you've got to log in every 24 hours minimum.

        • +1

          Yeah. I struggle to get even 2mbps from the telstra air hotspots I've tried.

          I just use my mobile data instead because the air has just been too slow to be usable.

      • Thanks for the information. Personally I haven't found too many Telstra hotspots that aren't associated with the public telephones. The only one I found that might have been in a residential area didn't work with the login. Not sure why but sometimes I have issues with the login screen as well. Sometimes the screen tries to come up but you don't get to an actual login screen. Seen that issue with a number of free wifi services.

      • -1

        You do realise that it takes the data from your own account, not the person providing the Telstra Air hotspot right?

        • +2

          You do realise that this deal is about free data until 27 March 2018?

          Telstra Air home broadband members will no longer be required to have data left on their home allowance in order to take advantage of the offer

        • @muncan:
          Okay, fair enough, I should have looked closer. Some documentation still says it counts towards your data.

          I did see this though:

          10GB/month of Telstra Air Wi-Fi data

          Does this mean you get free wi-fi data but it is capped at 10gb?

        • @MrBear: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
          Might have to clarify 'Unlimited' with the op.

    • +2

      I used the latest air for 3 weeks while TPG were fixing my broadband …..Worked great but there were 2 businesses and 1 house in range allowing use of their hot spot. Guess depends how metro your neighbourhood is.

    • thank you! it really helps

  • Unless you're desperate, one's not going to pay to use this anyway.

    The only benefit for Telstra is that then when they eventually roll out Voice over WiFi, people's mobile phones can connect to these hot-spots instead of search for a distant, unreachable tower. That is, it will possibly remove black-spots for Telstra customers in the future.

    • +4

      You can use free wifi whilst overseas with this…

  • I see this as permanent. Who would pay for this when you can just buy a data sim for similar prices. The telebooth hotspot speeds are not great. on par with ADSL2 however the telstra stores have very good speeds of up to 100mbit. I occasionally get my laptop near one to update my steam library :)

    • I see this as permanent.

      then it wouldn't have an expiry date.

      • But that's not how they see it!

  • So Telstra billed customers only, or includes Telstra infrastructure customers like Boost, or even Telstra wholesale like Aldi and Woolies???

    • Not for aldi/boost/telechoice

      • Thanks, was curious as the deduction of my access fee in my bank account description is 'Telstra'.

  • You connect using your Telstra account login so would be easy for them to exclude other providers.

  • The "international" part never worked in Brazil during my recent trip. FON internet is the name of the network over there and if always asked me to pay.

    • Fon is limited to broadband customers I think

  • +1

    Can be used by activating $2 sim from here

    Uhh no, you need more than that, "so long as you have an active recharge."

    • Yeah, this is stated in the T&C. Even bought the SIM recently because I got 'confirmation' from a Telstra customer rep (who could barely speak/type out coherent English, no offence) that the activated $2 SIM alone is enough. Put in a customer complaint/request and haven't heard back.

      Does OP have confirmation from personal experience or from someone else directly that the $2 SIM is enough?

      • +3

        I bought a $2sim and I haven't recharged it. Works without question

        • Same

        • I got a free $2 SIM (no credit included) and although I have activated it I can't add it to my Telstra account as that would take receiving an SMS. All I get on my phone is 'emergency service only' so I can't connect to the SIM.
          Anyone got a solution?

        • @seanbaussie: check to see if the sim is correctly inserted, api corrects

  • +6

    Telstra stores in shipping centres have Telstra Air with phenomenal upload speeds around 200Mbps. It's great for backing up data to a cloud.

    • I can concur.

      Some Telstra stores i can get up to 260mbps download and uploads.

      Then there are other Telstra stores just average 5-10mpbs which is meh.

      All the payphone Telstra Air hotspots are just rubbish speeds.

      • +1

        Telstra-owned stores have ridiculous internet, versus privately owned stores which have whatever they want to pay for. I've seen consumer grade Bigpond ADSL shared amongst the whole store before. Embarrassing.

        Source: worked in about 10 Telstra stores.

        • Is there a way to find out which are Telstra wonder and which are privately owned?

        • +1

          @sween64: Licensed stores have a plaque on their front counter telling you it's licensed and who by.

          EDIT: a less reliable way (not all stores have it listed) is to search the store on the Telstra website and if they provide an email address with then it's company owned. If it's anything else ( etc) then it's not. If it has no email this doesn't help.

        • Yeah, seems like the privately owned franchised Telstra stores are the ones that lack the speed.

          Telsta owned stores are the ones that really shine in the fast speeds.

        • +2

          The stores with the stressed-out worried looking man behind the counter is usually the franchisee who has his life savings on the line

      • +1

        I've managed to get 200 Mbps+ on payphones, so they aren't all rubbish.

  • It's a great service but for some reason Telstra Air clashes with your home NAT Settings I had to disable it to get NAT OPEN from Strict when I was trying to play For Honor over the weekend

    Disadvantage for Gamers :(

    You can only Enable/Disable Telstra Air once a month

    • +1

      Telstra Air clashes with your home NAT Settings

      How do you know what my NAT Settings are ????

      • +1


    • Not to mention that…

      A) I don't want someone using my own (severely limited) bandwidth

      B) I don't want any open networks coming from my access point, no matter how they're configured

      C) I don't want to be forced to use Telstra's shitty Gateway modem

  • +2

    Step 1: Live next to a Telstra phone box.
    Step 2: Set up a wireless repeater (which logs all traffic as one device)
    Step 3: Free home internet!

    • Step 4: hope no one vandalises Telstra phone box

    • +1

      Lol that's my set up haha!

  • Saw this yesterday and tried to connect to Fon while I'm currently interstate through the hotel hotspot, despite being a Telstra broadband cable customer paying $100 a month it seems I'm not eligible or I require their specific hardware as a gateway - my Cisco modem they provided 4 years ago doesn't support it.

    • Yep, for home broadband, you need to have a compatible modem and you need to have activated Telstra Air on the modem. The modem may disable it the connection speed isn't good, but you're still good to go as long as you didn't disable it.

  • I'm with Optus,what is the cheapest way to access this with Telstra? I think someone mentioned getting a prepaid SIM?

    • I'm also with Optus …..Get a prepaid sim if you want Telstra air ……I had to connect from my device .Acct and password…Not sure what router supports the login script.

  • +2

    I love Telstra Air. I work across the road from a Payphone and stream YouTube constantly. It's amazing.

  • Now if only they offered this on trains…

  • It's free because they cannot keep a mobile phone service working despite being Australia's most expensive ISP.

  • +1

    So, Telstra still conducting a trial and not reliable enough huh? Doesn't surprise me, at times I have been unable to authenticate even with the app.

    Still, it's useful now and then. I even managed to download a Windows 10 ISO image through a neighbour's router overnight. Some nights I play Youtube clips using it.

  • Where can I find Fon Spots overseas in Japan? If there's none I won't participate Telstra air

  • has anyone tried using this feature in japan?

    • I would like to know too, its probably easier just to get a data sim rather than constantly logging on Telstra site? Another reason I don't join Telstra Air because of security as someone is on your network using your bandwidth although the data charges are not on you. I don't like that especially you got a big family already and bandwidth is limited. If you are not on speedboost, your link will choke when your neighbours decided to connect to your hotspot. In fact I can see some people connect to other people hotspot and free up their own bandwidth at home

      • Its good for big downloads as it doesn't eat into your mobile plan (mine is 12gb) …..But yes not much use for browsing as you need to login

        • Wow so you get free Wifi with Telstra if you're in Japan?

  • Wow this $2 sim keeps getting better and better. Telstra air. AFL. NRL. Keep 'em coming :)

    • Is AFL free or do I need to buy a league pass?

      • +1

        I just signed up on the NRL/AFL apps based on this post

        Some have mentioned needing $30 credit on your account. I've never recharged my $2 sim but it currently says that my AFL and NRL live passes are active till 31/1/18. I signed up with my Telstra account rather than using the sim itself.

        • How did you add your SIM to your account? I've tried but it sends an SMS to my number and (? because I've got no credit) I can't receive SMS.

        • +1

          @seanbaussie: Can't remember the exact details but I've only ever had my Telstra sim in to sign up for a Telstra account. I turned wifi off and it verified I was a Telstra customer. Once my account had been verified, I took the sim out and put my normal one back in. For Telstra air, NRL, AFL I then just use my Telstra login to verify the fact I'm a Telstra customer. Hope that makes sense.

  • Holy sh3et gotta quickly activate my sim.!

  • If the Telstra air thingy was closer to my house by a couple metres I would be over the moon 😅.

    • +2

      Then you would probably be too far from the hotspot.

  • Does anyone knows how to locate residential or private hotspots? App only shows phone booths.

    • They sure as (profanity) wouldn't tell you what residential addresses have it. That would be a huge privacy breach.

      • Yes they do show which residential modems are also hotspots. You can see it on the Fon website.

        • What website? Telstra don't even show that stuff on their own site. They only show the phonebox ones.

        • @vee124: At the bottom of the page: Locations are based on data uploaded by members.

          So they don't actually provide it, their members/visitors do.

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