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EB Games Email Promotion - Sony Bravia X8000D 49" 4K HDR TV - $999 (Save $1100)


Similar to this last deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/271574 although only the 49" model this time.
This is a targeted offer via EB Games email, but usually that means other OzBargainers will have codes they don't need.
4K HDR, 10 bit panel good review here - http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x800d

Direct link to TV - https://store.sony.com.au/KD49X8000D.html

Terms and conditions - https://ebgames.formstack.com/forms/sonytvoffer_feb17

Can be combined with Cashrewards 2.4% cash back - https://www.cashrewards.com.au/sony

This deal may not be as attractive as last time as it is four months later, and many more deals have come via price drops on other tvs. Eg Hisense 55" M7000 at $1036 or the 50" for $876 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/hisense-55m7000

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  • Pm me if you need the code!!!

    • I'll have it :) can't figure out how to pm you!?


    I'm not using it, go for gold.

  • +1

    Still hoping for Sony to have a buy TV and claim free PS4 promotion.
    My old TV from the PS3 deal is showing it's age as it lacks an MPEG4 decoder which means HD channels display as 'radio'.

    • +1

      I have mine from 08 or 09, all HD channels working perfect.

      • Interesting, as others have the issue in thre replies in this It's 9HD-Day, Re-Scan Your TV Channels post about 9 changing to MPEG4 codec.

        • Maybe you got a lower model than I did? I have the 200hz 40", can't remember the model number off my head (at work now).

    • I've still got my TV from that offer, too :) tuner died a few years ago, but its good for a second gaming screen. Even had it in the garage collecting dust for a couple of years, but pulled it back in, cleaned it up and it still works well.

      • My panel died when it was out of warranty, but Sony acknowledged it was a manufacturing defect and replaced the panel in my home.

  • I've got one up for grabs too - reply if you need one

    • I would love one!

      Edit: Nevermind. I thought it was the 42".

      • Can't msg you because you're brand new!

    • Here's my code:

      • Thanks! much appreciated

  • Here's my code for someone. It actually stacks with the Sony survey discount too if you got one of those. I had $100 and it automatically took it down to $899 when I tested it


  • +2

    Before clicking on the link, I thought there is a bonus PS4 Pro with any Sony TV purchased.

    • Link to said info ?

  • -1

    Long time lurker new poster any spare codes available ?

  • Mine for anyone that wants it.


  • +2

    Feels like Xbox One S, Scorpio and PS4 Pro were made just to sell 4k Tvs for other companies.

    • Well you can't wait for the terrestrial tv providers to catch up, probably 6 feet under before they get their act together.

      • I understand, i just think people should stick with the original Xbox One and the Ps4 original if they already bought them, upgrading seems fairly unnecessary for now, i know alot actually stuck with CRTs throughout the last gen and switched much later on.

  • Could someone pm me your spare code please?

  • Cashrewards may not work.

    Anyone else have their cashrewards declined for this tv from a previous sale? I bought mine from this promo: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/275938

    • I got an email from CR saying the sale tracked. Further $50 back FTW!

      • I also received that email and it was tracked for 3 months but was declined in the end

  • yup do the survey and get further 100 off !

    • what survey ? link pls

        • That survey is targeted, unless you got an email with the link it'll be useless to fill it out

        • @doweyy: I completed it and it told me i would get an email within 7 business days, so we'll see I guess.

          Thanks arnieb.

        • I didn't need to wait for an email. Just try the ebgames code and the $100 should automatically stack…I didn't enter anything extra

        • @Higibo: Hey Higibo, did you end up getting the coupon code for the survey?

        • @MPMPMP: Nope hasn't arrived.

        • @Higibo: oh no, it's targeted

    • If anyone received the survey and not using the 100$ off … please think of me ;)

  • I'm not gonna use mine

  • Just received my code if anyone needs it.



  • Yeah, got the code too.

    Looking at picking up a 4K TV this year, but 49" is too small for me. Happy to pass the code on if someone has a use for it.

    • Do you mind sending me the code in private message? Thanks heaps

  • I would love a code as I was thinking of getting this one :) Can someone PM me a code? I've got a $5 dollars voucher for OZgameshop i'm not using in return.

    • Are alright. You can use a code posted above. That'll be a $5 voucher now please.

      • Not buying the TV now so a PM with a code would be great. Then i can send the $5 code back.

  • Reviews seem to suggest the hisense m7000 series is better.

  • -2

    Pre-owned from the EB Executives?

  • Anyone donate me a code please?

  • +1

    Won't be using mine, 49" is just too big for my bedroom :(


  • When is this offer valid till?

    • +1

      There are 2 points of reference to that question already supplied. The bottom of the pic that is the main link and as per all OzB posts, there is an expiry date immediately below the original post.

  • Could someone please PM me a code, thanks :)

  • Would love a code if someone has one please! :)


  • Would anyone please share me their code please?

  • Someone generous willing to give me a code? thanks bois

  • pm me the code please.thx.

  • Here's my code: EBGAMESOFFER-5RVW-6MTL-6FVK-N7VRH


    • +1

      thx u very much

  • +1

    If anyone would like a code, please message me :)

    • I cant figure how to pm. May I have your code please?

      • Hey mate, sent you a PM with the details!

  • +1

    Does anyone have a code they can PM me. It would be greatly appreciated.

  • +1

    Any kind soul with unused code would share it with me? Cheers :)

  • +1

    no sub 50" tv is ever worth $2k unless its OLED perhaps then!

  • +1

    Can someone please PM me unwanted code. Thank :)

  • Can someone please PM me a code too?

    Thank you heaps!

  • +1

    Spare code appreciated. Thanks


    Apparently you can get an additional $100 off by completing this survey. Haven't tried it myself as I don't need it, but it sure been referenced on Whirlpool: https://sites.sony.com.au/Getting-to-Know-You-100-OFF-Detail...

  • +2

    Here's my code for anyone who needs it

  • Anyone else have a code they are not using that they could donate to me (maybe through PM)? pretty please?

  • No idea how to pm (I'm on mobile) but here is my code: EBGAMESOFFER-29FT-GCWD-M9WS-HL3GM

  • If someone could pm me a code that would be great, thanks!

  • I'd be grateful if someone could Pm me their code, thanks!

  • Hi guys, I'd appreciate it someone could please pm me their code if possible pleeaasseee.

  • Thanks CerebralRogue, but somebody used the code on me before i could get to it.. Anyone else that can PM me a code?


    • +2


      • Thanks for trying Wacky.. someone nabbed that one too before i could get to it.. i am guessing it just isn't meant to be :(

        BTW just click on the hyperlink of the username and select "start conversation" :)

  • Can someone please PM me the code. Thank you so much!!!

  • Here's a code all no idea how to PM people EBGAMESOFFER-ZPHP-3RXS-TLTH-965RQ

  • I'd like a code if anyone has a spare one. Cheers

  • Can anyone give me the code please :(

  • If someone could pm me a code that would be great, thanks in advance!

  • Please pm me the code, if you are not going to use it. Thanks!

  • Please PM me a code. Cheers for being a bud =)

  • If any of you fine folks have a code to spare, would greatly appreciate it in a PM :)

  • Will buy TV with code, please kindly share your code, will appreciate it greatly.


  • If any has the code please PM me with the code. Cheers!! Thanks!!

  • Is there anyone willing to contribute a code please?

  • Looking to upgrade and was wondering if there is a spare code that someone isn't using..

    Thanks in advance

  • +7

    So many asking for codes, yet only one of you thought it was a good deal worth voting for. Guess who I offered a code to?

    • +2

      Just to be clear on the above, this is not about my deal not getting votes, I could care less, it ads nothing to my life. But it drives me nuts when people use a deal, are members on here, but can’t take two seconds to show appreciation and give them a positive vote. Especially those that do the weird thing of commenting that it’s a great comment or similar, but don’t bother to vote on it.
      So my slightly bitchy remark is about an overall issue with some people on this site, rather than anything specific to this deal or other I post.

      • Understandable though.

      • Actually i was under the impression the comment adds a vote, like reddit or something

        • +1

          That doesn't happen on Reddit either. On there as per here, you chose to up or down vote it, regardless of comment. Reddit you can down vote without commenting, but here you must justify a down vote.

        • @snuke: I have now voted. I'm a new user, getting more familiar with the website as I use it.
          Great deal and thanks for posting it!

        • @MPMPMP:

          I'm a new user

          Member Since: 29/11/2013
          Does not compute.

        • +1

          @snuke: Based on my activity levels on the site, I still consider myself a new user.
          Like I've said, great post and thank you for sharing this great deal.

      • Well it's only a good deal to some people if they can actually make use of it.

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