This was posted 4 years 11 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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ThinkPad E470 / 14" FHD / Gen7 i7-7500U / 256GB SSD / 16GB RAM / 2GB Nvidia / $969 Shipped @ Lenovo


Few dollars more than TA's post but still a great price.

  • Intel Gen7 i7-7500U CPU
  • 14" FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS
  • 16GB DDR4 2400MHz SODIMM
  • NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB
  • 256GB OPAL2.0 SSD

Credit to rog1995

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    X1 Yoga seems like their best deal at the moment with $1100 off. Have to admit though comparing specs this is a great value, and I dont know why we have to pay so much more for portability.

  • I'm guessing its a bit of a risk buying a reconditioned Lenovo from Grays??

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      The risk is always greater when you buy from Grays

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    Hi, I'm looking at buying my son a laptop for University, something tough that will last a couple of years. Is this the best deal around at the moment. I'm even more confused about specs after looking at laptops for the last few days. He doesn't need it for gaming. Thanks for any advice . Wanting really only to spend about $1000

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      I would say this laptop is 'good enough' for university use however there are more lightweight or better built laptops, though you might be looking at a spend of $1.2~1.5k (or wait for a really good T460 deal for around $1k)

      I went through university with a Lenovo E320 (which is basically the same family as this laptop) and they have above average build quality, now I use a enterprise-grade HP Elitebook and it's miles ahead of the Lenovo E series. That said, the E460 is not a bad machine and the price is hard to resist, even for me.

      The T460 was an exceptionally good deal though, though I'm unclear as to whether Mr TA can re-negotiate a deal like that again.

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        I don't think the T460 deal is coming back, they must have cleared all their stock and focusing on T470 now. Im tempted by the X1 Yoga. Most important consideration for uni is the portability/lightweight factor + long term durability and that offers that. Seems to be a good discount (final price $1,663.53 with student discount), but it seems to me like it wasn't that popular?? Not that much talk on the net about it really. The new generation has thunderbolt port, but obviously will come with an obscene price tag just like this one did at launch. Nothing else really stands out about the new one to justify spending the extra money. Anyone own a X1 Yoga and can give their thoughts on the machine?

      • I purchased this laptop in a previous deal, and am using it for both business and study. It may be heavy on paper compared to ultrabooks etc, though I wouldn't call it that heavy from holding it. The build quality is also pretty good, can't see anything falling apart anytime soon.

        • What do you think about the Surface Pro (with keyboard) compared to the X1 Yoga?

        • @berko_max: I would go for the X1 Yoga, though that is probably more personal preference. I feel that the keyboard would be better, and I am not fussed about using the Surface as a tablet.

        • I'd really like to get your opinion on this laptop, especially how it feels day to day in terms of size and weight.
          Thinking to buy this or a 13" 1.2 kg ultrabook.

          Is it heavy to lug around a backpack when going out? Is it hard to use on a coffee table, on the lap etc

          Hows the battery life when unplugged?
          Would really like this if can still be used comfortably outside. Has pretty good specs.

        • @TheOneWhoGotAway: I don't have any complaints about its size or weight, especially considering the specs and the price. There are lighter options around, though to get an ultrabook with similar specs, you will be spending considerably more. Comfortable enough to use on your lap, and I carry it around in a laptop bag, don't notice the weight.

          I haven't used the laptop on battery enough to comment on the battery life, just unplugged in though, and it says over 8 hours remaining at 98% charge.

          The one thing that I wasn't initially happy with, was the screens colours. Though after mucking around with the Intel Graphics settings, I am now happy with how everything looks. The keyboard is comfortable to use, and the touchpad is pretty responsive.

        • @TheOneWhoGotAway: I am having the same dilemma here. I think I am going to pull the trigger on the X1 Yoga (1st gen) though. It is a signifcant chunk of money more, but I think the long term durability and the portability is worth it. And from what I read the X1 Yoga has a slightly better 1080p screen than the other Thinkpads. None of Lenovo screens seem to be amazing though, but at least the X1 Yoga has a wide colour gamut and gets a bit brighter than most.

        • @nubzy:
          Ah I see. I'm mostly contemplating getting the xiaomi air 13" because specs are similar, even has a 1gb graphics card.
          So for me it looks really to be difference in size, weight and a bit about performance.

          Colors I guess matter, especially when you want to enjoy movies.
          For me though, being anti glare is important, the xiaomi air is glossy, so maybe have to put on a screen protector…

          What's your opinion about an ultra book vs Lenovo E in terms of usability and portability?

        • @TheOneWhoGotAway: An ultrabook is far more portable and weighs only 1.2kg. Also it has the touch screen, and can flip into a tablet style + comes with a Wacom pen for drawing/note taking. The X1 Yoga is a nice machine, but the new one is coming out with Thunderbolt. If spending this sort of money I kinda want Thunderbolt for future proofing, but obviously the new one will be 2k+. But still, comparing to a machine like this it is much better for portability and I think it would be better long term, as it is a business grade machine (better build quality and legendary Thinkpad heritage). I wouldn't touch off brands like Xiamoi, no support for them here. Lenovo T and X series are the best ones to get, but they come with a hefty price tag. Still bummed I missed out on that 1k T460S deal, that was amazing..

        • @Marrk:
          Thanks for your reply.
          I see you carry it in its own bag.
          I'm a student so would be lugging it around my backpack. I guess this one and a 13" size wouldn't be too different, mostly weight.

          So have you really never used the laptop on full battery?
          I was just curious to see if it could last 4 hours on simply word processing, maybe watching videos. I imagine places with WiFi I'd be able to plug in most of time.

          Sounds like the screen issues can be fixed pretty easily.

        • @TheOneWhoGotAway: Haven't used it properly on battery only, will when I start part time uni this year. One big issue I had, was the laptop having excessive battery drain in sleep mode. After turning off the always on usb port, updating the BIOS / installing the optional power management driver and ensuring that I pull out my mouse dongle, the issue appears to be resolved. I do like the laptop, though going from a Macbook back to Windows wasn't as smooth as it should have been.

        • @Marrk:
          Alright I see.
          Guess when you go back to uni, you would be using it more on battery and the size and weight will be truly tested.
          Looking at shops doesn't look like the size is that bad, perhaps the next deal comes up I'll get one

    • +5

      This will be plenty. Also great if he is in engineering and needs to use CAD software to do 3D modelling. - the graphics card is good enough.

      It's got an SSD which makes it turn on very quickly and I think that's important. From an outright power point of view - this is very good.

      Being a 14" it's a good portable size.

      Go for it - I would be super happy with something like this.

  • Thanks for your help:)

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    Don't forget cash rewards extra 7% off

  • Can you upgrade the 256gb SSD to 512GB?

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    Cashrewards now 10%

  • Looks like a great deal - perfect for my work upgrade

    Just a couple questions:

    Does it have backlit keyboard?
    Can ssd be upgraded? If so what is max size?
    How many USB and HDMI ports?
    What is total weight ?

  • What about the E460 this seems to be quite a bit more expensive - what makes this Better?

  • +1

    So this actually comes in $1.20 better than the recent $939 deal!

    $939 - 7% cash rewards = $873.3
    $969 - 10% cash rewards = $872.1

    • Hi Ajm07 - can you send me the exact link through cash rewards for the this deal at $872.10

      I can't seem to get there

      I'm a cash rewards member but it doesn't come out st $872, rather $969

      • I'm pretty sure you purchase the laptop at $969, then cashrewards gives you $96.9 back in a few weeks time.

        I've never used cash rewards before but a quick google or read through the ozbargain pages indicates this is how it works.

  • It is a tough decision between this or paying more for X1 Yoga. I want something for travelling and that wont be burdensome, just worry about the weight of this. But can save a lot of money to put into desktop upgrades..

  • Might be a silly question but will this machine be able to edit 4K?

  • (profanity) it. bought it. still havnt used my $250 cashack from the low rate cba credit card cashback offer. dont see it currently advertised online. but last i checked it was still valid till end of march. ill raise hell or burn down a cba if i dont get my cash back :) i hope this runs qubes OS. and if cash rewards does register this purcahse im going to FLIP OUT.

  • With an hour to go, waiting and hoping that TA might be able to bring us another incredible T460 deal, it looks like I will be biting the bullet on this one.

    Now to avoid OzBargain for a month or two so I don't see a better deal and wish I had of waited for another week, month…year…

  • +2

    I bit the bullet and bought it - I'm sure it will be a decent laptop.

    Looks like great specs and for that price it's one of the best deals around.

  • Nearly going to buy this one for my son for University but the e470 i5 is on sale now for $699. He doesn't do gaming and will use Microsoft office software for uni. Will the i5 at $699 be enough? Also are they tough? I was at jb hifi and some of the laptops there were cheap quality plastic casing that had movement in the joints. It's not SSD. Not sure what difference that makes?

    I just realised this special is no longer on:( but still want to know if the i5 e470 model is a decent buy?

    • 720 instead of 1080 screen…so lower resolution.
      SSD is much faster than a hard drive.
      8Gb of RAM instead of 16, but 8 should still be okay.
      No dedicated graphics.

      The i7 version was definitely a better buy, but with cashrewards the i5 is $630 which isn't bad.

      Sign up to, search for Lenovo and click the shop button to redirect you to the lenovo website. The casback will come through them, not Lenovo.

  • Do you know how long the battery life is?

    Battery: 3cell 45Wh

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