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Xiaomi XiaoFang 1080P Smart Wi-Fi IP Camera $24.59 US (~$32.06 AU) Delivered @ Lightinthebox


Found this for 40c less than Banggood.

The Xiaomi XiaoFang is a small and inexpensive WiFi IP Camera with 1080p FHD resolution, night vision, two-way audio, motion/sound detection and a magnetic mount. It can also be powered with an AC adapter over USB or with a power bank.

Review here

  • Apply the coupon XIAOMI5461601B at checkout to get it for $24.59 US shipped

Set your currency to USD as the website's AUD rate is inflated.


  • Original Xiaomi smart 1080P IP camera for home security
  • 1080P full high definition resolution provides a clear image
  • 1/2.7 inch CMOS sensor and 8X digital zoom, bring more details
  • F2.0 aperture, 110 degree super wide angle FOV
  • IR-cut, support day and night auto switch
  • Built-in 2pcs 850nm LEDs, support night vision range up to 9m. You can have a clear view even in a dark environment
  • Support motion and sound detection, detects the smoke and CO alarm, send you the alarm when it is triggered
  • Two-way audio, you can talk to your family when you are not at home
  • Max support 64G extended TF card ( not included )
  • Magnetic bracket, it can be mounted on any metal surface
  • Support time-lapse recording
  • Please download APP "Xiaomi Smart Home" from Apple Store or Google Play
  • Support Android 4.0 and above, iOS 7.0 and above system devices

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  • I have one, tempted to get more. The Mi App is mostly in Chinese though, I haven't gotten as far as finding a translation.

    • +3

      Looks like Lightinthebox were nice enough to include translated images at the bottom of the product page.

      • There are more screens to configure than that i'm pretty sure. Way more if you include the automation stuff.

    • What happens when it detects motion? Is an image saved somewhere?

      • Records to the sd card. You can access the recording via your phone over the internet.

        • I sort of understand. The SD card becomes a web gallery, or do you need a certain phone app?

        • how do u access ? press playback? when i press mine it says empty?
          how do i know wheteher its recording or not

        • @bargainhereicome:

          Pretty sure mine did it out of the box, maybe the sd card is not compatible? Do screenshots save? The Mi App by default would also send me a phone notification when it detected movement/started recording.

        • @aboabo: The recordings stay on the sd card which you access using the mi app (that's mostly Chinese). Im not sure what format the videos etc are in if you were to put the sdcard into a laptop.

        • @saard:
          How to find out whether sd card compatible or not?
          When I do snapshot it works fine, it saved into my photo albums
          But when I press record, it says the software doesn't support recording? I am using mi home app
          And when I press playback, it's empty in there :(
          So confusing, what did I do wrong?

    • +1

      What do you use it for currently?

      • +1

        ATM it's in my garage for motion detection. Xiaomi have some smart home devices which i'll configure with it once they arrive, I only have a smart power plug atm but have gotten that working with the camera. I tested, if motion detected on camera, turn on power adaptor which I was testing with a lamp.

        • I'm looking at the Xiaomi smart home stuff. are you just buying the hub, or did you buy a whole kit? (where from?)

        • How did you setup the smart power plug to trigger on motion detection? Wondering if you can setup something like IFTTT integration

        • +1

          @Adamiam: Mi app only, there is no api so no outside access for ifttt

        • +1

          @Adamiam: plug and camera worked without gateway. I ordered a gateway, some motion sensors and a light bulb from GB but they are taking their sweet arse time arriving. There are kits you can get but they come with window sensors which I dont want.

  • Can you set these so that when powered up it automatically starts recording to the SD card?

    • +3

      Yes you can. It will automatically free up space when SD card runs out of space. Motion detect will save to SD card. Update to the latest firmware to get English menu. Highly recommended.

  • I take it that it doesn't come with it's own power adaptor?

    • +5

      Bought from gearbest. The box didn't include the usb adaptor. Only the cable.

  • Clear is Mike Baird?!..

  • Can this be used to send a notification to a phone when motion is detected? Wondering if this would be any good as a security camera.

    • +1

      yes, it can send notification for motion. Even more, also got smoke and CO alarm.

  • +1

    Can't connect to mine after updating to the latest version!

  • Can these be configured to store video to a local server/hard drive or is the only option for video storage the Xiaomi cloud thing or a local SD card?

    • No. You can download the recordings to your phone though (in addition to viewing them from your phone without downloading the file).

    • With hax I believe it's possible.

  • Can I do remotely recording or using PC to record through internet, or save the record in the cloud?

  • +2

    It says 35.17 so , am I missing some thing here

    • Yes the price is $24.59 US and as per OzBargain rules I included the exchange rate equivalent at the time of posting. Using a card like 28Degrees or Citibank Plus without currency conversion fees will get you as close to the current rate.

      • Maybe you should make a note in the post to change the currency to USD. The website automatically defaults to AUD with a terrible exchange rate, it's even worse than Paypal's conversion rate.

  • That is ok my currency was set to AU$ so it was showing me 35.17 change it to us it is 24.59.

  • +3

    Xiaofang is a girl's name appeared in a famous Chinese folksong.

  • Hi i am new to this. I have a car radio which has wifi built in and usb port as well can i use it on mu car

    • +4

      You would be better off with a dashcam which often go on sale here. Gearbest usually have good dashcam deals.

      This camera is designed for home use.

      • +1

        Thanks for the guidance

  • I've a Foscam at the moment that can send emails of screenshots when movement is detected - can this do that?

    • +1

      Yes, you'll be notified via an app notification, not email.

      • I see, thanks. That's handy in a way, but email is good too for various reasons.

  • +7

    I've had a couple of these for a while now…..great unit.

    Interestingly this Camera (unlike its' other ip cams) is not designed nor built by Xiaomi. The camera was actually a U.S. Based kickstarter campaign back in 2015, and is still available today at a cost of USD$99. Xiaomi, I gather, has purchased the rights for sale in Asian Markets only.


    There are only two differences I can see between the two cameras….. The Xiaomi model has a 1080p sensor rather than the Spot's 720p, and motion sensor sits flush on the Xiaomi. The Xiaomi can not be operated by the Spots all English App unfortunately.

    As for the Xiaomi xiaofang's software, it's 90% English in the Android app, and only 20% English in the iOS app.

  • +1

    Sold, will be handy until I get the Arlo Pro

  • -1

    Paid using paypal and didnt have anywere to input code… paid full amount. Trying to cancel order. Dont pay with paypal.

    • +1

      You can pay with PayPal and use the code. Just have to click proceed to checkout then select PayPal as an option.

      • Did just that but there was nowere to input code i kept proceeding thinking next page will have code option but it went through to payment successful. Could be my error but dont think so.. just beware.

        • I ordered and paid successfully with Paypal.At the page just before payment scroll down halfway..it gives the option to click the word payment coupon ( or words to that effect)..there is no empty box..click on that, enter the coupon..voila .

        • +1

          I was having the same problem on my phone. Was going back and forth and couldn't find it. Switched to viewing the full site, and there is a tiny spot to add the code just beneath selecting the payment type.

        • @jase_h: Yeh i did it on my phone. Someone was quick to neg my original post which i posted in good faith to make othets aware.

  • Been looking for something like this, bought two from banggood in the end though as I had an account and cash rewards.

    Keen to know any further information about getting the most out of these cameras though, potentially even using a non-official app etc.

  • I assume I can stream it live without recording to sd and simply use it as baby monitor?

    • Yep

    • I'd also be looking at doing the same thing

  • Can I use this as an action cam with Mi powerbank?

    • You could, but the video quality isn't up to gopro standard. Frame rate seems quite slow at times.

      • Yeah jus realised the frame rate is 10fps.

        • +1

          what seriously not even 30fps?

  • Thanks Op. Bought 2 in separate orders as the coupon seems to only apply the discount to one.

  • I don't think this has smoke alarm or CO detector. It detects the alarm sound from your smoke/CO alarm and activates.

  • I must be going blind, but can someone tell me where I put in the voucher code?

    Edit: nevermind, it's a link in the payment method box, I was looking for a text entry box but you need to click the link to see it

  • Does this offer not come with a power adaptor and the banggood version does?

    • It's USB powered. It comes with a USB cable, but not a power adapter

      • +1

        Actually I just got mine and it comes with a US power adapter and a standard USB A to micro usb cable, allowing you to swap out the adapter to anything you have

  • Anyone able to compare this to the blitzwolf cameras?

  • Can anyone suggest a 1080p IP camera that is better quality? Happy to spend a bit more….

  • Genuine question: Is getting one through AliExpress at about AU$34.02 then 10% cashreward back a better option?


    EDIT: nevermind, this lightinthebox deal also has cashreward cash back at 8% so works out better.

    • Nah! Dorsnt work for coupon codes

      • So the AE should work out cheaper then?

  • I got one and found it a pain in the arse to setup. Would rather have bought something else. The portability is cool though.

  • I Xiao fang it when I drive so this will suit my driving style.

    • Hmmmmmmmm! You also have a small Xiao fang box

      • No idea about Ali.figured we are only talking about a few $. Went with light because bought one before with them

  • Looks good but doesn't seem to implement simple things you would expect to see in a network surveilance system like ability to access the stream directly via RTSP or HTTP. You're pretty much restricted to the one app and can't link the system with anything else.

  • What do these normally sell for? how much of a saving is this deal?

    • $29.99-$35 USD seems to be the going price for other sellers.

  • frick, forgot to add the code -_-

    • So you ended up paying full price ? ( O )

      • Put in a support ticket to see if they could just creidt my paypal…

  • Does the code work for the 360 degree one?

  • Bought one, see how we go.

  • It's a pity they don't allow a straight forward way to use these with your existing IP surveillance setup.
    I have the older MI cam, with some stuffing around was able to use it with my Synology NAS, but CBF stuffing around again.

    • There's a pretty simple hack available to get RTSP streaming happening

  • +1

    Picked one up, thanks OP.

    As already mentioned, to use the discount code if using PayPal,register then apply the discount that way then use PayPal.

  • Already got 2, now 3. Great bang for buck to put around the house.
    Tempted to get a 4th and see how long it lasts under the awning outside. It could go in a waterproof enclosure but they seem to run pretty hot.

    Damn it, these are becoming my eneloopy-kryptonite!

    • Mate, they go alright.

      Far tougher than I expected. I've left mine in the rain for short amounts of time (not on purpose) it's also endured several EPIC drops from the roof of my house.

  • -2
  • Hi,

    On motion detection, does it take photos and where are these photos stored? Same goes for video streaming.

    • Did you get an answer?

  • Does any one know how the security is on these units? Eg, Back doors, how safe it is from hackers..etc

    I was thinking of setting up a separate network to connect them to as I have already got 2 at home but was a little worried how 'safe' they are after seeing i can't really setup any complex passwords and they are automatically setup (which is great) but just not sure how comfortable I am with the ease of use as it does not seem possible to lock the unit down to direct connection only (eg, block it from talking to the supplier..etc..etc..)

    It seems most IP camera's do this now days and it might just be me being a little paranoid as I don't trust many cloud services for any sensitive data of which it's possible these camera's could capture from time to time…

  • Good price, I have one of their outdoor cameras which works well on the same Chinese version of the iOS App. Does anyone leave this On all the time considering this is an indoor Camera?

  • Bought one. Thanks.
    Hope it will deliver without any issues. :)

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