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Magsafe 60w L Type Adapter for MacBook - USD $16.59/ AUD $21.61 (Further Discount Available) Delivered @ Everbuying


60W 16.5V 3.65A L Type 5Pin Prolate Head Magsafe Replacement AC Adapter for Apple MacBook ( US UK AU EU / 100 - 240V ) - WHITE

Comes with US, UK, AU and EU plugs (4 plugs)

I bought one a month ago and having been using with my MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) with no problem.

get a further discount of US$1.10 (US$15.49) by creating a new account and verifying your email.

delivery takes 3-6 weeks.

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  • If you spent a grand on a Macbook, spent a tad more for some geninue power bricks.

    These chinese knockoffs may "work", but they often have very bad voltage regulation as well other electrical protections.

    Power supplies is never something you skimp on.

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      Then how come my original apple charger that came with my Macbook Pro had the cord cover come undone and the silver wiring inside started to comeout after just a few months of use? The aftermarket replacement one ive used has lasted longer so far.

      • You do know you can get it replaced at Apple if it's within the one year warranty period right?

        • Or beyond one year. They refused me once, I came back after that and quoted consumer law, and got a replacement.

        • @thaiiy: buy some electrical heat shrink. works a treat.

        • I think two years is pretty standard for all computers. Apple products are certainly in the "premium" end of the market so you might be able to argue for longer.

          As for the quality of the apple ones, I've had a few MacBooks in my life and thus far no troubles with chargers. However I know a lot of people ended up with frayed cords because they used to wrap their cords around the power brick which was encouraged by the little pop out "wings" that looked like they were for that very purpose.

          The quality that people are referring to isn't of the plastic tubing but more the internal components of the charger which regulate power to your shiny apple product. As someone mentioned, if you've forked out the money for the apple product in the first place, it may not be worth saving $60 for the knock off charger.

          On the other hand I don't know much about this charger and it may very well be an okay product.

  • Yeah I wouldn't buy this.
    Good article about how well made the Apple one is: http://www.righto.com/2015/11/macbook-charger-teardown-surpr...

  • Considering that for one genuine you can get 6 aftermarket ones… Not so sure if I would buy genuine

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    went the non-genuine route after my original one got damaged, after the 3rd fake one died i went back to originals

  • Got one of these and if I used the Macbook whilst it was plugged in, I'd legitimately get tiny shocks from the laptops's body.

    • Even with the genuine ones you do get a tingle from an aluminium case Macbook/ Air/ Pro if you use the duckbill adaptor. I opt for the power cable which earths the laptop chassis and removes the tingle factor :-)
      Lots of articles like this one reflecting the issue.
      Props to decryption for the link above for an excellent article on the charger teardown and why you should never skimp on an dodgy aftermarket one.

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      The official Apple charger also shocks you.

      • I should clarify- I don't mean a small tingle or weird feeling. It's a full small shock that my hand instinctively jars away from.

        • You should get yourself a decent and safe "laptop" instead of that Apple garbage.