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30% off Kogan Mobile: $10.36/1GB, $17.26/5GB, $23.01/10GB, $30.49/14GB, Eqv. Per Month, When You Pay for a Year Upfront


Received this in my email today. Huge discounts on the yearly pricing.

Including unlimited calls and sms.

Work out to be
$10.36 / 1GB ($125.93 upfront, Was $179.90) Link
$17.26 / 5GB ($209.93 upfront, Was $299.90) Link
$23.01 / 10GB ($279.93 upfront, Was $399.90) Link
$30.49 / 14GB ($370.93 upfront, Was $529.90) Link
Eqv. Per Month, When You Pay for a Year Upfront.

Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 30/06/2017.

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        • Answer my own question.

          Thank you for contacting Kogan.com.
          I can confirm we are upgrading all our Kogan Mobile customers to larger data inclusions.
          With this said, when you activate your Medium Plan, you will receive 5GB of data.
          If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know.
          Kindest regards,
          Customer Care Team

  • Does anyone know if 1300 and 1800 numbers are included in the unlimited calls?

    • I understand all telcos now MUST make 1800 numbers free

    • +2

      When you’re in Australia the following services are
      unlimited and included:
      • calls to standard national fixed lines;
      • calls to standard national mobiles;
      • calls to 13, 1300 and 18 numbers;
      • calls to voicemail; and
      • standard national SMS and MMS
      Personal use only and Fair Use Policy apply

  • +1

    3GB plan is now 5GB(kogan.com)

    @$17/mth wow! that becomes compelling.

  • Just a few questions if people already know the answers:

    1/ What happens after the 365 days, are you on a contract free monthly basis?
    2/ What are the excess usage charges?

    Trying to find out the answers for myself, but I'm on mobile so it's a bit fiddly. Thanks.

    • +1

      It's prepaid so you have to recharge or port out.

      • Great thanks!

    • +2

      it's not a contract so you're free to leave at any time, but you have pre-paid for 365 days.
      After 365 days you'll need to recharge again on your choice of plan or port to another provider. If you do nothing the number remains active for incoming calls & texts for 20 days. After 90 days the number is deactivated and lost to you.

      no excess usage.
      data stops at the limit, 1GB, 5GB, 10GB, etc./month.

      • Awesome. Thanks for explaining all this!

  • Hi guys..does anyone know if I can use the Logan gift cards sold by Woolies and use that to buy the voucher? If yes, can you please confirm where do I put the GC number on payment page?

  • :) Thanks Op

  • Amazing deal. Switched over the parents to the 1GB deal and I'll be using the $1 XL then onto it too. Thanks heaps

  • Does anyone have any experience porting out from Vaya to Kogan?
    I've asked Vaya to price match this, but doubt they'll be able to.
    Also, what do people think Kogan might do once the 365 days is up? What are fellow Ozbargainers planning on doing - porting out/recharging?

    • +1

      I ported from Vaya to Kogan just last week. Took me 30 minutes only.
      Kogan usually have promotion once every year, so nothing to worry. Just buy the recharge when promotion comes next year.
      Worst case, I plan to port back to Vaya.

      • Awesome, great to know.
        Might be a silly question, but how did you go about it?
        Did you arrange the port out when the Kogan sim arrived? And how did you avoid the $20 charge that I've read about.

        • +1

          You just need to activate the KOGAN sim card and key in your vaya account number when you're filling in the online form to activate your KOGAN sim.

          Once you submit the activation for kogan sim, they will contact vaya to do the port over within 30 minutes.

          Once they done, you will receive a text from Kogan saying the porting is successful.

          You won't get charge $20 as long as you port out. You will only get charged if you disconnect directly.

    • I also ported over from Vaya, it took about 6 hours for my new SIM to activate though. Process is simple, you prepay for the plan online, wait for your new SIM to arrive in the mail and activate it online where you also get the option to port over your existing number. So far speeds have been identical and reception is a little better in my area (uses Vodafone network while Vaya uses Optus).

  • How long does a port usually take?

    • I ported from Vaya to Kogan just last week. Took me 30 minutes only.

      • Did you get your $20 (Vaya holding deposit) back? I emailed them after porting and no answer, that was 4 days ago!

  • Does anyone know how often this deal comes about? I am interested in the 1GB plan but am currently covered until August, and if I got it I'd have to activate before July. Or perhaps I try that $10/mo Ovo plan? I think coverage shouldn't be much of an issue as I rarely go regional/far suburbs.

  • I am trying to use the voucher from the previous deal i.e. which had expiry of 31/3/17, but it says Invalid voucher. Does anyone have any clue i.e. is this voucher only for new customers.

  • +1

    Wierd activation process - it asked me which data pack I wanted, even though it's already been pre-purchased (5gb/365 days), and showed it at the full price - $299. It then asked for my credit card details, and now there's an invoice on the newly created Kogan account showing $299. It won't show up on my credit card online statement for a few days if it has been debited, so I'm asking here, is this normal when activating a prepaid sim?

    Ffs didn't see they'd sent an activation code. Currently in phone hell with Calcutta.

    • +1

      Actually I was pleasantly surprised. Kogan phone help were able to sort me out quickly - they cancelled the wrongly purchased second pack immediately, refunded the money, and I was able to activate the correct pack straight away. Great work!

  • Does anyone know when these deals will finish?

    • New deals are posted and can be purchased by 31/7 and activated by 31/8. Referral and discounted gift cards for further saving.

      Happy to answer Kogan mobile related questions via PM.

  • Thanks Op I bought a 14gb for $1 and 1/year $209.93. I will be moving husband across from Lebara, which is great but we had some vouchers @$15 for 5gb which are nearly gone.

  • This is valid for existing customers year? I'd just apply the voucher?

    • yeah, I did it yesterday and it worked perfectly!

      • Did you guys just bought the voucher or some time ago?

        • I've bought it on the 14th of March and activated that night ($1 first month was about to run out)

      • I've bought the 5gb pack and in the email with the voucher it states in bold:
        "You must be a new Kogan Mobile customer to redeem this offer."

        I can't redeem the voucher either, after putting it into the respective field the website states 'Invalid voucher'

        • Is that mean they have fixed it and no longer work with existing customer?

        • @superforever: I wouldn't call it fixed.

          The promo website doesn't state it's for new customers only, at least not yet.

          Kogan's customer service voided my original voucher and gave me a new one which I was able to use to recharge my active account.

        • @calus:

          OK thanks, this link are more expensive and only for new customer. Very confusing.


        • @calus:

          BTW, can I recharge before the expire date?

        • @superforever: Yeah, I didn't see those pages before I purchased, but since they are different pages anyway it technically shouldn't affect what they offer on the promotion pages. So just go through the link in the deal text above, but expect that you will have to get in touch with customer service to get it working on an already active service..

          And yes, you can and must recharge before the expiry date.

        • @calus:

          Thanks, can I login to my account to buy it and use the code for my wife mobile recharge?

        • @calus:

          I recharged today and lost one day … :(

          BTW, I don't need to port out and port back to use the code, no problem to use it I am existing $1 plan customer.

  • Anyone getting this error? Have tried different credit cards and debit cards with same name as account name…
    We are unable to process your request. Please choose another credit card or try again later. For help, call us on 1300 056 426 (13 000 KOGAN)

  • I got the Aldi one from a few weeks back but this looks super competitive.

  • has anyone received their kogan sim? how long does it usually take?

    • Up to a week i got it in 3 days

  • porting in to Kogan mobile appears to be a nightmare for me. Kogan mobile sent port out request to Vodafone on Friday and i lost my Vodafone service straight away but Kogan mobile has not ported my number in to their network. After several phone calls they came with an excuse that the relevant department is closed on weekend and the service can be activated Monday the earliest. Thats a shame as i am out of network from last 48 hours.

  • -2

    I heard that kogan have limit of calls or data per day n if u cross it than dey disconnect the service?

    • +2

      Not experienced that, although I did get a 1-month card for $1 and it looks as though uploads might be throttled. They'd not cut your service, the minutes, time and data allowance are clearly set out. If you run over then you'd simply have to "top-up" or wait until the roll over-date of your 30 days.

    • Tu fudu hi rehna… Service Disconnect kar dinde… lol

      Mama eh tera Bharat ni !!!

  • Managed to get this at the rate of $370 up front but Kogan was advertising 12GB, as per this thread thumbnail. I waited until last weekend for activation (using my old mobile data up) and the 365 code I was supplied via email activated 14GB a month, very happy with that additional 2GB. Delighted I didn't activate it too soon, this is "almost" reasonable vs. European data now. Great deal.

  • can i transfer an existing telstra prepaid number to one of these prepaid plans?

    • Shouldn't be an issue.

      New deals are posted and can be purchased by 31/7 and activated by 31/8. Referral and discounted gift cards for further saving.

      Happy to answer Kogan mobile related questions via PM.

      • The Kogan FAQ says you can't use Kogan gift card (e.g. purchased from Woolies) on Kogan Mobile?

        • You are not buying Kogan vouchers from Kogan Mobile site but from Kogan site.

  • Should I recharge it before expire or after? If before will it start immediately?

    • Mine expired today, they bar your calls. It was immediately active upon recharge.

      • Sometime I really confuse with the expire date. Coles prepaid said will expire on 29/3/17 that mean it will stop working on 30/3/17 but Kogan seems difference.

  • When is the expiry of this deal?

    • OFFER ENDS JULY 31ST, 2017 AT 11:59PM AEST

  • Doesn't work

    • What doesn't work? recharge or buy?

  • I bought 2xMedium in Feb this year at this discounted price for my daughters. They just came off their 2year iphone 6 plans which was costing me $80 each per month and now all I pay is $35 per month in total for 5GB of data and unlimited calls/text, what a saving.

    Network quality was a concern for me but after we trialed it for one month they reported no issues what so ever in Melbourne metro areas so I commited and I do not regret it. They have not raised a single complaint to me about not enough data or bad connections at all.

    My wife and I are comign off our S5 plans soon as well and I will be buying exactly the same medium plans for us both, more savings. This is a pretty good deal I would recommend it to anyone unless you travel outside of the metro areas of cities, we all know that is where Telstra shines.

  • I did the one month, do I purchase a year now, when can I activate? (I believe my 30 days finishes on the 26 April).

    As long as I don't lose my number, I presume I'd need to apply it before expiry?

    Can't say I'm overly happy with the speeds at home (5mbps at times 12kms from Adelaide) compared to 200mpbs with Telstra… but 1/2 to 1/3 the price… screw it.

  • Thankyou everyone for such informative info, much of which goes over my head! However, trying to find if Vodafone coverage is any good in regional areas especially warrnambool? Also as we can link into nbn now, but will likely thru Telstra, will my Kogan sim (if I go that way) still let me hook into home nbn? Thanks!!

  • Vodafail sucks at my house and work. Same with Optus. Telstra works just fine, so now I await for the 12 months Aldi deal.

  • Would it be possible to use this simcard in my cellular iPad Pro for data only?

    This deal is still much cheaper than many data only plans

  • Great Deal!

    • Just Ported from Spintel -> Kogan took all of 30 minutes to port my number over +1 from me!

  • +1

    I just recharged last night on medium plan.. Oh that feeling…

  • Once you bought, does these voucher refundable?

    • You are associated so you should know it.

      • wrong click :)

        • Refundable if not activated.

          Once used, can only be refunded if you upgrade to more expensive plan.

          If you are planning to get the plan, remember to stack with referral and discounted gift cards for further discounts.

  • So I purchased 2x Medium vouchers, my wife was still on the $1 14gb deal, had 11 days left until recharge needed,

    I thought well I might just apply one of those medium vouchers now so I don't forget about it… turns out that once you apply another voucher to the account you forfeit any existing data ! lesson learnt !

  • Cheers OP, purchased a medium plan with an extra $10 off credit from an email offer. worked out to be $199.93 equiv to $16.68 per month which is awesome! Gonna apply to my $1 plan when it runs out in 10 days!

  • Would you advise against Vodafone network with a phone that doesn't have Band 5 (850mhz) for the LTE?

  • If I port my old phone number from vodafone to the 30 day 14GB Kogan to test out the service, can I port it again to a 365 day 10GB Kogan?

    • You aren't porting, you are just recharging using the yearly plan.

      If you are planning to get the plan, remember to stack with referral and discounted gift cards for further discounts. Happy to answer other Kogan mobile related questions thru PM.

  • Is it just me or is the links not working? im only seeing the original prices - not the discounted ones?
    there is discount code need to be entered?

    • Awww bugger

      Looks like it has expired. Thought it was valid until 30/06.

      Was going to purchase in early June. Far out. Snooze, u lose.


    • see below

  • https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-mobile-prepaid-voucher-co...

    Deal still works. Just change the "extra-large" and the "14gb" to whatever plan you wanted and it should show the discounted price

  • Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: LARGE (365 Days | 10GB Per 30 Days) at $254.34


    Was $399.90
    You Save $145.56 (36%)
    limited time

  • DOES Unlimited Standard Calls Include MOBILE CALLS ?

    • +1

      Yes landline and mobile calls are included in 'standard calls'

      • Thank you hamza

  • +1

    NEW Pricing
    $10.90 / 1GB ($132.59 upfront, Was $179.90) Link
    $16.90 / 5GB ($205.58 upfront, Was $299.90) Link
    $20.90 / 10GB ($254.34 upfront, Was $399.90) Link
    $25.90 / 14GB ($315.08 upfront, Was $529.90) Link

    5GB, 10GB and 14GB pricing went down.
    1GB pricing went up.

    • the old 1GB link still works.

  • I have ordered a new SIM under 365 days plan on 22.06.2017 but I have not received by now. If I don't receive SIM by tomorrow i.e.30.06.2017 will my voucher code expire? If I call Kogan do they normally extend voucher expiry?

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